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Mario Tennis Legends
Developer(s) Walange Corp
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Prima
Genre(s) Tennis, Sport Games
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Tennis Mode

Minigame Mode Pelota Badminton

Age Rating(s) PEGI +3
Media Included Wii U disk

Nintendo 3DS Card Prima Card

Mario Tennis Legends it's the seventh game of Mario Tennis series. This game is being done for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Prima. It includes several sports like Badminton or Pelota. This game will be released in October 2012. It includes the Mario Tennis Shop (to buy the clothing for characters), the typical online mode, special minigames in each stage and new stages and characters. Items will reappear in the Tricky Modes.


Individual Modes

All these modes can be played with just a player:

  • Tournament Mode
    • Normal Mode
    • Tricky Mode
  • VS Mode
  • Minigames Mode
  • Badminton
  • Pelota
  • Mario Tennis Shop

Multiplayer Modes (No online)

These modes can be played by two to four players who are connected via Wireless (3DS and Nintendo Prima) or just with 4 Wiimote (Wii U):

  • VS Mode
  • Minigames Mode*
  • Badminton
  • Pelota

Online Mode

These modes can be played by one to four players who are connected via Online (Wifi). There are a exception, the Tournament Mode that can be played by more than four players.

  • Tournament Mode
    • Friends Tournament
    • Continental Tournament
    • World Tournament
  • VS Mode
  • Minigame Mode*
  • Badminton
  • Pelota

*Just some of the minigames will be aviable in these modes.


There are ten cups with two stadiums in each cup.

Mushroom Cup 1-UP Mushroom Cup
Mario Dome Mushroom Gorge
Yoshi Park Luigi's Mansion
Fire Flower Cup Shell Cup
Delfino Plaza Cheep-Cheep River
Coconut Mall Blooper Port
Star Cup Banana Cup
Peach Ice Palace DK Jungle
Sherbet Land Honey Castle
Tunderbolt Cup Leaf Cup
Wario Factory 8-Bit Mario Land
Waluigi Pinball Dry Dry Desert
Special Cup Bowser Cup
Musical Dome Bowser Jr. Fortress
Gateway Galaxy Bowser Castle


Playable Characters






  • Mario Dome (grass and land stage)
  • Luigi's Mansion (carpet stage)
  • Peach Ice Palace (carpet stage)
  • Delfino Plaza (grass/ land stage)
  • Bowser Castle (concrete stage)
  • Sherbet Land (ice stage)
  • Wario Factory (metal stage)
  • DK Jungle (land stage)
  • Waluigi Pinball (metal stage)
  • Mushroom Gorge (mushroom stage)
  • Yoshi Park (grass stage)
  • Honey Castle (grass/honey stage)
  • 8-Bit Mario Land (pixel stage)
  • Gateway Galaxy (grass/land stage)
  • Cheep-Cheep River (land stage)
  • Blooper Port (concrete stage)
  • Musical Dome (piano keys stage)
  • Coconut Mall (land stage)
  • Dry Dry Desert (sand stage)
  • Bowser Jr. Fortress (brick stage)


  • Rings Battle (Mario Dome)
  • Phantomathon (Luigi's Mansion)
  • Freezy Tennis (Peach Ice Palace)
  • Mud Battle (Delfino Plaza)
  • Bowsegeddon (Bowser's Castle)
  • Blizzard Game (Sherbet Land)
  • Chomp Restaurant (Wario Factory)
  • Barrel Bomb Battle (DK Ruins)
  • Survival Tennis (Waluigi Pinball)
  • Mushroom Targets (Mushroom Gorge)
  • Yoshi Eggs Thief (Yoshi Park)
  • Honey Balls (Honey Castle)
  • Pixel Sprint (8-Bit Mario Land)
  • Galaxy Rally (Gateway Galaxy)
  • Fishing... Cheep Cheep (Cheep Cheep River)
  • Blooper Fighting (Blooper Port)
  • Racket Piano (Musical Dome)
  • Shopping Tennis (Coconut Mall)
  • Dry Dead Battle (Dry Dry Desert)
  • Kamek Challenge (Bowser Jr. Fortress)




