Mario Strikers Something (known as Mario Strikers Football Something in regions other than the U.S.) is a Mario soccer game developed by Next Level Games and published by Nintendo. Mario Strikers Something is the third game in the Super Mario Strikers series of games. The game keeps the violent tone of Mario Strikers Charged, with players attacking and hurting eachother, and being burned, electrocuted with little to no penalty.  


Mario Strikers Something keeps the formula that was used in Mario Strikers Charged. Players choose a Captain,three sidekicks, and a goalie for their team, and fight against eachother in soccer matches. When a player kicks a ball into the goal, they get a point. Once the time runs out, the team with the most points wins. Similar to the last game, the ball gains powers as more players kick it. The lighter its color is, the more power it has. Mario Strikers Something keeps the Mega Strikes from the last games, along with the skillshots for the sidekicks.


Analog Stick Move
A Pass
B Shoot/Charge Shot (Tackle on Defense)
X Items
L Deke
L + A Lob Pass
L + B Chip Shot (Big Hit on Defense)
Y Switch Items
R Mega Strike (Skillshot for Sidekicks)


Items return from the past Mario Strikers games.

Offensive Weapons

  • Bananas: Bananas act as landmines. Coming in sets of either 3 or 5, anyone who touches them will slip, losing the ball if they are in possession of it.
  • Green Shell: Green Shells are simple projectiles. Coming in sets of 3, they bounce off walls, and stuns players who touch it, while also losing the ball if they have it.
  • Red Shell: Red Shells, unlike Green Shells home into the nearest opposing player. They come in sets of 3 and stun players who touch it.
  • Ice Shell: These shells act similar to green shells. Coming in sets of 3, they freeze enemies upon contact.
  • Blue Spiny Shell: A new item in the series, Blue Spiny Shells act like they do in the Mario Kart series. They home into the player holding the ball. After a few seconds of being deployed, they explode, doing high damage to the enemy.
  • Bob-Omb: The Bob-Omb is a simple weapon. Comes in sets of 3, are thrown a short distance, and explode a few seconds after being thrown, doing damage to everyone in the radius other than the thrower.
  • Chain Chomp: The Chain Chomp is a rare weapon, but it can easily turn the tide upon the battle. Upon activation, the Chain Chomp runs around at high speeds, ramming and biting all enemies in their way. However, Chain Chomps may accidentally run over your team, so be wary of that.
  • Lightning Bolt: The Lightning is another rare weapon. When used, it strikes every opposing team member (but they can dodge it if they are fast enough), and shrinks them. They are slower, less powerful, and can be crushed. After a few seconds, they regrow.

Defensive Weapons

  • Mushroom: Upon activation, it increases the speed of the activator.
  • Star: Upon activation, it increases the speed of the activator, and makes them invincible for a short time.

Super Ability

A super ability is a special items exclusive to a character. 

Game Modes

Domination Mode

The simple versus mode. Up to 8 players can play eachother in any stadium of your choice. The rules can be customized, from turning on and off hazards, to the amount of time each round is.

Strikers League Tournament

This is the main story mode. Up to 4 players can work together and win trophies across five tournaments. The players can also choose the difficulty, Normal or Extreme (which is really stinkin' hard). Unlike Mario Strikers Charged, before every cup, players are able change up their team before going back into the stadium.

Ice Cup

This the first cup you play in the game. The Ice Cup consists of four teams that play in six qualifying rounds, with you fighting each team twice. Two teams advance to the finals, and then a 3-game fight against the champion, Rosalina. 

Fire Cup

This cup is played after winning the Ice Cup. The Fire Cup consists of six teams that play in ten qualifying rounds, with you fighitng each team twice. Four teams advance to the semi-finals, finals, and then a 3-game fight aginst the champion, Petey Piranha. 

Lightning Cup

This cup is played after winning the Fire Cup. The Lightning Cup consists of consists of ten teams that play in nine qualifying rounds, with you fighting each team once. Eight teams advance to the quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals, and then a 3-game fight against the champion, King Boo.

Poison Cup

This cup is played after winning the Lightning Cup. The Poison Cup consists of twelve teams that play in eleven qualifying rounds, with you fighting each team once. Eight teams advance to the quarter-finals, semi-finals,finals, and then a 3-game fight against the champion, Paper Mario

Striker Cup

This is the last cup in the game. 

Nintendo Network Mode

This is the online mode. In this game, you have ranks. All ranks start as 1000, and it can increase and decrease if you lose. There are three different modes.

