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Mario Rugby Union, is the sequel to Mario Rugby. The game was released on Neptune Z and also the Nintendo Wii U. The game is a joint project with Moonlight Studios and Hammers R Us Inc;

Mario Rugby Union
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo

Hammers R Us Inc.

Publisher(s) Moonlight Studios Logo


Platform(s) Neptune Z

Nintendo Wii U

Genre(s) Sport


Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) See Modes
Age Rating(s) TBA
Media Included Nintendo Wii U Disk

Neptune Z Disk


The gameplay is mainly the same as the previous installment, though the Nintendo Wii U uses it's capabilities to add new features such as being able to aim the ball over the bar, on the bottom Game Pad, a Toad will be hosting what happens and talking about the scores and highlights. There is also the scores on the Game Pad too. In this game the collecting coin feature returns too, but now if getting 25 coins you will be able to use a Special Item such as Daisy's Blossom Bomb, Peach's Heart, Luigi's Tornado and many more, every character has a Special Item which is unique to them, aswell as the Ground and Air Specials. The game also features a new way of controlling the characters. In the previous verison, players had to control the charcters from an overview screen, this still returns, but the main feature is of that the player can take control of the charcter as, if the player was that character, basically from the charaters point of view. Overall the game is mainly the same as the previous installment as said previously.




There are alot of characters in Mario Rugby Union, 70 characters appear, but there is also some alternates which can be used. There are 26 Default characters in the game with 44 unlockable, every character is sorted into different types which give them advantages on the stadium.

  • Player: A Character who has balanced stats.
  • Catcher: A Character who is good at catching the ball, these characters are not that good at throwing.
  • Scrum-Halfy: A Character who is good at preforming scrums, these character are quite slow.
  • Speedster: A Character who is fast around the stadium, they are quite weak though.
  • Goalie: A Character who is defensive and good at defending their goal, they aren't good at preforming tackles.
  • Trickster: A Character who is good at throwing and scoring from long distances, they aren't good catchers.
  • Tacklers(New): A Character who is good at preforming tackles, they aren't good at defending their goal though.


