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Mario Rugby Logo.png
Mario Rugby Box.png
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo.png
Publisher(s) Nin.png
Platform(s) Neptune Z
Genre(s) Sports
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Europe.png 25th August 2012

25px-Flag of USA.png 28th August 2012
25px-Flag of Japan.png 3rd Spetember 2012
25px-Flag of Australia.png 15th December 2012

Mode(s) Single Player, Online Play
Age Rating(s) 7Rating.png
Media Included Neptune Z Disc

Mario Rugby (マリオラグビー in Japan) is a Mario Sports game for the Neptune Z made by Moonlight Studios. It will be released in late 2012 and will offer downloadable content via Neptune Aquarius. There will also be a online play mode via the Neptune Connect.


The gameplay offered in this game is similar to Hockey and Basketball from Mario Sports Mix, but on a much larger scale. To score a point, the player must place the ball on the Tryline or to score 3 points the player must throw the ball over the top. The game is won by scoring a certain amount of points or when the alloted amount of time ends.

An example of Gameplay, Mario's Team Vs. Toad's Team on the stage, World 1-1.

The game uses both the touch screen of the Neptune Controller and the buttons. Various moves can be put, by either touching the buttons or touching/sliding the screen. Also, the player can make adjustments to the controls by pressing the select button and swapping them about.

The game also utilizes a photo booth, where photos taken during gameplay are stored. On this mode, players can also you premade figures and morph them into a photo.


Neptune Z

16px-3DS Stick svg.png Control Stick Move the Character
A 3DS.png A Button (Press) Back Pass\Special Move
16px-3DS B.svg.png B Button (Press) Tackle
16px-3DS X.svg.png X Button (Press) Long Kick
16px-3DS Y.svg.png Y Button (Press) Touch Down
3DS L Button.PNG L Button (Press) Catch
3DS R Button.PNG R Button (Press) Roll the Ball
3DS Start Button.PNG Start Button (Press) Start Menu
3DS Select.png Select Button (Press) Controls

DS Stylus.png

Stylus (Slide) Dash
DS Stylus.png Stylus (Touch) Barge



  • Player - A character who has balanced stats
  • Catcher - A character who can catch the ball thrown from any distance and won't ever drop it
  • Speedster - A character who can run really fast and is the best at scoring tries
  • Goalie - A character who is best defending their goal, either because of size or has high jumps
  • Scrum-Halfy/Scrummer - A character who is best at performing scrums
  • Trickster - A character who is best at throwing and scoring over the bar from far away places


Image Name Type Ground Special Air Special
Mario MR.png [[Mario]


Fireblazer - The ball gets encased in fire and rolls onto the Tryline Star Spin - Mario performs a Star Spin and the ball goes over the bar.
Luigi MR.png Luigi Player Tornaball - The Ball gets trapped in a tornado and is taken to the Tryline. Scaredy Ball - Luigi sees a ghost and jumps to the bar and puts the ball over.
Peach MR.png Peach Catcher Sweet Daze - Peach dazes everybody with her love, so she can reach the Tryline Loving Push - Peach sets the ball out in a heart all the way over the bar.
Daisy MR.png Daisy Trickster Blossomerang - Daisy throws a boomerang with the ball on and the ball is dropped off at the Tryline. Blossoming Bud - Daisy makes a huge flower grow, so she can reach the bar and throw the ball over.
Yoshi MR.png Yoshi Speedster Egg Strike - Yoshi bowls the Ball, inside an egg, all the way to the Trylline. Super Flutter - Yoshi flutters so high, that he can throw the ball over the bar.
Birdo MR.png Birdo Speedster Ball Hatchling - Birdo swallows the ball and hatches it out on the Tryline. Shooting Eggs - Birdo swallows the ball and shoots it out over the bar.
Toad MR.png Toad Speedster Shroom Line - Toad creates a line of Shroom's which the ball bounces along to get to the Tryline. Zooming Shroom - Toad uses a Shroom to zoom into the air and gets the ball over the bar.
Toadette MR.png Toadette Trickster Shroom Passage - Toadette creates a line of Shroom's which allows her to reach the tryline. Sprouting Shroom - Toadette grows a shroom which elevates her to the bar, so she can drop the ball over.
Wario MR.png Wario Goalie Garlic Attack - Wario makes a stench of garlic, so bad, that nobody will go near him. So, he can reach the Tryline. Warioman - Wario turns into Wario-Man and jumps all the way to the bar and throws over the ball.
Waluigi MR.png Waluigi Catcher Waluigiball - Waluigi uses a special contraption to warp his ball to the Tryline Rugby Tennis - Waluigi uses his Tennis Racket to hit the ball over the bar.
Bowser MR.png Bowser Scrum-Halfy Shell Slide - Bowser slides along the stadium by shell and drops the ball on the Tryline. Giga Bowser - Bowser grows huge to drop the ball over the bar.
Bowser Jr MR.png Bowser Jr Player Paintbrush - Bowser Jr. creates a line of paint with his Paintbrush for the ball to travel along toward the Tryline. Paintbrush - Bowser Jr. creates a line of paint with his Paintbrush for the ball to travel along up and over the bar.
Koopa Troopa MR.png Koopa Troopa Trickster

