Mario Riptide is a water racing game developed by Asyulus and published, licensed and owned by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console. It is the first Mario game to utilize this type of gameplay. Dynamic and surreal camera type is also used during gameplay. Mario Riptide will be released on November 17, 2017 in all territories worldwide.

The game itself is a water-style riptide racing in which riptide racers must race first, second or third to the finish line in order to win the water race round. Bundles and packs are yet to be announced in the future. Mario Riptide's prologue is set near the Mushroom Kingdom where Mario and his buddies are bored doing something, thus Toadsworth forced toads to think and build a riptide stadium with several riptides. The red-capped hero has learned that there are more riptide water tracks outside their own kingdom.

Main Menu Screen





The existing main menu screen of Mario Riptide features a black and white Mario riding a hydro jet. The background is colored blue (default) and contains a checkered design branded with several patterned but nearly transparent hydro jets on it.

Depending on the date in real world, season can vary time to time. Therefore, the main menu background color will change depending if it is spring, summer, fall, or winter. It can also affect the other background color menus of the specific chosen game modes. This season changing system uses the Astronomical Seasons format. Spring background is present from March Equinox to June Solstice, Summer background is present from June Solstice to September Equinox, Fall background is present from September Equinox to December Solstice and Winter background is present from December Solstice to March Equinox.


Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Blue Toad, Peach and Daisy went to beach in order to relax quietly as their vacation. Mario is seen looking at the bright and happy sea for his imagination. Luigi also brought a volleyball in order to play against his fellow rival Waluigi.

Luigi: "Hey, Waluigi, do you want to play volleyball?"

Waluigi: "Sure, I wanna play! Prepare to lose, Luigi!"

But suddenly, both of the two are tired and the rest have nothing to do, they try to guess an idea which could make them really happy. Mario said he wants to learn how to drive a riptide since he saw several goombas riding riptides in the sea moving really fast. He also pleaded to challenge someone so he can change his style and earn popularity.

The Rest"That's a great idea! I like it very much!"

They later abandon their wise vacation and came back to their kingdom while entering Peach's castle. They sought out to ask Toadsworth that they are interested in hydro jet riptide racing.

Toadsworth"Uh oh, what is a hydro jet?"

Mario: "A hydro jet is a medium-sized jetski-like water vehicle that travels as fast as an average luxury vehicle. It is also known as a water rider."

Toadsworth: "Okay, I got it Mario, I now know how to build a riptide racing track."

The Rest: "Yay!!! Thanks!"

Toadsworth asked the toads to build a riptide track located near the Mushroom Kingdom that consists of fresh water, riders, sticky water portions, ramps and secret passageways. After a riptide track was built, A lot of citizens are very happy because of that. Mario and the rest are able to play a riptide match. Now, they are already happy and aren't bored anymore.


A riptide thingy
Master motor cruise racing with tons of enjoyment!
Mario Riptide back cover

Participants are involved in a variety of race tracks filled with fresh water using hydro jets or water riders as the baseline vehicles in the game. At every start of a match, players can boost start if the timing is correct (after the 2 in countdown timer disappears), but if it is incorrect (if the 3 in countdown timer is still appearing), then the player and his/her hydro jet will temporarily unable to move and have gases spreading out of it. If a water rider bumps another water rider, then the bumped one will be pushed away, so does the bumper depending on the size of the participant and body parts. All riptide racers will have a slightly shorter gravity whenever he/she is in the air, thus making them slower to land in the water track. They can still maneuver in the air, however it is also possible to out of bounds whenever he/she drives the hydro jet in the outside of a water track. While in air, the rider can perform specific combos and tricks so they can boost and speed up while in air. The boost speed depends on how easy the trick is. More tricks can be unlocked by using skill points in the trick store. The player can earn skill points by leveling up, and every level gains a skill point. The total skill point amount in skill upgrades is 100. Whenever any portion of the water touches the screen, water splash drops will splatter in the game screen, thus slightly hindering the player's vision.

The game features orbs where they can be used as an advantage such as attacking another players and to speed-up. All or most of the water tracks present in the game feature obstacles, ramps, secret passageways, traps, turbo pads and enemies. These orbs are usually helpful to riptide players who are near or on the place, as they can catch up and overpower the mid-placers or even the top placers. It also includes the risk of falling out of the water track and unique hazards, similar to some Mario games. Whenever the player went out of bounds, the blue-cloud Lakitu will pull him/her up back to the track. Performing this act too much could remove the player's chance of getting first place, but if the player was able to use a very efficient orb for ninth-twelfth placers, then he/she might have a decent shot of winning first place. There are 3 laps in each round, but in some modes such as exhibition and online it can be changed.

The player can collect game coins (not the game round coins) in order to unlock additional rider parts. Once a coin collecting requirement has been accomplished, a random riptide part will be unlocked and now available for use. The maximum coins that a player can collect in a match is 15. Collecting coins while in a game round can also increase the water rider's top speed significantly. The maximum grid of this game across all modes (except for speed trials which is always one) is 12. In online multiplayer, the player can challenge all players in the world on real-time. It is possible to have just two (2) players playing a round depending on the people online in the server.

Mario Riptide carries a gimmick system called winds. They can push riptide players on air away depending on the angle and power of the wind. They can also affect gameplay, such as the orbs having irregular path of direction due to the wind pushing it and shaking the water for a bit, which can also affect the trajectory and way of the players due to the angle of the water. Most of the time, there will be minimal to no wind although at rare occasions, winds can be very powerful and strong. Depending on the intensity of the wind, weather can also change. Higher wind intensity can accumulate to bad weather causing frequent rains, affecting the viewpoint of the player, but for weaker winds, not so much. Winds can be toggled on or off in some modes sans Riptide Championship mode, and the intensity of the wind can be adjusted depending on the people's choice.

The Nintendo Switch touchscreen features the character places in the left side, the course map in the right side, with a moving dynamic water background. The touchscreen also allows the player to draw the symbol associated with their character in order to activate the special ability of a riptide racer. When drawing for the special move, special sound effects and visual effects like fire, ice, leaf or water will occur. The player is incapable of doing this method if their special bar is not yet full or max. Mario Riptide supports both Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE and Bluetooth while streaming ghosts to another person globally. There is also a LAN multiplayer mode instead of just online multiplayer. In the LAN multiplayer mode, all riptide parts are automatically unlocked and available for use. Additionally, this game can be purchased through Nintendo eShop, with the digital version requiring lots of memory in order to be downloaded and installed.Mario Riptide can support 4K resolution, allowing for graphical and detail improvements. Some exclusive water tracks can be downloaded via downloadable content and are only playable in online mode such as Fast-Zero Waterway for example.

Riptide Championship Point Spread Comparison
Place Points earned
1st +15
2nd +12
3rd +9
4th +8
5th +7
6th +6
7th +5
8th +4
9th +3
10th +2
11th +1
12th 0
  • Bold and Italic signifies great clapping, great reaction.
  • Bold signifies moderate clapping, good reaction.
  • Italic signifies mild clapping, okay reaction.
  • No Bold and Italic signifies losing results, bad reaction.


Hydro Jet/Water Rider Customization

Throughout the game, the player can customize their hydro water jet at every beginning of the race match, in all game modes including online multiplayer. Players can recolor their rider parts in any color they wanted to using a preset of colors such as red, orange, pink and green, or using a color wheel for most of the rider parts, but for few such as the standards, they cannot be recolored and have their own specific color scheme depending on the riptide racer. All rider parts of each category have their names on it. There are also a lot of combinations and possibilities in regards to choosing parts.

The player can unlock more additional hydro jet parts by gaining coins or completing various cups in Riptide Championship across single-player or multiplayer. Rarer rider parts tend to be difficult to find, but all of them are just inside this game. They can affect various stats containing Speed, Acceleration, Weight, Handling, Items and Special.

