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Game box art.
Developer(s) Next Level Games
Shooting Star Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Sports, Soccer
Series Mario Strikers
Predecessor Mario Strikers Charged
Release Date(s) TBA 2015 / 2016
Mode(s) 1-4 Simultaneous
Age Rating(s) E10+ 7Rating USK6 ACB PG CERO A
Media Included Media CD icon Optical Disk
Media DL icon Digital Download
Available Input WiiUButton-GamePad Wii U GamePad
Wii and Nunchuk Wii Remote & Nunchuk

Mario Superstar Strikers is an upcoming Wii U game and the third installment in the Mario Strikers series. It has a lot of similarities to past installments, especially Mario Strikers Charged, returning Super Abilities as well as Mega Strikes for captains, and Skillshots for the many different sidequicks. The game brings more variety in both character and stage rosters, as well as a few new modes including a Special Games mode. This game kind of maintains the realistic sci-fi tones, but a little bit more of the common bright and whimsical cartoon themes has been implemented as well. The game also supports Nintendo Network connection for online multiplayer, working similarly to Charged's Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


Like in past installments, Mario Superstar Strikers is based on street football. A new gameplay addition is that now teams have up to 11 members rather than 5: one being the goalkeeper, one captain and the other nine playing as offensive/defensive sidekicks. The two teams face off against each other to kick the ball into the goal within the time limit, which can be from two to five minutes (three minutes being the default amount). They may also choose to compete to reach a certain amount of goals first. When the time runs out, whoever has the most goals (or the next goal, if sudden death occurs) wins the match. If the score is tied at the end of the set amount, the current music will speed-up and the alarm will sound, signaling sudden death. Like in Charged, characters wear protective gear, and the ball is metallic. Various power-ups and items can also be used in order to take advantage during a match.

Player Roles


As the name implies, this player is the captain, heading the team. The captain is supported by nine offensive and defensive sidekicks and one goalie. The captain always plays an offensive role, and is able to perform a Special Ability on the stadium for a short period of time, and also Mega Strikes at the moment of kicking the ball into the goal. Every captain as an unique ability and Mega Strike, although some share slight similarities. 

Offensive Sidekicks

Those sidekicks play an offensive role during matches, being lined-up behind the captain and in front of the Defensive sidekicks. There are up to five offensive sidekicks.

Defensive Sidekicks

Defensive ones play behind both offensive sidekicks and the captain, in an attempt to defend the ball from reaching the goalie. There are up to four defensive sidekicks.


Also known as keeper or just goalie, this team member is very important, being the final line of defense. They are permitted to use their hands to block goals, but often are forced to use their bodies to do so.

Basic Skills

  • Movement or Dribbling: Nothing more than the character's ability to move towards the desired direction when not in possession of the ball. If the player has the ball, they will dribble instead
  • Deke: An advanced move players con perform to trick their opponents, faking a certain direction and dodging opponent tackles or steals. Players can dodge the slide tackles while maintaining the ball's charge for extended periods of time.
  • Pass: As the name implies, this offensive skill allows the player to pass the ball to another player. Passing the ball charges it up, making it easier to score a goal once the ball has been repeatedly passed between members of the same team.
  • Shoot: Basically a more powerful version of the Pass. It is used to score goals. When performing the move, the game automatically targets the goal from the player's position, no matter where the player currently is. Shoots can be charged to increase chances of success. A flip shoot can be done if performed while the player receives a pass.
  • Clear: A move that allows a player to kick the ball to the other side of the field. It is often useful when crowded by opponents.
  • Player Switch: When the opposing team is in possession of the ball, players can switch characters at will, often in order to control the character nearest to the opposing player that has the ball.
  • Slide Tackle: Performed in the same way faking is performed, this move allows players without the ball to steal the ball.
  • Big Hit: A devastating move that allows the player to hit their opponents in hopes of making them lose the ball. However, this move does not give immediate control over the ball.
  • Items: Players may use an item in the team's inventory. Items that activate a captain's Super Ability can only be used by the captain.

Special Captain Skills

  • Mega Strike: More powerful than the standard shot, a Mega Strike is performed when a captain fully charges their shot. Through proper timing, the player determines the number of balls as a meter swings to the left. When the meter moves back towards the right past the original starting point, proper timing determines ball speed. After the shot specifics have been determined, the captain launches into the air, powers up further and then slams the ball towards the goalie, who then attempts the Mega Strike Block.
  • Special Ability: Each captain may obtain a character-specific item during the course of a game. If the player is not playing as the Captain, the computer performs the move instead. Super Abilities are the most devastating when used to free up a captain for the Mega Strike.

