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Mario Sports Mix Wii U is a sports game for the Wii U and the sequel to Mario Sports Mix. The game involves all the previous 4 sports and four new sports: Baseball, Tennis, Rugby and Football.

Mario Sports Mix Wii U
Maro Sports Mix Box
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Nin
Genre(s) Sports
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Europe Winter 2012/2013

25px-Flag of USA Winter/Spring* 2012/2013*
25px-Flag of Japan Winter/Spring 2013
25px-Flag of Australia Spring/Summer 2013

Mode(s) Single Player


Age Rating(s) 3Rating


  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball


The game will include 82 characters. The characters will be split into specified teams and types.


Image Name Team Type Special Move How to Unlock
MSM- Mario Icon Mario Mario Sprites Balanced Fireball Unlocked
MSM- Luigi Icon Luigi Luigi Spirits Balanced Poultergeist Unlocked
MSM- Peach Icon Peach Peach Blossoms Technical Love Daze Unlocked
MSM- Daisy Icon Daisy Daisy Petals Technical Flower Fields Unlocked
MSM- Yoshi Icon Yoshi Yoshi Eggs Speedy Egg Attack Unlocked
Birdo MSMWU Birdo Birdo Beauties Speedy Bowmerang Unlocked
MSM- Wario Icon Wario Wario Investors Power Gassy Garlic Unlocked
MSM- Waluigi Icon Waluigi Waluigi Pinballs Technical Waluigimobile Unlocked
MSM- Bowser Icon Bowser Bowser Bullies Power Bowser's Shell Complete the Baketball Mushroom Cup 1st Round
MSM- Bowser Jr Icon Bowser Jr Bowser Jr Rebels Balanced Magic Paintbrush Complete the Baseball Flower Cup 2nd Round
MSM- Donkey Kong Icon Donkey Kong DK Swingers Power Banana Trees Complete the Volleyball Mushroom Cup 1st Round
MSM- Diddy Kong Icon Diddy Kong Diddy Bongoes Speedy Peanut Barrage Complete the Tennis Flower Cup 3rd Round
Rosalina MSMWU Rosalina Rosalina Stars Technical Star Magic Complete the Rugby Flower Cup 3rd Round
Lubba MSMWU Lubba Lubba Cosmicans Tricky Luma Hoard Complete the Hockey Star Cup 3rd Round

