Mario Tennis Deuce

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Developer(s) Camelot
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Nintendo DSGo
Release Date(s)
TBA 2020
Single player, local and online multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
ERating3RatingA CERO cero
Genre(s) Sports
Series Mario Tennis
Predecessor Mario Tennis Aces
Media Included Media Switch Nintendo Switch Catridge
Media DL icon Digital Download
Available Input Joy-Con Icon Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Mario Tennis Deuce is an upcoming multiplayer sports game for the Nintendo Switch and ninth installment in the Mario Tennis series. It is set to release in 2020. The game acts as a direct sequel to its predecessor, Mario Tennis Aces, including a lot of content from said game, like its playable roster, very similar gameplay, and the inclusion of a story mode. This is the first Mario Tennis game in the series to be on the same console as a previous installment. A port for the Nintendo DSGo has also been confirmed for 2021 release.


In terms of base gameplay, the game plays similarly to previous installments, especially Mario Tennis Aces and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. As the basic objective of tennis, players have to hit the ball back and forth until someone misses and the other scores points. Each successful shot equals 15 points, and a match's game ends when someone scores after their 40th point mark. If both players have 40 points, then it's considered a deuce, and whoever scores two more times wins that game. The player who wins a number of game points wins a set or a match. Matches can be divided into sets. If two players tie in a set, then it's a Tiebreaker, where one player must reach seven points to win the set or match.

The game brings back shot types, which can be performed by pressing specific buttons or doing button combinations. The energy gauge returns as well, along with the Zone Shots, Trick Shots and Special Shots. Like in Aces, said gauge can be filled with simple rallies. However, Trick Shots now work more like the Defensive Power Shots from Mario Power Tennis, and as such, they no longer increase the gauge. Instead, both the Special and Trick Shots use energy, with Special Shots requiring it to be full while Trick Shots can be used anytime as long as there is some energy, similarly to the Zone Shot. In Doubles, the energy gain is shared between the partners, so as long as one of them rebounds the ball, both gauges will increase.

Simple Rules, which excludes shot types and the gauge system, returns as well. Swing Mode allows the player to use motion controls to swing their racket like in Aces, and tournaments, 4-player online multiplayer, and online tournaments also make a comeback.


Menu Controls

  • NS L Stick - Select
  • NS A Button - Confirm
  • NS B Button - Cancel
  • NS Plus - During a match, this button pauses the game and opens a menu that contains choices such as viewing game rules, choosing to redo matches, and canceling matches.
  • NS L Button2 - Toggles between the character's dominant hand.
  • NS R Button2 - Toggles between the character's star rank.

Game Controls

  • NS L Stick - Moves the character and ball direction.
  • NS A Button - Performs a topspin shot.
  • NS B Button - Performs a slice shot.
  • NS X Button - Performs a simple, automatically appropriate shot. If pressed twice while moving, it can perform a Trick Shot.
  • NS Y Button - Performs a flat shot.
  • NS A ButtonNS B Button - Performs a lob shot.
  • NS B ButtonNS A Button - Performs a drop shot.
  • NS A Button/NS B Button/NS Y Button/NS X Button (while the opponent is receiving or serving the ball) - The character performs a taunt that makes his or her next shot stronger.
  • NS L Button2 - If the player is charging the ball, this button cancels the charge. If the gauge is full, it can perform a Special Shot. In Doubles, it also makes the player say, "Got it!" to let the partner know that the player is going to hit the ball.
  • NS R Button2 or NS ZR Button2 - Performs a Zone Shot when standing on a star point.
  • NS L Button2/NS ZL Button2/NS R Button2/NS ZR Button2 - Performs a Zone Speed. When active, the world turns into slow motion. The player, however, is not affected and can run at normal pace, allowing them to reach any balls hit to the other side of the court they cannot reach at normal speed. Zone Speed depletes energy when used, and therefore can only be used as long as the player has energy saved (similar to Zone Shots and Trick Shots).

Shot Types

Basic Shots

Shot Button(s) Description
MTD Topspin
NS A Button Topspins are high shots that spin forward and bounce high. The Chance Shot version pushes the receiving opponent back. They leave a red trail.
MTD Flat
NS Y Button Flats are the fastest shots and don't make the ball spin. The Chance Shot version is a Smash, and they leave a purple trail
MTD Slice
NS B Button Slices are low shots with backspin. They are slow and bounce low. The Chance Shot version has a deeply curved trajectory and spins the receiving opponent out of control for a bit. They leave a blue trail.
NS A ButtonNS B Button Lobs are very high shots with a high bounce aimed at the back of the court. The Chance Shot version is higher. They leave a yellow trail.
MTD Dropshot
Drop Shot
NS B ButtonNS A Button Drop Shots are low shots with a low bounce aimed at the front of the court. The Chance Shot version doesn't bounce. They leave a white trail.

