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Mario Rock World is formerly a GMK project by KamekYay know as Mario Guitar World but the sequel (Mario Rock World) has since been moved to become the 1st game, this game will now feature 3D graphics and Guitar, Drums, Microphone and Bass if players wish to play Microphone career they will need to connect with a microphone from either the guitar hero or rock band series other guitar hero/rock band instruments will also be compatible.


The current gameplay is like Guitar Hero hitting the fret notes as they come towards the screen. There is a story mode following a storyline about Mario and friends enjoying the life of playing in rock bands but the superstar guitar is stolen and the peace is broken, Now Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi must go on a Journey to bring peace back to the world as well as regaining thier friends along the way. In storymode there is Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert mode which each follow a different storyline, Easy only Features the Green, Red and Yellow notes, Medium features blue as well and hard and expert feature the Black note aswell. Quickplay is a mode designed for fun that works the same as storymode and players will be able to choose up to 8 songs to play in a row, they can also make the game randomly choose the songs the players might have unlocked. A battle mode featuring weapons such as mushrooms and koopa shells will be a feature in storymode and out of storymode and is the main way of unlocking songs, venues, instruments and characters. A multiplayer mode is also planned where players can use the battle system to verse other people online and download more songs.


Players start off with only Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Peach but unlock more along the way


Easy Mode

Koopa Beach
Shy Guy Stadium
Peach Castle
Luigi Stadium

Medium Mode

DK Jungle
Delfino Square
Daisy Fair
Mario Stadium

Hard Mode

Waluigi Stadium
Sherbet Land
Mushroom City
Yoshi Stadium

Expert Mode

Wario Stadium
Boo Mansion
Bowser Castle
Rainbow Stadium

extreme mode

daimond city
bowser castle
rainbow road
terminal rush

rage quit mode

warning the songs are sped up 10 times in this mode!!!

peaches castle
whomp factory
havok highway
toad town (final level)

Song List

A Unique song list has been chosen for Mario Rock World featuring tracks from artists like Led Zeppelin, Nitro, Steppen Wolf, Jimi Hendrix and Aerosmith, there are 65 Songs in story mode with more unlockable as bonus tracks. Below are 34 songs from the track list.


Song Artist Year
Moving In Stereo The Cars 1978
Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin 1970
Even Flow Pearl Jam 1991
I Was Made For Lovin' You KISS 1979
Story of My Life Social Distortion 1990
Human The Killers 2008
Just Push Play Aerosmith 2001
Fade to Black Metallica 1984
Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne 1980
Everlong Foo Fighters 1997
Livin' On a Prayer Bon Jovi 1986
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 1991
Tarantula The Smashing Pumpkins 2007
Dirty Little Secret The All-American Rejects 2005
Map of the Problematique Muse 2007
That's What You Get Paramore 2007
Testify Rage Against the Machine 2000
Come Out and Play The Offspring 1994
Tubthumpin' Chumbawamba 1997
Cum on Feel the Noize Quiet Riot 1983
Paralyzer Finger Eleven 2007
My Own Worst Enemy Lit 1999
Fight For Your Right Beastie Boys 1987
Bat Country Avenged Sevenfold 2005
(Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Oyster Cult 1976
Black Betty Spiderbait 2004
Freight Train Nitro 1989
Layla Derek & the Dominos 1970
Given Up Linkin' Park 2008
Hallowed Be Thy Name(Live) Iron Maiden 1982
The Glass Prison Dream Theatre 2002
Waking the Demon Bullet For My Valentine 2008
Call Me Blondie 1980
Zebra The John Butler Trio 2003
Marisa Stole the Precious Thing IOSYS 2007
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