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Mario Super Party
Developer(s) Nintendo,


Publisher(s) SamStation Inc.™
Platform(s) Sam Station,

Wii U

Genre(s) Party
Release Date(s) *Japan: 20 august 2013
  • Nord America: 3 september 2013
  • Europe: 10 september 2013
  • Australia: 15 september 2013
Mode(s) Single Player


Age Rating(s) E for Everyone

Mario Super Party is an upcoming party video game developed by Sam Station Inc.™ and published by Fantendo for the SamStation in 2013. It is the 10th installment in the Mario Party series and introduces many new things to the series, such as new spaces.


Unlockable Characters


  • Story Mode
  • Party Mode
  • Minigame Rush
  • Duel Mode
  • Allies Mode


Image Name Function Rarity
Blue Space Blue Space If you go on this space, you will earn 3 coins. Common

Red Space PMWiiU

Red Space

If you go on this space you will lose 3 coins. Common
Green Space Green Space When you go on this space, nothing happens Common
Star Cup Star Space When you go on this space, if you pay 20 coins, you will earn a Star. Each time somebody buys a Star, the Star Space will change position. One for each table
Boo space Ally Space It will call a ally that will help you to win more easily Rare

Bowser Space

Bowser Space If you go on this space, a bad event will happen. Semi-rare
Donkey Kong Space DK Space If you go on this space, a good event will happen Semi-rare
Lucky Space Lucky Space If you go on this space, you will discover a secret passage full of coins and some stars. Rare

Happening Space

? Space If you go on this space something unexpected happens on the board. Rare
Duel Space PMWiiU Duel Minigame Space The game will choose two players for play a Duel Minigame. The loser of the minigame will give to the winner 10 coins. Semi-rare
Duel Space Battle Minigame Space

A Hammer Bro. organizes a Battle Minigame. All the players must give to the Hammer Bro. 10, 20 or 30 coins. At the end of the minigame the coins will be given differently from the usual, on the basis of how many total coins has been given to the Hammer Bro.

Some times, to organize the minigame is a Fire Bro., in this case the loser of the minigame will lose 10 coins.

Shop space
Toad Shop If you go on this space, you can decide if you want to buy an item or not. Uncommon

Board List

Default Boards

Unlockable Boards

  • Koopa Town
  • Mushroom Cave
  • Volcano Mountain
  • King Boo's Haunted Labyrinth Manor
  • Rosalina's Lunar Spaceway
  • Bowser's Castle
Image Name Difficulty Description

Mario Kart 7 Mario Circuit Peach Gardens MKWii

Peach's Garden NSMBU Star The first section of the board is on the outside of the castle, the garden retro. This is a simple board, but a Chain Chomp that will steal coins roams around.

Towards the end of the board, there is a staircase leading up to the castle again. If the player lands on one of the three Lucky Spaces, he will go in the secret zone yo collect more coins and Stars.

In one of the secret zones there will eventually lead to free stars. In the garden, however, there is another secret zone in the sky, accesible through a Beanstalk.

Yoshi'sTropicalIsland Yoshi Island NSMBU Star The Yoshi Island table is composed by two islands joined together by a pair of bridges. On the bridges there are two Whomps that block the the passage and some Shy Guy  pirates that will hit you with cannonball, and if you get hit you will lose coins and end up back at the beginning of the board.

A Boo will steal coins or stars to give it to whoever happens to be on the Ally Space. Watch out for the two Chain Chomp who oversee the two islands. If you end up on one of the two Lucky Spaces, you can go in a secret Pipe and finish up in Star spaces plus a secret zone where you can earn coins for free.

PirateLand map Pirate's Island NSMBU StarNSMBU Star

The Pirate's Island board is formed by three island connected by two pairs of bridges. There aren't very many obstacles. A Boo will steal coins or stars to give it to whoever happens to be on the Ally Space.

If you go on a ? Space, a pirate boad will hit you wiht a cannon ball and you'll end up at the beginning of the board. If you got a Key, you can open a gate that will take you in an secret area full of coins.

Goomba's Booty Boardwalk Treasure Island of Captain Goomba NSMBU StarNSMBU Star The board consist in three different zones: the first zone is set on a little Pianta Village. Then a beach zone and at the end a rocky coast zone that ends with a little island with a volcano where Captian Goomba and his treasure chest that will give you a free star. When the player reaches the star, he will returns to the beginning of the board, through a Warp Pipe. In each zone theres three Dorries that they will take you as close as possible to the treasure chest. There's a Dorrie which has the same function of the ? Space: she will take you on a secret island full of coins, end at the end of the island, you will earn a star. During the road, you will meet some fishing Piantas that will give you some item. Towards the end of the board, there's an abandoned ship that will shoot you a cannon ball if you go on a ? Space. The cannon ball will make you lose 15 coins and make you flinch of 15 spaces.
MarioCircuitMKCC Mario Circuit NSMBU StarNSMBU StarNSMBU Star