Energy Shots

Shot Button(s) Description
Zone Shot NS R Button2/NS ZR Button2 while on star point. Allows the player to aim then shoot the ball in a first-person perspective. It can inflict damage to the opponent's racket, but only one third of it will get destroyed before it completely breaks. This shot requires at least a third of energy.
Trick Shot NS X Button twice while tilting NS L Stick towards the ball This shot is activated similarly to Aces' Trick Shot, but it works more like the Defensive Power Shots from Power Tennis. It is used to return faraway balls back to the other side of the court. However, it can only be used once the gauge reaches the middle, and requires at least a third of energy. It is also not a guaranteed return if the ball is too faraway, so it's possible to waste energy, or lose a point. The returns of the Trick Shot can vary between characters, some quickly move towards the ball while others try to hit it from afar.
Special Shot NS L Button2 Special Shots are powerful offensive shots that can only be used when the energy gauge is full, and allows the player to aim their shot in a first-person perspective, like the Zone Shot. These shots are capable of breaking the opposition's racket in one hit, though they can be blocked, so not all Special Shots are a guaranteed win. Special Shots in this game have added effects to it, so if they're blocked by the opposite player, it will hinder them for a bit. Special Shots often require most of the gauge's energy once it's used, but it also depends on how much time the player takes to aim.

Other Shots

Shot Button(s) Description
Star Shot NS Y Button (while on star point) A powerful shot that allows the player to slam a ball that went up easily. It can be done by hitting the ball while standing on a star point.
Powerful Shot NS A Button/NS B Button/NS Y Button twice A shot that occurs when the shot button is pressed twice, which results in it being a little stronger, but the ball will usually fall closer to the center of the court.
Charge Shot Hold NS A Button/NS B Button/NS Y Button/NS X Button A shot can be charged by holding a shot button until the ball arrives. The longer you charge, the stronger the shot will be. Powerful Shots also apply.
Leap Shot (Simple Rules) NS R Button2 A shot that can be done in Simple rules, where energy is not used. The player can leap faraway balls, but it causes the shot to be weaker.

Game Modes

Adventure Mode


Like in past installments, exhibition is a basic versus mode where up to 4 players can participate. Players can choose a singles or doubles match. After that, they can choose their character (and partner, for doubles), a court, and what type of game that they can play. The player can also adjust rules in versus match, like setting the numbers of games and sets. CPU difficulty can also be chosen, rankinng from lowest to highest: Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Pro, and Ace. The last two have to be unlocked first. Additionally, there are 3 extra types of games that can be played in Exhibition, shown below.

Simple Rules

This type of game excludes gimmicky shot types and the energy system, turning it into a normal, basic game of tennis. Other than gameplay changes, this mode's settings remain the same.

Ring Shot

Here the player must win by hitting the ball through rings that appear over the net. Multiple rings appear, each decreasing in point value as they get bigger. The game is over when time runs out or the goal is achieved. The losing player will give half of their points to the winning player in charge amount. The amount of ring points needed to win ranges from 100, 200, and 500.

Item Battle

In Item Battle, Item Boxes will appear over the net, and players can hit them to be given special items to help them win against the opponent. There are several items players can use, some being offensive while others are more defensive.

Image Name Description
GreenShell - MarioPartyStarRush Green Shell 3 shells will zoom out in straight lines. If the player gets hit by one, they will stumble and lose time.
RedShell - MarioPartyStarRush Red Shell A single red shell comes out and chases after the opponent. The effect is similar to that of a green shell after being hit.
BananaMK8 Banana A single banana gets thrown on the court and remains stationary. Slipping on a banana peel also has the same effect as shells.
MushroomMK8 Mushroom The Mushroom increases the player's movements for a brief moment of time. It also grows the player back into normal size quicker if they had been shrunk by Lightning.
MTUS Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom This item works similarly to how it did in Ultra Smash's Mega Battle mode. A Mega Mushroom is thrown on the court and if a player touched it, they grow huge and get an advantage in ball stroke and ball reach for a brief period of time.
496px-Bob-ombMK8 Bob-omb A single Bob-omb gets shot out. If it touches a player, it explodes, stunning those in the vicinity area for a bit. If it lands on the ground, it will start walking around aimlessly until a player or the ball touches it.
StarMK8 Star The Star increases the player's abilities and it makes the player invulnerable for a short period of time. It also grows the player back to normal size quicker, if the player was shrunk by Lightning.
LightningBoltMK8 Lightning The Lightning strikes the opponents of the court and shrinks them to a tiny size. The opponent's speed, stature, and power will also decrease.