Shell Score - Koopa Troopa traps the ball in his shell and moves to the Tryline and drops it.

Koopa Ball - Koopa Troopa throws the ball really high and spins numerously to hit it over the bar.
Donkey Kong MR.png Donkey Kong Scrum-Halfy Kongo Beat - Donkey Kong makes a beat on his bongoes to make the ball travel onto the Tryline. Kong Smash - Donkey Kong hits the ground to make the ball fly into the air, then jumps up and uses the Kong Smash to hit it over the bar.
Diddy Kong MR.png Diddy Kong Goalie Tail Whack - Diddy Kong whacks the ball with his tail to get it onto the Tryline. Peanut Pop - Diddy Kong blasts the ball with his Peanut Popgun to make it go over the bar.
Mii MR-.png Mii Balanced Mii and You - Another Mii comes into the stadium and takes the ball to the Tryline. Mii, Mii and away... - The Mii's pass the ball up a ladder of Mii's and over the bar.


Image Name Type Ground Special Air Special
Kamek MR.png Kamek Goalie Sceptre Smash - Kamek uses his sceptre to smash the ball onto the Tryline Magical Broomstick - Kamek warps to the bar on his broomstick and drops the ball over.
Hammer Bro. MR.png Hammer Bro. Player Jump - Hammer Bro. jumps all the way to the Tryline. Hammer Attack - Hammer Bro. smashes the ball with his hammer and it goes over the bar.
Dry Bones MR.png Dry Bones Trickster Ground Pound - Dry Bones ground pounds the stadium, knocking down everyone and walks to the tryline. Bone Throw - Dry Bones hits the ball with a bone and it goes over the bar.
Dry Bowser MR.png Dry Bowser Scrum-Halfy Dry Shell - Dry Bowser spins his shell and knocks the ball onto the Tryline. Skeleton Path - Dry Bowser creates a skeleton for the ball to travel along and fall over the bar.
King Boo MR.png King Boo Goalie Ghostly Swarm - A swarm of Boo's grab the ball and take it too the Tryline. Invisiball - King Boo turns invisible and transports the ball over the bar.
Petey Piranha MR.png Petey Piranha Scrum-Halfy Piranha Slap - Petey slaps the ball onto the tryline. Super Jump - Petey jumps really high and throws the ball over the bar.
Shy Guy MR.png Shy Guy Catcher Thunder Ball - Shy Guy electrifies the ball and rolls it onto the Tryline. Thunder Bolt - Shy Guy fires a bolt at the ball, blasting it over the bar.
Kritter MR.png Kritter Speedster Kritter Pounce - Kritter jumps all the way to the Tryline. Kritter Swing - Kritter spins numerously in the air and throws it over the bar.
King K. Rool MR.png King K. Rool Scrum-Halfy K. Rool's Charge - King K. Rool charges all the way to the Tryline Crown Boomerang - King K. Rool throws his crown with the ball on it and drops it over the bar.
Rosalina MR.png Rosalina Trickster Magic Bolt - Rosalina shoots a bolt of magic out of her wand at the ball moving it onto the Tryline. Magic Bubble - Rosalina protects herself and the ball in a bubble and moves up to the bar and drops the ball over.
Luma MR.png Luma Player Luma Spin - Luma spins really fast, knocking the ball onto the Tryline. Luma Swarm - Luma summons many of his friends to move the ball over the bar.
Boom Boom MR.png Boom Boom Scrum-Halfy Boom Boom Punch - Boom Boom punches the ball onto the Tryline. Boom Boom Spin - Boom Boom spins really fast knocking the ball over the bar.
Pom Pom MR.png Pom Pom Catcher Pomerang - Pom Pom puts the ball onto her Boomerang and throws it, dropping the ball on the Tryline. Jumping Swoop - Pom Pom jumps high and throws the Boomerang with the ball on it dropping it over the bar.
Shroob mR.png Shroob Trickster Ray Gun - Shroob fires his Ray Gun, blasting the ball to the Tryline. UFO - Shroob calls a UFO and loads the ball. The UFO drops the ball over the bar.
Banidt MR.png Bandit Trickster Bag O' Coins - Bandit puts the ball in his bag of coins. It transports the ball to the Tryline and provides him with extra coins. Free Candy - Bandit throws the ball and fires a line of candy, taking the ball over the bar.