Team Players

NOTE: ~ = Unlockable

Image Name Team Type
Baby Mario MSMWU Baby Mario Mario Sprites Speedy
Paper Mario MSMWU Paper Mario~ Mario Sprites Tricky
NES Mario MSMWU NES Mario~ Mario Sprites Balanced
Pianta MSMWU Pianta Mario Sprites Power
Noki MSMWU Noki~ Mario Sprites Technical
Geno MSMWU Geno~ Mario Sprites Tricky
Blooper MSMWY Blooper~ Mario Sprites Balanced
Mallow MSMWU Mallow~ Mario Sprites Technical
Baby Luigi MSMWU Baby Luigi Luigi Spirits Speedy
Paper Luigi MSMWU Paper Luigi~ Luigi Spirits Tricky
NES Luigi MSMWU NES Luigi Luigi Spirits Balanced
King Boo MSMWU King Boo~ Luigi Spirits Power
Boo MSMWU Boo~ Luigi Spirits Technical
Prof E. Gadd MSMWU Prof E. Gadd~ Luigi Spirits Technical
Cheep-Cheep MSMWU Cheep-Cheep~ Luigi Spirits Balanced
Wiggler MSMWU Wiggler~ Luigi Spirits Tricky
Baby Peach MSMWU Baby Peach~ Peach Blossoms Balanced
Paper Peach MSMWU Paper Peach~ Peach Blossoms Power
MSM- Toad Icon Toad Peach Blossoms Speedy
Toadette MSMWU Toadette Peach Blossoms Technical
Toadsworth MSMWU Toadsworth~ Peach Blossoms Tricky
Toadbert MSMWU Toadbert~ Peach Blossoms Technical
Jacob Koopa Smswu Jacob Koopa~ Peach Blossoms Tricky
Peach Blossoms
Baby Daisy MSMWU Baby Daisy Daisy Petals Speedy
Paper Daisy MSMWU Paper Daisy~ Daisy Petals Technical
Laktiu MSMWU Lakitu Daisy Petals Balanced
Fawful MSMWU Fawful~ Daisy Petals Power
Dimentio MSMWU Dimentio~ Daisy Petals Tricky
Monty Mole MSMWU Monty Mole~ Daisy Petals Speedy
Piranha Plant MSMWu Piranha Plant~ Daisy Petals Tricky
Petey Piranha MSMWU Petey Piranha~ Daisy Petals Power
Baby Yoshi MSMWU Baby Yoshi Yoshi Eggs Speedy
Red Yoshi MSMWU Red Yoshi~ Yoshi Eggs Power
Blue Yoshi MSMWU Blue Yoshi~ Yoshi Eggs Balanced
Shy Guy MSMWU Shy Guy Yoshi Eggs Technical
Fly Guy MSMWU Fly Guy~ Yoshi Eggs Tricky
Black Yoshi MSMWU Black Yoshi Yoshi Eggs Speedy
Brown Yoshi MSMWU Brown Yoshi Yoshi Eggs Balanced
Gold Yoshi MSMWU Gold Yoshi Yoshi Eggs Technical
Yellow Yoshi MSMWU Yellow Yoshi Birdo Beauties Balanced
Pink Yoshi MSMwU Pink Yoshi Birdo Beauies Technical
Cyan Yoshi MSMwu Cyan Yoshi~ Birdo Beauties Speedy
Spear Guy MSMWU Spear Guy~ Birdo Beauties Power
Bandit MSMWU Bandit~ Birdo Beauties Tricky
Magenta Yoshi MSMWU Magenta Yoshi~ Birdo Beauties Speedy
Orange Yoshi MSMWU Orange Yoshi~ Birdo Beauties Balanced
White Yoshi MSmwu White Yoshi~ Birdo Beauties Technical
Mona MSMWU Mona Wario Investors Tricky
9-Volt MSMWU 9-Volt Wario Investors Balanced
Jimmy T. MSMWU Jimmy T.~ Wario Investors Power
Kat MSMWU Kat~ Wario Investors Speedy
Ana MSMWU Ana~ Wario Investors Technical
Harley Koopa MSMWU Harley Koopa~ Wario Investors Power
Roy Koopa MSMWU Roy Koopa~ Wario Investors Power
Morton Koopa Jr Msmwu Morton Koopa Jr~ Wario Investors Tricky
Shroob MSMWU Shroob~ Waluigi Pinballs Speedy
Wart MSMWU Wart~ Waluigi Pinballs Power
Metal Mario MSMWU Metal Mario Waluigi Pinballs Balanced
Bob-omb MSMWU Bob-Omb Waluigi Pinballs Technical
King Bob-omb MSMWU King Bob-omb~ Waluigi Pinballs Tricky
Lavora Koopa Lavora Koopa~ Waluigi Pinballs Technical
Iggy Koopa MSMWU Iggy Koopa~ Waluigi Pinballs Tricky
Wendy O. Koopa Wendy O. Koopa~ Waluigi Pinballs Speedy
Dry Bowser MSMWu Dry Bowser~ Bowser Bullies Power
Boom Boom MSMWU Boom Boom~ Bowser Bullies Power
Kamek MSMWU Kamek~ Bowser Bullies Tricky
Hammer Bro. MSMwU Hammer Bro~ Bowser Bullies Balanced
Dragonia Koopa MSMWU Dragonia Koopa~ Bowser Bullies Technical
Pom Pom MSMWU Pom Pom Bowser Bullies Speedy
Sledge Bro. MSMWU Sledge Bro. Bowser Bullies Power
Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig von Koopa~ Bowser Bullies Tricky
Koopa Troopa MSMWU Koopa Troopa~ Bowser Jr Rebels Balanced
Paratroopa MSMWU Paratroopa~ Bowser Jr Rebels Speedy
Dry Bones MSMWU Dry Bones~ Bowser Jr Rebels Balanced
Parabones MSMWU Parabones~ Bowser Jr Rebels Technical
Shadow Mario MSMWU Shadow Mario~ Bowser Jr Rebels Tricky
Risen Koopa MSMWU Risen Koopa~ Bowser Jr Rebels Power
Lemmy Koopa MSMWU Lemmy Koopa~ Bowser Jr Rebels Speedy
Larry Koopa MSmwu Larry Koopa~ Bowser Jr Rebels Tricky
Funky Kong MSMWU Funky Kong~ DK Swingers Balanced
Kritter MSMWU Kritter~ DK Swingers Speedy
King K. Rool MSMWu King K. Rool~ DK Swingers Power
Pauline MSMWU Pauline~ DK Swingers Technical
Tiki Tong MSMWU Tiki Tong~ DK Swingers Tricky
Candy Kong~ DK Swingers Technical
Lanky Kong~ DK Swingers Speedy
Donkey Kong Jr~ DK Swingers Balanced
Dixie Kong MSMwu Dixie Kong~ Diddy Bongoes Technical
Tiny Kong MSMWU Tiny Kong~ Diddy Bongoes Balanced
Baby DK MSMWU Baby DK~ Diddy Bongoes Speedy
Squawks MSMWU Squawks the Parrot~ Diddy Bongoes Tricky
Tiki Goon MSMWU Tiki Goon~ Diddy Bongoes Power
Baby Diddy Kong~ Diddy Bongoes Speedy
Tiki Tank~ Diddy Bongoes Power
Tiki Buzz~ Diddy Bongoes Technical
Polari MSMWU Polari~ Rosalina Stars Speedy
Cosmic Spirit MSMWU Cosmic Spirit~ Rosalina Stars Technical
Bee MSMWU Bee~ Rosalina Stars Balanced
Queen Bee MSMWU Queen Bee~ Rosalina Stars Tricky
Kamella MSMWU Kamella~ Rosalina Stars Power
Cosmic Mario MSMWU Cosmic Mario~ Rosalina Stars Speedy
Whittle MSMWU Whittle~ Rosalina Stars Speedy
The Chimp MSMWU The Chimp~ Rosalina Stars Tricky
Luma MSMWU Luma~ Lubba Cosmicans Tricky
Purple Jibberjay MSMWU Purple Jibberjay~ Lubba Cosmicans Balanced
Yellow Jibberjay MSMWU Yellow Jibberjay~ Lubba Cosmicans Speedy
Red Jibberjay MSMWU Red Jibberjay~ Lubba Cosmicans Balanced
Gearmo MSMWU Gearmo~ Lubba Cosmicans Power
Penguin MSMWU Penguin~ Lubba Cosmicans Speedy
Star Bunny Star Bunny~ Lubba Cosmicans Technical