In this mode the player pits against CPU opponents to win a trophy in a cup, like in past games. The higher the cup level, the harder the computers will get. The mode is arranged similarly to Mario Tennis Open's tournament, in which players must have a star ranking to participate in a second set of cups. To do so, they must beat the Champion Cup. However, in the Doubles Tournament, only the character they control earns the star rank. Beating Champion Cup unlocks the Pro difficulty, which is more difficult than Expert, while the Legend Cup unlocks Ace, the most difficult CPU level for Exhibition Mode.

Once the player has unlocked a cup, they can play it at any time with any character. As such, characters don't have to clear all three cups to beat the Champion Cup to earn the Star Rank. Like in previous titles, though, computer opponents will not use the hidden characters in Tournament. Additionally, the player can choose to play in Normal Tournaments (no court gimmicks), Simple Tournaments (with simple rules), and Gimmick Tournaments (with court gimmicks).

World Open
Cup Arranged Matches Court
MTD MushroomCup
Mushroom Cup
1-set starting round, 1-set semifinals, 3-set finals. Royal Garden
MTD FlowerCup
Flower Cup
1-set starting round, 3-set semifinals, 3-set finals. Daisy Cruiser, Delfino Plaza Court
MTS StarCup
Star Cup
1-set starting round, 3-set semifinals, 5-set finals New Donk City, Piranha Plant Sewers
MTD ChampionCup
Champion Cup
1-set starting round, 3-set semifinals, 5-set finals Mushroom Stadium courts
Star Open
Cup Arranged Matches Court
MTD RainbowCup
Rainbow Cup
1-set starting round, 1-set semifinals, 3-set finals Yoshi's Tropical Jungle, Shiveria Town
MTD MoonlightCup
Moonlight Cup
1-set starting round, 3-set semifinals, 5-set finals Volbono Palace, Birdo's Dream Court, Mirage Mansion
MTD PlanetCup
Planet Cup
3-set starting round, 3-set semifinals, 5-set finals Toy Playground, Pagoda Temple, Bowser's Castle
MTD LegendCup
Legend Cup
3-set starting round, 3-set semifinals, 5-set finals Comet Ovservatory

Special Games

In this mode, players can play special games as an alternative to adventure, exhibition or tournament. As the name implies, these are games that have special rules that differ from normal gameplay. Some of these games bear resemblance to special games in previous Mario Tennis titles, in terms of how they play at least. There are different difficulties, which are named according to the special game. Some of them have 3 difficulty levels, while others have a bonus fourth level, being a challenge that tests how much a player can do before running out of time or tries. Panel Panic is the only game that has up to 5 difficulties.

Up to four players can participate in the special games except for Ink Showdown and Galaxy Rally, which are only for one player. All special games are played in different courts.

