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Mario Sports Mix: 3D Variety is an upcoming 3DS game for the Mario Sports Mix series, it is the second installment overall. There are many more characters and stadiums unlike the previous installment. Two new sports were added, Badminton and Football.





Each character is split into different default teams, they can be played in any team and there are no team captains. Note these are the Dodgeball, Hockey, Football and Basketball teams.

~=Not availible from start

Delfino Dudes Team Players

This team is made up of Mario, Noki and Pianta. They have a balance of types so are good on court.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSMsmallMario Mario All-Around Mario the plumber is ready for another round of spectacular sports!


MSMsmallNoki Noki~ Speed Noki a speedster, she'll wizz past you in Basketball!

Bubble Ball

MSMsmallPianta Pianta~ Power Pianta, the residents of Isle Delfino also like sport. This Pianta is a power type, so watch out for his powerful arm.

Fruit Punch

Scaredy Rats Team Players

Scaredy Rats team are known to be a good team, but sometimes get scared and run from a match.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSMsmallLuigi Luigi All-Around

Green Fireball

File:MSMsmallKingBoo.png King Boo~ Power Scary Illusion
MSMsmallEGadd. E Gadd.~ Technique Perfect Poltergust

Royal Blossoms Team Players

Royal Blossoms are known as The Tricksters as there is one Technique type Peach, the skillful one, who makes a perfect combo with the two other speedy players, Toad and Toadette.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSMsmallPeach Peach Technique Loving Kiss
MSMsmallToad Toad Speed Fungi Frenzy
MSMsmallToadette Toadette~ Speed Double Fungi Frenzy

Cruising Petals Team Players

Cruising Petals are a skilled team with Power, the team is made up of Daisy, Petey Piranha and Monty Mole.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSMsmallDaisy Daisy Technique Flower Garden
MSMsmallPetepPiranha Petey Piranha~ Power Muddy Splats
MSMMontyMole Monty Mole~ Power Underground Blast

Eggciting Trio Team Players

Eggciting Trio are a team who work really well together, their team is made up of Yoshi, Wiggler and Flutter.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSMsmallYoshi Yoshi All-Around Rainbow Ball/Shot
MSMsmallWiggler Wiggler~ Technique Angry Ball/Shot
File:MSMsmallFlutter.png Flutter~ Tricky Magical Ball/Shot

Bow Guys Team Players

Bow Guys are sort of like Delfino Dudes but have Technique and Tricky instead of Speed and Power.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
File:MSMsmallBirdo.png Birdo All-Around

Egg Shot

File:MSMsmallShy.png Shy Guy~ Technique Thunder Spear
File:MSMsmallFly.png Fly Guy~ Tricky Tornado Blast

Money Makers Team Players

Money Makers are a mixture of types, Wario the Power House, Jimmy T. with his skill and Mona being a well-rounded player.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSMsmallWario Wario Power Gnarly Garlic
File:MSMsmallMona.png Mona~ All-Around Mona Bike
File:MSMsmallJimmyT.png Jimmy T.~ Technique Shake it Ball/Shot

Pinball Kings Team Players

Waluigi is Lugi's rival, he decided his team should be like him, crazy and Zany. So it is made up of himself, King Bomb Omb and Dry Bones

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSM- Waluigi Icon Waluigi Technique Whiskered Eggplant
MSMsmallDryBones Dry Bones~ Technique Bone Cruncher
File:MSMsmallKingBombOmn.png King Bomb Omb~ Power Bomb Omb Blowup

Bowser Bullies Team Players

One of only two teams named after a character and with a captain! Bowser Bullies are made up of just Power types.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSMsmallBowser Bowser Power Bowser Shell
File:MSMsmallBoom.png Boom Boom~ Power Power Spin
File:MSMsmallPom.png Pom Pom~ Power Pink Shuriken

Barrel Bashers Team Players

Barrel Bashers are made up of DK, Funky Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. They are a bit like Cruising Petals because there are two Power types but has one Balanced type.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSMsmallDonkey Donkey Kong Power Barrel Slam
File:MSMsmallFunky.png Funky Kong~ Power Super Surf
File:MSMsmallCandy.png Donkey Kong Jr. Balanced Jr. Vine

Bowser Jr. Rookies Team Players

Bowser Jr. Rookies is the other team named by a character. It is made up of Bowser Jr., Hammer Bro. and Magikoopa because Bowser's best minions are these so he gave them to Bowser Jr.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSMsmallJunior Bowser Jr. Speed Graffiti Ball
File:MSMsmallBro.png Hammer Bro.~ Power Hammer Throw
File:MSMsmallMagikoopa.png Magikoopa~ All-Around Magic Spell

Banana Buddies Team Players

Banana Buddies are a team made up of Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong, all being Speedy and known as the Speedsters by others.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSMsmallDiddy Diddy Kong Speed Rocket Barrel
File:MSMsmallDixie.png Dixie Kong~ Speed Hair Spin
File:MSMsmallTiny.png Tiny Kong~ Speed Miniature Size

Galaxy Group Team Players

Galaxy Group is a team made up of 3 Tricky types . These are Rosalina, Lubba and Honey Queen.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
File:MSMsmallRosalina.png Rosalina Tricky Star Bit Comet
File:MSMsmallLubba.png Lubba Tricky Luma Swarm
File:MSMsmallHoneyQueen.png Honey Queen~ Tricky Honey Ball

Marchin' Minions Team Players

Marchin' Minions are a good team to use, it is made up of Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa and Lakitu. Lakitu and Paratroopa tend to steal the ball get the other team to try and get them they'll then jump in the air and throw to Koopa Troopa who scores.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
File:MSMsmallKoopa.png Koopa Troopa~ Speed Golden Shell
File:MSMsmallParatroopa.png Paratroopa~ Tricky Blue Shell
File:MSMsmallLakytu.png Lakitu Tricky Spiny Storm

