Mario Skateboarding
Developer(s) E.A Vancouver, Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii, balance board
Release Date(s)
June 13, 2010 (all)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Extreme Sports
Media Included Wii Optical Disk x1

Mario Skateboarding is a Wii game. In it, you control 12(+?) Mushroom Kingdom citizens as you skate around 6 wacky worlds! It is developed by Intelligent Systems, and Skate It developers E.A Vancouver.


Bowser builds a giant skatepark, and invites Mario to come try it out. On the way, however, they are mistaken for celebrities and must skate their way through 5 park competitions to get to Bowser's Castle


The game plays like Skate It: You stand on the balance board, and stomp on parts of it to do tricks and jump. Leaning left and right controls steering, while leaning forward or backward does manuals.

In the story mode, you have to do missions (collect x points, do x while xing over x, etc.) in order to get reputation. Once you get enough, you get to challenge the area boss to a skate-off. If you win, you go on to the next area. In the final stage, you immediately have a skate-off with Bowser, and if you win, you get free reign over his skatepark. There is also a free play mode, where you can explore any area you've unlocked and find eggs and blue coins. The last single player mode is challenge, where you can replay missions or complete goals like getting a certain amount of points in a time limit or finding a hidden Bowser statue. There is also a multiplayer mode, where up to 4 people together or online can skate around or compete in score attacks or balloon battles, where ramming another player knocks away one of their 3 balloons.


There are 18 characters in the game. 6 are unlocked initially, 6 are unlocked when you beat them in story mode, and 6 are unlocked for achieving certain goals. When the rest are unlocked, you can play as a Mii.


Mario Luigi
Peach Toad
Yoshi Donkey Kong

Story Mode Unlockable

Koopa Birdo
Bowser Jr. Hammer Bro
Magikoopa Bowser


These are unlocked by doing certain things or finding them.

Name How to Unlock
Dry Bones

In Bowser's Castle, do an air transfer into the

basement and wallride over his shackles

Wario Get a 50,000 point line
Waluigi Play for over 25 hours

Finish story mode and get a high score

on every course as Toad

Daisy Play for over 50 hours or get a 100,000 point line
Blooper Get 1,000,000 points total
Mii Unlock everyone else.

Character Stats

Each character has different advantages and disadvantages. There is also a character with similar stats to them.

Character Pros Cons Comparable to...
Mario Well balanced, fast Weak Jumps Luigi
Luigi Well balanced, high jumps Rather Slow Mario
Peach Light, fast, floaty Bails Easily, Sensitive Control Daisy
Toad Small, fast, quick recovery Needs to constantly go, or may fall over Toadette
Yoshi VERY floaty, easy control All other stats low Birdo
Donkey Kong Easy recovery, hard to bail Slow, heavy Bowser
Koopa Quick, light, tricks go by fast Long recovery, TOO light, sensitive Dry Bones
Birdo Fast, good jumps, easy control Slightly unresponsive, faintly heavy Yoshi
Bowser Jr. Small, rare bails, and easy recovery Heavy, relatively sluggish Bowser
Hammer Bro Excellent control, fast Bad jumper, long recovery Blooper
Magikoopa Excellent jumps, floaty, fast recovery Moderately unresponsive,  somewhat slow tricks Koopa
Bowser Pulverizes obstacles, rare bails, quick recovery HUGE,  very heavy, quite slow Bowser Jr.
Dry Bones Fast, amazing air, light Sensitive, long recovery Koopa
Wario Good jumps, amusing bails Wide turns, very heavy Waluigi
Waluigi Good jumps, floaty, O.K speed Tall, long recovery, light Wario
Toadette Small, light, fast Crappy jumper, annoying and long recovery Toad
Daisy Light, floaty, easy control Bails easily, a bit slow Peach
Blooper Excellent control, floaty Sluggish, easily bails Hammer Bro
Mii Perfectly, exactly balanced Nothing exceptional Mario


There are 6 skatepark courses in the game, with the 6th being Bowser's Castle. There is also a practice park, and a park editor. In each course (other than the practice) there are 5 Yoshi Eggs, which can be used later in the game. They are hidden, and require good skating skills. There are also 20 blue coins, hidden in slightly more obvious places, that can be traded along with eggs for unlockables. Each level has a boss which you have to beat to continue, and an optional mini-boss that will occasionaly be required to get a Yoshi Egg. Mini-bosses are not unlockable for skating, however, their skins can be applied to similar characters after they are all beaten. The stats remain identical.

Park Name Description Yoshi Egg Locations Good for... Mini-Boss Boss
Peach Town Peach's castle, the inside, and all the surrounding areas.
  1. On the balcony inside the castle
  2. On top of the fountain
  3. Above the lake
  4. Inside the chimney of an omelet shop
  5. Inside the secret passage
Air/Flatland Bob-Ombert Koopa
Mushroom City A large city with many curbs and wires to grind. Enter a pipe to go into the sewers!
  1. On the tallest building
  2. Next to the sewage treatment plant
  3. Above the western pipe
  4. Dropped by Bandit when run over
  5. In the wreckage above Mangylox Plaza
Grinds Bandit Birdo
Shy Guy Park An amusement park with a Tribal coaster and Shy-Guy Head Ferris wheel!
  1. On the coaster tracks
  2. At the highest point of the wheel
  3. In the gift shop
  4. Given by hot dog stand owner if you bring him a carnival token stolen by Fat Guy
  5. On top of the windmill in the mini-golf course
Grinds/Air Fat Guy Bowser Jr.
Pianta Harbor A giant shipping harbor with lots of ramps and moving objects!
  1. On top of a crane
  2. In the hull of a cargo ship
  3. In the path of a moving catwalk
  4. Given by captain if you bring him Gooper Blooper's tentacle.
  5. Hauled in crate by sailors.
Air Gooper Blooper Hammer Bro
Mushroom Mall A huge shopping mall with 2 floors and lots of little railings and benches to grind!
  1. In the food court
  2. At the bottom of the ball pit
  3. In the middle of the giant clock
  4. Given by store owners when you defeat Shadow Mario
  5. In parking lot
Grinds/Flatland Shadow Mario Magikoopa
Bowser's Castle Bowser's huge fortress, with spiraling towers, a giant half-pipe, and Mecha Bowser!
  1. Given by Bowser when you defeat him
  2. On top of Mecha Bowser
  3. On the peak of the tower
  4. Left behind by Bowser Jr.
  5. Appears in central courtyard when the other 29 are collected
Anything Bowser Jr. Bowser


Here is what you get for collecting Yoshi Eggs and blue coins:


Amount Of Eggs Reward
5 Sound Test and all SFX
10 All Music
15 Star next to name online, new deck graphics
20 Deck graphic designer mode
15 Character Figurines
29 Unlock the final egg.
30 Crown next to name online, park editor

Blue Coins

Coin Count Reward
10 Coin next to name online
20 Shine Trophy
30 Star trophy
40 Grand star trophy
50 Figurine Gallery
60 Enemy Figurines
70 Villain Figurines
80 Character Bios
90 Villain and Enemy Bios
100 Red coin next to name online, character voices
110 SNES game demos
120 Blue coin next to name online, N64 demos
120 + 30 Yoshi Eggs Blue Coin and Egg Figurines
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