Mario Tennis: Super Smash
Developer(s) RaindropStudiosLogo
Publisher(s) FantendologoShrb
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Sport
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating
Media Included Wii U Disk

Mario Tennis: Super Smash is an upcoming Mario Tennis game for the Wii U. It is in development by Raindrop Studios. It returns features of previous installements, but also introduces new ones. It also returns online multiplayer mode using Nintendo Network.


Mario Tennis: Super Smash returns Chance Shots from Mario Tennis Open, and also Power Shots from Mario Power Tennis, however, Power Shots are renamed Super Smashes.

A new feature is yet to be announced.


Mario Tennis: Super Smash will contain an amount of characters, all of which have a certain type:

  • All-Around - A character that has around average stats in all categories.
  • Technique - A character that can place the ball in the corners.
  • Power - A character with much strength, but a lack of speed.
  • Speed - A character with high speed, but a lack of power.
  • Tricky - A character with a good curve and a extra boost of power on special shots.
  • Defense - A character with a good reach.
  • Varying - A character whose stats differ depending on the field and clothes he or she wears.

Starting Participants

Image Name Type Super Smash
MTSSmarioicon Mario All-Around Fire Blast
MTSSluigiicon Luigi All-Around Ghost Buster
MTSSpeachicon Peach Technique Lovely Spin
MTSSyoshiicon Yoshi Speed Rainbow Flutter Jump
MTSStoadicon Toad Speed Super Mushroom
MTSSbowsericon Bowser Power Burning Smasher
MTSSdonkeykongicon Donkey Kong Power Bongo Banana
MTSSdaisyicon Daisy Technique Flower Field Return
MTSSwarioicon Wario Power Super Hand
MTSSkoopaicon Koopa Troopa All-Around Deep-Sea Slash
Mii Varying Custom Blast

Unlockable characters

Image Name Type Super Smash
MTSSshyguyicon Shy Guy Technique Thunderous Spear
MTSSwaluigiicon Waluigi Defensive Waluwhirl-Slam
MTSStoadetteicon Toadette Tricky 1-Up Explosion
MTSSbooicon Boo Tricky Boo Mania
MTSSbirdoicon Birdo All-Around Egg-cellent Shot
MTSSparatroopaicon Paratroopa Technique Super-Wing-Swing
MTSSlumaicon Luma Technique Launch Star Blast
MTSSrosalinaicon Rosalina Technique Star Bit Frenzy
MTSSbowserjricon Bowser Jr. Speed Painter Slam
MTSSdrybonesicon Dry Bones Tricky Bone Basher
MTSSpeteyicon Petey Piranha Power Gooping Frenzy
MTSSwigglericon Wiggler Defensive Mad Temper
MTSSpiantaicon Pianta Power Fruit Basket
MTSSbabymarioicon Baby Mario Speed Pocket Chomps
MTSSbabyluigiicon Baby Luigi Tricky Green Machine
MTSSlakituicon Lakitu Speed Cloudy Spin
MTSSdiddykongicon Diddy Kong Speed Jetpack Defender
MTSSdixiekongicon Dixie Kong Tricky Cannonballer
MTSSnokiicon Noki Tricky Shellakazam
MTSSbloopericon Blooper Tricky Ink Squirter

QR coded characters

Image Name Type Super Smash
MTSSbabypeachicon Baby Peach Tricky Peachy Spin
MTSSbabydaisyicon Baby Daisy Speed Flower Block
MTSSbabyyoshiicon Baby Yoshi Speed Cookie Shot




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