Hydro Jet Parts

Steering Wheel




Airborne System

The game features an airborne system in which players can perform spins, barrel rolls and flips by going off a ramp. There are three types of ramps: Straight ramp, left-face ramp and right-face ramp. While on air, the screen and the entire track will blur a bit, with the player, riptide and HUD remaining normal. After landing to the water, everything goes back to normal. Going off the ramp automatically slows down the landing of a riptide player. There are three unique functions while in the air, shake the Nintendo Switch controller vertically in order to spin, horizontally in order to flip and diagonally in order to barrel roll. Sometimes when carelessly and recklessly performing this move, the player can get harmed and be temporarily stunned for a very few seconds. (such as performing at the side of a ramp)

Sticky Water

Mario Riptide features a sticky water system placed in the sides of a water track. This gimmick features very rare and unique power-ups, usually and commonly for last placers. Sticky waters are sometimes difficult to find in some tracks and may be a secret, but sometimes it is easy to search for it. Whenever a player was able to touch the corner, then touch the sticky water part, his/her camera will rotate as how the rotation of differentiated water plane is. This can be useful for the first placers as the attack orbs cannot locate it and will occasionally miss it.

Special Abilities

Mario Riptide also contains a special ability in which riptide players gain advantage against other riptide opponents and enemies. Each Mario character has their own specific special ability whenever their special meter is full. The players can gain special meter by drifting, using jumping ramps, using turbo pads, and using power-ups against other racers. The downside for the usage of special ability is the handling of the user will slightly decrease when this is present.

For example, Mario can use his "Mario Finale" special to hurt anyone in the front within 30 feet, thus his special meter is depleted. Special abilities can be toggled by drawing the symbol in the Nintendo Switch touchscreen for Player 1, or by using the mic for Player 2 and on wards associated with their character. The player must say "Special Ability [Rider name]" on the mic to activate the special ability, and none other else.

Player Level

Bronze League * Silver League * Gold League * Platinum League


A level up system has been implemented to the game so that people can be given more accomplishments and rewards. Player's level can be increased in both single and online multiplayer modes. By leveling up across both single and online modes, the player can unlock exclusive rider parts in order to suit their appearance. The maximum level cap in multiplayer mode is 100. Levels are divided by the four leagues as well.

For the leagues, everyone will start in the Bronze League and can change and upgrade their league when a specific level requirement has been met. The highest league called Platinum league is the highest league that can be attained by a player, with the level being 100. When at max level, it is possible to prestige it by returning the level into 1, although it will remain as Bronze League II and goes so on. The maximum prestige that the person can contain is 10th Prestige.


In Mario Riptide, these are the game modes that are present (not including the settings part). Note that some of the modes are accessible into two or more core mode options.

  • One Player - Riptide Championship, Exhibition, Tsunatide, Speed Trials, Battle
  • Multiplayer - LAN, Exhibition, Tsunatide, Battle
  • Online - Online, Battle
  • Extras - Riptide Track Editor, Riptide Replay

Riptide Championship

The main baseline mode of Mario Riptide features a total of eight engine classes each with specific difficulty: 50mL (Easy), Mirror 50mL (Easy), 100mL (Normal), Mirror 100mL (Normal), 150mL (Challenging), and Mirror 150mL (Challenging). If the player was able to complete the first three engine class modes, then the mirror mode is unlocked. Another not very secret 200mL (Legendary) can be unlocked if the player was able to 5-star all the six engine classes, including mirror. Later on, if the player was able to 5-star the 200mL, the Mirror 200mL (also Legendary) can be accessed.

The 200mL and Mirror 200mL are also by far the hardest class player will encounter, with a legendary difficulty, extremely aggressive opponents and a extremely fast rider speed which could frequently lead to crashes. The objective is to win a series of water tracks in a specific cup in order to obtain stars. The number of stars will depend on how high the player's point it is (the highest points that a player can attain in this mode is 75). Stars are used by unlocking more harder difficulties.

Downloadable tracks and battle stages are not involved here. Every time a player completes a whole riptide engine class, game credits will be played with a music. The real credits of Riptide Championship can be accessed if and only if the person has completed the whole mode. To finish the whole mode, all of the cups in all engine classes must be five starred. Once the Riptide Championship mode is one hundred percent complete, the main menu screen will change, instead of just Mario riding, rest of the riptide racers will be shown riding too. The number of stars present in this entire mode is 160.

MarioriptidestarMarioriptidestarMarioriptidestar The highest and best rank player can attain. Achieving this in all tracks of all engine classes can unlock 200mL. To achieve this, the player must score 75 Points.
MarioriptidestarMarioriptidestar The second highest rank player can attain. To achieve this, the player must score 70-74 Points.
Marioriptidestar The third highest rank player can attain. To achieve this, the player must score 65-69 Points
A The central rank player can attain. To achieve this, the player must score 60-64 Points.
B The third lowest rank player can attain. To achieve this, the player must score 55-59 Points.
C The second lowest rank player can attain. To achieve this, the player must score 45-54 Points.
F The lowest and worst rank player can attain. The player's score is <45 Points.


The exhibition mode provides player an opportunity to pick any difficulty and game rules such as picking the number of laps, turning orbs on/off, and picking the number of opponents. The three difficulties are Easy, Normal and Challenging. He/she can change the handicap of his/her opponents and pick a number of races as shown in the menu. Coins collected here in this mode aren't added to the player's coin total. This mode is exclusive to either Single-player or Multiplayer.

When the last exhibition race finishes, it will show the rankings of top 3 riptide racers and each has different expressions. After that, a player will receive a exhibition trophy depending on place, however there is nothing special on it.

Speed Trials

A mode in which a player can practice his/her own skills in any track in Riptide Championship mode. It supports staff ghosts from the fixed and generated players in game. A racer can test his/her record in a particular water track. Once a racer plays a time trial mode, he/she will be given three boost orbs in order to adapt a time advantage in case if slowed down or they are willing to whenever if necessary. Orbs do not appear at this mode as it can distract the player's attention while navigating the path. Obstacles will also be omitted in Speed Trials mode.

When a person starts a trial race, it is like a riptide player is challenging somebody, although the opponent is nearly transparent and has no collision with respect to the player. In an alternate way, once the player has already finished a same track.


The game's battle mode is consisted of three game types: Drag Racing, Tsunami Survival and Coin Dash. Each of them have their own specific water tracks and can have any specific number of rounds ranging from 1 to 5. This game mode and the game types can be played across single-player and online multiplayer modes, except for the Drag Racing part due to the fact it consists of only four players. This mode in online also contains an own Tide Rating.

Drag Racing

The player must use his/her skills while starting their engines and timing shifts in a straight track. Only exclusive to this, the riptide players cannot customize there own rider, instead being chosen a normal rider. They cannot steer their riders at this mode as this game type doesn't consist of turns. Early or late shifts can cause the player to temporarily slow down. First one to cross the finish line wins. This game type can contain a maximum of four players and a minimum of two.

Tsunami Survival

Riptide players must avoid being swallowed by tsunami, else they will get eliminated. The player can pick how long the tsunamis last, from 60 seconds to 2 minutes, and pick how efficient they are. The player must survive in order to win the match. The Tsunami Survival tracks are all square-shaped and have tsunami flows from each side of the square tracks. This battle type shares similarities towards the Tsunatide special mode as they both involve tsunamis. The only difference is that the latter is presented in a board game format. The maximum players in this game type are twelve.

Coin Dash

The water tracks have different and specific designs. Some of them have ramps, teleporters and even hazards. This is the only game type in Battle mode on which it supports the functionality and usage of orbs. The riptide player can use weapon-type orbs to steal other player's coins. The maximum coins collected is 10. The player with the most coins, as usual, wins the match. Coins collected here are not added to the player's total coin amount, like the exhibition mode. Maximum of dozen riptide players can play this game type, akin to Tsunami Survival.


