Mario Ultimate Strikers is an upcoming Super Mario spin-off. It is the third game in the Mario Strikers series for the Wii U and 3DS. Mario Ultimate Strikers features many elements from Mario Strikers Charged, but will also implement new ones.



There will be a total of 17 playable captains in Mario Ultimate Strikers. All 12 characters from Mario Strikers Charged return, along with 5 new characters: Birdo, Wiggler, Major Burrows, Metal Mario, and Mii.



Name How to Unlock
Bowser Jr Complete the Mushroom Cup
Petey Piranha Complete the Mushroom Cup
Birdo Complete the Flower Cup
Wiggler Complete the Flower Cup
Metal Mario Complete the Star Cup
Major Burrows Complete the Star Cup
  1. Complete the Star Cup.
  2. Defeat the Behemoth King.
  3. Purchase the outfits and the Strikers Cup for 1000000 Road Stars.
  4. Unlock all unlockable Arenas.
  5. Complete the Strikers Cup.




There is only one playable goalie; Kritter. Dry Kritter only appears in Championship as Dry Bowser's goalie.

Alternate Costumes

There are also several alternate costumes available. They can all be unlocked by completing missions.


These are non-playable characters faced in Championship Mode. Their uniforms are all white.



  • Mario Stadium - Mushroom Cup
  • Thunder Island - Mushroom Cup
  • Bowser Jr Playroom (Unlockable) - Strikers Cup
  • Star Ship - Star Cup
  • Bowser Castle - Flower Cup
  • Daisy Garden - Flower Cup
  • Westen Junction - Flower Cup
  • Bowser Jr Boulevard - Star Cup
  • Wario Factory - Star Cup
  • Wario Palace (Unlockable) - Strikers Cup
  • Peach Garden (Unlockable) - Strikers Cup
  • Starship Mario - Mushroom Cup


Soccer Balls

All soccer balls, aside from the normal one, are unlockable.

  • Normal
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Black
  • Metal
  • Gold
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