Image Name Home to
Sluggersmariostadium Mario Stadium Mario
640px-Mansion Luigi Mansion Luigi
Peach Gardens Peach Gardens Peach
200px-Daisy Hills Daisy Hills Daisy
Yoshis island Yoshi Island Yoshi
Birdo Dry Desert Birdo Desert Birdo
Wario Galleon Wario Galleon Wario
Waluigi pinball Waluigi Pinball Waluigi


Image Name Home to How to Unlock
Bowser&#039;s Castle Bowser's Castle Bowser Unlock it in any cup for any sport.
Bowser Jr &#039;s Airship Bowser Jr Airship Bowser Jr Unlock it in any cup for any sport.
640px-Donkey Kong Island DK Island Donkey Kong Unlock it in any cup for any sport.
Junglehi Diddy Jungle Diddy Kong Unlock it in any cup for any sport.
350px-SMG Cometobservatory2 Comet Observatory Rosalina Unlock it in any cup for any sport.
Starship-Mario-super-mario-galaxy-2-12801698-600-600 Planet Mario Lubba Unlock it in any cup for any sport.


Mushroom Cup

Mushroom..Mushroom CupMushroom..
1st Round Mario Stadium
Peach Gardens
Yoshi Island
2nd Round Luigi Mansion
Birdo Hills
Daisy Hills
3rd Round Wario Galleon
DK Island
Bowser Jr Airship
4th Round Comet Observatory
Diddy Jungle
Bowser's Castle
Extra Round Waluigi Pinball
Planet Mario

Flower Cup

FireFlowerSMGFlower Cup50px
1st Round Peach Gardens
Wario Galleon
Mario Stadium
2nd Round DK Island
Daisy Hills
Birdo Desert
3rd Round Yoshi Island
Planet Mario
Comet Observatory
4th Round Bowser's Castle
Luigi Mansion
Diddy Jungle
Extra Round Bowser Jr Airship
Waluigi Pinball

Star Cup

Green Power Star Star CupGreen Power Star 
1st Round Diddy Jungle
Waluigi Pinball
Luigi Mansion
2nd Round Wario Galleon
Daisy Hills
Bowser Jr Airship
3rd Round Bowser's Castle
Comet Observatory
Peach Gardens
4th Round Planet Mario
Yoshi Island
Mario Stadium
Extra Round Birdo Desert
DK Island



Peach's Special Move is the same as her Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Duel

Credits and Copyright

Made by Baby Yoshi

- Don't use my artwork without my permission

  • Credit to anyone who made any of the Character Artwork
  • Other orginal arts by Nintendo ©

All rights reserved to Nintendo ©

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