Game Description Court
MTD BalloonBlast
Balloon Blast
Balloons will appear floating around in different patterns in front of the players. The balloons must be hit with balls thrown at players, popping them to score points. There are 5 types of balloons: 1 point red balloons, 3 point green balloons, 5 point blue balloons, 10 point golden balloons, and -5 point Bowser balloons. Players with the most points at the end wins. For levels, score 50 points in 1 minute (Easy), 150 points in 2 minutes (Normal), and 300 points in 3 minutes (Hard). Mushroom Stadium
MTD Graffitennis
In this game, 4 players have to rebound paint balls that are thrown at them onto a big wall within a time limit, similarly to Artist on the Court from Power Tennis. However, there are no specific designs that must be colored, but when the balls hit the wall they form familiar shapes. Players must try to cover most of it with their own corresponding shades, by hitting and trying to paint over others' designs. The more they paint, the more points they get. Score 100 points in 1 minute (Easy), 300 in 1 minute (Normal) and 500 in 90 seconds (Hard). New Donk City
MTD InkShowdown
Ink Showdown
This game is very similar to Piranha Challenge from Mario Tennis for Nintendo 64, and more specifically, Ink Showdown from Tennis Open. Inky Piranha Plants spit balls at the player. Players need to hit this ball past the opponent to count towards the score. If the opponent manages to hit the ball, or if the player misses the ball, the score does not count, and the player loses one out of three tries. If players lose all tries, the game is over. Occasionally, they may spit out an ink ball that can obscure the screen for a brief while if the player misses the ball, so it must be destroyed. The levels are: 30 rebounds (Easy), 50 rebounds (Normal), 100 rebounds (Hard), and as many as the player can until they lose all three lives (Bonus) Piranha Plant Sewers
MTD TicTacGlow
Along with the court, this special game also returns from Power Tennis. Players must shoot water balls to the opposite field filled with Goop (3x3 Goop spots) to free Shine Sprites. To score points the players take turns trying to clear three squares of Goop with the shine sprites underneath them. Water balls are shot out by pressing on buttons to turn on the water nozzles. After a square is cleaned, Piranha Plants will soil the square again allowing the player to accumulate points. Score 10 points in 1 minute (Easy), 30 points in 1 minute (Normal), 60 points in 90 seconds (Hard) and as many as the player can within 3 minutes (Bonus). Delfino Plaza Court
MTD MirrorMadness
Mirror Madness
??? Mirage Mansion
Game Description Court
MTD PanelPanic
Panel Panic
In this game, players must hit the ball onto a big tile set made of several question mark panels. The ball must hit each panel to flip them over within a time limit, eventually creating an image which is different for each level. The higher the level, the more panels it has and the smaller they become. If the ball hits a panel that was revealed already, it will still flip over, so the ball must be rebounded carefully. The designs are as follows: Mario (Novice), Peach (Easy), Toad and Toadette (Normal), Rainbow of Yoshis (Hard), and Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings (Expert). Toy Playground
MTD GobblegutTussle
Gobblegut Tussle
Gobblegut has gone into a rampage in this game, and the players have to defeat him. This game is technically a multiplayer boss battle, although it can also be played as one player. The objective of the game is to hit Gobblegut with charged energy balls (simialrly to Mecha-Bowser Mayhem from Power Tennis) to deplete his health bar. Gobblegut attacks by spitting fireballs that can be rebounded, and by trying to munch players. In multiplayer, players score points by hitting him, even more by hitting him with his own fireballs, and lose points if they are hit. Whoever has the most points wins.

In single player, the player also has a health bar, and the game ends when either Gobblegut or the player is defeated. The levels are: Beginner (Gobblegut has a low health bar, like the player's), Intermediate (twice as much as the player's health bar) and Advanced (three times as much as the player's health bar). In Advanced, Fiery Gobblegut is fought instead, which is much more aggressive and faster than the original Gobblegut.

Pagoda Temple
MTD GalaxyRally
Galaxy Rally
Returning from Tennis Open, this game is in turn also similar to Gooper Blooper Volley from Power Tennis. The player must rally a ball with Lubba without making the ball fall into the Black Hole. There are Shrinking Tiles which disappear when the ball bounces on them. After the player successfully rebounds the ball, the previous empty Shrinking Tile area is restored while another disappears. The game is over when the three balls are lost or the goal is achieved. Rebound the ball 20 times (Easy), 50 times (Normal), 100 times (Hard) and as many as possible (Bonus). In Normal, two tiles can disappear after forty hits. In Hard and Bonus, two after forty hits and three after sixty hits. Comet Observatory


Playable Characters

Mario Tennis Deuce is confirmed to have 42 playable characters, from which 24 are default and 18 must be unlocked first (with 14 of them being already in the game, and another 4 being added via free updates after release). Characters are divided in six skill types:


The character select screen. (doubles)

  • All-Around: These characters are just balanced. No pros or cons.
  • Technical: These characters are good at controlling the ball, but can lack power and speed.
  • Speedy: These characters can move very fast, at the cost of power.
  • Power: These characters can hit the ball with great force and make the ball travel quickly, but they lack agility.
  • Defensive: These characters have great reach, but lack power and often speed.
  • Tricky: These characters' shots curve more than other characters' shots, but can lack reach.

