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Mario Smashers
Developer(s) GamerX Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Fighting/Platformer
Release Date(s) 10-30-09
Age Rating(s) E 10+

Mario Smashers is a fighting game in the Super Smash Bros. Series made by GamerX Inc.


See "Adventure Mode"


The gameplay is like Super Smash Bros., but always in stamina mode.

  • When you fall, you lose 50 HP.
  • Your HP is your stamina times 50.(So Yoshi's HP is 100, Luigi's HP is 150, Waluigi's HP is 200, & Wario's HP is 250.)


The controls are the same as in SSBB with a new Y button attack (Or you can shake up & down on the side ways Wii Remote or press C on the Nunchuk).



  • Attack is how much damage an attack does & how long effects last.
  • Speed is how fast you run & how quickly you attack.
  • Jump is how high & far you jump.
  • Stamina is HP.
  • A character's theme plays when you beat classic mode with them.
  • A character's course is the course you battle them on in classic mode.
  • A character's partner is who fight's with them in a 2-on-2 battle.
  • A character's colors are the colors you can chose for your character. All characters will have 8-10 colors. (Note: Team colors change the color of your name, not your character's color.)




In Classic Mode there are 13 levels. First, you battle on the 10 main courses, with 1 of them randomly being a 2-on-2 battle, one a giant battle, and two team battles, Then a metal battle on the battlefield stage, a 3-on-1 battle on the final destination stage, & finally you battle master & crazy hand on the dark stadium stage.




Same as in SSBB.


Basic Smash

Like basic brawl in SSBB.

Special Smash

Like special brawl in SSBB.

Online Smash

Like online brawl SSBB.


  • Mario & Luigi's House
    • Info:Looks like outside of Mario & Luigi's house from Paper Mario. If you go down the pipe, you come out the door & send anyone you hit flying.
    • Songs in My Music:

  • Warioware Inc.
    • Info:Same as in SSBB.
    • Songs in My Music:
      • Wario Ware Inc. Main Theme (SSBB Remix)
      • WarioWare Touched (?) Mona Pizza's Song
      • Wario Theme (Wario's Rockin' Funk)

  • Daisy Cruiser
    • Info:Like the "Pirate Ship" stage from SSBB, with out the island & whirlpool
    • Songs in My Music:

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