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Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam.
マリオテニスU(Mario Tennis U)
The Boxart of Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan November 28, 2012

25px-Flag of USA December 3, 2012
25px-Flag of EuropeDecember 15, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia December 20, 2012

Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included Wii U Optical Disk
Mario Tennis: Ultra Slam, known as Mario Tennis U in Japan, is a sports game for the Nintendo Wii U and the seventh installment of the Mario Tennis series. It includes features from past installments along with new ones. Also, online multiplayer support returns from Mario Tennis Open, with Nintendo Network procedures.


The gameplay features the traditional basic elements from previous Mario Tennis games. The game brings back Chance Shots and Power Shots (called Superstar Shot in this game) from Mario Power Tennis and Mario Tennis Open. Each character has two Superstar Shots, one offensive and the other defensive. Item Mode and Gimmick Mode also returns.

However, a new feature is the Ultra Shot or Ultra Ball, also called Ultra Slam. The player can perform this by making an Excellent rebound 3 times or more in a chain, after this, the ball will glow. The player then can make a Ultra Shot, that will bounce at incredible speed, being pretty hard to rebound for the opponent player. Also, another feature is a bunch of new characters, some that never appeared in the other installments and some new Special Games and modes. Also, the QR Codes return in this game.

The QR Codes work the same as in Mario Tennis Open with the Nintendo 3DS, but with the Wii U GamePad NFC sensor, able to read objects and codes, including the QR Codes, to unlock various alternates and costumes, and also some special characters.

Game Modes


The Tournament Mode in this game is actually the same as in previous installments. However, it is more similar to the Tournament Mode from Mario Tennis Open, meaning that players must have a star ranking to participate in the second set of cups, with the simple difference of being called Ultra Tournament instead of Open Tournament. Beating Champion Cup unlocks the Pro difficulty, which is more difficult than Expert, while Ultra Star Cup unlocks the most difficult COM difficulty for Exhibition Mode, the Ace difficulty.

Once the player has unlocked a cup, he/she can play that cup at any time, no matter what character is being used. As a result, characters do not have to clear all three cups to beat the Special Cup to earn the Star Rank, just like in the previous installment.

  • ​Star Tournament
    • Mushroom Cup
    • Flower Cup
    • Banana Cup
    • Champion Cup
  • Ultra Tournament
    • 1-Up Mushroom Cup
    • Ice Flower Cup
    • Shell Cup
    • Ultra Star Cup


Exhibition Mode of course returns, and is the same as the other Mario Tennis games, being a basic versus mode. Players can choose a singles or doubles match. The opponent's CPU's difficulty can be chosen after that, ranking from lowest to highest: Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Pro, and Ace (Pro and Ace are unlockable). After this, players can choose any court they currently have, and then they can determine the games and sets.

Standard Mode: The player and the opponent participates in a chosen course with no gimmicks of any kind. The only gimmicks present are the bounce intensity, speed of the ball, the Superstar Shots, the Chance Shots and the Ultra Slam, if turned on.

​Gimmick Mode: The Gimmick Mode returns from Mario Power Tennis with the same concept. The player participates in the same game as in the court, but with gimmicks that can help or hinder the player, unique to each court. Mario Stadium is the only court that cannot have gimmicks of any sort whatsoever.

Item Battle: The player can use special items to help them win against the opponent. To do so, the player must hit an Item Box with the ball and receive a random item, very much like in the Mario Kart series, except that the item received isn't dependent if the player is losing or not.

  • Green Shell: 3 Green Shells zoom out in straight lines. If the player gets hit by one, they will stumble and will lose time, possibly going as far as help the opponent to gain a point.
  • Red Shell: One Red Shell comes out and chases the opponent. However, the effect is quite similar to the Green Shell when making contact.
  • Blue Shell: One Blue Shell comes out and does the same as the Green Shell, but when making contact to opponents, they will also lose time, but being frozen and for more time. This item is quite rare.
  • Banana: A stationary banana gets shot out. If it hits the ground, the banana remains quietly there. Slipping in a banana peel also has the same effect as shells.
  • Mushroom: The Mushroom increases the player's speed for a short amount of time. It also returns the players to their normal size quicker if they've been shrunk by a Lightning or a Mini Mushroom.
  • Star: The Star not only increases the players speed, but also makes him/her invincible, agile and stronger for a short period of time. It also returns the players to their normal size if they've been shrunk by a Lightning or a Mini Mushroom.
  • Lightning: The Lightning strikes the opponents of the court and shrinks them to a tiny size. The opponents speed, stature, and power will also decrease. This is kinda similar to the Mini Mushroom's effects.
  • Mini Mushroom: This tiny Mushroom does the same as the Lightning, except that this only affects one opponent, instead of shrinking all.
  • Mega Mushroom: The Mega Mushroom increases the player's size, making him/her much stronger than normal for a short period of time, also, in this state, the player is not affected by Superstar Shots, like the Star.
  • Poison Mushroom: A purple Mushroom gets shot out, If anyone touches it, their speed and power decreases for a few seconds, making it much harder to perform a rebound.