In this mode, the racers can pick any part of the rider (all of them are unlocked automatically and available for use) to complement their game style. Maximum of 4 players are allowed in this LAN multiplayer mode. The player needs to unlock the track from the Riptide Championship mode in order to play it. There are two ways to play this game mode, first split-screen is possible by connecting all the Nintendo Switch split controllers, including Joy-Con controllers. If two players are playing, then the screen will be split into half, if three players are playing, then the screen will be split into quarters (four) although one quarter of the screen contains nothing and is colored black, lastly if four players are playing, then the screen will be split into quarters (four).


The most prominent mode for online gaming comes with challenging other players worldwide. Players can unlock random rider parts in order to complement their style of play when playing this online mode. While playing a match with this mode, he/she will encounter a globe with a space background while waiting for other riptide racers to join. A Nintendo Network is required to access this mode.

While accessing the online lobby, it will start to scan fellow real-life opponents. Once found, up to 11 players will be present. Miis of the player and the fellow competitors will be shown as well and once the waiting has finished, a track voting will occur and if the same track is chosen most frequently by two or more players, the track will be used for online round. However, if none of the players have picked tracks that other players chose the track as well, then a track wheel will be formulated. The track wheel will spin and later on will stop eventually. The track is chosen when the pinpoint of the wheel is pointed there.

Also, an internet connection or any internet systems is required to access the mode. If the person's internet connection isn't fast enough, disconnections or high ping may occur. Stable connections provide normal experience. The player can gain Tide Rating and XP by playing online matches, however the Tide Rating can also be decreased depending on the player's place, usually near the last placing. All players start with 500 Tide and the maximum level cap is 100.

There are four leagues, each with possibly different skill, and the later leagues features a possibly more skilled and experienced players in all around the world. The online leagues include Bronze League, Silver League, Gold League, and Platinum League. Note that players can only challenge another players over the world if they are in the same league. Sample, a player from the Gold League cannot rival anyone inside the Silver League because they are two distinct leagues.

Online Multiplayer Tide Rating & XP Spread Comparison
Place Tide Rating XP gained
1st +20 2,500 XP
2nd +15 1,500 XP
3rd +12 1,000 XP
4th +9 900 XP
5th +6 800 XP
6th +4 700 XP
7th +3 600 XP
8th +2 500 XP
9th +1 400 XP
10th 0 300 XP
11th -5 200 XP
12th -10 100 XP
  • Bold and Italic signifies great clapping, great reaction.
  • Bold signifies moderate clapping, good reaction.
  • Italic signifies mild clapping, okay reaction.
  • No Bold and Italic signifies losing results, bad reaction.

Track Editor

In this mode, players can create their own track and share it to their friends or other people across the online multiplayer mode. Players can add water roads by using from a preset tools such as straight, turn left or right, up and down, and bent. They can also recolor the water, pick a water edge, change the background and the appearance of the bleachers if they are interested. Props such as rocks, trees, Mario Riptide arch, and buildings are also involved and can make the track more aesthetically pleasing. To make the track more difficult, railings from some portion of the water roads can also be removed and obstacles (mainly living ones) can also be added. Once finished creating the track, the maker can upload it to either the "Saved Tracks" section or in the online mode called Track Portal.

Inside the track portal, other people can rate the track depending on the quality of the track ranging from 0 to 5 stars. It contains several tab menu sortings. The tab sortings contain Most played, Best rated and Recent tracks. There is also a search tracks section where the person can pick the track he/she wants to play. The highest rated tracks can be easily found on the Best Tracks section. In order for the player to choose his/her own created track in a quick way, the player must go to online and select "Pick a track" and pick "Custom Tracks" then choose his/her track, however, there is a small chance that it is going to be the next map because the other 1 to 11 player/s get to pick a track as well.

Riptide Replay

Riptide Replay is an Internet-based mode in which the players can record and share their game highlights and other people's game highlights. These videos can be uploaded in either YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, Miiverse or any other video hosting sites and platforms. Every highlights recorded will have a record date and have a comment system. People can comment if they have thoughts or reactions. A standing TV appears on this mode and the background is changed from blue to navy blue. The TV object will act like the outline of the video.

The player is given the privilege to edit their recorded games by slowing down, or speeding up. He/She can also change the tone of the video screen such as grey scale, black & white, sepia tone, or rainbow themed. There are also any special effects to be added if the video maker wants it, such as stars popping out of the screen, fire burning in the bottom of the screen, etc. Transitions and after effects can also be implemented so the quality of the video will be inflated.


The game’s special mode called Tsunatide is a fresh board game that separates from the mainstream mode. It can hold up to four players, either computer-controlled or simply another real person. People have freedom to choose any unlocked character to play the match. Each of the character models have their own design based on the appearance of the character and especially the color, merged in a riptide piece. The board pieces can also make sounds when they get hit by a tsunami or they hop to another space. The starting order for the players is always the same as player order.

The main objective of the board game is to avoid getting hit by the tsunami in order to win the match. Players are placed in the leftmost side of the board where the tsunami is located just one space at the left of the starting spaces of the characters. The spaces of the board are placed from left to right. Each player has to roll a watery dice numbered 0-3 to move a number of spaces based on the dice value itself. Once all of the players have rolled the watery dice, one randomly selected character will be forced to roll a tsunami dice numbered 1-3. As with the regular watery dice, the number of the dice shown is the number of spaces which the wave will move at the right. If the tsunami manages catch up to the spaces where the player is at, then he/she will lose a life. Once all of the lives are erased, then the competitor is eliminated from the match. Each of the participants will have three lives and everytime they get hit by the tsunami, they will be pushed forward at the space at the right of where the tsunami is. Barring the starting and finish spaces, there are a total of 28 spaces for each player. It is a tough race about who will get to the finish line first.

There are three types of spaces. Regular Space acts as nothing but free from any various gimmicks. This type of basic space is the most common out of three spaces. Riptide Space is an event when if activated, triggers a standard riptide race with randomized track for all contestants. Whoever scores the race first moves two spaces forward, the person on the last moves two spaces backward, while the people who are neither first or last stays still. The last one called Life Space allows the character to steal a life from another character they desire to. The space is the least common out of those. These types of spaces are scattered randomly across all of those 28 spaces.


Regular Space


Riptide Space


Life Space


The total riptide racer count is indicated below. There will be more characters eventually as the game ages after its release via downloadable content, along with the tracks and riptide parts, thus increasing the total roster of racers. Each of the racers have their own masses classes, with varying stats, advantages and disadvantages. Also, players can choose the same racer that has been chosen already.

There are 18 starting characters, 20 unlockable characters, and an additional 4 downloadable characters, accumulating a total of 42 riptide racers. There are four hydro jet body sizes present in the game depending on the riptide racer chosen, S for Small, M for Medium, L for Large, and XL for Extra Large.



Participant Mass Stats Special


Babydaisyriptidestats Mini Flower Growth


Babyluigiriptidestats Mini Poltergust 10000


Babymarioriptidestats Mini Mario Finale


Babypeachriptidestats Mini Heart Confusion


Babyrosalinariptidestats Mini Luma Debris


Bluetoadriptidestats Mushroom Bomb


Daisyriptidestats Flower Growth


Peachriptidestats Heart Confusion


Rosalinariptidestats Luma Debris


Yoshiriptidestats Triple Egg


Luigiriptidestats Poltergust 10000


Marioriptidestats Mario Finale


Waluigiriptidestats Twisted Tornado


Bowserjrriptidestats Graffiti Paint


Donkeykongriptidestats Barrel Roll


Bowserriptidestats Flamebreather


Warioriptidestats Water Smash


Riptidevaries Riptidevaries Mii Ragdolls


Participant Size Stats Special


8bitluigiriptidestats Pixelated Green Fire Blast


8bitmarioriptidestats Pixelated Fire Blast


Lemmyriptidestats Lemonade Turbo


Toadetteriptidestats Plushy Disturbance


Birdoriptidestats Ribbon Mash


Diddykongriptidestats Barrel Throw


Drybonesriptidestats Bone Whack


Koopatroopariptidestats Shellheads


Lakituriptidestats Spikey Shellheads


Iggyriptidestats Chain Chomp


Larryriptidestats Magic Balls


Wendyriptidestats Magic Star Wand


Boomboomriptidestats Boom Boomerangs


Ludwigriptidestats Fire Wand


Piantariptidestats Rider Thrower


Robriptidestats R.O.B. Dance


Drybowserriptidestats Bone Barrage


Metalmarioriptidestats Metal Finale


Mortonriptidestats Mortquake


Royriptidestats Bullet Bill Blaster


Participant Size Stats Special


Foxriptidestats Fox Blaster


Megamanriptidestats Mega Buster


Samusriptidestats Charge Beam


Captain falconriptidestats Falcon Punch

Special Abilities Information

The detailed descriptions of each riptide participants' special ability. Some of them have very unique effects, but some have similarities to each other. Once the special power has been used, the special bar will deplete back to zero and will require filling again.