  • Ranked: Play against a random player. If you win, your rank goes up, and if you lose, it goes down.
  • Friend Battle: Play against your Friends. Winning or losing won't affect your grade.
  • Online Tournament Mode: Players can create and join tournaments, where people (or teams of people) fight eachother in large tournaments. The winner get a huge rank increase.


Here, players adjust audio, controls, among other things.


Starting Captains

Mario Mario is a veteran of the Strikers League. He's a balanced captain who brings heart and determination to the field. His ability, Super Mario, can turn the tide of a battle quite easily.
  • Character Type: Balanced
  • Mega Strike: Mario leaps into the air. He transforms into a fiery Metal Mario, puts his leg behind his head. His foot lights on fire and does a kick that sends the ball flying. 
  • Super Ability: Super Mario! Mario grows in size, and is able to crush enemies.
  • Uniform: Red gear with white and blue accents.
  • Theme: Alternative Rock
Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother. He is a balanced captain, and his ability, Super Luigi, allows him to turn big and crush his foes.
  • Character Type: Balanced
  • Mega Strike: Luigi leaps into the air. His waves his arms as the ball floats around him. He harnesses his electric powers and launches the ball towards the goalie.
  • Super Ability: Super Luigi! Similar to Mario, Luigi grows in size and can crush enemies.
  • Uniform: Green gear with white and blue accents.
  • Theme: Flamenco
Peach \Peach is very fast and her passing abilities are incredible, but her power and tackling strength is quite low. With her Super Ability, cameras will fly in and take numerous pictures of her, while creating picture frames that crush enemies under them.
250px-Peach charged
  • Character Type: Playmaker
  • Mega Strike: Peach jumps into the air. She sprouts wings and her crown increases in size, almost like a halo. She then shoots the ball at the goalie, emitting a flash of light.
  • Super Ability: Freeze Frame! Upon activation, Peach temporarily freezes all nearby enemies around her.
  • Uniform: Pink gear with light yellow and blue accents.
  • Theme: Techno
  • Character Type: Defensive
  • Mega Strike: Daisy jumps into the air. She raises her hand, as crystals form around it to create a gauntlet. Daisy then punches the ball at the goalie.
  • Super Ability: Ice Crystal Smash! Daisy smashes the ground, summoning a ring of ice crystals, knocking away and freezing enemies within the radius. 
  • Uniform: Orange gear with teal, white, and yellow accents.
  • Theme: Synth/Punk Rock
Yoshi Yoshi is a cutesy, yet courageous captain, and is balanced player on the field. Yoshi can also turn into a giant egg to crush enemies in his way.
  • Character Type: Balanced
  • Mega Strike: Replacing his old Mega Strike, Yoshi flutters into the air. He curls up, and coarses with energy, which give him wings, claws, and horns. He lets out a cute yet menacing roar, and slashes the ball, sending it toward the goalie.
  • Super Ability: Egg Roll! Yoshi goes inside of an egg and can crush enemies while rolling around in it.
  • Uniform: Orange gear with blue accents
  • Theme: Energetic Broadway
Wario Wario is a powerful captain but isn't that fast or defensive. He has the ability to send clouds of stinky gas that reverse the controls of anyone who smells it.
  • Character Type: Offensive
  • Mega Strike: Wario jumps into the air, and charges to create a giant fart. He farts so hard that he explodes, sending the ball toward to goalie.
  • Super Ability: Gas Mask! Wario leaves behind stinky fart clouds that reverse the controls of anyone who touches it.
  • Uniform: Yellow armor with purple accents.
  • Theme: Polka
Waluigi Waluigi is a cocky sore loser, who is a quick and defensive player of the field. His ability is to create a wall of thorns that block enemy shots.
  • Character Type: Defensive
  • Mega Strike: Waluigi jumps into the air. He wraps his arms in thorns and whips the ball, sending it foward.
  • Super Ability: Wall-Luigi! Waluigi leaves behind a wall of thorns that block enemy paths.
  • Uniform: Purple armor with black accents.
  • Theme: Bluegrass
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is a strong and fierce captain, who we are pretty sure is literally out to kill somebody. He's powerful, but quite slow.  He has the ability to use Thunder Wham, allowing him to smash the ground and sending out shockwaves that stun and knockback enemies.
  • Character Type: Power
  • Mega Strike: Donkey Kong jumps into the air. When in their, he generates electricity and claps, sending out a blast that sends the ball toward the goalie.
  • Super Ability: Thunder Wham! DK punches the ground, sending out a shockwave that blasts away players.
  • Uniform: Golden armor with green and red accents.
  • Theme: African Drums
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is a tricky mothertrucker. He's agile, and his passing skills are very good. And also, his Super Ability allows his to remove a player from the field temporarily, so watch out!
250px-Strikers diddy
  • Character Type: Playmaker
  • Mega Strike: Diddy Kong jumps into the air. In the air, he begins floating, closes his eyes, and put his arms and legs together, as if he were meditating. He then hits the ball with the tip of his tail and sends it flying.
  • Super Ability: Red Card! Diddy Kong holds out a red card. Anyone in front of him will be abducted by a beam of light, and will be forced to stay out of the match for 15 seconds.
  • Uniform: Yellow and red armor
  • Theme: Hindunstani Classical
Bowser Bowser is a force to be reckoned with on the field. He excels in strength, defense, and nothing else. His fire breath can scorch enemies to ash if they even get touched by it.
  • Character Type: Power
  • Mega Strike: Bowser jumps into the air. He grabs the ball and spins, as his spikes elongate, his hair turns to fire, and his skin looks as if it were molten lava.
  • Super Ability: Fire Storm! Bowser spews flames from his mouth, burning anyone who touches it.
  • Uniform: Orange armor with green accents. Claw extensions.
  • Theme: Hard Rock ( Remix of fortress boss theme from Super Mario Bros. 3)
Bowser Jr.
250px-Strikers Bowserjr
  • Character Type: Offensive
  • Mega Strike: Replacing his old Mega Strike, Bowser Jr. jumps into the air. He hops into his Koopa Clown Car , reveals two gatling guns. They rapidly fire at the ball, before firing out a final missile that explodes at the ball, sending it forward.
  • Super Ability: Missile Cannon! Replacing his Sonic Roar, Bowser Jr. sends out 6 homing missiles, that target all enemies and causes them to burn.
  • Uniform: Orange armor
  • Theme: Surf Rock

