This is a soccer game for the Wii and DS.

Playable characters

Team captains

Mario The famous plumber is back for another epic ball game. He's got great statics, and is a good player for any gamer to begin with. Mario's signature red M.

Theme: Alt. rock
Type: Balanced

Luigi Mario's smaller, taller, younger brother that fears Boos, leading to bad chemistry. Luigi is quick around the bases and in the field. Luigi's signature green L Theme: Flamenco
Type: Balanced
Princess Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom who is constantly being kidnapped by Bowser. She has good technique, making her a skillfull player. And she doesn't use a golf club if you were wondering. Her crown.

Theme: Ballet remix
Type: Technical

Princess Daisy The tomboyish princess of Sarasaland, and a good friend of Peach. Daisy has been kidnapped once by Tatanga. She has good technique, making her a skillfull player. A green flower with white petals. Theme: Classic rock
Type: Technical
Yoshi A dinosaur who knew Mario every since he was a baby. He is very cheerful (as well as hungry) and will give his friends rides in platformers. He is very light on his feet. A Yoshi egg. Theme: Calypso
Type: Speedy
Wario Mario's chubby garlic-loving rival who has a real thing for treasure and money. He and his partner, Waluig, will often try to pull pranks to get revenge on the brothers. His signature light blue W.

Theme: Tuba polka
Type: Offensive

Waluigi Luigi's long-legged rival and Wario's partner. He also has a thing for treasure and money. He has good defense and skill on the field. His signature upside down golden L Theme: Country
Type: Technical
Donkey Kong A gorilla who really loves bananas, and is a good friend to Diddy. He may not be so hot on speed, but his powerful power makes up for that. The letters DK in yellow. Theme: African drums
Type: Powerful
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong's little buddy, a spunky little monkey. He has excellent technique and speed. A banana that has a stamp with the signature Nintendo logo.

Theme: Zen
Type: Tricky

Bowser The main villain of the Mario series, Bowser has been constantly using Peach as hostage to rule the Mushroom Kingdom. But he never won to Mario yet. A black circle with a red image that looks like Bowser's head. Theme: Heavy rock
Type: Powerful
Bowser Jr. Bowser's sneaky son who at first thought Peach was his mother. He is crafty and very fast, but he still loses to Mario. Like father, like son, I guess. A black circle with a red image that looks like Bowser Jr.'s head. Theme: Surf rock
Type: Tricky

Unlocked by: Clearing Star Cup

(Don't worry, she wears her athletic wear) Rosalina is a good sorceress who lives on a Comet Obsevitory with the Lumas, who calle her "mama".

A Power Star. Theme: Classic
Type: Technical
King Boo

Unlocked by: Clearing Flower Cup

King Boo is the ghostly king of the ghosts. He has terrible chemistry with Luigi, due to being defeated by him once.

His crown infront of a Boo. Theme: Horror
Type: Offensive
Petey Piranha

Unlocked by: Clearing Special Cup

Petey is a buddy of King Boo, and the king of the Piranha Plants. He first appeared as an invader of Isle Delfino.

His head. Theme: Calypso
Type: Powerful

Unlocked by: Clearing Koopa Cup

Midbus is an old rival of Bowser, who once worked alongside Fawful. Unlike Bowser, however, his snout is more pig-like.

His tatoo. Theme: Unknown
Type: Tricky

Team players

Toad Mushroom-like people that are natives to the Mushroom Kingdom. Toads can be seen doing almost anything, from owning shops, to playing soccer.
Goomba Mushroom-like enemies that appear in almost every Mario platformer. They are very quick, but not very strong.
Koopa Troopa Turtle-like enemies that appear in almost every Mario platformer. They aren't too quick or strong.
Boo Ghost-like creatures with long tongues. Boos are oftenly found in dark places or Ghost Houses. They dislike the light.
Shy Guy Masked creatures that, as the name states, are very shy. Sometimes they look like they are floating. It is unknown what a Shy Guy looks like without it's mask.
Hammer Bro. Turtle-like enemies that throw hammers. Hammer Bros. are very skillfull, so be on gaurd.
Luma Star-like creatures that are often called "Star Children". You can find Lumas in almost every galaxy.
Birdo Another species of dinosaurs with excellent speed and skill.

Unlocked by: Clearing Delfino Cup

Piantas are natives to Isle Delfino and are very good neighbors to Nokis.

Monty Mole

Unlocked by: Clearing Flower Cup

Monty Moles are mole-like creatures that love digging.

Mini Bowser (EU)/Koopa Kid (NA)

Unlocked by: Clearing Koopa Cup

Miniature versions/little minions of Bowser who are not as strong.


  • Grass Arena
  • Sand Arena
  • Beach Arena
  • Rock Arena
  • Metal Arena
  • Thunder Arena
  • Jungle Arena*
  • Ocean Arena*
  • Galaxy Arena*
  • Bowser Arena*

A * means it must be unlocked.

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