Baby Boys Team Players

Baby Boys are the name suggests, are a team made up of babies who are boys.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
File:MSMsmallBabyMario.png Baby Mario~ Speed Pocket Chain Chomp
File:MSMsmallBabyLuigi.png Baby Luigi~ Speed Pocket Flame Chomp
File:MSMsmallBabyYoshi.png Baby Yoshi~ All-Around Inflate

Royal Family Team Players

Royal Family are a team made of Baby Peach, Baby Daisy and Toadsworth.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
File:MSMsmallBabyPeach.png Baby Peach~ Technique Parasol
File:MSMsmallBabyDaisy.png Baby Daisy~ Speed Flower Bean
File:MSMsmallToadsworth.png Toadsworth~ Tricky Diamond Cane

RPG Superstars Team Players

This team is made up of characters who appeared in the game: Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars!

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
File:MSMsmallGeno.png Geno~ All-Around Geno Blast
File:MSMsmallMallow.png Mallow~ Technique Star Rain
File:MSMsmallBoshi.png Boshi~ Tricky Long Tounge

Krool Damsel Team Players

Krool Damsel are a team made up of King K. Rool, Kritter and Pauline. Pauline joined because she hates DK and went on his rivals side!

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
File:MSMsmallKing.png King K. Rool~ Power Pirate Cannon
File:MSMsmallKritter.png Kritter~ All-Around Scratchy Bite
File:MSMsmallPauline.png Pauline~ All-Around Mini Marios

Team Square Team Players

Team Square are the characters from the Final Fantasy series.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSM- Ninja Icon Ninja~ All-Around Leaf Veil
MSM- White Mage Icon White Mage~ Technique Heavenly Light
MSMsmallBlack Black Mage~ Tricky Meteor Smite

Tanooki-Tailed Cactus Dancers

Not fitting in any other teams, TaBooki formed his own team. His team consists of TaBooki, Moogle, and Cactuar.

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
File:MSMsmallTaBooki,png TaBooki~ (made by Tom.V.12) All-Around Thunder Strike
MSM- Moogle Icon Moogle~ Tricky Moogle Dance
MSM- Cactuar Icon Cactuar~ Speed 1000 Needles

Other Team Players

Icon Name Type Description Special Move
MSM- Mii Icon Mii Varies

Chooseable from all characters Specials

Note if the Mii's type is chosen as Technique, it must choose a Technique characters move.

Other Sport Team Default Partners

The previous teams are the default Dodgeball, Hockey, Football and Basketball teams, here are the following other teams in sports;

  • Mario and Luigi
  • Noki and Pianta
  • E Gadd. and Pauline
  • Boo and TaBooki
  • Peach and Daisy
  • Toad and Toadette
  • Petey Piranha and King Boo
  • Monty Mole and Baby Daisy
  • Yoshi and Birdo
  • Wiggler and Flutter
  • Shy Guy and Fly Guy
  • Wario and Waluigi
  • Mona and Jimmy T.
  • Dry Bones and Cactuar
  • Bowser and Bowser Jr.
  • Boom Boom and Pom Pom
  • DK and Candy Kong
  • Funky Kong and Tiny Kong
  • Hammer Bro. and Magikoopa
  • Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong
  • Rosalina and Lubba
  • Honey Queen and Lakitu
  • Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa
  • Baby Mario and Baby Luigi
  • Baby DK and Boshi
  • Baby Peach and Toadsworth
  • Geno and Mallow
  • King K. Rool and Kritter
  • Ninja and Moogle
  • White Mage and Black Mage

Alternate Colours and Costumes

Every Character has two alternate colours;

Character Alternate Costume or Colour How to Unlock
Mario Paper Mario Play as Mario 5 times.
8-Bit Mario Complete one cup 8 times.
Luigi Mr. L Costume Play as Luigi 5 times.
Boo Luigi Defeat the 3 Pink Boos that get in your way in the Leaf Cup with Scaredy Rats Team
Peach Paper Peach Play as Peach 5 times.
8-Bit Peach Complete another cup different from the other 8 times.
Daisy Petey Piranha-style Sports Wear Play as Daisy 5 times.
Paper Daisy Use Mario and Peahc in their Paper form in Volleyball.
Yoshi Blue Yoshi Play as Yoshi 5 times.
Winged-Yoshi Play as Yoshi 10 times.
Birdo Orange Birdo Play as Birdo 5 times.
Blue Birdo Play as Bido 10 times.
Toad Green Toad
Bowser Jr.
Diddy Kong

Unlocking Criteria for Characters

There are three ways to unlock characters, 20 are bought in the Shop, 20 are unlocked by doing certain tasks and the other 5 are accessed by Spot Pass or Street Pass visits.

Task Unlocks

Task Gift
Beat Mario team players 30 times. Boom Boom & Pom Pom
Defeat King Boo 45 times. Prof. E. Gadd
Play as Boo 40 times. King Boo
Defeat Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's teams 20 times. King K. Rool
Win with Toad on your team 10 times. Toadette
Defeat Luigi 3 times. Boo
Win 20 times with Mario Baby Mario
Win 15 times with King K. Rool. Kritter
Win 10 times with Baby Mario. Baby Luigi
Lose 25 times with Yoshi. Magikoopa
Win 25 times with Wario. Mona

Shop Unlocks

Coins are earnt by playing matches, 10 coins for one match, in Tournament Mode (Cup Mode) you will get extra coins if coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Character Coins
Monty Mole 50
Jimmy T. 200
Moogle 400
TaBooki 450
Cactuar 500
Honey Queen 750
Petey Pirahna 850
Hammer Bro 950



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