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Mario and Luigi are waiting at Mushroom Plains for all the teams to arrive. Unfortunately, only Toad and Toadette have arrived. They challenge Mario and Luigi to a game of Rugby.

Chapter 1 - Two Terrible Toads

Mario and Luigi have to beat Toad and Toadette on a 2-game set on Mushroom Plains.

Chapter 2 - Chomping in the Works

Beat Wario and Waluigi on a 3-game set on Chompworks.

Chater 3 - Royal Rugby

Beat Peach and Daisy on a 3-game set on Princess Gardens.

Chapter 4 - High Shots

Beat Yoshi and Birdo on a 2-game set on Yoshi Coliseum.

Chapter 5 - Golden Monkeys

Beat Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong on a 2-game set on Golden Temple.

Chapter 6 - Galaxy Battle

Beat Bowser and Bowser Jr. on a 2-game set on Galaxy Generator.

Chapter 7 - Shelled Accomplices

Beat Koopa Troopa and Hammer Bro. on a 2-game set on Shell City.

Chapter 8 - A Dry Challenge

Beat Dry Bones and Dry Bowser on a 3-game set on Dry Bowser Fortress.

Chapter 9 - Haunting the Haunted

Beat Kamek and King Boo on a 3-game set on Haunted Crypt.

Chapter 10 - Down the Tracks

Beat Shy Guy and Petey Piranha on a 4-game set on Shy Guy Train.

Chapter 11 - Cruel Keepings

Beat Kritter and King K. Rool on a 3-game set on K. Rool Keep.

Chapter 12 - Space Adventure

Beat Rosalina and Luma on a 4-game set on Lunar Sphere.

Chapter 13 - Storming the Armada

Beat Boom Boom and Pom Pom on a 4-game set on Airship Armada.

Chapter 14 - The Final Game

Beat Shroob and Bandit on a 5-game set on Shroob Planet.

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