Mario Strikers: Superstar Showdown was announced for the Nintendo Wii U. It has been anounced that characters from Mario Strikers: Charged as well as new characters will be playable. The planed launch for the game is late 2016/early 2017.




   Character Type: Balanced

   Description: A mix between fitness, speed, and power, Mario brings heart and determination to every match! His ability to become Super Mario can really change the face of any game!

   Mega Strike: Mario turns into a fiery Metal Mario, then swings his leg behind his head, once done, he swings back his leg, kicking the ball with full force, mashing it towards the goal.

   Super Ability: Super Mario!

   Deke: Mario rolls forward a short distance.

   Uniform: Mario wears red armor with white and blue accents.

   Team Emblem: Signature “M” emblem with flames surrounding it.

   Team Number: 1

   Away Entrance: Mario runs up to the opposing sidekicks, tips his hat combatively, then says, "Oh yeah".

   Home Entrance: Mario falls from the sky, arms outstretched, making a perfect landing when he reaches the field and saying "Come on".

   Theme: Alternative Rock



   Character Type: Balanced

   Description: Luigi is a well-balanced leader who can harness his super ability to grow and crush the competition! A top pick for any team!

   Mega Strike: Luigi jumps high into the air. He waves his arms around as the ball floats around him, leaving an electric trail. Now electrified, he focuses his hands in front of the ball, then outstretches both of his arms, an in a thunder-like sound, launches the ball towards the goalie.

   Super Ability: Super Luigi!

   Deke: Luigi hops forward a short distance.

   Uniform: Luigi wears green armor with blue and white accents.

   Team Emblem: Signature “L” emblem with electricity surrounding it.

   Team Number: 2

   Away Entrance: Luigi scuffles his feet around in place for a bit and says "Heeya, Luigi, Come on" while making a gesture with his hands.

   Home Entrance: Luigi falls into the stadium in a similar way to Mario, but, after landing, he adjusts his cap slightly and says "Luigi!"

   Theme: Flamenco



   Character Type: Playmaker

   Description: Peach's passing skills are second to none. And she is also extremely fast! Her on-field play has the ability to leave her opponents a little camera shy!

   Mega Strike: Peach jumps up as she sprouts wings and a giant crown that looks like a halo. She then curls up in a protective position before shooting the ball towards the goal by emitting a powerful flash.

   Super Ability: Freeze Frame!

   Deke: Like Toad, Peach makes a somersault, carrying the ball with her. She can jump over the opponent with it.

   Uniform: Peach wears pink gear with light yellow and blue accents.

   Team Emblem: “P” emblem with signature crown above it.

   Team Number: 10

   Away Entrance: Peach gets up from crouching position and struts forward the field in a suggestive manner, saying "Come on, bring it! Mmm hmmm!" while cameras snap pictures of her.

   Home Entrance: After falling from above Peach lands in a crouched position and says, "Princess -- Peach!" as she stands ready for the match.

   Theme: Techno



   Character Type: Defensive

   Description: Daisy is a defensive powerhouse, fast and physical. Her crystal ability can shield her efforts and devastate opponents.

   Mega Strike: Daisy jumps up high into the air with the ball. She then raises her hand charging crystals into her clenched fist, and punches the ball straight towards the goal emitting shining crystals throughout the mega strike.

   Super Ability: Crystal Smash!

   Deke: Daisy makes a spin and then disappears to move forward a little, then she appears again, just like Dry Bones. How far she moves ahead depends on the ball's color.

   Uniform: Daisy wears orange gear with teal, white, and yellow accents.

   Alt. Uniform: Daisy wears teal gear with orange, white, and yellow accents.

   Team Emblem: Signature teal and yellow daisy emblem.

   Team Number: 9

   Away Entrance: Daisy stands up while exclaiming, "Oh yeah?!". Then she gets in a boxing stance and says, "C'mon!". Shortly after she strikes the stance there will be a sound effect from a real boxing match bell.

   Home Entrance: Daisy falls to the ground, grunts, and exclaims "C'mon!" while lifting her head.