Unlockable Captains

Rosalina mario strikers style by shykitty20-dalkeo5

This is not my art! Here's a link to the creator,ShyKitty20, of this amazing picture:

  • How to Unlock: Defeat her in the Ice Cup
  • Character Type: Offensive
  • Mega Strike: Rosalina jumps into the air. She sends out several shooting stars that crash into the ball, sending it at the goalie.
  • Super Ability:
  • Uniform: Light blue gear, with yellow and white accents. 
  • Theme: Disco
Petey Piranha Despite losing his title of the Striker League Champion, Petey is still a powerhouse, able to hit the ball with massive power. His ability to spew mud everywhere can mess up enemy strategies and build his up.
250px-Petey Strikers
  • How to Unlock: Defeat him in the Fire Cup
  • Character Type: Power
  • Mega Strike: Replacing his old Mega Strike, Petey jumps into the air. In the air, he transforms into a large kaiju-like creature, with an assortment of tendrils, ending in Piranha Plant heads. Petey roars, using his tendrils to whip the ball into the enemies goal.
  • Super Ability: Mud Slinger! Petey pukes large numbers of mud that slows down anyone who steps on it.
  • Uniform: Red helmet and armor
  • Theme: Calypso
King Boo King Boo is a newcome to the Maro Strikers eries. He's a conniving ruler, that will go out of his way to cheat and rule the competition, with the use of his ability to hypnotize his opponents into working for his side. He's pretty fast, but his strikes and defensive play aren't that good.
Mario strikers charged football captain king boo by princesa daisy-d62wlt5

This is not my art! Here's a link to the creator, Princesa-Daisy, of this awesome picture:

  • How to Unlock: Defeat him in the Lightning Cup.
  • Character Type: Playmaker
  • Mega Strike: King Boo flies into the air. His white skin turns dark and his face shrinks. He then screams and reveals a grotesgue face, with multiple eyes, a mouth lined with sharp teeth, and a long tounge. He then headbutts the ball.
  • Super Ability: Hypnosis! King Boo sends out an electrical wave. Any enemy hit by it will join King Boo's side, and (if they are an actual player) will become CPU controlled. The only way to go back to your team is for you to get tackled, or for anyone to get a point.
  • Uniform: Purple helmet with blue accents. Large crown with crystal in it.
  • Theme: 
Paper Mario Paper Mario is a mysterious newcomer to the Mario Strikers League. He's a very balanced captain. He is able to summon four partners from his adventures, Goombella, Koops, Yoshi Kid, and Vivian, to help him out in battle.
  • How to Unlock: Defeat him in the Poison Cup
  • Character Type: Balanced
  • Megastrike: Paper Mario jumps into the air. He summons Goombella, Koops, Yoshi Kid, and Vivian, who all strike the ball, before Paper Mario smashes the ball with his hammer, sending it toward the goalie.
  • Super Ability: Partner Summon! Paper Mario, unlike other characters, have four different Super Abilities, which summon a different partner from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. These partners are shown here.
    • Goombella: If Paper Mario summons Goombella, she will run around and do a headbonk that creates a shockwave, stunning enemies. It's similar to Donkey Kong's Thunder Wham, except Goombella does it multiple times.
    • Koops: If Paper Mario summons Koops, Koops will transform into a giant shell. It works similar to a Green Shell, but it's much faster, larger, and stronger.
    • Yoshi Kid: If Paper Mario summons Yoshi Kid, he will walk around and throw multiple eggs at incoming enemies. If an enemy is hit by an egg, they will shrink, similar to being affected by a Thunderbolt.
    • Vivian: If Paper Mario summons Vivian, she will summon multiple Will-O-Wisps that burn anyone around her. 
  • Uniform: Red paper armor with white and blue accents. Hammer on back. Partners wear armor with the same color.
  • Theme: 


Hammer Bro.
  • Character Type: Offensive
  • Skillshot: Hammer Bro. tosses three hammers toward the goalie, and then hits the ball into the goal.
  • Character Type: Playmaker
  • Skillshot: Toad kicks the ball as it is coated in fire. It burns the goalie if they touch it.
  • Alternate Skin: If the team's captain is Peach or Daisy, Toads on the team are Toadettes. They have no gameplay difference.
Koopa Troopa
  • Character Type: Balanced
  • Skillshot: Koopa covers the ball in a giant shell and kicks it at the goalie. It stuns enemies that touch it.
  • Character Type: Power
  • Skillshot: Birdo shoots the ball, encased in an egg, that can pass by the goalie and knock the goalie down.
  • Character Type: Playmaker
  • Skillshot: Boo possesses the ball, allowing him to carry it around and shoot it into the goal ( or sneak behind it for an easy point)
Dry Bones
  • Character Type: Defensive
  • Skillshot: Dry Bones kicks the ball, giving it electrical properties. It electrocutes the goalie if they touch it.
Monty Mole
  • Character Type: Power
  • Skillshot: Monty Mole will dig into the ground while holding the ball. Once it gets to the goalie, it kicks the ball.
Shy Guy
  • Character Type: Balanced
  • Skillshot: Shy Guy hops atop a Bullet Bill. He flies into the goal, causing an explosion that stuns nearby enemies. Shy Guy can then kick the ball into the goal.
  • Character Type: Offensive
  • Skillshot: Wiggler gets really angry and charges forward (knocking down anyone in the way). Then he throws the ball with immense force, stunning the goalie if he touches it.
  • Character Type: Playmaker
  • Skillshot: Luma whacks the ball along with sending out star bits. These star bits stun the goalie when they touch him, giving the ball a free pass through the goal, so be careful.
  • Character Type: Defensive
  • Skillshot: Bob-Omb carries the ball and run very quickly forward. When he makes it to the goal, it explodes, stunning the goalie and causing the ball to go into the goal.



Kritters are balanced Goalies. They have okay speed, and are okay at blocking Mega Strikes. 

Plessies are pretty slow, and they don't have much powers, but he's really good at blocking Mega Strikes, with the use of his flippers.
Sledge Bro.
Sledge Bros, despite being fat, are quite fast, and their throwing abilities are quite high. However, when blocking Mega Strikes, they aren't so great, due to their small hands.


New Stadiums

The Mushrolloseum A standard grass stadium. The edge is lined with an electric fence, protecting the audience, and electrocuting anyone who touches it. Other than that, nothing about it is that special.
The Collapsing Ruins A stadium set on top of an ancient ruin. As you play, the stage starts to crumble and parts fall off, disrupting the match. Pillars will fall on top of the stage to crush anyone under them, and the floor will begin to fall, causing anyone to be electrocuted by an electric floor. An electric fence is also in this stage.
Frozen Wasteland A stadium on top of an iceberg. The stadium is slippery, making it hard for players to control themselves. Freezies also appear on the stage, freezing players that touch it.
Chaotic Casino

A large stadium that takes place in a large casino, presumably owned by Wario or Waluigi. Outside of the field is a large roulette wheel. An exclusive item, which appears as a roullete wheel, spins the wheel. Whatever color it lands on, an effect will happen.