Special Games

The Special Games of course returns, being a common mode in the Mario Tennis series. As the name implies, these games have special rules that differ them from normal gameplay. Some Special games bears resemblance to the past Special Games from previous installments. However, like in Mario Tennis Open, Ring Shot is included within the Special Games rather than as another option for exhibition matches. Each Special Game has three difficulties, which are named according to the Special Game.

Ring Shot

The player scores points by hitting rings to win the game. The player earns the points in the rings by winning the point in the game, which depends on how many rings the player has shot. The losing player will give half of their points to the winning player in charge amount. Amount of ring points needed to win the game ranges from 100 (easy), 200 (normal), and 500 (hard).

Bill Blasting

The players must shot Bullet Bills with their rackets back at the Bill Blasters to score points. Normal Bullet Bills give the players 50 points, however, if the player does it in a chain, each shot gives 10% more. Golden Bills, however, give the players 100 points, and each shot in a chain gives 30% more. Amount of points needed to win the game ranges from 300 (easy), 600 (normal), and 1000 (hard).

Draglet Mayhem

This Special Game is much like Ink Showdown from the previous game, players need the rebound a given amount of balls spit from Draglets, however Draglets usually spit fireballs that the player must rebound, but if dodged, the player slows down for a few seconds, making it much harder to rebound the balls. If the player loses 3 balls, he/she will lose. The amount of balls ranges from 30 (easy), 50 (normal), and 100 (hard)

Gold Showdown

Gold Piranha Plants will spit Coins at the players, they must collect a given amount of Coins to win the match and try to make other players lose Coins to have more chance of win. Gold Coins give 1 Coin, Red Coins give 5 Coins, and Blue Coins give 10 Coins. Amount of Coins ranges from 50 (easy), 100 (medium), and 500 (hard).

Dark Swingback

This is much like Gooper Blooper Volley from Mario Power Tennis, players have the rebound the balls for a given amount of times that King Dark Boo shots, however, there are some panels, the ones that have an X cannot be touched by the ball. During the match, more panels will be marked by X, there are only 4 panels, if the balls touches the X, the player loses, also, sometimes King Dark Boo shoots poison lavaballs that must be dodged. Times that the ball must be rebound ranges from 20 (easy), 50 (medium), and 100 (hard).


Below is a list of the confirmed playable characters to be in the game, their respective type and Superstar Shots. The game has 51 different playable characters to choose from. Characters are separated into 6 different types, those are:

  • All-Around: These characters are balanced and have equal stats in all five types.
  • Technique: These characters are good at hitting the ball.
  • Speed: These characters are very fast, but also weak.
  • Power: These characters are very strong when hitting, but also moves slowly.
  • Defense: These characters can hit the ball from almost any position.
  • Tricky: These characters can do very tricky moves.

Default Players

Image Name Type Superstar Shots
MTUSMario Icon Mario All-Around
  • Offensive - Fiery Fusion
  • Defensive - Warp Pipe
MTUSLuigi Icon Luigi All-Around
  • Offensive - Thunder Tornado
  • Defensive - Poltergust 3000
MTUSPeach Icon Peach Technique
  • Offensive - Heart Spin
  • Defensive - Parasol Float
MTUSYoshi Icon Yoshi Speed
  • Offensive - Egg Smash
  • Defensive - Tongue Return
MTUSDaisy Icon Daisy Technique
  • Offensive - Power Flower
  • Defensive - Flower Slide
MTUSBowser Icon Bowser Power
  • Offensive - Fire Breath
  • Defensive - Shell Dash
MTUSBowserJr Icon Bowser Jr. Tricky
  • Offensive - Paint Brush
  • Defensive - Graffiti Warp
MTUSKoopa Icon Koopa Troopa Speed
  • Offensive - Wet Shell
  • Defensive - Koopa Wave
MTUSDK Icon Donkey Kong Power
  • Offensive - Barrel Cannon
  • Defensive - Banana Slip
MTUSWario Icon Wario Power
  • Offensive - Wario Man
  • Defensive - Mega Magnet
MTUSBoo Icon Boo Tricky
  • Offensive - Invisiball
  • Defensive - Crazy Transporter
MTUSWaluigi Icon Waluigi Defense
  • Offensive - Bomber Blast
  • Defensive - Tricky Stretching
MTUSDiddy Icon Diddy Kong Speed
  • Offensive - Peanut Popgun
  • Defensive - Barrel Jet
MTUSToad Icon Toad Technique
  • Offensive - Fiery 'Shroom
  • Defensive - Bouncing Madness
MTUSBabyMario Icon Baby Mario Speed
  • Offensive - Massive Mallet
  • Defensive - Baby Spin
MTUSBabyPeach Icon Baby Peach Tricky
  • Offensive - Sweet Kiss
  • Defensive - Stroller Dash
MTUSShyGuy Icon Shy Guy Technique
  • Offensive - Thunder Slash
  • Defensive - Spear Throw
MTUSMii Icon Mii Varies
  • Offensive - Super Shot
  • Defensive - Super Dash