Special Abilities
  • Babydaisyriptidename (Mini Flower Growth) - A small but colorful flower appears in the track. Anyone who touches it will sleep for a few seconds then later he/she will wake up and resume to normal condition.
  • Babyluigiriptidename (Mini Poltergust 10000) - A small-sized poltergust with a version of 10000 created by Professor E. Gadd allows Baby Luigi to suck up every coin and orb located in a track, allowing the player to use more than one items presumably due to the amount of orbs collected.
  • Babymarioriptidename (Mini Mario Finale) - The Mini Mario Finale releases small and AoE fire-blasts that can briefly stun every player who touches it.
  • Babypeachriptidename (Mini Heart Confusion) - Baby Peach summons several mini-hearts that can lure player into driving recklessly if they were able to go near them.
  • Babyrosalinariptidename (Mini Luma Debris) - Baby Lumas are scattered around Baby Rosalina's area and they can steal orbs from players if the latter has not used the orb or is placed behind their hydro jet.
  • Bluetoadriptidename (Mushroom Bomb) - A blue Mushroom Bomb is released from Blue Toad's hydro jet that can detonate eventually in few seconds and create a powerful AoE blast explosion that stuns other fellow players for five seconds if they are close to its proximity.
  • Daisyriptidename (Flower Growth) - A colorful flower appears in the track. Anyone who touches it will sleep for a few seconds then later he/she will wake up and resume to normal condition.
  • Peachriptidename (Heart Confusion) - Peach summons several hearts that can lure player into driving recklessly if they were able to go near them.
  • Rosalinariptidename (Luma Debris) - Lumas are scattered around Rosalina's area and they can steal orbs from players if the latter has not used the orb or is placed behind their hydro jet.
  • Yoshiriptidename (Triple Egg) - Yoshi releases three question-mark eggs and three of them has varying luck. For example it can be an explosion or ink splash for most of the time, or in a very small chance, a temporary speed boost.
  • Luigiriptidename (Poltergust 10000) - A poltergust with a version of 10000 created by Professor E. Gadd allows Luigi to suck up every coin and orb located in a track, allowing the player to use more than one items presumably due to the amount of orbs collected.
  • Marioriptidename (Mario Finale) - The Mario Finale releases AoE fire-blasts that can briefly stun every player who touches it.
  • Waluigiriptidename (Twisted Tornado) - A tornado forms in a close area where Waluigi chose and it can suck everyone who touches it. They will be sent to any angle and direction while being thrown.
  • Bowserjrriptidename (Graffiti Paint) - Bowser Jr. uses his iconic paint brush and paints the area behind him for five seconds. The paint can slow everyone who touches on it, although they will ultimately vanish.
  • Donkeykongriptidename (Barrel Roll) - Seven large DK Barrels are thrown behind Donkey Kong and can cause anyone to be stunned temporarily if they touched it.
  • Bowserriptidename (Flamebreather) - Bowser breaths six huge fireballs in front of his view and can briefly burn anyone who got caught up to it. Being burned makes the handling of the hydro jet more reckless and more unstable.
  • Warioriptidename (Water Smash) - This special ability allows Wario to violently smash the water at his left or his right for twelve times that can briefly incapacitate others who where affected by the punch.
  • Miiriptidename (Mii Ragdolls) - Several life-sized fake Mii figures are thrown by the Mii and can kick everyone to a position few meters away for any angle, for those who where hit by it.
  • 8bitluigiriptidename (Pixelated Green Fire Blast) - 8-Bit Luigi can freely control whether they try to shoot large AoE green pixelated fireballs at their front or at their back. This special lasts for ten seconds.
  • 8bitmarioriptidename (Pixelated Fire Blast) - 8-Bit Mario can freely control whether they try to shoot large AoE pixelated fireballs at their front or at their back. This special lasts for ten seconds.
  • Lemmyriptidename (Lemonade Turbo) - Lemmy can turbo like a lemonade, therefore, achieving a temporary speed boost with a taste of lemon.
  • Toadetteriptidename (Plushy Disturbance) - Several random-colored stuff toys are thrown by Toadette and can briefly cover the screen with colored ink, for those who where hit by it.
  • Birdoriptidename (Ribbon Mash) - Birdo throws a ribbon to a player closest to the former. The ribbon can wrap a player for two seconds, while losing all of his/her coins.
  • Diddykongriptidename (Barrel Throw) - Seven Diddy Kong Barrels can be freely thrown from Diddy Kong at any direction and can cause anyone to be stunned temporarily if they touched it.
  • Drybonesriptidename (Bone Whack) - A massive-sized bone is placed behind Dry Bones himself, creating a huge obstacle that can be shattered after a few hits or bumps from a hyrdro jet.
  • Koopatroopariptidename (Shellheads) - Koopa Troopa releases eight green shells at any direction that can temporarily stun a player. There is a 20% chance that it can be a red shell, causing it to target lock and hit a player.
  • Lakituriptidename (Spikey Shellheads) - Lakitu releases eight not-so-fast spikey green shells at any direction that can temporarily stun a player, but also deducting the player's coin count at the cost of eight instead of three. There is a 20% chance that it can be a spikey red shell, causing it to target lock and hit a player.
  • Iggyriptidename (Chain Chomp) - A Chain Chomp appears around Iggy and can stomp everyone who is extremely close to him (except for Iggy himself). While being stomped, it reduces the player character's size and it's hydro jet, but also decreasing the acceleration for a short time.
  • Larryriptidename (Magic Balls) - Larry summons a magic ball that can distort the game screen of a specific player who touches it for seven seconds.
  • Wendyriptidename (Magic Star Wand) - Wendy summons mini stars that can form as small obstacles and distractions. They will vanish eventually.
  • Boomboomriptidename (Boom Boomerangs) - Five boomerangs are thrown by Boom Boom at a random direction. When a boomerang hits an opponent, he/she explodes and briefly gets stunned.
  • Ludwigriptidename (Fire Wand) - Ludwig throws mini near-invisible fireballs at any direction he wants and deducts ten coins from a player who gets hit by a fireball.
  • Piantariptidename (Rider Thrower) - Pianta can throw everyone at any direction he wants if he gets close to a racer. Lasts up to twelve seconds.
  • Robriptidename (R.O.B. Dance) - R.O.B. performs footsteps and dance movements, while also turning the whole track into a night-club party, causing other players to confused what's going on. This doesn't apply to R.O.B. itself.
  • Drybowsersriptidename (Bone Barrage) - Dry Bowser throws several bones at any direction he wants and deducts ten coins from a player who gets hit by a bone.
  • Metalmarioriptidename (Metal Finale) - The Metal Finale releases AoE metallic-blasts that can briefly lose consciousness to every player who touches it.
  • Mortonriptidename (Mortquake) - A massive AoE attack from Morton creates an earthquake that can briefly stun players all over again with a part chance. Lasts eight seconds.
  • Royriptidename (Bullet Bill Blaster) - Roy uses his cannon weapon to fire five bullet bills that can home in to every player that has an angle of being targeted.
  • Foxsriptidename (Fox Blaster) - Fox uses his blasting weapon to free aim to any direction with precise accuracy, while firing energy blasts. Anyone who gets hit by it will be temporarily stunned. Lasts up to twenty seconds.
  • Megamanriptidename (Mega Buster) - Mega Man turns red and throws several grenades that will detonate at few seconds. Grenades will incapacitate the player for five seconds. He turns back at blue again later.
  • Samusriptidename (Charge Beam) - Samus fires her signature charge beam from her chest forming a powerful and large path of energy at front of her that knocks almost everything at its vicinity, temporarily stunning her opponents when caught by the beam.
  • Captainfalconriptidename (Falcon Punch) - Captain Falcon jumps and then crash-lands the vicinity where he landed, creating a short-time smoke and briefly stealing six coins for those who were affected by the shockwave, but also reducing their special ability bar.

