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Mario Villains: The Lost Treasure is a game for the Nintendo Wii by Shrooby and Goombario. In this game, most (if not all) of Mario's worse enemies are playable or supporting characters. This time, they go on their own adventure against their own, completely new, enemy. This game also supports 2 players, having two of them control one villain each.


Confirmed playable characters. Please note that characters in parenthesis are only playable in 2P mode.


After Peach teams up with Daisy to steal the lost treasure with an army of Toads and Snifts. Mario, Luigi, DK, Diddy and their enemies must get the treasure back.


  • Diddy Kong, Mario & Luigi are one of the few characters in the game that aren't villains at all. While Diddy Kong is only there to be Donkey Kong's partner, Mario is a secret character, and Luigi is his 2P partner.
  • The plot is one of the parts of the game which the creators have been working the longest in. However, they decided to keep it a secret for now. However, a clue is in the game's title.

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