Sub-Article: Mario Rugby Union/Special Ground and Air Moves

Image Name Type Special Item
Mario MRU Mario Player Fireball - Mario summons Fireball and drenches the opponents in water, making them very slow. to make a team.
Luigi MRU Luigi Player Green Tornado - Luigi sends a green tornado rushing through the stadium catching all oponents in it's path and making them spin inside. He is also a co-captain for Fireball.
Peach MRU Peach Catcher Lovely Heart - Peach uses a heart which protects her from tackles and items for a short period of time.
Daisy MRU Daisy Trickster Blossom Bomb - Daisy throws a Bomb on field which explodes covering the opponents screen with flowers.
Yoshi MRU Yoshi Speedster Yoshi Egg - Yoshi throws an Egg which gets larger and larger and causes havoc on the stadium.
Birdo MRU Birdo Player Birdo Egg - Birdo throws an Egg which gets larger and larger and causes havoc on the stadium.
Toad MRU Toad Speedster Platinum Mushroom - Similar to Golden Mushroom, Toad uses this to run around at the fastest speed stat in the game.
Toadette MRU Toadette Trickster
Baby Mario MR Baby Mario Speedster Mega Fireball - Baby Mario throws a huge Fireball, which rolls around the stadium.
Baby Luigi MR Baby Luigi Speedster Scaredy Rat - Baby Luigi summons a Scaredy Rat which will run out on stadium and bite the opposing team.
Baby Peach MR Baby Peach Catcher Seed Dispersal - Baby Peach summons a huge flower, which disperses it seeds. These seeds grow into vines and trap the opponents.
Toadsworth MR Toadsworth Player Sceptre Shot - Toadsworth shots beams of light at opponents blinding them.
Donkey Kong MRU DK Scrum-Halfy Earthquake Bongo - DK gets out Bongo Drums which cause an earthquake.
Diddy Kong MRU Diddy Kong Goalie Peanut Popgun - Diddy gets his Peanut Popgun out and can shoot it at players hurting them.
Dixie Kong MR Dixie Kong Speedster Wild Move - Dixie Kong goes into Wild Mode, charging through all the opponents, knocking them down.
Koopa Troopa MRU Koopa Troopa Speedster Giant Shell - Koopa throws a giant shell that causes havoc on court.
Shy Guy MRU Shy Guy Catcher Lightning Bolt - Shy Guy makes thunder and lightning appear and lightning shrinks all opponents.
Bowser MRU Bowser Scrum-Halfy Banzai Bill - Bowser throws a Banzai Bill which will tackle as many of the opponents teamates.
Bowser Jr MRU Bowser Jr. Player Magic Paintbrush - Bowser Jr. paints paint onto the stadium making it hard to run on and could make players slip.
Boo MR Boo Trickster Boo Mushroom - Boo gets a Boo Mushroom which makes him invisible for a short period of time.
Dry Bones MRU Dry Bones Trickster Tweester Twist - Dry Bones will summon a Tweester and it will cause havoc on court, although there are Tweester in Dry Dry Desert these are more powerful than those and these hold more opponents.
Wario MRU Wario Tackler Garlic - Wario will get out a garlic bulb, which will blind the opponents for a short time.
Walugi MR Waluigi Catcher Waluiwhirlpool - Waluigi throws a whirpool which captures opponents teamates and makes them spin around in the whirlpool.
Boom Boom MR Boom Boom Scrum-Halfy Big Podoboo - Boom Boom makes a Big Podoboo appear which will jump onto opponents and similarly to Dry Bowser's item you won't be able to control those characters.
Rosalina MR Rosalina Trickster Comet - Rosalina summons comets to fall from the sky, these comets attack opponents.
Luma MRU Luma Speedster Black Hole Steal - Luma summons a small black hole which will take the rugby ball, then Luma takes the rugby ball for itself.


Image Name Type Special Item
Pom Pom MR Pom Pom Tackler Pom Pom Boomerang - Pom Pom gets her signature Boomerang and throws it, it attacks most opponents then comes back to her.
Monty Mole MR Monty Mole Catcher Mole Field - Monty Mole summons lots of moles to explode from underneath the ground and knock down the opponents. He is the 7th member of Fireball.
Wiggler MR Wiggler Goalie Wiggler Train - Wiggler sends a Wiggler Train through the stadium causing havoc and knocking opponents over.
Kritter MRU Kritter Goalie
Hammer Bro. MRU Hammer Bro. Tackler Hammer Throw/Boomerang Throw/Fire Throw - Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro./Fire Bro. gets their item and uses it to attack their opponents, Hammer Bro. fires multiple hammers, Boomerang Bro. throws his boomerang like Pom Pom and Fire Bro. shoots a giant fireball.
Noki MR Noki Player Shine Sprite - Noki pulls out a Shine Sprite, which glows so bright, blinds the opponents for a short time. The 3 Nokis are the first 3 members of Fireball.
Pianta MR Pianta Tackler

Appeared at Super Mario Sunshine and the 3 Piantas are the 4th, 5th and 6th members of Fireball.