   Theme: Synth/Punk Rock



   Character Type: Balanced

   Description: Yoshi is a captain that brings a balenced attack to each game! He can also egg his way to a megastrike when needed!

   Mega Strike: Flutter jumping to reach the ball, Yoshi's head gets red and he sprouts wings as if he had eaten a Blue Shell before breathing in air and shooting the air on the ball, shooting it towards the goalie.

   Super Ability: Egg Roll!

   Deke: Yoshi will quickly flutter jump forward a small distance.

   Uniform: Yoshi wears green gear with white and blue accents.

   Alt. Uniform: Yoshi wears orange gear with blue/dark-purple accents.

   Team Emblem: Signature Yoshi Egg but with wings.

   Team Number: 8

   Away Entrance: Yoshi appears and punches/kicks the air a few times while fighting movie sound effects play.

   Home Entrance: Yoshi falls out of the sky, and when he lands, he looks up at the ball, then raises his foot like he is ready to shoot the ball at his maximum and growls.

   Theme: Energetic Broadway



   Character Type: Offensive

   Description: Wario can really be a gas on the field confusing his opponents! He may be slow, and not very physical, but Wario can score at will and set up teammates in a flash!

   Mega Strike: Wario jumps into the air. Sucking in large amounts of air that almost seem to form a small tornado, he swells up to balloon size and gets a pink face. After rearing back slightly, he unleashes all the air full force into the ball, resulting in a fiery explosion.

   Super Ability: Gas Mask!

   Deke: Wario yells "Butt smash!", jumps into the air, and pounds the ground, butt first. This is similar to his butt stomp move from the Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 series.

   Uniform: Wario wears yellow armor with purple accents.

   Team Emblem: Pitchforked “W” emblem.

   Team Number: 00

   Away Entrance: Wario jumps in and moves his finger across his throat to signify the opposing team's going down.

   Home Entrance: Wario sings to his theme at the way down and belly-flops into the ground, getting stuck. He quickly pulls out his head and looks angrily at the ball.

   Theme: Polka



   Character Type: Defensive

   Description: Waluigi is quick and can land some damaging hits over the course of a game. He has the ability to put a wall between himself and opponents when the time is right.

   Mega Strike: Waluigi leaps high into the air and forms a deep red vortex behind him before whipping the ball with what appears to be a whip made of a long thorn bush stem.

   Super Ability: Wall-Luigi!

   Deke: Waluigi holds the ball in his hands, and teleports forward a small distance. This can be used to fool the goalie quite easily.

   Uniform: Waluigi wears purple armor with black accents.

   Team Emblem: Signature "Γ" logo.

   Team Number: 0

   Away Entrance: Waluigi jumps in and makes a funny face at the opposing team, then crosses his arms and looks to the side.

   Home Entrance: Waluigi plummets to the ground face down yelling with an outstretched fist facing downwards and strikes a pose.

   Theme: Bluegrass

Donkey Kong


   Character Type: Power

   Description: Donkey Kong relishes in pounding his opponents! Strong, fierce, and ill tempered, DK can smash the stadium into peices and send other players flying with his devestating Thunder Wham!

   Mega Strike: Once in the air, Donkey Kong gathers electricity in his arms and claps the ball, hurling it towards the goalie.

   Super Ability: Thunder Wham!

   Deke: DK pounds his chest, creating small sound waves around him that knock out nearby opponents.

   Uniform: DK wears golden armor with green and red accents.

   Alt. Uniform: Purple

   Team Emblem: Signature “DK” emblem but with a lightning bolt in the middle.

   Team Number: 55

   Away Entrance: DK pounds his chest, then smashes a fist into the ground and then makes monkey sounds.

   Home Entrance: Falling from the sky, DK shakes the field upon impact and stares down his opponent.

   Theme: African Drums



   Character Type: Power

   Description: With huge blasts and ground-shaking hits, Bowser's strengths lie in shooting and defensive play. His fire storm has the power to burn the compitition!