  • Rosalina (She is unlocked after defeating Basic Level of Galaxy Rally)
  • Honey Queen (She is unlocked after defeating Basic Level of Honey Balls)
  • Goomboss (It's unlocked after winning the Mushroom Cup in Easy Level)
  • Big Bob-Omb (It's unlocked after winning the Bob-Omb Cup in Easy Level)
  • Toad (He's unlocked after defeating Basic Level of Mushroom Targets)
  • Toadette (She's unlocked after defeating Normal Level of Mushroom Targets)
  • Luma (It's unlocked after winning the Star Cup in Easy Level)
  • Dry Bowser (It's unlocked after winning the Thunder Cup in Normal Level)
  • Baby Mario (He's unlocked after winning the Basic Level of Rings Battle)
  • Baby Peach (She's unlocked after winning Basic Level of Freezy Tennis)
  • Baby Luigi (He's unlocked after winning Basic Level of Phantomathon)
  • Baby Daisy (She's unlocked after winning Basic Level of Mud Battle)
  • Propeller Toad (He's unlocked after winning Basic Level of Dry Dead Battle)
  • Penguin Toad (He's unlocked after winning Basic Level of Blizzard Game)


  • Flower Cup (Normal Tournaments): Win Mushroom Cup.
  • Star Cup (Normal Tournaments): Win Flower Cup.
  • Thunder Cup (Normal Tournaments): Win Star Cup.
  • Special Cup (Normal Tournaments): Win Thunder Cup.
  • Shell Cup (Special Tournaments): Win Bob-Omb Cup.
  • Banana Cup (Special Tournaments): Win Shell Cup.
  • Leaf Cup (Special Tournaments): Win Banana Cup.
  • Bowser Cup (Special Tournaments): Win Leaf Cup.


There are some types of clothes: trainers, kits, rackets, wristbands and suits.

