Mario Test Baseball is a game for the Wii which was released in January 2013. The game was developed by Next Level Games, unlike the other Mario Baseball games.


Mario Fireballs

Peach Royalties

Yoshi Eggs

Donkey Kong Bongos

Wario Moneybags

Bowser Monsters

Nintendo All-Stars

Sonic Speedsters

Fanon Rockings

Ball Fields

There are six different ball fields in Mario Test Baseball.

Mario Stadium

A regular stage in the series, this incarnation of the stage is fairly straightfoward, with no gimmicks, and takes place on a beach.

Peach Botany Gardens

This stage takes place in Peach's botanical gardens. The gimmicks here are Piranha Plants that will eat the ball, and Warp Pipes.

Yoshi Mountain

This stage takes place high in the mountains of Yoshi's Island. The gimmicks here are Thwomps that will crash down onto the field, occasionally stopping homeruns.

Donkey Kong Jungle

This stage takes place in the jungles of Donkey Kong Island. The gimmicks here are Neckies that swoop down and attack players, and Klaptraps that will latch onto players.

Wario Desert

This stage takes place in the middle of the desert. The gimmicks here are Tweesters that will warp the ball and players somewhere else, and Klepto who will act like the Neckies in Donkey Kong Jungle.

Bowser Castle

This stage takes place in Bowser's Castle. The gimmicks here are Thwomps that crash down onto the field, like Yoshi Mountain, and also occasionally stop homeruns.


  • The Nintendo All-Stars, Fanon Rockings, and Sonic Speedsters do not have a field of their own, instead they use Mario Stadium.


There are six different minigames in this game.

Bob-omb Derby

  • Field: Mario Stadium

This minigame is the same as previous versions, but since Big Bob-omb is now a playable character, Big Bob-omb will no longer appear. Also, now three CPU opponents will appear alongside the player simultaneously, making it a competition for the most points.

Wall Ball

  • Field: Peach Botany Gardens

This minigame returns from previous games, with little change other than the added Bob-omb Wall which will subtract 50 points from whoever hits it.

Egg Fight

  • Field: Yoshi Mountain

This minigame involves players throwing eggs at each other for points. The main feature, however, is the Bob-omb that will explode upon impact or upon contact with another player.

Barrel Bashin'

  • Field: Donkey Kong Jungle

This minigame is an updated version of Barrel Batter from the previous games. Instead of just hitting barrels for points, players must catch barrels in their mitts and then hit them for points. Look for the Bob-omb Barrel with the power to explode upon impact or contact with a player.


  • Field: Wario Desert

This minigame is essentially Red Light, Green Light with Klepto. If you move when he turns around, he attacks you and sends you back to the start with lost points. Watch out for Bob-ombs that rain down on the field randomly.

Bullet Bill Rodeo

  • Field: Bowser Castle

This minigame has players on the run from a giant Bullet Bill. To make matters even worse, Bob-ombs rain down randomly making the event fast-paced and exciting.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is essentially the same as in Mario Super Sluggers. Bowser is extremely jealous that Mario and pals have their own baseball fields, so with an extreme amount of force, he goes full speed ahead toward the Baseball Kingdom, resulting in his own stadium crashing headfirst onto the place. Mario and Luigi are shocked to encounter "unexpected guests" on their territory. After a lot of dedicated teamwork from Mario and his friends, they have finally managed to gather enough strength to go against Bowser's team and defeat them in the process. Upon getting the final win, Mario and friends gather around the middle of Bowser Castle to celebrate their victory. Bowser, in the background, is obviously enraged and could not believe that he was just completely humiliated by the prowess of his challengers.

Mario and his friends are celebrating a well played season at the Baseball Kingdom, and Daisy starts things off by inviting everyone to a huge feast at the Daisy Cruiser, even Bowser and Bowser Jr. (despite them getting small portions of food while others got a lot more).

Moments later, the fireworks show begins and everyone is enjoying the spectacular display from the Daisy Cruiser. Taj goes onto the island and magically lights it up. Back on the ground, all of the spectators go wild after seeing the final firework blast, hence ending the show and all the great times they had for the season at the Baseball Kingdom.

Toy Field

Toy Field is the same as in Mario Super Sluggers, except that now players go into a giant slot machine behind the field to create items.

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