Special Sidekick Skills

  • Skillshot: Very similar to a Mega Strike, a Skillshot is performed when the sidekick fully charges their shot, although it's less powerful and doesn't feature a cutscene. The resultant shot is coupled with an attack on the goalie. Depending on the sidekick, the shot will be different.

Goalie/Keeper Skills

  • Pass: The goalie's basic move when in possession of the ball, passing the ball to put it back into play.
  • Punt: Similar to the clear, it allows the goalkeeper to move the ball far away from the goal. Effective when the goal is surrounded by the opposing team.
  • Body Check: An automatic brutal hit. If opponents remain in the goal box too long or make contact with the goalie while he has the ball, he attacks by either kicking or hitting them.
  • Mega Strike Block: This skill occurs when the opposing team's captain performs a Mega Strike. When it happens, it is up to the goalie to block as many balls as possible. The player assumes a first-person view from the goalie’s eyes and moves the hands of the goalie, represented by two hand icons. When a ball approaches, touching it in the GamePad's screen deflects and destroys it. Depending on the speed of the balls set in the opposing Mega Strike, the player has a few seconds for each ball or less.


Items are one of the most critical elements during a match as part of a team's strategy. Any team member is able to use items regardless of which player earned it. Special Ability items, however, can only be activated by the Captain.

Offensive Items

The offensive items are often devastating, and very helpful at blocking Mega Strikes, clearing the field or for taking possession of the ball.

Item Name Description
Green Shell Artwork - Mario Kart Wii Green Shell Comes in groups of three or singular. They are very effective at close range. If they make contact with a wall, they ricochet off. However, they are destroyed upon contact with a player. The player that gets hit falls and is stunned for a brief moment.
Green Shell Artwork - Mario Kart Wii Giant Green Shell Its movement pattern is the same as regular Green Shells, but it doesn't disintegrate upon its first impact with an item or player. Any player hit by this devastating shell gets buried and stunned for an amount of time. Only one can be fired at a time.
Red Shell NSMBU Red Shell Comes in groups of three or singular. Unlike its green counterpart, Red Shells do not ricochet off walls and instead home down the nearest opponent. While having three, not all of them reach targets. They disintegrate upon contact with a player, an item or a wall.
Red Shell NSMBU Giant Red Shell Giant Red Shells act more like Giant Green Shells, ricochetting off walls and burying players that make contact with it. However, when fired, it does go towards a nearby player, but after hitting them it just starts acting like a Giant Green Shell. Only one can be fired at a time.
Ice shelll Blue Shell Comes in groups of three or singular. It acts similarly to a Green Shell, but freezes players for a short period of time upon contact with them. It will not disappear until it hits a player.
Ice shelll Giant Blue Shell It acts like the Blue Shells, freezing opponents when hitting them. Only one can be used at a time.
Spinyshellkart Spiny Shell It acts exactly like a Green Shell. However, it is more durable and thus ricochets off walls for much longer.
Spinyshellkart Giant Spiny Shell Very similar to Giant Green Shells, except they last longer, like regular Spiny Shells. Only one can be fired at a time.
Black Shell Black Shell A new item. Comes in groups of three or singular. Black Shells are explosive shells that will not stop bouncing off walls until it hits a player, similarly to Blue Shells. However, it causes a devastating explosion upon contact with someone (even counting its user).
Black Shell Giant Black Shell Acts like regular Black Shells, but the explosions are bigger and thus can harm more players at once. Only one can be fired at a time.
Banana Peel Banana Comes in groups of five, three, or singular. Bananas appear behind your character. They make any character slip and fall when they touch it. Bananas can also disrupt passing. A bigger variant comes only in a set of one, causing the same effect but covering more space.
P&DSMBE OrbPurple-Poison Mushroom Poison Mushroom New item. When thrown, the Poison Mushroom will slowly wander around the field, releasing a trail of toxic gas behind it that slows down players. If a player touches it, they shrink for an amount of time.
Bob-omb Fall Bob-omb Comes in groups of five, three, or singular. Bombs drop from the air to hit the opponent with the ball. This item can hurt teammates as well but will not affect the character who used it, unlike the Black Shells.
Chain Chomp MKW2!! Chain Chomp Summons a Chain Chomp to go on a rampage and attack all opponents for a limited time. This item is very rare and usually appears for the team that is behind.
ThunderboltNoGlow Lightning A new item. When used, all of the opposing team's member get shrunk by powerful lightnings. Their small size lasts for some seconds. In this state, players can be easily crushed by the other team, and they will not be able to tackle or take possession of the ball. Like the Chain Chomp, this item is very rare and usually appears for the team that is losing badly.