Lubba MR Lubba Tackler Launch Stars - Lubba summons a Launch Star below all opponents and makes them fly up into space. They will drop down a short time later.
Jimmy T. MRU Jimmy T. Tackler Disco Doom - Jimmy T. summons a Disco Ball, which distracts the opponents from the game.
Young Cricket MRU Young Cricket Trickster Master Mantis - Young Cricket summons his master to attack the opponents.
Orbulon MR Orbulon Trickster Alien Bunnies - Orbulon calls SOS and the Alien Bunnies attack the opponents.
King Bob-omb MR King Bob-omb Scrum-Halfy Big Bob-Ombs x3 - King Bob-Omb gets 3 Big Bob-Ombs which he can throw, these will create a bigger explosion than normal Bob-Ombs.
Shroob mR Shroob Trickster UFO - Shroob summons a UFO, which abducts all the players for a short time.
Penguin MR Penguin Catcher Penguin Ice Slide - Penguin slides on the floor making ice appear, opponents could slip if they run to fast on this.
Spike MRU Spike Catcher Giant Spike - Spike throws a Giant Spike Ball, which rolls around the stadium.
Broozer MR Broozer Scrum-Halfy Punch Time - Broozer grows massive fists and punches the stadium multiple times.
Paratroopa MRU Paratroopa Goalie Blue Shell - Koopa Paratroopa throws a Blue Shell which flies in the air after the player with the ball and explodes by that player, the ball then gets thrown into the air and Koopa Parratroopa catches it.
Lakitu MRU Lakitu Goalie Thunder Cloud - Lakitu makes all opponents have a Thunder Cloud over their head which will shrink them.
Fly Guy MR Fly Guy Trickster Tornado - Fly Guy summons a tornado, which spins around the stadium
Baby Daisy MR Baby Daisy Catcher Goat - Baby Daisy gets a Goat to run into the oppoents and attack them.
King Boo MRU King Boo Tackler Descent into Darkness - King Boo shrouds the stadium into darkness, so only his team can see it properly.
Spooky Speedster MR Spooky Speedster Speedster
Dry Bowser MRU Dry Bowser Tackler Mini Volcano - Dry Bowser makes a small volcano appear which produces lava that will go onto the stadium which will make anyone who touches it will not be able to control them.
Petey Piranha MRU Petey Piranha Scrum-Halfy Sludge - Petey Piranha will shoot lots of sludge onto the stadium making players slip.
Funky Kong MR Funky Kong Scrum-Halfy Funky Barrel - Funky Kong jumps into his Barrel and flies around the stadium stealing the opponents items.
Tiny Kong MR Tiny Kong Catcher Feather Crossbow - Tiny pulls out her Feather Crossbow and fires it all around the stadium.
Candy Kong MR Candy Kong Goalie
King K. Rool MR King K. Rool Scrum-Halfy Crown Boomerang - King K. Rool throws his Crown Boomerang, which damages all the opponents.
Star Bunny MR Star Bunny Goalie Star Bits - Star Bunny throws lots of small star bits onto the stadium making players fall and slip on them.
Kamek MRU Kamek Goalie Magic Wand - Kamek fires spells from his wand which decrease the opponents stats.
Kamella MRU Kamella Scum-Halfy Mega Shell - Kamella fires a green shell out of her wand, as she does in Super Mario Galaxy, but this time it is mega size.
Bandit MR Bandit Player Bag O' Coins - Bandit gets a bag of coins and inside he finds 100 coins and an item he can use.
Baby Yoshi MR Baby Yoshi Catcher Light Baby Yoshi - The stadium gets filled with darkness and Baby Yoshi uses his Light ability to be a light, he and his teamates are the only ones who can see
Prof. E. Gadd MR Prof E. Gadd Player Poltergust 3000 - E Gadd. gets the Poltergust 3000 out and sucks the rugby ball to himself to steal it.
Mona MRU Mona Player Pizza Frisbee - Mona holds a Pizza which makes the oppoents hungry, she throws it and opponents follow it until one gets it.
9-Volt MR 9-Volt Speedster
18-Volt MR 18-Volt Scrum-Halfy
Ashley MRU Ashley Goalie Red - Ashley gets Red to come out and attack players.
Coach MR Coach Scrum-Halfy
Baby DK MR Baby DK Tricktster Vines Of Doom - Baby DK gets vines to come from the ground and hold the opponents.
Baby Bowser MR Baby Bowser Tackler Fire Balls - Baby Bowser spits multiple Fire Balls around the stadium at the opponents.
Baby Wario MR Baby Wario Tackler Mini Magnet - Baby Wario pulls out his Magnet, which takes all the coins from the opponents.
Whomp MR Whomp Goalie Squash - Whomp grows massive and squashes all the opponents on the Stadium
Il Piantissimo MR Il Piantissimo Speedster

