Mario Tennis: Mushroom Cup
Developer(s) Camelot
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Christmas 2009 (all)
1-4 player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included Wii Optical Disk x1

Mario Tennis: Mushroom Cup is the second in the Mario Tennis series. It features a roster of 24 playable characters, 8 of which are unlocked from the start, and 8 courts, each with different gimmicks. Playing a lot earns exp points, which can upgrade your 3 stats: Speed, Strength, and Stamina. Each character also has slight stat variations to fit any playing style. There is also a new Racket system, where you can design your own racket and tweak the tightness and speed.


There are 24 playable characters. 8 are unlocked from the start, 8 are unlocked when you beat them in Championship mode, and 8 are unlocked through reaching various goals. (All stats are out of 5. 5/5ths means a whole additional stat point) All bonus characters are unlocked by doing something on a certain court.


Name Speed Strength Stamina
Mario 3 3 2
Luigi 2 2 4
Toad 4 2 2
Peach 2 2 2
Wario 1 4 3
Waluigi 2 3 2
Yoshi 3 2 4
Donkey Kong 2 5 2

Unlockable in Championship

Name Speed Strength Stamina
Koopa 5 2 3
Paragoomba 2 3 4
Paratroopa 3 3 3
Wiggler 3 4 2
Petey Piranha 2 5 2
King Boo 2 2 5
Bowser 3 5 4
Dry Bowser 5 5 5


Name Speed Strength Stamina Unlock Criteria
Dry Bones 4 3 4 Bank a shot off him in Dry Bowser's Castle.
Pianta 2 5 4 Let a Pianta steal the ball in Gelato Beach.
Birdo 3 4 3 Play as Yoshi and hit a coconut in D.K Jungle.
Daisy 3 3 3 Have the wind blow the ball into the other player.
Baby Bros 4 1 5 Hit a ball Boo.
Toadette 3 4 4 Knock down all the stalagmites in Swooper Caves.
Hammer Bro 2 4 3 Rebound a ball of off of him in Bowser's Castle.
Sonic 5 3 4 complete five holes in ten minutes.


All courts are available in multiplayer and free play after they are beaten in Championship, except the 1st, which is unlocked from the start. There are 4 cups, each with 2 courts. Each court has a miniboss, and each Cup has a Bowser battle. All boss battles have you trying to hit the weak spot with a tennis ball.

Shell Cup

Court Description Shape Gimmicks Boss Boss Strategy
Peach Plains A simple court, in the middle of happy hills and cool grass. Regular Wind occasionally alters the ball's path. Koopa Hit him when he gets out of his shell.
Swooper Caves A dank cave with swoopers and stalagmites. Craggy-Edged Stalagmites can be hit and broken off, Swoopers can steal the ball. Paragoomba Blast him out of the sky with a power shot

Fireball Cup

Court Description Shape Gimmicks Boss Boss Strategy
Gelato Beach A bright, sunny beach, with lots of fans triying to watch the game! No boundaries, can go OoB. Pianta will occasionally steal the ball. Paratroopa Combo of Koopa and Paragoomba
D.K Jungle A Jungle, with lots of mischevious monkeys!  Round Monkeys will steal the ball and throw coconuts Wiggler Turn him red, then bounce the ball of each of his sections

Star Cup

Court Description Shape Gimmicks Boss Boss Strategy
Pipe Park A court full of pipes and warps! Regular, bounce back Pipes can warp ball to random area Petey Piranha Do a jump shot as he ground pounds
King Boo's Forest A spooky forest! Who knows what happens?! Jagged rectangle Boos can steal and spit out extra balls King Boo Power shot when he gets close

Special Cup

Court Description Shape Gimmicks Boss Boss Strategy
Bowser's Castle Bowser's evil castle! Full of lava, podeboos, and statues! Rectangle, no boundaries Podeboos can hit ball or fly at racket, then melt it. Bowser statues burn the ball or obscure your view. Bowser Same as Bowser battles (Hit when in shell)
Dry Bowser's Castle Same as above, but with more of it Same as above, but smaller Same as above, but much more often Dry Bowser Hit him repeatedly until he falls into the lava.

Racket System

Your racket can have a design drawn or chosen on the stem and round part, and the string color can be customized. The tighter you make it, the harder it hits while sacrificing control, while speed makes it faster while also losing control.

Special Balls/Rackets

Some characters use something irregular as a ball or racket. These are purely aesthetic and can be turned off.

Character Special Ball Special Racket
Mario Fireball None
Luigi Green Fire None
Toad Mushroom None
Toadette One of her braids None
Peach None Fly Swatter
Daisy None Fly Swatter
King Boo Mini Boo Spit Out
Petey Piranha Piranhabon Leaf Hand
Bowser Bob-Omb Club
Dry Bowser Ball of Bones Bone Club
Donkey Kong Banana Peel Vine
Pianta Noki Shell None
Dry Bones None Bone
Koopa Shell None
Parakoopa None Wing
Paragoomba None Wing
Wiggler Body Segment None
Baby Bros Rubber Ball Rattle
Hammer Bro Throwing Hammer Hammer
Sonic Speed Curb SpinDash
Wario Coin None
Waluigi None Signature WL
Yoshi Yoshi Egg Tail
Birdo Birdo Egg Tail

Power Shots

Character Power Shot Defensive Shot
King Boo
Petey Piranha
Dry Bowser
Donkey Kong
Dry Bones
Baby Bros.
Hammer Bro
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