Defensive Items

The defensive items beef up the user and are particularly useful for scoring goals without the use of Mega Strikes.

Item Name Description
Mushroom (Mario Kart 8) Mushroom Gives a temporary boost of movement and defense stats. Running can further increase its usefulness.
Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom A new item, although its effects are basically the same as Mario's and Luigi's Special Abilities from Charged. The user gets bigger in size and is able to splat other players and take possession of the ball with ease for an amount of time.
MetalBox Metal Box A new item. The user turns into metal for an amount of time, reflecting any projectiles and being less vulnerable or completely invincible against explosives and other powerful items.
BooMush Boo Mushroom New item. Despite being the power-up from the Super Mario Galaxy games, the user does not take the appearance of a Boo. Instead, they become invisible and thus invincible to any attack or ofensive item during a short period of time. The player can also run through opponents and stationary items.
Power Star SM3DW Star Makes the user invulnerable. All characters that touch a player using a Star up will be knocked down. This item is rare and usually appears for the team that is behind.

Game Modes

Superstar Tournament

1 to 4 players

This is the standard tournament mode of the game. Players are challenged by various teams across six cups. As the mode progresses, the difficulty increases. Alternatively, players can choose to play in Extreme Mode, which makes the game difficult from the beginning. The mode maintains the tournament ladder system.

All-Star Mode

1 to 4 players

Essentially the same as Grudge and Domination Modes from Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged, respectively. Two teams are created and the player can then decide in which team they wish to play on. In this mode you are free to choose gimmicks for the match, set the time limit or number of goals needed to win the match, etc.

Nintendo Network Mode

The online mode of the game. Players with access to the Internet will be able to play with anyone around the world or in their region through the Nintendo Network connection. Players are able to play in Ranked Matches, Friend Matches or Online Tournaments.

  • Ranked Matches: In ranked matches, the player is set to play a match against a random player (usually in the same level) worldwide or in their region. When winning a Ranked Match, players earn Striker Points based upon their ranking. If losing, players lose points instead.
  • Friend Matches: Players can play against friends from the Friends menu. Friend play options are equivalent to All-Star Mode options.
  • Online Tournament: The online equivalent to Superstar Tournament. Players can join available worldwide or regional tournaments and play different matches against other players in order to increase their position in the tournament. Winning tournament matches also gives players Striker Points to increase their rankings. Players can also create their own tournaments and choose a name, an icon, set the rules, etc.
  • Special Tournament: An alternate version of the online tournament. Special Tournaments are very similar to the Tournaments from Mario Kart Wii in the fact that pre-established special rules, gimmicks or challenges are set for each tournament. Gimmicks and missions are usually different from the ones seen regularly in the game. Stadiums are also somewhat altered in some tournaments. Tournaments happen once in a while and players can take part of it while it lasts.

Striker Challenges

1 Player

Returning from Charged. In this game, the number of challenges doesn't rely on the number of captains and instead a larger amount of challenges is added. In fact, in some challenges, the player is free to choose their desired character. However, opponents are mostly pre-established, although this is also not always the case. Special Challenges can also be played in Special Tournaments by using the Nintendo Network Mode. Some challenges feature Bosses. In all Boss Challenges players are able to choose their characters.

Special Games

1 to 4 Players

A new game mode that features 8 minigames, 1 for certain new stadiums. Special Games usually differ a lot from actual soccer, having unique tasks for the players. In this mode, captains and sidekicks are all considered regular playable characters, and sidekicks' colors don't depend on teams and instead have a default coloration.

List of Special Games coming soon.

Strikers Academy

1 Player

The Strikers Academy is the tutorial mode of the game where the player can learn the game's rules and controls. There is a total of 12 lessons. To take a look at the lessons, see: Mario Superstar Strikers/Strikers Academy.



Players can view their awards and records. 


Players can adjust the game's various settings such as the audio, the screen ratio, the controls, etc.