This circuit is quite long and it takes while to get to the Star, but Koopa the Quick will help the player by increasing the number of the dice. This table has many obstacles that will hit you when you go on a ? Space: there are Chain Chomps and Piranha Plants (which in this case aren't allies) that will make you lose coins. If you go on one ! Space, you will go to a secret area that will take you in a series of Bouncing Mushrooms, on the basis of the mushroom's color you arrive, you will gain a number of coins:

  • Yellow Mushroom: 1 coin
  • Red Mushroom: 3 coins
  • Green Mushroom: 5 coins
  • Blue Mushroom: 10 coins
DaisyCruiserIcon-MKDD Daisy Cruiser NSMBU StarNSMBU StarNSMBU Star

This table is really long, and there's two Star Spaces. There's many BanditsNabbits and Shy Guys. During the table, there will be some passenger that will help the player.

If a player goes in a Lucky Space, he will go in a special area in the pool fool of coins. But watch out, a Sushi is cheasing you.

WesternLand map Western Land NSMBU StarNSMBU StarNSMBU Star TBA


You can find items in stores for different prices or collect them by winning a item minigame on the specific space.

Photo Item Name



Super Mushroom

Allows the player to throw twice the dice 10 coins
GM-crownno Golden Mushroom Allows the player to throw three times the dice. 15 coins
Key Key It will open secret gates. 5 coins
Warp Pipe SM3DW Mobile Pipe It will exchange the positions of two players chosen. 10 coins
BooMush Boo Mushroom It will call a Boo.  15 coins
BowserMushroom Bowser Mushroom It will trasform a space of your choice into a Bowser Space. 15 coins
Magic Lamp MPR Magic Lamp It will lead the player to the Star Space. 45 coins
Squawks DKCR Squawks

Availble only in DK Jungle and Haunted Manor-Labirinth of King Boo boards.

It will lead the player to the Star Space while helping the player avoid traps.

5 coins
Quawks Quawks It steals a choice object of an opponent. 10 coins
Para Bros and Thwomp Mobile Thwomp It will turn the player into a Thwomp who will crush anyone who meets causing them to lose 10 coins. 5 coins


During the game, if you go on a Alley Space, a non -playable character will help you to win more easily in the game.

Photo Name Function
483px-BooNSMBWii Boo

If you meet Boo, you can pay him for steal certain thing to steal from the other players.

  • For 10 coins: he steal 50 coins to a random player
  • For 25 coins: he steal two random item to a (or more) random player
  • For 50 coins: he steal one Star to a random player.

If the player who met Boo have less of 10 coins, Boo will steal 10 coins for free.

PiranhaPlantSM3DL Piranha Plant

After one player passes the Alley Space, Piranha Plant will steal a certain thing to the first player that passes after the player who meets him.

  • For 10 coins: steal 30 coins
  • For 15 coins: steal a item
  • For 50 coins: steal a Star

If the player who meets Piranha Plant has less of 10 coins, Piranha Plant will steal 10 coins for free.

MouserByJoeAdok Mouser He steals three coins at the first four players who meet him, them he gives all the coins that he steals to the fifth player who meet him.
WhompMP9 Whomp

He blocks the road at an intersection.

  • For 1, 2 or 3 coins: unlocks the passage
  • For 10 coins: he will crush the first player who goes to the intersection causing him to lose 10 coins.
MushroombanditNSMBU Nabbit

He will steal different random things to a random player and he'll give the loot to the player that meets.

Thwomp2 Thwomp For 4 coins, he will move to a choice space and he crushes the first player who goes under him, causing them to lose 10 coins.
x150px Dorrie Avaible only in water levels. For ten or fifteen coins she will allow you advance many spaces.
Shyguy MP9 Shy Guy

A roulette will start to spin for decide what Shy Guy will do:

  • Steal 10 coins
  • Steal 20 coins
  • Give 10 coins
  • Give 20 coins
  • Steal a random Item
  • Give a Super Mushroom
  • Give a random item
  • Steal a Star
  • Give a star

Then, it starts to spin another roulette that will decide the character effected.

CSyrup Captain Syrup

She is only in the Treasure Island of Captain Goomba board.

For 15 coins she will steal from the Captain Goomba chest:

  • 20 coins
  • 30 coins
  • 40 coins
  • 50 coins

For 50 coins she will steal:

  • 1 Star
  • 2 Star

After choosing one of the options reported above, it will start to spin a roulette. The player can choose for free:

Koopa the Quick Koopa the Quick He will double the number that is shown on the dice to move with.


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