Downloadable Packs

Kong Kollection

Playable Characters





Playable Characters




Mushroom Troop



  • Hyper Goomba
  • Hyper Paragoomba


Galaxy Group



  • Gold Gearmo
  • Fiery Dino Piranha




There are lots of Stadiums in Mario Rugby Union, most of these being new to the series;

Default Stadiums

Image Name Type Description
Mario Stadium Grass
Mansion Boo's Horror Castle Clay
MHWiiPeach Castle Peach Gardens Grass
MTO- Yoshi Park Yoshi Park Astro
Bowser&#039;s Castle Bowser Castle Stone
Wario Galleon Wario Galleon Water
Dkjunglesluggers DK Jungle Grass
Delfino square Delfino Sqaure Stone
640px-Partytent Party Tent Grass
Retro Court 8-Bit Dome Grass

Unlockable Stadiums

Image Name Type Description
Daisy Cruiser Daisy Cruiser Wood
Waluigi pinball Waluigi Pinball Metal
Koopa cape smash bros Koopa Cape Water
640px-ShyGuyBazaar (1) Shy Guy Bazaar Dirt
640px-MapleTreeway Maple Treeway Grass
Bowser Jr &#039;s Airship Galaxy Airship Wood
Coconutmall Coconut Mall Stone
Jr. Boulevard Jr. Boulevard Asphalt
Battlerock Battlerock Galaxy Metal
SherbetLandIcon-MKDD Sherbet Land Ice
GimmickbloopersunshineMPT Gooper Blooper Seas Water
Desert Hills Desert Hills Sand
MTO- Western Junction Western Junction Sand
MHWiiTart Top Tart Top Cake
640px-HaHaG1 Haunty Halls Galaxy Matter
WildGlideSMG2 Fluzzard Galaxy Grass/Water
SSBG4 Starshine Beach Sand
Babypark Baby Park Stone
Rainbow Road SSBET Rainbow Park Rainbow
Mii Plaza Stone

Retro Stadiums

Image Name Type Description
Shroom Falls Grass A stadium located on a Giant Shroom infront of a magnificent waterfall. Water droplets will fall on the stage making it slippy.
World 1-1 World 1-1 Grass A stadium based off of the first level of Super Mario 3D Land. The course has many different platforms and terrains and many Tail Goomba's will walk through the stage.
Piranha Parl Piranha Park Grass A stadium full of Piranha Plants . The stadium contains lots of pipes and question blocks and the Piranha's constantly change pipes. Some pipes will allow the player to transport to another.


There are 8 different leagues, in every League there are 4 stadiums, the first one for the quarter-finals, the second being semi-finals, the third being the final and a fourth stadium for the championship round where the previous winners will take on you to see if they keep the trophey or not.

Mushroom League Flower League Star League Special League
Mario Stadium Daisy Cruiser Western Junction Koopa Cape
Peach Gardens Delfino Square Shy Guy Bazaar Shroom Falls
DK Jungle Party Tent Galaxy Airship Sherbet Land
Bowser Castle Baby Park World 1-1 Gooper Blooper Seas
Shell League Banana League Leaf League Galaxy League
Luigi Mansion Tart Top Maple Treeway Battlerock Galaxy
Yoshi Park Desert Hills Coconut Mall Haunty Halls Galaxy
Wario Galleon Jr Boulevard Waluigi Pinball Fluzzard Galaxy
8-Bit Dome Piranha Park Starshine Beach Rainbow Park


Credits and Copyright

  • Credit to anyone who made any of the artwork
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