Starting Characters

Icon Name Skill Type Special Shot Trick Shot
MTDIcon Mario Mario All-Around Wall Jump Slam Warp Pipe
MTDIcon Luigi Luigi All-Around Thunder Cannon Poltergust
MTDIcon Wario Wario Power Garlic Power Corkscrew Conk
MTDIcon Waluigi Waluigi Defensive Waluigi Style Moonwalk Dash
MTDIcon Peach Peach Technical Sweet Kiss Ribbon Fling
MTDIcon Daisy Daisy All-Around Flower Power Flowerbed Slide
MTDIcon Toad Toad Speedy Fungus Slam Minecart Ride
MTDIcon Toadette Toadette Technical Mushroomy Bounce Trampoline
MTDIcon Yoshi Yoshi Speedy Flying Rainbow Rolling Egg
MTDIcon Birdo Birdo All-Around Egg Love Ballerina
MTDIcon Rosalina Rosalina Tricky Starlight Combo Satellite Shift
MTDIcon Luma Luma Technical Star Bit Storm Launch Star
MTDIcon Bowser Bowser Power Fire Breath Barrage Spinning Shell
MTDIcon BowserJr Bowser Jr. Defensive Mecha Hand Paintbrush Attack
MTDIcon Koopa Koopa Troopa Speedy Water Bomb Water Shell
MTDIcon Paratroopa Paratroopa Technical Winged Tempest Sky Dive
MTDIcon DK Donkey Kong Power Barrel Cannon Chaos Boomerang Banana
MTDIcon Diddy Diddy Kong Speedy Popgun Shot Rocketbarrel Boost
MTDIcon ShyGuy Shy Guy Technical Lightning Strike Spear Dance
MTDIcon Nabbit Nabbit (New) Speedy Trickster Shot Nabbing Warp
MTDIcon Boo Boo Tricky Atomic Boo Hide n' Seek
MTDIcon DryBones Dry Bones Tricky Skeleton Swing Bone Boomerang
MTDIcon HammerBro Hammer Bro. (New) All-Around Sledgehammer Hammer Throw
MTDIcon Kamek Kamek (New) Technical 4-Polygon Blast Magical Copy

Unlockable Characters

Icon Name Skill Type Special Shot Trick Shot
MTDIcon Spike Spike Power Spike Strike Spiky Swing
MTDIcon Chomp Chain Chomp Power Chain Chaos Chomp Voyage
MTDIcon Cappy Cappy (New) Tricky Hats Off Capture
MTDIcon Pauline Pauline (New) All-Around Rhythm Rally Motor Scooter
MTDIcon Pianta Pianta (New) Power Tropical Force Palm Tree Swing
MTDIcon Plessie Plessie (New) Defensive Water Jet Dino Wave
MTDIcon Tostarenan Tostarenan (New) Speedy Día de Muertos Baile de Las Maracas
MTDIcon Glydon Glydon (New) Technical Sand Storm Glide Dive
MTDIcon Boom Boom Boom (New) Power Twister Shot Cyclone
MTDIcon DryBowser Dry Bowser Defensive Somber Flare Whirling Shell
MTDIcon BulletBill Bullet Bill (New) Speedy Acrobatic Bullet Bill Blaster
MTDIcon MrBlizzard Mr. Blizzard (New) Technical Snowball Smash Snowman Rush
MTDIcon Blooper Blooper Tricky Inksplosion Blooper Swirl
MTDIcon Lanceur Mollusque-Lanceur (New) Defensive Spiked Shell Shot Gushen Call
MTDIcon Petey Petey Piranha Power Sludge Twist Piranha Swingback
MTDIcon KingBoo King Boo (New) Defensive Dark Illusion Phantasm Return
MTDIcon Wiggler Wiggler Defensive Anger Issues Flutter
MTDIcon KingBobOmb King Bob-omb (New) Power Bomblast Bob-omb Throw

Unlock Criteria

Unlocking Criteria
Name How to unlock
Spike ???
Chain Chomp ???
Cappy ???
Pauline ???
Pianta ???
Plessie ???
Tostarenan ??? (Added via free software update)
Glydon ??? (Added via free software update)
Boom Boom ???
Dry Bowser ???
Bullet Bill ???
Mr. Blizzard ???
Blooper ??? (Added via free software update)
Mollusque-Lanceur ??? (Added via free software update)
Petey Piranha ???
King Boo ???
Wiggler ???
King Bob-omb ???

