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This is the page for the trophies found in Mario Rugby.

Image Name Description
Mario Rugby Trophy - Mario Mario
Mario Rugby Trophy - Luigi Luigi
Mario Rugby Trophy - Peach Peach
Mario Rugby Trophy - Yoshi Yoshi
Mario Rugby Trophy - Birdo Birdo
Mario Rugby Trophy - Toad Toad
Mario Rugby Trophy - Toadette Toadette
Mario Rugby Trophy - Wario Wario
Mario Rugby Trophy - Waluigi Waluigi
Bowser Jr
Koopa Troopa
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Hammer Bro.
Dry Bones
Dry Bowser
King Boo
Petey Piranha
Shy Guy
King K. Rool
Boom Boom
Pom Pom
Blue Yoshi
Red Yoshi
Cyan Yoshi
Black Yoshi
Blue Toad
Yellow Toad
Green Toad
White Toad
Zip Toad
Sunshine Bowser Jr.
Red Koopa Troopa
Blue Koopa Troopa
Red Kamek
Green Kamek
Yellow Kamek
Dark Bones
Original King Boo
Blue Shy Guy
Green Shy Guy
Yellow Shy Guy
Blue Luma
Green Luma
Pink Luma
Red Luma
Blue Kritter
Red Kritter
Metal Mario
NES Mario
Tanooki Mario
Tanooki Luigi
Mr. L
Gymnastic Peach
Tennis Peach
Gymnastic Rosalina
Tennis Rosalina
Item Box
Fake Item Box
Banana Peel
Green Shell
Red Shell
Fire Flower
POW Block
Mini Mushroom
Mega Mushroom
Dash Pepper
Invincibility Leaf
Propeller Mushroom
Bullet Bill
Chain Chomp
Cloud Flower
Shroom Ball
Fire Flower Ball
Mario Cap Ball
Chomp Ball
Egg Ball
Blue Shell Ball
Parawing Ball
Super Leaf Ball
Dash Pepper Ball
Star Ball
Banzai Bill
Tiki Goon
Tail Goomba
Piranha Plant
Star Bit
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