Each character has their own advantages and disadvantages. However, players can mix players' despite their disadvantages in order to either create a strategic team to offset the disadvantages or just for likings. Each character also has their own theme song, playing during their home entrance or whenever they score a goal. Theme songs have a different genre for each character in order to somewhat represent their personalities. 


The captains are the ones that head a team, and the only ones capable of performing Special Abilities and Mega Strikes.

Default Captains

Player Mugshot Name Type Mega Strike Special Ability Theme
MSC Mugshot Mario Mario Balanced Fiery Metal Mario Fire Mario! Alternative Rock
MSC Mugshot Luigi Luigi Balanced Thunder Luigi Super Poltergust! Flamenco
MSC Mugshot Peach Peach Playmaker Royal Snow Peach Freeze Frame! Techno
MSC Mugshot Daisy Daisy Defensive Crystallized Daisy Crystal Smash! Synth/Punk Rock
MSC Mugshot Yoshi Yoshi Balanced Winged Yoshi Egg Roll! Energetic Broadway
Birdo Mugshot MSS Birdo Offensive Torpedo Birdo Egg Trap! Disco
MSC Mugshot Wario Wario Offensive Swelled-up Wario Gas Mask! Polka
MSC Mugshot Waluigi Waluigi Defensive Thorny Waluigi Wall-Luigi! Bluegrass
MSC Mugshot DonkeyKong Donkey Kong Power Bongo DK Konga Wham! African Drums
MSC Mugshot DiddyKong Diddy Kong Playmaker Rocket Diddy Kong Peanut Bomblast! Hindustani Classical
MSC Mugshot Bowser Bowser Power Superclaw Koopa Fire Storm! Hard Rock
MSC Mugshot BowserJr Bowser Jr. Offensive Sonar Wave Koopa Jr. Sonic Roar! Surf Rock

Unlockable Captains

Player Mugshot Name Type Mega Strike Special Ability Theme
Wiggler Mugshot MSS Wiggler Defensive Flutterwing Wiggler Mad Caterpillar! Classic Country
Dixie Mugshot MSS Dixie Kong Playmaker Cannon Blast Dixie Dixie Whirl! R&B
Rosalina Mugshot MSS Rosalina Defensive Psychic Rosalina Cosmic Shock! Trance
MSC Mugshot PeteyPiranha Petey Piranha Power Bulbed Petey Piranha Mud Slinger! Calypso
KingBoo Mugshot MSS King Boo Offensive Cloning King Boo Thriller Darkness! Boogie-woogie
DryBowser Mugshot MSS Dry Bowser Power Vortex Dry Koopa Skeleton Massacre! Heavy Metal


Sidekicks are, of course, also an important aspect of any team. Like in the last installment, different types of sidekicks can be chosen for one team.

Default Sidekicks

Icon Name Type Skillshot Theme
Toad Pink Strikers Toad Playmaker Fire Meteor A Rock remix of the Toad Brigade theme from Super Mario Galaxy.
Koopa Yellow Strikers Koopa Troopa Balanced Shell Smash A fast phased Tropical remix of the New Super Mario Bros. Athletic theme.
GoombaIcon MSS Goomba Playmaker Headbutt A fast phased remix of the Super Mario Bros. main theme.
Hammer Bro Green Strikers Hammer Bro. Offensive Hammer Throw A Rock remix of the Hammer Bros. theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Boo Purple Strikers Boo Playmaker Possess A fast phased remix of the Merry-go-round theme from Super Mario 64.
Dry Bones Orange Strikers Dry Bones Defensive Shocker A hip hop remix of the Fortress theme from New Super Mario Bros..
Monty Mole Orange Strikers Monty Mole Power Dirt Drill A Country remix of the Super Mario World underground theme.
MagikoopaIcon MSS Magikoopa Defensive Koopa Spell A fast piano remix of the castle theme from New Super Mario Bros.
Shy Guy Red Strikers Shy Guy Balanced Bullet Bill Blast A Rock remix of the Super Mario Bros. 2 overworld theme.