Doubles Partners

Default Doubles Partners
MTDIcon MarioLuigi MTDIcon WarioWaluigi
MTDIcon PeachDaisy MTDIcon RosalinaLuma
MTDIcon ToadToadette MTDIcon YoshiBirdo
MTDIcon BowserBowserJr MTDIcon DKDiddy
MTDIcon KoopaParatroopa MTDIcon ShyGuyNabbit
MTDIcon BooDryBones MTDIcon HammerBroKamek
MTDIcon CappyPauline MTDIcon PiantaPlessie
MTDIcon SpikeChomp MTDIcon GlydonTostarenan
MTDIcon DryBowserBoom MTDIcon BulletBillMrBlizzard
MTDIcon BlooperLanceur MTDIcon KingBooPetey
MTDIcon WigglerKingBobOmb

Alternate Costumes

In Doubles, when two of the same character is selected, both players can use different alternate costumes or palette swaps of the character to distinguish them from one another. Every character has at least one alternate color/costume or a maximum of 3. The alternate costumes can also be used in Singles, Tournament and Online. It is also usable in Special Games, but there can only be 2 of some characters, due to them having only one alt.

Alternate Costumes
Character Costumes
MTDIcon Mario MTDAlts Mario
Original, Doctor, Wedding
MTDIcon Luigi MTDAlts Luigi
Original, Doctor, Casino
MTDIcon Wario MTDAlts Wario
Original, Biker
MTDIcon Waluigi MTDAlt Waluigi
MTDIcon Peach MTDAlts Peach
Original, Summer, Wedding
MTDIcon Daisy MTDAlts Daisy
Original, Winter
MTDIcon Toad MTDAlts Toad
Captain, Hint, Yellow
MTDIcon Toadette MTDAlt CaptainToadette
MTDIcon Yoshi MTDAlts Yoshi
Red, Blue, Yellow
MTDIcon Birdo MTDAlts Birdo
Red, Blue, Green
MTDIcon Rosalina MTDAlts Rosalina
Original, Fire
MTDIcon Luma MTDAlts Luma
Blue, Co-Star, Polari
MTDIcon Bowser MTDAlts Bowser
New 3DS, Wedding
MTDIcon BowserJr MTDAlt BowserJr
MTDIcon Koopa MTDAlts Koopa
Red, Gold, Koopatrol
MTDIcon Paratroopa MTDAlts Paratroopa
Green, Gold, Blue
Boxing, New 3DS
MTDIcon Diddy MTDAlt DiddyKong
MTDIcon ShyGuy MTDAlts ShyGuy
Snifit, Spear, Boo
MTDIcon Nabbit MTDAlts Nabbit
Orange, White, Light Blue
MTDIcon Boo MTDAlts Boo
Pink, Bomb, Dark
MTDIcon DryBones MTDAlts DryBones
Blue, Green, Dark
MTDIcon HammerBro MTDAlts HammerBro
Boomerang, Fire, Ice
MTDIcon Kamek MTDAlts Kamek
Red, Green, Yellow
MTDIcon Spike MTDAlts Spike
Stone, Snow
MTDIcon Chomp MTDAlts ChainChomp
Red, Silver, Chompikins
MTDIcon Cappy
MTDIcon Pauline MTDAlt Pauline
Mayor Suit
MTDIcon Pianta MTDAlts Pianta
Red, Yellow, Brown
MTDIcon Plessie MTDAlt DorriePlessie
MTDIcon Tostarenan MTDAlts Tostarenan
Green, Chincho
MTDIcon Glydon MTDAlt Glydon
MTDIcon Boom
MTDIcon BulletBill MTDAlts BulletBill
Bull's-Eye, Gold, Torpedo Ted
MTDIcon MrBlizzard MTDAlts MrBlizzard
Original, Dr. Freezegood
MTDIcon Blooper
MTDIcon Lanceur
MTDIcon Petey
MTDIcon KingBoo MTDAlt KingBoo
MTDIcon Wiggler
MTDIcon KingBobOmb MTDAlts KingBobOmb
Original, Buddy

Other Characters


Bosses are opponents that are fought in Adventure Mode. All the bosses are confirmed to have an unique gimmick to them, similarly to the bosses in Tennis Aces. After being defeated, a boss can be fought again in Special Games individually, or in Boss Rush, which is unlocked after completing Adventure Mode.