Participant Unlocking

Players can also unlock additional riptide racers. They do not have specific requirements in order to be unlocked. They are actually unlocked randomly depending on how long the player has been playing the game. They are not unlocked in terms of cup completion in the Riptide Championship, Exhibition, Tsunatide, Speed Trials and Battle modes. Every an hour of total play time, a random riptide participant is unlocked. Once all of the riptide racers have been unlocked, no more will be acquired later on. It should be noted that Miis are already a starter character racer, however they will never show up as opponents during a game round.

Even though the main player has not unlocked the specific locked riptide racers, they may still appear randomly as opponents during the race, and again, depending on the racer chosen, they will always emerge to the Riptide Championship round. This can also determine what riptide character the player can unlock, as they already discovered who they are.


Every riptide participant barring Captain Falcon, Mega Man and Samus can wear a helmet designed typically for the riptide culture. However, before the player gets to pick riptide parts for their hydro jet rider, he/she will pick an option whether he/she wants the helmet on or off. The Mii's helmet color and size can vary depending on the size and the color of the Mii himself/herself. It does not affect the overall gameplay, just for styles and somewhat enhanced looks.

Size Class Helmet

Baby Daisy, Baby Luigi, Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Baby Rosalina, Blue Toad, 8-Bit Luigi, 8-Bit Mario, Lemmy, Toadette


Daisy, Peach, Rosalina, Yoshi, Birdo, Diddy Kong, Dry Bones, Koopa Troopa, Lakitu, Fox


Luigi, Mario, Waluigi, Iggy, Larry, Wendy


Bowser Jr., Donkey Kong, Boom Boom, Ludwig, Pianta, R.O.B.


Bowser, Wario, Dry Bowser, Metal Mario, Morton, Roy

Body Sizes

Each riptide racer also has a specific body sizes. Their are four body sizes in Mario Riptide. Their sizes can be attributed to their hitbox. For the Miis, their body size will depend on their height, and not weight.

Body Sizes
Body Size Riptide Racers
RiptideS BabydaisyriptideBabyluigiriptideBabymarioriptideBabypeachriptideBabyrosalinariptideBluetoadriptide8bitluigiriptide8bitmarioriptideLemmyriptideToadetteriptideDrybonesriptideKoopatroopariptideLakituriptide
RiptideM DaisyriptidePeachriptideRosalinariptideYoshiriptideLuigiriptideMarioriptideBirdoriptideDiddykongriptideLarryriptideWendyriptideFoxriptideMegamanriptide
RiptideL WaluigiriptideBowserjrriptideWarioriptideIggyriptideLudwigriptidePiantariptideRobriptideMetalmarioriptide
RiptideXL DonkeykongriptideBowserriptideBoomboomriptideDrybowserriptideMortonriptideRoyriptideSamusriptideCaptainfalconriptide

Default Hydro Jets

These are the default hydro jets for every riptide racers present in the game. Their color is usually akin to their character color scheme, through sometimes they are different to each other. These only apply to the hydro jet parts with varying color schemes determined by the riptide racer chosen, and for the rest, they have fixed colors and designs.

Default Hydro Jets

Baby Daisy


Baby Luigi


Baby Mario


Baby Peach


Baby Rosalina


Blue Toad
















Bowser Jr.


Donkey Kong








8-Bit Luigi


8-Bit Mario








Diddy Kong


Dry Bones


Koopa Troopa










Boom Boom








Dry Bowser


Metal Mario








Mega Man




Captain Falcon

Competitor Order

A competitor system is present in Mario Riptide. Some of the riptide racers have any fixed competitors that will always appear in Riptide Championship. The fixed opponents can vary depending on the chosen riptide racer.

The fellow competitors will always strive to take the lead while participating in Riptide Championship races. They are the ones that can give the player character issues, and therefore, they are the primary threats in most occasions. If the competitors are trailing behind most of the racers, they will definitely do their best to catch up quickly to the leading position. They will try to aim for first place unless the player does much effort preventing them to win.

For example, the player character picks Bowser Jr., therefore his foes that will always appear in Riptide Championship races are Peach and Bowser. Another example is Roy (if the player picks), he has no competitor order, therefore all of his challengers are random from each of the whole Championship game.

Competitor Order
Player Default Competitor Player Default Competitor
Bluetoadriptide YoshiriptideToadetteriptide Bowserjrriptide PeachriptideBowserriptide
Daisyriptide LuigiriptideWaluigiriptide Donkeykongriptide BowserriptideDiddykongriptide
Peachriptide MarioriptideWarioriptide Bowserriptide BluetoadriptideMetalmarioriptide
Rosalinariptide LuigiriptideMetalmarioriptide Warioriptide WaluigiriptideBowserjrriptide
Yoshiriptide MarioriptideBirdoriptide Toadetteriptide BluetoadriptideBirdoriptide
Luigiriptide DaisyriptideMarioriptide Birdoriptide YoshiriptideWaluigiriptide
Marioriptide PeachriptideLuigiriptide Diddykongriptide WaluigiriptideDonkeykongriptide
Waluigiriptide WarioriptideMetalmarioriptide Metalmarioriptide RosalinariptideToadetteriptide


Mario Riptide features 20 main tracks that can be played, with every five of them are sorted orderly in four championship cups: I, II, III, and IV. Most of the tracks feature obstacles and enemies which are a hindrance and distraction to the player, but some do not have and therefore they are much easier.

Each of them can vary in length and time, and therefore, longer tracks will frequently contain hidden and small shortcuts. Shorter tracks are less likely to get shortcuts. Everytime the Spacepolis track is completed in Riptide Championship mode, credits will roll.

