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Mario Tennis (tentative title) is the seventh installment in the Mario Tennis series. It will be released early 2015 for the Wii U. Not much is known yet, other than the fact that it will incorporate new features not yet seen in the Mario Tennis series.




There will be a total of 100 separate playable characters. There are also 20 8 alter-egos (10 Yoshis and 10 Toads). Each character will be sorted into one of different classes; All-Around, Technique, Speedy, Power, Offensive, Defensive, Tricky, and Skill.

Skill Type
Doubles Partner
Offensive Power Shot
Defensive Power Shot
Alternate Costume
MTO- Mario Icon1.png Mario All-Around Luigi Inferno Frenzy Warp-Pipe Return NES Mario Alternative Rock
MTO- Luigi Icon1.png Luigi All-Around Mario Super Bolt Poltergust 5000 Return Mr. L Luigi Flamenco
MTO- Peach Icon1.png Peach Speedy Daisy Super Royal Photo Op Shot Super Royal Heart Return Superstar Peach Club Music
MTO- Daisy Icon1.png Daisy Speedy Peach Power Bloom Perfect Triple Backflip Cheerleader Daisy Traditional J-Pop Festival Music
ToadMTO.png Toad All-Around Toadette 'Shroom Tackle Crazy Toad Return Gold Toad Techno
Toadette Speedy Toad 'Shroom Surf Mushroom Dive Silver Toadette Synth and Punk Rock
MTO- Yoshi Icon1.png Yoshi Technique Birdo Rainbow Special Drago Yoshi Dive Cowboy Yoshi Energetic Broadway
BirdoMT.png Birdo Speedy Yoshi Giant Egg Fire Birdo Pound Cowgirl Birdo A piano ballet remix of "The Turkish March".
MTO- Donkey Kong Icon.png Donkey Kong Technique Diddy Kong Kong Smash Banana Spin Yeti Donkey Kong African Bongo Drums
MTO- Diddy Kong Icon.png Diddy Kong Technique Donkey Kong Cartwheel Slap Peanut Gun Black and White Diddy Kong Hindustani Classical
MTO- Wario Icon1.png Wario Power Waluigi Dragon Cap Tackle Supreme Belch Biker Wario Polka
MTO- Waluigi Icon1.png Waluigi Power Wario Waluigi Contortion Mech Anti-L Biker Waluigi Bluegrass
MTOBabyM.png Baby Mario All-Around Baby Luigi Chain Chomp Toss Stroll Roll Return Pimp Baby Mario Eminem's Real Slim Shady
Baby Luigi All-Around Baby Mario Ultimate Bounce Hammer Revolution Gangster Baby Luigi DJ Quik's Trouble
MTOBabyP.png Baby Peach Speedy Baby Daisy Pocket Chomp Cow Return Kimono Baby Peach Surfaris' Wipeout
Baby Daisy Speedy Baby Peach Doom Flower Vine Firecracker Geisha Baby Daisy The Champs' Tequila
Baby Wario Power Baby Waluigi Attract Magnet Cap Boulder Soldier Baby Wario A hard rock version of The Song Of The Volga Boatmen
Baby Waluigi Power Baby Wario Baby Anti-L Ice Baby Anti-L Storm Commander Baby Waluigi A fast-paced version of Kalinka
KoopaMT.png Koopa Troopa Skill Paratroopa Geyser Shot Hover Spin Return Joker Koopa Troopa Madagascar's I Like To Move It
ParatroopaMT.png Paratroopa Skill Koopa Shell Smash Diving Tackle Jester Koopa Paratroopa Who Let The Dogs Out? remixed and given a ska remixed tune.
ShyGuyMT.png Shy Guy Skill Pyro Guy Special Spear Fly Guy Smash Dark Shy Guy A piano tune, with some sirens at some points.
PyroGuyMT.png Pyro Guy Skill Shy Guy Blue Fire Cannon Rage Column Dark Pyro Guy An organic piano tune. also with sirens at some points.
MTO- Bowser Icon1.png Bowser Power Bowser Jr. Fire Shot Koopa Clown Spin Dark Bowser Hard Rock remix of the fortress boss theme from Super Mario Brothers 3
BowserJrMT.png Bowser Jr. Power Bowser Grafitti Ball Spiked Shell Revolution Dark Bowser Jr. Russian Cossack Dance
MTOLuma.png Luma Offensive Boo Star Bit Comet Grand Star Spin Spiky Luma A fast-paced remix of Mario Strikers Charged's very own main theme song.
MTO- Boo Icon1.png Boo Offensive Luma Doom Tounge Secret Swingback Dark Boo A remix of the merry-go-round theme from Big Boo's Haunt from Super Mario 64.
BlooperMT.png Blooper Defensive Funky Kong Ink Shot Mutant Swingback Dark Blooper "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen remixed and Techno remixed tune.
Funky Kong Defensive Dry Bowser Twin Barrel Surfboard Spin Parka Funky Kong A fast paced tune.
SMarioMAT.png Shadow Mario All-Around Dry Bowser Shadow Splatter Blue Grafitti Swingback Metal Shadow Mario A Surf Rock Version of the Korobeiniki aka The Tetris Theme
DryBowserMTO.png Dry Bowser Power Shadow Mario Demon Bombard Skeleton Summon Dark Dry Bowser A hip hop remix of the Fortress Theme from New Super Mario Bros.
Rosalina Speedy Baby Rosalina Swan Lake Ballet Dive Super Swan Lake Pirouette Ballerina Rosalina An orchestrated piano ballet version of Tchiakovasky's Swan Lake
Baby Rosalina Speedy Rosalina Flying Cannon Homing Torpedo Witch Baby Rosalina An R&B remix of the comet observatory from Super Mario Galaxy
Wart Power Tatanga Bubble Attack Ninji Defense Gangster Wart A techno remix of the Final boss theme of Super Mario Bros. 2/Doki Doki Panic
Tatanga Speedy Wart Totomesu Blaster Pagosu Return Heavy Metal Tatanga A dubstep remix of the Birabuto Kingdom theme from Super Mario Land
MiiMT.png Mii Varies Any Any Any Upgraded Mii Wii Shop Channel


  • Artist On the Court
  • Balloon Panic
  • Chain-Chomp Challenge
  • Coin Collectors
  • Gooper Blooper Volley
  • Mecha-Bowser Mayhem
  • Terror Tennis
  • Tic-Tac-Glow
  • Ring Mania
  • Super Mario Tennis
  • Galaxy Rally
  • Ink Showdown



Mushroom Cup

  • Mario Arena
  • Luigi's Haunted House
  • Peach's Playpen
  • Toad Tower
  • Yoshi Canyon

Flower Cup

  • Donkey Kong Circus
  • Wario River
  • Bowser Field
  • Daisy's Water Park
  • Waluigi's Glacier


Lightning Cup

  • Birdo's Bakery
  • Diddy Kong Festival
  • Rosalina's Iceland
  • Toadette's Pool
  • Bowser Jr.'s Paradise

Star Cup

  • Starlight Casino
  • Carnival Street
  • Gingerbread Gulch
  • Delfino Plaza
  • Donut Desert


Special Cup

  • Fossil Fountain
  • Light Bulb Lake
  • Shark Ship
  • Raisin Riptides
  • Neon Catapults

Rainbow Cup

  • Mario Bros.' Classic Court
  • Super Mario Bros.' Stadium
  • Chariot Planet
  • Galaxy Arena
  • Space Rainbow Beach

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