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Mario SuperSlapShot is a game to be released 2012 july 25th. It was Created by Square Enix.


Teams of 5-5 will play on an area. There are 4 Teammates (Sidekicks) And a captain. The captain has a "Super Slap Shot Move". It is made by holding B for 5 seconds on the opposing team's side. You must press B in a "Horrible, Bad, Good, Great, Nice, Awesome." When you press B, another will come up. The closer you get to the Awesome, the stronger the Move is. If you hit too close to Horrible, the Goalie will bounce it back to the Captain, and it will home in, stopping every single player in it's way to the captain. If it's on Bad, the Goalie will throw it back to you, same like Horrible, but without the Homing. If it stops on Good, The goalie will catch it and throw it away. The goalie will just save the goal and and lob the puck over to the other team's side on Great. On Nice, the Goalie won't do anything, he'll just block it. And lastly, on Awesome, he'll get knocked over after getting hit in the face with the puck, and you score 3 points.



The All Around Captain, Mario

Mario is the Best Captain for any Team, as he is all balanced. His SlapShot is Fire Puck. It will slide across the arena much faster. This lasts until the puck hits walls 5 times.
220px-Luigi SSS
Luigi's Stats aren't quite as balanced as Mario's, but his Defense is Great. His Slapshot is Poltergust 3001. He'll get the Poltergust 3000 and suck up a boo from the crowd. It will make the puck invisible, as well as Confuse 1 or 2 sidekicks. Be careful, it won't have any effect on COM Captains and Goalies! This lasts for 10 seconds.

Bowser's Speed is slow, but that Power!

His Slapshot is Bill-Puck. He'll transform the puck into a bullet bill that goes very fast and dodges all opposing sidekicks and the Captain and Bowser and his sidekicks are allowed to hit it. This goes for about 10 seconds.

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