Default Tracks

Default Tracks
TmarioriptidetoadstadiumMarioriptidetoadstadium TmarioriptiderockfallMarioriptiderockfall
A basic stadium-type track that contains several mass-crowded audiences. Ramps and track understanding are very basic that literally no one can suffer a confusion. The water here is so fresh that it is very comfortable for every riptide racer. There are even hills and small mountains surrounding the stadium track. It's time for a thrill and a rocky ride! Near at the end of the track, a huge waterfall is coming on way, and it's very fun to fall through that. Lots of rocks and boulders can be encountered around Rockfall. Be careful of this danger and fresh-type location or you might suffer consequences that can make you lose the race.
TmarioriptidechocoriversMarioriptidechocorivers TmarioriptidesanddomeMarioriptidesanddome
At a glance, this track takes players into a unique river filled with tasty but dirty chocolates. A famous and big chocolate statue is located somewhere on this track. There is a small tunnel on the way and everyone should pass on it. Beware of the traps featured in the Choco Rivers, it can slow you down through your journey! This ancient-related water race track features several mummified old Shy Guys. Their origin is unknown however they can animate and even harm the racer, making it a bit-scary and secret attacking enemy. Several pillars are found in the dome and they can shake regularly. It is also fun to explore to the sands.
It's a vacation time on the beach of Koopas! The riptide racers can play around the salty waters. Cheep Cheeps can be encountered and may be an irritation to the players, but they aren't that fierce compared to other animating obstacles/enemies in different tracks. To make the view better, coconut palm trees are present and the sun is shining very bright.
TmarioriptideeggjungleMarioriptideeggjungle TmarioriptidefrostlandMarioriptidefrostland
Welcome to the Egg Jungle where the Yoshis lived in. You get to encounter several eggs, especially the hatching ones. There are so many dark green-colored forest trees here that makes this a well-known jungle, and because of these, it can be a bit confusing navigating this track. Be wary of the frogs wandering around the lily pads. A mysterious and unique ice track created by Rosalina's mother. When Rosalina was young, she kept on playing this track. For the rest of the players, they can enjoy their trip to the ice areas and situations, and even has a large and sharp frost mountain named Mount Krioce. Falling icicles are included so look at them carefully.
TmarioriptidebatcaveMarioriptidebatcave TmarioriptidesunflowergardenMarioriptidesunflowergarden
There goes the scary bat cave for everyone! As the title suggests, this track contains several bats and traps, and some areas do not contain walls, therefore increasing the chances of falling. Once you enter the cave, there is no turning back, making this a hard and difficult track. Only the bravest riptide racers can escape the cave and repeat the cycle again! Once upon a time in a beautiful and stunning land made from colored-freshwater, with herbs, sunflowers and grasses with cereals, riptide players can enjoy racing through this track because it's very quiet and enchanting. Back in time, Daisy was playing this track because the track suits her appearance and personality.
The track owned by heart-loving Princess Peach contains several hearts and other heart-related objects. Since her favorite color is pink, she colored this track pink, and other colors with a shade and tint of this. The water here is so hearty that it makes others fall in love, but that's their only opinion. You can check those heart mountains too!
TmarioriptideacidsewersMarioriptideacidsewers TmarioriptidespookymansionMarioriptidespookymansion
This honestly makes the first time the riptide participants explore the mighty acid sewers! Since the waters were branded as acids, every characters and riptide hydro jets were provided with a acid-proof coating and protection, making this track playable and to maintain safety as well. Lots of acid type- creatures can be found, but cause less harm than the actual acids. Beware of this scary and spooky mansion! At ancient times, it is very unknown what happened to the boos, however they returned to present day and are ready to hunt the participants down. Simply dodge them and you can win the race and escape the mansion again containing several rooms each with a special purpose.
TmarioriptidemariorapidsMarioriptidemariorapids TmarioriptidecrystalfieldsMarioriptidecrystalfields
Mario's delightful water course is another yet simple track in the Riptide world. Ramps are also featured, but this time, slides are also introduced and there are several decided paths the player can choose, each with no traps. Several paths are helpful because it helps the riptide racers get mostly split apart from another. A large Mario cap is also found in one of the areas. Once again, another cave map. But it is less dangerous than the Bat Cave, since there are no more bats. Several crystals made from diamond shine and spark randomly, making the track memorable. The design of the water is somewhat different from most of the rest, instead the water can change color depending on the lap.
Riptide Racers get to encounter a mythical temple from Emperor Sherbet. Lots of Shy Guys dressed as samurai guard the temple and can briefly stun anybody with a spear when near. The design of the temple has been described as colored red, orange and yellow. The water is still colored blue and bells can be heard as the riptide racers progress.
Tmarioriptidewater-firecastleMarioriptidewater-firecastle TmarioriptideenchantedslideMarioriptideenchantedslide
The Water-Fire Castle, as the title suggests, features a castle made from a combination from fire and water. The two elements will shift always for every 20 seconds and riding at fire can slow the speed and acceleration of the hydro jet. In every road, water and fire are featured together so the advisory is stay and go to the water portion as soon as possible! The riptide racers, after an epic miracle from Water-Fire Castle finally encountered a massive theme park composed mostly of slides! This track acts like the hydro jets are roller coasters and curved slides made from small blue tubes are present. Watch out for some obstacles though, it can ruin your theme park experience.
TmarioriptidewariobadlandsMarioriptidewariobadlands TmarioriptidemoltenroadMarioriptidemoltenroad
This rocky and grand land takes a step up at the cloudy portion of the world. The lands are so bad that Pokeys can attack you. Traps such as holes can make this track difficult and frustrating. Violent winds and tornadoes will occasionally appear from modified water. A large Wario cap is also found in one of the areas. Arriving in the road of Molten, this fire-exposed track contains a lot of fire-based creatures that can temporarily burn anybody who touches them. A volcano named Mount Bowsivus is also erupting and releases meteors in the third map, and watch out of them! The meteors only happen in the last lap of the round, therefore this is going to be fun!
Spacepolis takes the riptide racers into space. The water here is very strange to the rest, it still retains the gravity as on the Mario Riptide world. A space observatory can be found on this track and watch out for lasers that can send the player back when in contact. Besides that, there are still a lot of things and features to the map, such as disappearing platforms and bulging roads.


There are also 4 downloadable tracks that can be purchased by only the downloadable content, each cost $5.99. The downloadable tracks cannot be accessed in Riptide Championship and Exhibition, and is only applicable for Speed Trials, LAN and online multiplayer. These downloadable tracks are similar to the default ones though, with ramps, secret passageways and even more.

Downloadable Tracks
TmarioriptidestarfoxlaboratoryMarioriptidestarfoxlaboratory TmarioriptidemegatechbaseMarioriptidemegatechbase
The Starfox Laboratory from Starfox features an expansive laboratory filled with green water. The experiments of hydro-jet developing take place in here and contains a diverse experience and take to the riptide racers. The Megatech Base from Mega Man contains a strange and hidden place in which strategy and skill is required. Circuits and tech often appear here to increase the surprise of the players.
TmarioriptidemetroidstationMarioriptidemetroidstation Tmarioriptidefast-zerowaterwayMarioriptidefast-zerowaterway
The Metroid Station from Metroid takes place in a space, similar to Spacepolis. What's inside of it is a track filled with futuristic water and explosions are a significant part of the track. A helix appears near the beginning of the track, therefore the track is very suspenseful. The Fast-Zero Waterway from F-Zero takes place at a futuristic and high-tech city with several planes flying around the city. Riptide players are going to be impressed because the water stays afloat in the air.

Battle Stages

There are also 4 battle stages which are accessible only through the battle mode, and each has a different layout and design depending on game types, which are: Drag Racing, Tsunami Survival and Coin Dash. These stages may even contain teleport sequences which can save the player from getting hit by an orb-based weapon, although that depends on the timing.

Battle Stages
TmarioriptidepipefortressMarioriptidepipefortress TmarioriptidevalleyofseasMarioriptidevalleyofseas
Inside the pipe-themed fortress lies several pipes that can be used to teleport a player from another pipe from the arena. There are 16 pipes here and it is very tricky to catch someone off. And watch out, tsunamis could spawn from the pipes. The valley contains a donut-shaped freshwater with several hills surrounding it. On the center of the freshwater lies an island containing a large hill, the highest of all hills. It is very fun to go around the stage.
TmarioriptidetartlandMarioriptidetartland TmarioriptidewatertunnelMarioriptidewatertunnel
This deliciously crafted land full of ice creams is very tasty for everyone. A hill is featured at the center and it is very fun to jump from it using a ramp. The interesting part of this battle stage is all of the cherries can bump anyone who touches it. All riptide racers will be forced to go inside the water tunnel, with rocks crumbling from the walls. Some areas are so dark that it is almost impossible to predict if you are going to get hit or not. Watch out for spikes because they are a trouble for you as well.

Staff Ghosts

The mentioned staff ghosts can be accessed and challenged in the Speed Trials mode. It can challenge how fast the player will finish the round, and how they can finish it as close as the records shown below. In order to challenge the ghost, the player must select a track and prompt if he/she wants to challenge the record holders. There are no restrictions in the chosen player participant and the hydro jet parts.

When the match starts, the ghost will appear basically the same character and animation as the original user, with the exception of fluctuating transparency. In addition, ghosts are impenetrable in order to resist gameplay issues. Once the round is finished, there are no experience points earned because of the mode’s usual replay factor. Extra options include the ghost’s arrow trail which can be toggled on or off.