   Mega Strike: Bowser jumps into the air, spins around once holding the ball as his claw extensions and spikes grow, his hair turns to fire, and his eyes glow yellow-white. He then throws the ball at the goalie with terrifying speed.

   Super Ability: Fire Storm!

   Deke: Bowser hides in his shell, which knocks out anybody who runs into him.

   Uniform: Orange armor with green accents.

   Alt. Uniform: Yellow

   Team Emblem: Flaming spiked wristband.

   Team Number: 66

   Away Entrance: Bowser roars very hard and sticks his claws into the air. Bowser then roars again, spewing fire while he's at it.

   Home Entrance: Bowser falls, arms outstretched, lands and roars very hard and sticks his claws into the air.

   Theme: Hard Rock remix of the fortress boss theme from Super Mario Bros. 3

Bowser Jr.


   Unlocked By: Clearing the Fire Cup

   Character Type: Offensive

   Description: One of the best players in the strikers league, Bowser Jr is an offensive powerhouse. His roar can shrink the opposition's chance of winning!

   Mega Strike: Bowser Jr. jumps high into the air. As the background turns green, his head swells up slightly, his wristbands explode, his tail grows and he suddenly opens his mouth to release sonar waves (Similar to his Super Ability), which hit the ball and send it flying.

   Super Ability: Sonic Roar!

   Deke: Bowser Jr. jumps into the air and slams his shell into the ground.

   Uniform: Orange

   Alt. Uniform: Yellow

   Team Emblem: Spiked wristband.

   Team Number: 6

   Away Entrance: Bowser Jr. tries to provoke the opponent, just like Bowser does, but unfortunately, he cannot roar so well. He tries to breathe fire, but there will only be a small flame, and he tries to roar, hardly anything comes out. He then frowns and simply says "Grrr" and "Roar."

   Home Entrance: Bowser Jr. falls and, just before landing, he turns and spins a few times in his shell before striking a pose (as if Breakdancing).

   Theme: Surf Rock

Diddy Kong


   Unlocked By: Clearing the Crystal Cup

   Character Type: Playmaker

   Description: Diddy Kong is agile and fast and can protect the ball while making incredible passes at will! But watch out, he can remove a player from the game when he gets the chance!

   Mega Strike: Diddy jumps high into the air, and as the background turns orange he holds his hands together, crosses his legs and closes his eyes, as if he is chanting. He then touches it with the tip of his tail, and the ball goes flying.

   Super Ability: Red Card!

   Deke: Diddy backflips over opponents.

   Uniform: Yellow and red

   Alt. Uniform: Purple

   Team Emblem: Star logo.

   Team Number: 5

   Away Entrance: Diddy holds a banana in a threatening way while making angry sounds and hitting it against his hand.

   Home Entrance: Diddy dives down with an angry look on his face and pounds the ground quickly.

   Theme: Hindustani Classical

Petey Piranha


   Unlocked By: Clearing the Striker Cup

   Character Type: Power

   Description: The ultimate player, the strikers league champion. Petey is a powerful plant able to make big shots and even bigger hits. He can muddy a team's game plan in the blink of an eye!

   Mega Strike: A flower comes up underneath Petey, and closes Petey in its bulb. The flower grows extremely high, and, when it has reached the top, bursts open, as Petey bends back and spits the ball out of his mouth at full force.

   Super Ability: Mud Slinger!

   Deke: Petey roots himself quickly, allowing him to thrash his head back and forth violently, knocking out anybody who hits it and releasing dandelion fluff.

   Uniform: A red helmet with red armor.

   Alt. Uniform: A yellow helmet with yellow armor.

   Team Emblem: Petey's head.

   Team Number: 4

   Away Entrance: Petey falls onto the field and unfolds like a plant's bulb. He then laughs at the opposing sidekicks after barking loudly.

   Home Entrance: Petey plummets into the field, completely curled up into a ball, and, after hitting the ground, unfolds like a plant's bulb and roars like a lion.

   Theme: Calypso

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