  • Red: If the roulette lands on red, large flaming casino chips fall from the sky, crushing foes under them and burning anyone that touches them. After a few seconds however, they disappears.
  • Yellow: The Yellow wedge has the lowest chance of happening. When this happens, whoever gets a goal wins double points, and whoever loses, will lose a point. It can really turn the tides of a match.
  • Blue: 
  • Green: 
  • White: 
  • Purple: 
Bowser's Underground Hell A huge metal arena surrounded by lava, presumably under Bowser's Castle. This is a hectic stage. The stage moves under the weight of the players, lava pillars rise from the ground, and a large Golem Bowser appears in the background, who will attempt to punch or burn the players playing on the field. Players can also fall into the lava, and be temporarily out of the game for a moment.
The Forest of Undying A stadium situated in a haunted forest. The fight takes place in a storm, making it very hard to see, unless lightning strikes, giving you a bit of time to see the match. Also, zombified Toads will sometimes attack the players, and if they grab you, they can drag you into the ground, taking you out of the battle. An electric fence is also in this stage. It is unlocked after unlocking King Boo.

Returning Stadiums

Pipeline Central
PipelineCentralMario Strikers Charged
Pipeline Central is located on a skyscraper, in a futuristic city. It's only gimmick is the electric fence, which is in almost every stage.
Thunder Island
Thunder Island is located on an island, surrounded by foggy waters. There is no electric fence, meaning players can fall of the stage. Also, random storms will appear, creating wind that push players in the direction their blowing, and will also carry Cheep Cheeps, cows, and tractors with them, which make for annoying obstacles.
Crystal Canyon
Crystal Canyon
A stage taking place in a large canyon, with huge crystals around it. Sometimes, beams of light will hit these crystals, sending the beams toward the players, vaporizing them until a goal is made. This makes it harding, as players have less teammates to work with.
Stormship Stadium
Ms- stormship s
A metal arena on a giant ship with an open center. The stage tilts with the weight of the players, and lightning will strike the field, and will follow these trails to potentially electrocute enemies.

Amiibo Functionality

The game features Amiibo support. Using amiibo, players can unlock the characters of Link, Kirby, Pikachu, and Inkling Girl by tapping any amiibo of them, or characters from their series. It's like DLC except it's more fun. 

  • How to Unlock: Tap in any Zelda series amiibo.
  • Character Type: Balanced
  • Mega Strike: Link jumps into the air. He unsheathes the Master Sword, slashes the ball a bunch, then does a final strike that sends the ball flying.
  • Super Ability: Shield Bash! Link charges with his Hylian Shield. This stuns enemies in the way, and can lead to some crazy goals. Can also be done multiple times.
  • Uniform: Green armor with gray and blue accents. Hylian Shield carried on wrist.
  • Theme: Remix of Zelda Theme
  • How to Unlock: Tap in any Kirby series amiibo.
  • Character: Defensive
  • Mega Strike: Kirby jumps into the air. He sucks in the air, along with many other things in the soccer field. Swelled up, he fires out all the stuff inside him in one powerful blast, that sends the ball toward the goalie.
  • Super Ability: Inhale! Kirby begins inhaling air. If he catches the opposing captain, Kirby is able to use their Super Ability. 
  • Uniform: Red, kind of ripped, headband. Red shoulder pads on hand stubs.
  • Theme: 
  • How to Unlock: Tap in any Pokemon series amiibo.
  • Character: Playmaker
  • Mega Strike: Pikachu jumps into the air. Pikachu activates Volt Tackle, zips around, then headbutts the ball, sending it toward the goalie.
  • Super Ability: Thunderbolt! Pikachu sends down thunderbolts to zap opponents. 
  • Uniform: Yellow armor, with brown accents.
  • Theme: 
  • How to Unlock: Tap in any Splatoon series amiibo.
  • Character: Offensive
  • Mega Strike: Inkling jumps into the air. A large Inkstrike appears on her back, and she fires it at the ball, causing an inky explosion that sends the ball flying.
  • Super Ability: Splat Roller! Inkling grabs out a Roller. She can run around and crush enemies, while leaving behind ink that slows enemies that touch it.
  • Uniform: 
  • Theme:
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