Unlockable Players

Image Name Type Superstar Shots
MTUSToadette Icon Toadette Speed
  • Offensive - Lovely Kiss
  • Defensive - 'Shroom Spin
MTUSParatroopa Icon Paratroopa Technique
  • Offensive - Wing Wind
  • Defensive - Para-Dive
MTUSBirdo Icon Birdo Speed
  • Offensive - Egg Shot
  • Defensive - Suction Return
MTUSFlyGuy Icon Fly Guy Tricky
  • Offensive - Propeller Point
  • Defensive - Tornado Attack
MTUSLuma Icon Luma Technique
  • Offensive - Star Bit Frenzy
  • Defensive - Launch Star
MTUSRosalina Icon Rosalina Technique
  • Offensive - Cosmic Shot
  • Defensive - Magical Transportation
MTUSBabyLuigi Icon Baby Luigi Tricky
  • Offensive - Baby Twist
  • Defensive - Pocket Chomp
MTUSBabyDaisy Icon Baby Daisy Speed
  • Offensive - Wonder Flower
  • Defensive - Watering Can
MTUSDixie Icon Dixie Kong Technique
  • Offensive - Banana Dance
  • Defensive - Ponytail Propeller
MTUSLakitu Icon Lakitu Tricky
  • Offensive - Spiny Throw
  • Defensive - Cloud Ride
MTUSLakithunder Icon Lakithunder Power
  • Offensive - Thunder Rain
  • Defensive - Lightning Slide
MTUSWiggler Icon Wiggler Defense
  • Offensive - Mad Chaos
  • Defensive - Tricky Caterpillar
MTUSHammerBro Icon Hammer Bro. Speed
  • Offensive - Hammer Racket
  • Defensive -Hammer Throw
MTUSKingBoo Icon King Boo Defense
  • Offensive - Phantom Strike
  • Defensive - Spooky Boost
MTUSPetey Icon Petey Piranha Power
  • Offensive - Goopball
  • Defensive - Sludge Racket
MTUSKamek Icon Kamek Technique
  • Offensive - Crazy Sceptre
  • Defensive - Magic Return
MTUSKammy Icon Kammy Koopa Speed
  • Offensive - Magical Spell
  • Defensive - Wizard Swingback
MTUSDryBones Icon Dry Bones Defense
  • Offensive - Bone Break
  • Defensive - Bonerang
MTUSDryBowser Icon Dry Bowser Defense
  • Offensive - Blue Flame
  • Defensive - Bone Voyage

QR Characters

Image Name Type Superstar Shots
MTUSTumble Icon Tumble Tricky
  • Offensive - Confetti Party
  • Defensive - Dice Block
MTUSMrBlizzard Icon Mr. Blizzard Defense
  • Offensive - Snowball Throw
  • Defensive - Snowy Move
MTUSShadowMario Icon Shadow Mario Speed
  • Offensive - Blue Goopball
  • Defensive - Shadow Graffitiport
MTUSCosmicMario Icon Cosmic Mario Technique
  • Offensive - Galactic Shadow
  • Defensive - Cosmic Dash
MTUSGhost Icon Slammer Defense
  • Offensive - Ghost Punch
  • Defensive - Teleport
MTUSBogmire Icon Bogmire Power
  • Offensive - Dark Attack
  • Defensive - Bogmire Shadow
MTUSDrMario Icon Dr. Mario Technique
  • Offensive - Megavitamin Toss
  • Defensive - Bouncing Viruses
MTUSEGadd Icon E. Gadd Tricky
  • Offensive - Poltergust 5000
  • Defensive - Magic Portrait
MTUSChuckya Icon Chuckya Power
  • Offensive - Chuckya Throw
  • Defensive - Spinning Trap
MTUSBigBobOmb Icon Big Bob-Omb Power
  • Offensive - Explosion
  • Defensive - Bomber Jump

Players will be able to customize their Miis just like in Mario Tennis Open. A new feature in Mii's customizing is the Superstar Shot Customize. Players can make an own Superstar Shot for their Mii, by selecting different effects and colors on the ball.