Icon Name Description Area / Court
MTDBoss Goomboss Goomboss ??? ???
MTDBoss Eyerok Eyerok ??? ???
MTDBoss GooperBlooper Gooper Blooper ??? ???
MTDBoss MadameMirage Madame Mirage ??? ???
MTDBoss MajorBurrows Major Burrows ??? ???
MTDBoss MotleyBossblob Motley Bossblob ??? ???
MTDBoss Cookatiel Cookatiel ??? ???
MTDBoss MechaBowser Mecha-Bowser ??? ???
Wyndham ??? ???
MTDBoss CaptainOmen Captain Omen ??? ???

Non-playable Characters

Audience Members


Like in some previous installments, some courts have hazards that can be toggled on or off if desired. The courts confirmed so far are as follows:

Default Courts

Icon Name Gimmick Ball Speed Ball Bounce
MTD MushroomStadiumHard Mushroom Stadium
Hard Court
A standard court, with no gimmicks at all. Normal Normal
MTD MushroomStadiumClay Mushroom Stadium
Clay Court
Slow Weak
MTD MushroomStadiumClayGrass Mushroom Stadium
Grass Court
Fast Weak
MTD MushroomStadiumNight Mushroom Stadium
Night Court
Very Fast Normal
MTD RoyalGarden Royal Garden Played on a fountain. The court will occasionally jet water into the air in no particular correspondence, which can throw the ball upwards and change its direction. If a player runs through a jet of water, they get pushed back. Fast Normal
MTD NewDonkCity New Donk City ??? Normal Strong
MTD YoshiTropicalJungle Yoshi's Tropical Jungle Located in a colorful jungle. Fuzzies will appear at random moments floating aimlessly on the court. If a ball hits one while it travels, the shot type will change. If a player touches a Fuzzy, they become dizzy for a couple seconds. Slow Normal
MTD PiranhaPlantSewers Piranha Plant Sewers An underground-inspired court. Inky Piranha Plants appear on the court randomly. If one eats the ball, it will spit it back in a ball of ink, which can slow down movement if rebounded. Normal Normal
MTD IsleDelfino Delfino Plaza Court Returning from Power Tennis. There are 3 Piranha Plant symbols on each side of the court, and if the ball lands on one of the circles, a Piranha Plant will spit goop onto it, which slows movement. To clean the goop, the player must step on a F.L.U.D.D panel. Normal Weak
MTD VolbonoPalace Volbono Palace ??? Slow Weak
MTD DaisyCruiser Daisy Cruiser ??? Fast Very Strong
MTD ShiveriaTown Shiveria Town An icy court in the Snow Kingdom. This court is very slippery, so players can lose control of their character more easily due to the lower traction. Freezies can appear and freeze whoever touches them for a split second. Normal Very Strong
MTD MirageMansion Mirage Mansion Returning from Tennis Aces. The court takes place in a haunted mansion, with two floating mirrors in the center. When the ball goes into one, the mirrors switch sides and the ball comes out of the other, changing its trajectory. Fast Normal

Unlockable Courts

Icon Name Gimmick Ball Speed Ball Bounce
MTD BirdoDreamCourt Birdo's Dream Court ??? Very Fast Weak
MTD ToyPlayground Toy Playground ??? Slow Very Strong
MTD PagodaTemple Pagoda Temple ??? Slow Normal
MTD BowserCastle Bowser's Castle A court built inside Bowser's Castle. The court can tilt when players move around, making it difficult for them to keep their footing. This also lowers ball-control, and it is very difficult for players to hit the ball in the court. Very Fast Very Strong
MTD CometObservatory Comet Observatory As the name implies, a court built on Rosalina's observatory. There are tiles on this court, if a ball lands on one, it slides and can reveal a hole. If the ball lands inside the hole, it's considered an out. Slow Strong

Tennis Museum

Sound Test

Main Article: Mario Tennis Deuce/Soundtrack





Character Art

Concept Art


Box Art

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Mario Tenisu De~yūsu
Mario Tennis Deuce
Korean마리오 테니스 듀스
Mario Teniseu Dyuseu
Mario Tennis Deuce


  • This game marks the first ever playable appearance of Pauline in any Mario game. 
  • For the first time in years, the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series are referenced in this game.
  • Cappy was intended to have a tennis hat as his default appearance, but the idea was ditched in favor of his trademark tophat appearance. The tennis hat is used as an unlockable alternate costume, though.
  • GoombaMonty Mole and Dixie Kong were considered to be playable characters early in development, but got scrapped for unknown reasons.
    • This is the second time in the series in which Goomba had been considered to be playable, the first time being in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64.
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