Staff Ghosts
Track Name Nation Rider Time
TmarioriptidetoadstadiumToad Stadium Rip★Oliver United States Blue Toad 1:46.25
TmarioriptiderockfallRockfall Rip★Jenson United Kingdom Bowser Jr. 2:16.73
TmarioriptidechocoriversChoco Rivers Rip★Marco Brazil Donkey Kong 2:04.11
TmarioriptidesanddomeSand Dome Rip★Chris Singapore Lakitu 2:07.84
TmarioriptidekoopabeachKoopa Beach Rip★Marcus United Kingdom Koopa Troopa 1:55.89
TmarioriptideeggjungleEgg Jungle Rip★Hiero Japan Yoshi 1:46.42
TmarioriptidefrostlandFrostland Rip★Donald United Kingdom Rosalina 2:20.06
TmarioriptidebatcaveBat Cave Rip★Michael United States Morton 2:13:74
TmarioriptidesunflowergardenSunflower Garden Rip★Christy France Daisy 2:07.92
TmarioriptideheartlyworldHeartly World Rip★Megumi Japan Peach 2:05.27
TmarioriptideacidsewersAcid Sewers Rip★Jacob United Kingdom Lemmy 1:49.30
TmarioriptidespookymansionSpooky Mansion Rip★Shinuzuka Japan Luigi 2:15.66
TmarioriptidemariorapidsMario Rapids Rip★Yunusa Japan Mario 1:56:73
TmarioriptidecrystalfieldsCrystal Fields Rip★Tensei Japan Waluigi 1:52.49
TmarioriptidesherbettempleSherbet Temple Rip★Lee South Korea Boom Boom 2:00.12
Tmarioriptidewater-firecastleWater-Fire Castle Rip★DerLios Germany Bowser 2:23.47
TmarioriptideenchantedslideEnchanted Slide Rip★Norrum United Kingdom Toadette 1:52.02
TmarioriptidewariobadlandsWario Badlands Rip★Towne Australia Wario 2:09.11
TmarioriptidemoltenroadMolten Road Rip★Chucky United States Dry Bones 2:04.65
TmarioriptidespacepolisSpacepolis Rip★Higashi Japan Metal Mario 2:34.80
TmarioriptidestarfoxlaboratoryStar Fox Laboratory Rip★Phasma Chile Fox 1:44.63
TmarioriptidemegatechbaseMegatech Base Rip★Samantha Germany Mega Man 2:01.61
TmarioriptidemetroidstationMetroid Station Rip★Samuel Iceland Samus 2:17.97
Tmarioriptidefast-zerowaterwayFast-Zero Waterway Rip★Napoor India Captain Falcon 2:07.48


In every track, there will always be ? orbs scattered around it, depending on the situation, their location can be either exposed or be a secret. When a player grabs a ? orb, an orb wheel will begin to roll at the top-left portion of the screen and can be triggered by the player if he/she wants to, although not controlling it for a long time will make the orb wheel stop moving and an item will appear. Each item has different function and type and depending on the position of the player, the quality of the orb collected can be either minimal or powerful. For example, leading or winning players are more likely to get Urchin or Missile than the rarer ones, while the trailing or back players are destined to collect Thunderstorm or Invincibility Leaf more frequently than the common ones. Another instance is the impossibility for the first placer to receive a Golden Jalaturbo, for balancing purposes.

Certain types of orbs may also generate different colors and hues, such as the possibility of a rare pink urchin instead of a regular purple, and a red POW block which stuns the opponents slightly for a longer duration than usual. There is only one type of random ? orb existing in all of the tracks.

Located in the Tracks

? Orb

? Orbs can give a riptide racer a notable random orb item depending on his/her position.

List of Orbs

Orb List



Triple Urchin


POW Block



Spawns an urchin that can be either thrown forward or released backwards. Stuns a player that touches it. Can also be used as a protection. Spawns three urchins that rotate around the player, it can be either thrown forward or released backwards. Stuns a player that touches it. Can also be used as a protection. An iconic POW block which can spawn at the top of all riptide racers ahead of you that temporarily knocks them out later on. It can be avoided by a speed boost however. Grants the player with a temporary mini-speed boost. It is a one time use only and can be interrupted when a player gets knocked out after the jalaturbo boost is activated.

Triple Jalaturbo




Triple Missiles


Homing Missile

Grants the player with three temporary mini-speed boosts. A missile is fired at a straight path that can incapacitate a player when hit by it. Three missiles can be fired at a straight path that can incapacitate a player when hit by it. A missile is fired then it homes and incapacitates a player when hit by it.

Triple Homing Missiles


Cheep Chomp


Wild Missile



Three missiles can be fired that homes and incapacitates a player when hit by it. A Cheep Chomp is separated from the player that can crush somebody if they were hit, while also jumping and landing. A missile that targets the first placer that also knocks every riptide racer in its way. The first placer gets stunned slightly longer than ordinary missiles. Three bows at three directions in the same time are fired on front of the player's viewpoint, knocking anyone who were shot by the arrows. It can be repeated until it lasts.





Poison Jalaturbo


Mega Mushroom

Gives the player three to eight coins depending on the position. Grants a player temporary invisibility that wears off ten seconds later. Challengers can not see him/her and the latter can't get touched or hit by missiles, urchins etc. A purple poisoned jalaturbo is released behind the player that when touched, the player's speed will temporarily decrease. The riptide racer grows into massive size and moves faster than before for a short time. It wears off ten seconds later and the weight also increases drastically, allowing the player to bump opponents much further.

Golden Jalaturbo


Mr. Ink




Invincibility Leaf

Allows the player with nonstop speed boost for a minimal time. He mostly covers the screen of all riptide player with ink splatter except the user. Also reduces the handling of the players, dissapears eventually or if a fellow riptide racer uses a speed boost. The weather turns into bad condition and it rains as well, it can shrink every opponent barring the user, reducing all of their stats (i.e. speed) for a short time. They grow normal after eventually. Gives the player a temporary invincibility, increasing the max speed and acceleration of the player and knocks everyone when in contact.


Tricks are actions that a rider can perform while in air. These can aid the player travel faster so that they can finish at a good place. There are a total of 20 tricks (where 2 of those which are starters). In order to unlock more specific skill tricks, the player must continuously keep playing matches from any major game mode throughout the game in order to level up and gather additional skill points connected in the trick store. For the players who have played the game for a long time, one of these tricks especially the complicated ones can be unlocked and so on.

Although the use of tricks is often romanticized in the gameplay, they will not always succeed if the player performs them recklessly which results in an accident and a waste of time. The trick can also failed if it was performed in contact with another competitor, either the character or the hydro jet itself. Timing is a key factor in the performance of the stunt tricks in order to go well.

^ - Denotes a starter trick






Swift Jump


Hold On


Back Jump


Bar Hop








Barrel Roll


Hand Surfer




Kung Fu


Left Side


Right Side











Hydro Jet Parts

All of the hydro jets have specific change of stats (except for Standard). Each increase or decrease in stats its denoted by numbers, which for example, +-4 is Marioriptidestatbar, and +-8 is MarioriptidestatbarMarioriptidestatbar. If one of a riptide participant's stats is already full, that stats' bar will extend depending on how big is the change.

  • Speed - Determines the highest momentum the player can go up to.
  • Acceleration - How fast the rate of a hydro jet to speed up at a given time.
  • Weight - Depending on the weight it can knock or push players away at a small distance.
  • Handling - How easy a riptide rider is controlled. Higher means better traction.
  • Items - Determines the luck of getting orbs. It can increase or decrease the chance of obtaining rarer orbs.
  • Special - It is defined as the efficiency and usefulness of a specific rider's special.