Rackets Wristbands

Mario Racket

Luigi Racket

Peach Racket

Daisy Racket

Wario Racket

Waluigi Racket

Bowser Racket

Bowser Jr. Racket

Yoshi Racket

Birdo Racket

DK Racket

Diddy Kong Racket

Boo Racket

Dry Bones Racket

Koopa Racket

Paratroopa Racket

Petey Piranha Racket

Wiggler Racket

Shy Guy Racket

Fly Guy Racket

Rosalina Racket

Honey Queen Racket

Goomboss Racket

Big Bob-Omb Racket

Toad Racket

Toadette Racket

Luma Racket

Dry Bowser Racket

Propeller Toad Racket

Penguin Toad Racket

Star Racket

Mushroom Racket

1-UP Racket

Fire Flower Racket

Ice Flower Racket

Green Shell Racket

Red Shell Racket

POW Block Racket

Thunderbolt Racket

Bullet Bill Racket

Lakitu Racket

Chain Chomp Racket

Kamek Racket

Hammer Bro Racket

Thwomp Racket

Blooper Racket

Cheep Cheep Racket

Bob-Omb Racket

Mario Wristband

Luigi Wristband

Peach Wristband

Daisy Wristband

Wario Wristband

Waluigi Wristband

Bowser Wristband

Bowser Jr. Wristband

Yoshi Wristband

Birdo Wristband

DK Wristband

Diddy Kong Wristband

Boo Wristband

Dry Bones Wristband

Koopa Wristband

Paratroopa Wristband

Petey Piranha Wristband

Wiggler Wristband

Shy Guy Wristband

Fly Guy Wristband

Rosalina Wristband

Honey Queen Wristband

Goomboss Wristband

Big Bob-Omb Wristband

Toad Wristband

Toadette Wristband

Luma Wristband

Dry Bowser Wristband

Propeller Toad Wristband

Penguin Toad Wristband

Star Wristband

Mushroom Wristband

1-UP Wristband

Fire Flower Wristband

Ice Flower Wristband

Green Shell Wristband

Red Shell Wristband

POW Block Wristband

Thunderbolt Wristband

Bullet Bill Wristband

Lakitu Wristband

Chain Chomp Wristband

Kamek Wristband

Hammer Bro Wristband

Thwomp Wristband

Blooper Wristband

Cheep Cheep Wristband

Bob-Omb Wristband

Trainers Kits

Mario Trainers

Luigi Trainers

Peach Trainers

Daisy Trainers

Wario Trainers

Waluigi Trainers

Bowser Trainers

Bowser Jr. Trainers

Yoshi Trainers

Birdo Trainers

DK Trainers

Diddy Kong Trainers

Boo Trainers

Dry Bones Trainers

Koopa Trainers

Paratroopa Trainers

Petey Piranha Trainer

Wiggler Trainers

Shy Guy Trainers

Fly Guy Trainers

Rosalina Trainers

Honey Queen Trainer

Goomboss Trainers

Big Bob-Omb Trainer

Toad Trainers

Toadette Trainers

Luma Trainers

Dry Bowser Trainers

Propeller Toad Trainer

Penguin Toad Trainer

Star Trainers

Mushroom Trainers

1-UP Trainers

Fire Flower Trainers

Ice Flower Trainers

Green Shell Trainers

Red Shell Trainers

POW Block Trainers

Thunderbolt Trainers

Bullet Bill Trainers

Lakitu Trainers

Chain Chomp Trainers

Kamek Trainers

Hammer Bro. Trainers

Thwomp Trainers

Blooper Trainers

Cheep Cheep Trainers

Bob-Omb Trainers

Mario Kit

Luigi Kit

Peach Kit

Daisy Kit

Wario Kit

Waluigi Kit

Bowser Kit

Bowser Jr. Kit

Yoshi Kit

Birdo Kit

DK Kit

Diddy Kong Kit

Boo Kit

Dry Bones Kit

Koopa Kit

Paratroopa Kit

Petey Piranha Kit

Wiggler Kit

Shy Guy Kit

Fly Guy Kit

Rosalina Kit

Honey Queen Kit

Goomboss Kit

Big Bob-Omb Kit

Toad Kit

Toadette Kit

Luma Kit

Dry Bowser Kit

Propeller Toad Kit

Penguin Toad Kit

Star Kit

Mushroom Kit

1-UP Kit

Fire Flower Kit

Ice Flower Kit

Green Shell Kit

Red Shell Kit

POW Block Kit

Thunderbolt Kit

Bullet Bill Kit

Lakitu Kit

Chain Chomp Kit

Kamek Kit

Hammer Bro. Kit

Thwomp Kit

Blooper Kit

Cheep Cheep Kit

Bob-Omb Kit


There are lots of suits of several characters but they must be unlocked:

  • Mario (get 800 points in Rings Battle)
  • Luigi (get 700 points in Rings Battle in Combo Mode)
  • Princess Peach (throw 20 balls without being frozen in Freezy Tennis)
  • Princess Daisy (throw 30 balls without being frozen in Freezy Tennis)
  • Wario (don't annoy Chain Chomps for 3 minutes in Chomp Restaurant)
  • Waluigi (don't annoy Chain Chomps for 3 minutes and get more than 400 points in Chomp Restaurant)
  • Bowser (defeat Mech-Bowser in 1.5 Minutes in Bowsergeddon)
  • Bowser Jr. (defeat Mech-Bowser in 2 Minutes in Bowsegeddon)
  • Dry Bowser (defeat Mech-Bowser in 1 minute in Bowsergeddon)
  • Donkey Kong (defeat Barrel Bomb Battle without losing lives)
  • Diddy Kong (defeat Barrel Bomb Battle without losing more than a life)
  • Yoshi (win 10 people in On-line mode)
  • Birdo (play at least 25 on-line matches)
  • Toad (collect 50000 coins)
  • Toadette (get 100 in the Mario Tennis Shop)
  • Koopa Troopa (win 10 times the Pixel Sprint)
  • Paratroopa (win 15 times the Pixel Sprint)
  • Boo (don't be attacked by more than 2 ghosts in Phantomathon)
  • Dry Bones (don't be attacked by more than 3 ghosts in Phantomathon)
  • Petey Piranha (don't fail in Mud Battle)
  • Wiggler (don't fail more than a time in Mud Battle)
  • Shy Guy (don't break more than an egg in Yoshi Eggs Thief)
  • Fly Guy (don't break any egg in Yoshi Eggs Thief)
  • Rosalina (collect more than 1500 coins in Galaxy Rally)
  • Honey Queen (stay more than 150 shots in Galaxy Rally)
  • Luma (don't lose any ball in 75 shots)
  • Goomboss (defeat 20 people in on-line mode)
  • Big Bob-Omb (defeat 30 people in on-line mode)
  • Propeller Toad (win 5 times the Pixel Sprint)
  • Penguin Toad (win 10 times the Pixel Sprint)
  • Propeller Mario (get 5 star characters)
  • Fire Mario (get 3 star characters)
  • Cloud Mario (get 8 star characters)
  • Bee Mario (get 12 star characters)
  • Tanooki Mario (get 16 star characters)
  • Toadsworth (get a star character)
  • Lakitu (play 10 times with the Cloud Mario suit)
  • Kamek (win the Special Cup)
  • Hammer Bro. (win the Special Cup twice)
  • Whittle (win the Special Cup three times)
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