Unlockable Sidekicks

Icon Name Type Skillshot Theme
LumaIcon MSS Luma Playmaker Comet Star A fast phased orchestral remix of the Comet Observatory theme from Super Mario Galaxy.
Noki Defensive Tsunami A Tropical remix of the Pinna Park theme from Super Mario Sunshine.
Lakitu Offensive Thunderblast A jazz remix of the Bonus levels from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
Blooper Playmaker Inksplosion A fast phased remix of the Underwater theme from Super Mario Bros.
Nabbit Balanced Voltage A rock remix of the New Super Mario Bros. U main theme.
Gearmo Power Robo-Rocket A Dubstep remix of the Buoy Base Galaxy theme from Super Mario Galaxy.


Goalkeepers, also known as goalies or keepers, are sidekicks that block goals. Unlike past installments, the player is able to change the goalkeeper, instead of being just Kritter. However, the amount of goalkeepers is still very short, with only three and one of them being unlockable.

Icon Name
KritterIcon MSS Kritter
Sumo Bro.


Like in Mario Strikers Charged, each stadium in this game features unique gimmicks and dangers. The game brings new fields along with some returning ones from the previous two installments.

New Stadiums

Image Name Description Elements/Gimmicks
The Kingdome A gigantic dome located in the Mushroom Kingdom. Resembles the grass stadiums from previous games. The electric fence protects the audience from flying balls, items, etc.. Unlike past grass stadiums, this one features more common Mario elements such as ? Blocks, Pipes, and a more cartoonish background. Electric Fence.If characters are attacked and pushed towards the fences, they get electrocuted.
The Dungeon A big underground and dark fortress-like arena. Various gimmicks can occur whenever players step on trap switches, from Bullet Bills to rolling boulders crushing players.  Bullet Bills, fiery arrows, giant spiky  bars, rolling boulders and spiky traps. Various trap switches will appear on the field, and whenever a player or the ball hit them, a random thing might happen. Cannons around the arena might shoot homing Bullet Bills at players, a big spiky bar or a giant boulder might roll across the field flattening players, or spikes might pop out on the field stunning players. Also, the standard electric fence is missing, so if players get too close to the edges they will fall off  into the bottomless, only to come back 15 seconds later.
MS Unused stadium Metallic Station A colossal, futuristic station-like building. The seating areas are metal and mechanical themed, with various wires hanging from the ceilings. The field is kind of slippery and various futuristic helicopters seem to be battling each other in the sky, shooting lasers and missiles that fall on the stadium every so often. Electric fence, slippery field, laser and missile blasts.Lasers can bounce around the stage for a few seconds, electrocuting players. Missiles usually cause an explosion, burning those in the blast radius.
Snowflake Outpost An icy stadium located in the middle of a snow storm. The stadium is made of ice, being very slippery and having Freezies all over the field. The seating areas are empty, probably due to the dangers of the storm. Electric fence, ice, Freezies, storm. Apart from being an extremely slippery stadium, it also has various Freezies all over it,  freezing opponents for several seconds. The extreme snow storm also pushes players, making moving around either slower or quicker depending on the direction it blows in.
Neon Heights A stadium located in a big city during nightime. Various large buildings with bright and colorful ads and lights can be seen in the background. The stadium overall looks very futuristic with hovering seat areas around it. Electric fence. This stadium is rather simple like The Kingdome, only having electric fences as gimmicks.
Chill Caverns A big stadium made of dirt inside of an ominous damp cave. TBA
MSC Early Sand Tomb The Pyramid A big stadium located on top of an egyptian-like building, with various structures resembling a desertic town.  TBA
Delfino Sands A field located in Delfino Isle, in a mixture between a tropical beach and a desert. TBA
Cosmic Coliseum A big futuristic platform in outer space. Various references to Super Mario Galaxy are in the stadium's background, featuring the Comet Observatory and various distant planets. TBA
The Aircraft A field located on top of a giant helicopter/airplane hybrid, elevated by gigantic propellers in the sky. TBA
The Twisted Galleon A haunted ship in the middle of troubled waters. In this dangerous stage thunderbolts can attack players, and flying objects from the storm can hit players. TBA
MSC Sci-Fi Volcano stage Bowser's Volcano An hazardous wire court located in the middle of the top of a volcano. A  giant Bowser head scuplted in the edge of the volcano top occasionally spits lavaballs at the stadium. There are no seating areas, it's a Bowser place, after all... Bowser head and lavaballs. The lavaballs spit by Bowser and the ones coming from the volcano's lava can cause small pools of lava on the course for several seconds, stunning players temporarily. 
Rainbow Stadium TBA TBA