^ - Color can change depending on the chosen racer

* - Denotes an unlockable part

** - Denotes a downloadable part

Steering Wheels

Steering Wheels
Part Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Items Special


0 0 0 0 0 0

Standard 2.0^

0 0 0 0 0 0


-2 +2 -1.5 +2 +1 -1.5


+1 -1.5 +0.5 -2 0 +2


-2 +2 -1.5 +2 +1 -1.5


+1 +2 -2 -2 0 +1


-1 +0.5 -2 +0.5 +2 0


+1 -1 -1.5 +2 +1 -1.5

White Dasher

+2 -2 +2 -2 -1 +1

Gold Standard*

+1.5 -2 +1.5 -1 -1.5 +1.5

Super Star*

+1 +2 -2 -2 0 +1

Human Ear*

+2 -2 +2 -2 -1 +1


-1 +0.5 -2 +0.5 +2 0


-1 +0.5 -2 +1 -0.5 +2

Piano Pumper*

-1 -2 +2 +1 +2 -2


+2 -1 -2 +2 -2 +1


Part Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Items Special


0 0 0 0 0 0

Standard 2.0^

0 0 0 0 0 0


-2 +2 -1.5 +2 +1 -1.5


+1 -1.5 +0.5 -2 0 +2


-2 +2 -1.5 +2 +1 -1.5

Extra Compact

+1 +2 -2 -2 0 +1


-1 +0.5 -2 +0.5 +2 0


+1 -1 -1.5 +2 +1 -1.5

White Dasher

+2 -2 +2 -2 -1 +1

Gold Standard*

+1.5 -2 +1.5 -1 -1.5 +1.5

Super Star*

+1 +2 -2 -2 0 +1


+2 -2 +2 -2 -1 +1


-1 +0.5 -2 +0.5 +2 0


-1 +0.5 -2 +1 -0.5 +2

Piano Pumper*

-1 -2 +2 +1 +2 -2


+2 -1 -2 +2 -2 +1


Part Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Items Special


0 0 0 0 0 0

Standard 2.0^

0 0 0 0 0 0


-1 +0.5 -2 +0.5 +2 0


+1 -1.5 +0.5 -2 0 +2


0 0 0 0 0 0

Gold Standard*

+1.5 -2 +1.5 -1 -1.5 +1.5


-1 +0.5 -2 +1 -0.5 +2

Piano Pumper*

-1 -2 +2 +1 +2 -2


+1 +2 -2 -2 0 +1


+2 -1 -2 +2 -2 +1


Part Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Items Special


0 0 0 0 0 0

Standard 2.0^

0 0 0 0 0 0


-2 +2 -1.5 +2 +1 -1.5


+1 -1.5 +0.5 -2 0 +2

White Dasher

+2 -2 +2 -2 -1 +1


0 0 0 0 0 0

Gold Standard*

+1.5 -2 +1.5 -1 -1.5 +1.5


-1 +0.5 -2 +0.5 +2 0


-1 +0.5 -2 +1 -0.5 +2

Piano Pumper*

-1 -2 +2 +1 +2 -2


+1 +2 -2 -2 0 +1


+2 -1 -2 +2 -2 +1

Downloadable Content

Mario Riptide features an in-game shop where players can pre-order or buy additional features with the game's downloadable content, with each of them are either free or paid. More downloadable content will be revealed soon as the time passes. Once a player buys DLCs with real money, certain tracks and/or riptide parts will be unlocked. Currently there are five DLCs available to purchase.

Also worth noting, players can purchase these downloadable features by using a shopping system via the Nintendo eShop.

Mario Riptide: Kawasaki Collection


Mario Riptide: Kawasaki Collection is a downloadable pack available for purchase for $0.00. The collection was revealed on the game's launch by Asyulus and is expected to be released on the Christmas Day of 2017, or December 25th, 2017. This pack is based on the real life jet ski corporation company Kawasaki. It was founded on October 15, 1896 by Shōzō Kawasaki. It features a Kawasaki-product riptide part for each of the four riptide parts branded with a Kawasaki logo in it.

  • Kawasaki Steering Wheel
  • Kawasaki Hull
  • Kawasaki Neon
  • Kawasaki Nozzle

Mario Riptide x Star Fox


Mario Riptide x Star Fox is a downloadable pack where content from a popular franchise from Star Fox is acquired. Mario Riptide X Star Fox was unveiled on March 8, 2018 and will be released on March 28, 2018 (ten days after unveiling), as per Nintendo and Asyulus. This DLC unlocks Fox as a new riptide racer participant and unlocks the water track Star Fox Laboratory. The downloadable pack costs $5.99.

  • Star Fox is now a playable Riptide participant.
  • The track Star Fox Laboratory can now be accessed through Speed Trials, LAN and online multiplayer.

Mario Riptide x Mega Man


Mario Riptide x Mega Man is a downloadable pack where content from a popular franchise from Mega Man is acquired. Mario Riptide X Mega Man was unveiled on April 24, 2018 and will be released on May 4, 2018 (also ten days after unveiling), as per Nintendo and Asyulus. This DLC unlocks Mega Man as a new riptide racer participant and unlocks the water track Megatech Base. The downloadable pack costs $5.99 and it features third-party content from Capcom.

  • Mega Man is now a playable Riptide participant.
  • The track Megatech Base can now be accessed through Speed Trials, LAN and online multiplayer.

Mario Riptide x Metroid


Mario Riptide x Metroid is a downloadable pack where content from a popular franchise from Metroid is acquired. Mario Riptide X Metroid was unveiled on July 19, 2018 and will be released on July 29, 2018 (also ten days after unveiling), as per Nintendo and Asyulus. This DLC unlocks Samus as a new riptide racer participant and unlocks the water track Metroid Station. The downloadable pack costs $5.99.

  • Samus is now a playable Riptide participant.
  • The track Metroid Station can now be accessed through Speed Trials, LAN and online multiplayer.

Mario Riptide x F-Zero


Mario Riptide x F-Zero is a downloadable pack where content from a popular franchise from F-Zero is acquired. Mario Riptide X F-Zero was unveiled on September 12, 2018 and will be released on September 22, 2018 (also ten days after unveiling), as per Nintendo and Asyulus. This DLC unlocks Captain Falcon as a new riptide racer participant and unlocks the water track Fast-Zero Waterway. The downloadable pack costs $5.99.

  • Captain Falcon is now a playable Riptide participant.
  • The track Fast-Zero Waterway can now be accessed through Speed Trials, LAN and online multiplayer.



Covers and Icons



  • Two of the orbs in game, Homing Missile and Triple Homing Missiles is coincidentally similar to Homing Missile weapon in a well-known and popular artillery and strategy series Worms.
    • The appearance of the orb weapon in this game is even similar to the Worms' variant, both colored blue and white, although with some differences, this one has two eyes and a mouth while the other doesn't have.
  • The Crossbow orb is both a nod and a similarity to the design of the crossbow featured in another old Nintendo target-shooting game Link's Crossbow Training. Both have recurve-type design but the limb color of the crossbow is different. The color of limbs of this game's crossbow is orange-brown, whereas the color of the Link's Crossbow Training crossbow is purple.
  • Everytime a special ability is activated, the screen will temporarily blur a bit and the color tone will also briefly turn red, thought this wears-off a few seconds.
  • The Standard 2.0 parts have the same design as the real life vehicle See Doo GTI SE 130, only with removed logo and tattoo.
    • Although the Standard 2.0 parts have the logo and tattoos removed, Nintendo and Asyulus still borrowed rights and gave permission to the latter company.
  • One of the tracks in Mario Riptide, Bat Cave, is a namesake to DC Comics' Batcave, Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman's home. However the track layout of of Bat Cave is different to the one in DC Comics.
  • Everytime a new downloadable pack is unveiled (barring Kawasaki collection), it is released ten days later for a reason.
    • This is because the game players will be forced to become enthusiastic because of the unexpected surprises happening in the game.
  • The release date of Mario Riptide X Mega Man DLC (May 4, 2018) will coincide with the North American release date of Avengers: Infinity War, an anticipated superhero movie.

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