Unlocking Criteria

Name How to Unlock
Kamek Complete the Mushroom Cup
Hammer Bro. Reach Level 5 of the Rugby Shot Minigame
Dry Bones Unlock 10 Trophies
Dry Bowser Complete the Special Cup
King Boo Unlock all 10 Rugby Balls
Petey Piranha Reach Level 5 of the Piranha Pass
Shy Guy Reach Level 5 of Ink Ace
Kritter Complete the Flower Cup
King K. Rool Get a Gold Trophy on all Cups
Rosalina Complete the Star Cup
Luma Reach Level 5 of Galaxy Throw
Boom Boom Complete the Hidden Cup
Pom Pom Unlock 20 Trophies
Shroob Score 5000 Points
Bandit Score 10000 Points


~ = Seperate Form to Characters

Unlocking Criteria

Name How to Unlock
Blue Yoshi Play as Yoshi 15 Times
Red Yoshi Play as Yoshi 30 Times
Cyan Yoshi Play as Yoshi 50 Times
Black Yoshi Play as Yoshi 80 Times
Striker Yoshi Play as Yoshi 120 Times
Blue Toad Play as Toad 15 Times
Yellow Toad Play as Toad 30 Times
Green Toad Play as Toad 50 Times
White Toad Play as Toad 80 Times
Zip Toad Play as Toad 100 Times
Sunshine Bowser Jr. Play as Bowser Jr 50 Times
Red Koopa Troopa Play as Koopa Troopa 40 Times
Blue Koopa Troopa Play as Koopa Troopa 80 Times
Red Kamek Play as Kamek 30 Times
Green Kamek Play as Kamek 65 Times
Yellow Kamek Play as Kamek 100 Times
Dark Bones Play as Dry Bones 75 Times
Original King Boo Play as King Boo 80 Times
Blue Shy Guy Play as Shy Guy 25 Times
Green Shy Guy Play as Shy Guy 50 Times
Yellow Shy Guy Play as Shy Guy 75 Times
Blue Luma Play as Luma 20 Times
Green Luma Play as Luma 45 Times
Pink Luma Play as Luma 70 Times
Red Luma Play as Luma 95 Times
Polari Play as Luma 120 Times
Blue Kritter Play as Kritter 40 Times
Red Kritter Play as Kritter 80 Times
Metal Mario Play as Mario 100 Times
NES Mario Play as Mario 175 Times
Tanooki Mario Play as Mario 250 Times
Striker Mario Play as Mario 400 Times
Tanooki Luigi Play as Luigi 60 Times
Mr. L Play as Luigi 140 Times
Striker Luigi Play as Luigi 200 Times
Gymnastic Peach Play as Peach 50 Times
Tennis Peach Play as Peach 120 Times
Striker Peach Play as Peach 180 Times
Striker Daisy Play as Daisy 150 Times
Striker Wario Play as Wario 100 Times
Striker Waluigi Play as Waluigi 100 Times
Striker Donkey Kong Play as Donkey Kong 100 Times
Gymnastic Rosalina Play as Rosalina 100 Times
Tennis Rosalina Play as Rosalina 200 Times



Image Name Type Description
MHWiiMario stadium.png Mario Dome Grass A very simple stadium with no hazards.
Peach Castle.jpg Peach Castle Stone A stadium located inside a large room of Peach's Castle. Coins drop from the hanging chandeliers and Goomba's stroll through the stadium.
MTO- Wario Factory.png Wario Factory Metal A stadium located inside Wario's Factory. It has many moving conveyor belts and Mecha-Koopa's drop down into the stadium.
Yoshi Rocks Rock A stadium located on Yoshi Island within the mountain range. Banzai Bill's will blast through the stage knocking rocks onto the stadium.
Shroom Falls Grass A stadium located on a Giant Shroom infront of a magnificent waterfall. Water droplets will fall on the stage making it slippy.
Bowser Castle (Court).jpg Bowser Domain Stone A stadium above a vast expanse of lava. Podoboo's will jump through the wiring and Thwomps will fall onto the stage, flattening the players.
MTO- Koopa Beach.png Koopa Troopa Beach Sand A stadium located on a sandy beach with swaying Palm Trees. Pianta's will throw coins onto the stage and Lakitu's will drop Spinies .
DK Jungle.jpg DK Temple Wood A stadium located within the DK's Jungle . The temple is full of Tiki Goon's that walk through the stage.