Returning Stadiums

Image Name Description Elements/Gimmicks
The Vice2 The Vice A grass stadium from Mario Strikers Charged. Very similar to The Kingdome. The only gimmick is the electric fence. Electric fence.
PipelineCentralMario Strikers Charged Pipeline Central Created in honor of Mario and Luigi, Pipeline Central is on top of a skyscraper in a futuristic city of the Mushroom Kingdom. It returns from Super Mario Strikers. Electric fence.
The Classroom The Classroom Set in the middle of a large, vertical, futuristic-looking, lab-like arena. It served as the arena where the player learned the basics in Strikers 101/ABC mode in Mario Strikers Charged. This course does not feature seating for fans. Electric fence.
Mario-strikers-charged-whomps The Sand Tomb Set in the middle a desert and built around ancient ruins. Giant stone Thwomps guard the middle horizontal section of the field. It returns from Mario Strikers Charged Thwomps and sand pits. Thwomps randomly drop down around the center of the stadium periodically. They come down when there is a small shadow of a circle and someone walks across it. There's sand at the edges which slows downs players.
CraterFieldMario Strikers Charged Crater Field Located in Yoshi's Island. Crater Field, as the name implies, is in a large crater and it returns from Super Mario Strikers. Instead of having fans sit in normal seats, they sit in glass-covered, egg-shaped sections. Electric fence.
Underground Mario Strikers Charged Football The Underground Wario and Waluigi supplied the funding for The Underground, the subterranean course from Super Mario Strikers. It features unique seating, with stylized W beams separating the sections. Electric fence.
The Lava Pit The Lava Pit This field from Mario Strikers Charged is made of dark rock. Lava glows through holes in the field to act as boundary markings and field lines. Lava surrounds this field. What looks like mechanical or castle pillars surround it. Lava. Periodically, balls of lava will jump out of the pool and fall onto the field. When this happens, a large circle of fire spreads on the ground around it, burning everybody who runs into it and stunning them temporarily.
Battle Dome Mario Strikers Charged Football The Battle Dome Situated in Bowser's Castle, The Battle Dome is largely filled by Bowser’s minions. Featuring a metal field and a large glass dome, this ominous stadium returns from Super Mario Strikers Electric fence.
Ms- stormship s Stormship Stadium The Stormship Stadium is a giant metal platform, inside a giant metal ship with an open center. It returns from Mario Strikers Charged. Electricity and tilting. Running along the floor are several small slits. Periodically, thunder will strike the center of the platform, and lightning will randomly travel along two or three of these slits. The field also tilts towards the side with more players on it.


Unlike the previous installments, this game features six cups rather than three or eight.  Winning each cup results in unlocking the defending champion, the corresponding championship match stadium and the next cup. The Robin-Round style is reused: a win is worth 3 points, a loss is worth 0 points and losing a sudden-death loss is worth 1 point. Teams are still ranked by points at the end of the qualifying rounds, with the top two going to the elimination round being semi-finals and finals. If the player loses here, they must restart the cup. If making it to the defending champion, they must win a 3-game series in the same stadium.

The Golden Foot and Brick Wall awards return with the same purpose. The Golden Foot is awarded for the most GF (goals for) total, while the Brick Wall is awarded for the most GA (goals against) total. If the player wins both in one cup, a new stadium is unlocked.

Rookie Cups

The first three cups. These cups are easy when compared to the Superstar Cups, but the difficulty still increases with each cup. In Extreme Mode, these cups are almost as hard as the first Superstar cups.

Cup Rounds Teams Defending Champion Stadium Awards' Stadium
MushroomCup MSS
Mushroom Cup
6 4 Dixie Kong The Pyramid The Sand Tomb
FlowerCup MSS
Flower Cup
8 6 Wiggler Delfino Sands Crater Field
StarCup MSS
Star Cup
10 9 Rosalina Cosmic Coliseum The Underground

Superstar Cups

The Superstar Cups are harder than the Rookie Cups even if the player chooses Extreme Mode. Like in the Rookie Cups, the difficulty increases with each cup.

Cup Rounds Teams Defending Champion Stadium Awards' Stadium
FireCup MSS
Fire Cup
8 6 Petey Piranha The Aircraft The Lava Pit
CrystalCup MSS
Crystal Cup
12 7 King Boo The Twisted Galleon The Battle Dome
StrikerCup MSS
Striker Cup
10 9 Dry Bowser Bowser's Volcano Stormship Stadium




Logos and Box Arts


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