Unlocking Criteria

Below is a list showing how to unlock certain characters.

Name How to unlock?


Beat the Mushroom Cup in singles
Paratroopa Beat the Flower Cup in singles
Birdo Complete Ring Shot on level 3
Fly Guy Beat the Banana Cup in singles
Luma Beat the Champion Cup in singles
Rosalina Beat the Star Tournament with every default character
Baby Luigi Complete Bill Blasting on level 3
Baby Daisy Beat the Mushroom Cup and Flower Cup in doubles
Dixie Kong Beat the Banana Cup and Champion Cup in doubles
Lakitu Beat the 1-Up Mushroom Cup in singles
Lakithunder Beat the 1-Up Mushroom Cup in doubles
Wiggler Collect all clothes for your Mii
Hammer Bro. Beat the Ice Flower Cup in singles
King Boo Complete Draglet Mayhem on level 3
Petey Piranha Collect all costumes and rackets for your Mii
Kamek Beat the Shell Cup in doubles
Kammy Koopa Complete Gold Showdown on level 3
Dry Bones Complete Dark Swingback on level 3
Dry Bowser Beat the Ultra Tornament with every default character


QR Alternates

QR Alternates can be obtained by scanning their respective QR Codes.

Mario Bros.

Athletic Girls

Yoshi Hunt

Toad Rainbow


The Bros.

Color Guys

Special Alternates

Special Alternates can be obtained by purchasing them in the Nintendo eShop.


Below is a list of the actually confirmed courts to be in the game. It is confirmed that the game will have 15 different courts.

Mii Customizing

Like in Mario Tennis Open, Miis are able to wear various costumes and clothes during matches.


There are costumes of each playable character in the game, plus there are some new ones too. Most costumes are unlocked by clearing cups and/or winning matches and others with QR Codes.

  • Goomba
  • Lubba
  • Boom Boom
  • Bob-Omb Buddy
  • Bee Suit
  • Tanooki Suit
  • Toadsworth
  • Pom Pom
  • Funky Kong
  • Petey Piranha
  • Bomb Boo
  • Fire Suit
  • Rock Suit
  • Cloud Suit
  • Propeller Suit
  • Kitsune Suit
  • Honey Queen
  • Hammer Suit
  • Ice Suit
  • Piranha Plant


Some costumes are also available as normal clothes, with some new ones too. Most clothes are unlocked by clearing cups and/or winning matches and others with QR Codes.

  • Winged Spiny Shell
  • Goomba
  • Bullet Bill
  • Bob-Omb
  • Mecha-Koopa
  • Pink Boo
  • Polari
  • Tiny Kong
  • Gearmo
  • Cheep-Cheep
  • Thwomp
  • Whomp
  • NES Mario
  • Super Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Golden


There are rackets of each playable character and also outfits, alongside other ones. Like clothes and costumes, rackets are unlocked by clearing cups and/or winning matches and some with QR Codes.

  • Super Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Super Star
  • Mega Mushroom
  • Winged Spiny Shell
  • Mini Mushroom
  • Lovely Mushroom
  • Ice Flower
  • Toadsworth
  • Boom Boom
  • Pom Pom
  • Dark Star
  • Master Hand
  • Bubbles
  • Golden
  • Silver

Superstar Shots

There are various Superstar Shot effects and colors that can be added to the ball for Mii's Superstar Shot. Like the other things, the effects and colors are unlocked by clearing cups and/or matches and others with QR Codes.


  • Fire effect
  • Lovely effect
  • Rainbow effect
  • Dark Effect
  • Flower effect
  • Water effect
  • Magic effect
  • Galactic effect
  • Wind effect
  • Tornado effect
  • Glowing effect
  • Paint effect
  • Confetti effect
  • Wing effect
  • Ghostly effect
  • Rocky effect
  • Leaf effect
  • Ice effect
  • Thunder effect
  • Explosive effect


  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Lime
  • Lavender
  • Metal
  • Gray
  • Cream
  • Magenta
  • Cyan
  • Purple
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Rainbow


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