Image Name Type Description
Luigi Mansion.jpg Boo Mansion Carpet A mansion owned by the Boo's . This haunted stadium is covered in candles and many boo's will come through the stage stealing the ball and passing it to someone else.
Birdo Dry Desert.jpg Dry Desert Sand A desert infested with Dry Bones . This stadium has many falling columns and bats will fly through the course occasionly.
World 1-1.jpg World 1-1 Grass A stadium based off of the first level of Super Mario 3D Land. The course has many different platforms and terrains and many Tail Goomba's will walk through the stage.
Piranha Parl.jpg Piranha Park Grass A stadium full of Piranha Plants . The stadium contains lots of pipes and question blocks and the Piranha's constantly change pipes. Some pipes will allow the player to transport to another.
GoodEggGalaxyMania.png Galaxy Arena Crystal A stadium located in the Good Egg Galaxy . The course will have many Star Bits falling on to the course and Luma's will throw coins aswell.
Kritter Canyon.jpg Kritter Canyon Rock A dusty canyon located in the Mushroom Kingdom . Kritter's will often move through the stage and the ground will sometimes produce coins.
MTO- Sherbet Land.jpg Icebank Plains Ice An icey plain inhabited by many Penguins . The ice will commonly fall through making the course smaller.

Adventure Stadiums

Image Name Type Description Characters Vs.
Mushroom gorge.jpg Mushroom Plains Mushroom A small stadium along a few mushrooms. Toads inhabit the stands. Toad and Toadette
Chompworks.png Chompworks Metal A robotic stadium with Flip-Swap panels. Gearmo's watch from above. Wario and Waluigi
MTO- Daisy Garden.png Princess Gardens Grass A course set outside Daisy's Palace. Piranha Plants spit mud onto the stadium and Piantas watch from afar. Peach and Daisy
Yoshi Coliseum Stone A small stadium located on a coliseum above the sea. Yoshis watch from the stand. Yoshi and Birdo
640px-GoldenTemple65.png Golden Temple Sky A stadium with many small platforms of all shapes and sizes. There are no stands or audience. DK and Diddy
Galaxy Generator.png Galaxy Generator Stone A stadium located within the midst of Bowser's galaxy. Bowser's enemies watch from the stands. Bowser and Jr.
Neo Bowser City.png Shell City Asphalt A stadium in Bowser's own city. This devil themed course is full of enemies. Koopa and Hammer Bro
Dry Bowser Fortress Bone A stadium along a huge bonecoaster . The bonecoaster travels along huge pits of lava, with Podoboo's flying though the gaps. Dry Bowser and Dry Bones
Koopaling Crypt 2 SSBET.jpg Haunted Crypt Ice A small stadium englufed by fog. This stadium is very slippy and often changes. Kamek and King Boo
MTO- Toy Train.png Shy Guy Train Carpet A stadium located on a high speed train. Travel through the carriages and along the roof, but watch out for the signs. Shy Guy and Petey Piranha
ArcticAbyss.png K. Rool Keep Ice A stadium located with a part of King K. Rool's Lair. Based on Arctic Abyss, the course is very slippy. Kritter and King K. Rool
Ms- gateway.png Lunar Sphere Crystal A spherical stadium located in space. Star Bunnies watch from floating stadiums. Rosalina and Luma
Airship2.png Armada Airship Wood An airship from the game: Super Mario 3D Land. The stadium is a moving course and has many different rugby goals throughout, which any team can score in. Boom Boom and Pom Pom
Shroob Planet.png Shroob Planet Rock A stadium located in the Shroob Land. The stadium is surronded by many Shroob, who watch from tops of buildings on the stadium. Shroob and Bandit


Name Description
Rugby Shot Throw numerours Rugby Balls through the hoops within the time limit
Piranha Pass Throw the Rugby Ball at Piranha Plant's that pop out of the Star Pipes
Ink Ace Walk through the tunnel passing the ball to your partner, without touching any ink
Galaxy Throw Throw the ball into the galaxy and try to collect the most Power Stars .


Image Name Description
Coin.png Coin This item can be collected. Collect 50 to perform a Ground Special and 100 to perform an Air Special
ItemBoxMK7.png Item Box This item can be collected and will provide the player an item.
FakeItemBoxMKC.png Fake Item Box This item can be placed and can fool players into collecting like the item box. But instead it will knock the player down.
BananaPeel.png Banana Peel This item can be placed and can knock the player down if ran into.
GreenShell.png Green Shell This item can be thrown and will knock the player down if hit.
RedShell.png Red Shell This item can be thrown and will target a player on the other team and knock them down.
Bob-omb 2.png Bob-omb This item can be thrown. It will explode and knock down all the players in the area.
FireFlowerSM3DL.png Fire Flower This item can be fired numerously for a short period of time. Each player hit will be knocked down.
POW.PNG POW Block This item can be dropped and it will knock down all the players on the other team.
Mini Mushroom.png Mini Mushroom This item can be thrown and anyone who runs into will shrink.
Mega Mushroom.png Mega Mushroom This item can be thrown and anyone who runs into will grow huge.
DashPepper.png Dash Pepper This item can be collected and will give the team super speed for a short period of time
370px-SuperLeaf3D2.png Incibility Leaf This item can be collected and the player will drop the ball and the ball will go directly over the bar. It is unstoppable.
Propeller Mushroom.png Propeller Mushroom This item can be collected and it will give the player an extra boost of height, so it is much easier to throw the ball over the bar.
BulletBillWii.png Bullet Bill This item can be thrown and will target the player with the ball. This only works when you don't have the ball.
Freezie SM3DW.png Freezie This item can be thrown and will freeze anyone it touches.
MP9 Chain Chomp Bust.png Chain Chomp This item can be activated. A Chain Chomp will come jumping into the stadium and will run riot. Knocking down anyone it hits.
CloudFlower.png Cloud Flower This item can be activated. It will grow 3 clouds which will protect you. This only works when you have the ball.
Paintball This item can be activated. It will splodge lots of paint onto the stage and it will make it slippy for the other team so they can't hold the ball or stand up to throw it.

Blimp Fruit Makes You Fly For A Short Time. Bulb Berry Makes You Glow For A Short Time

Rugby Balls


Unlockable = *

  • Shroom Ball
  • Fire Flower Ball
  • Boomerang Ball
  • Chomp Ball
  • Egg Ball
  • Blue Shell Ball *
  • Parawing Ball *
  • Super Leaf Ball *
  • Dash Pepper Ball *
  • Star Ball *

Unlocking Criteria

Name How to Unlock
Blue Shell Ball Play with all 5 Default Rugby Balls
Parawing Ball Play 100 Games
Super Leaf Ball Play 200 Games
Dash Pepper Ball Play 300 Games
Star Ball Play 500 Games

Mii Outfits


Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost Name Cost
Mario 1500 Birdo 2100 Toad 2000 Kamek 2500 Petey Piranha 2000 Luma 8000
Luigi 1500 Wario 1000 Toadette 2000 Hammer Bro. 3000 King Boo 3500 Boom Boom 10000
Peach 1700 Waluigi 1000 Donkey Kong 2500 Dry Bones 2000 Kritter 3500 Pom Pom 10000
Daisy 1700 Bowser 3000 Diddy Kong 3500 Dry Bowser 2500 King K. Rool 5000 Shroob 10000
Yoshi 2000 Bowser Jr 3500 Koopa Troopa 2000 Shy Guy 3500 Rosalina 5000 Bandit 10000



Main Article: Mario Rugby/Trophies

Downloadable Packages

Moonlight Studios uploaded 2 Downloadable Packages to the Mario Rugby Channel. They contained 6 Playable Characters, 2 Alternates, 2 Stages and 1 Item.

Photo Booth

The Photo Booth is a mode in Mario Rugby, where players can look at photos taken during gameplay and design their own photos using premade figures that can be put into the game.

Story Mode



A sequel was made called Mario Rugby Union. It is a joint effort between Moonlight Studios and Hammers R Us Inc.



Beta Elements

Main Article: Mario Rugby/Beta Elements

Credits and Copyright

  • Credit to T0M for the Rosalina Artwork, Ashley and Zip Toad Artwork
  • Credit to Lucava for the Bowser Jr Artwork (Normal Version)
  • Credit to anybody else who made any of the artwork
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