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Mario Power Tennis 2 Boxart
Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) FanPlay, Wii Logo
Genre(s) Sports
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan February 13, 2009
25px-Flag of USA February 20, 2009
25px-Flag of Europe March 24, 2009
Mode(s) 1-4 Players
Age Rating(s) ERating
Media Included Fan Disk, Wii Disk

Mario Power Tennis 2 is a the sequel to Mario Power Tennis (GameCube) for the FanPlay and Wii made by EEA Inc. The game was originally going to be called Mario Tennis: Fan Tour by was changed because EEA Inc. wanted the game to be a sequel to Mario Power Tennis and not just the next game in the Mario Tennis series.

Opening Video

It begins with Wario saying, "Nintendo hee hee hee", and Waluigi saying "EEA Inc. hee hee". Wario is playing the classic NES game, Super Mario Bros. and making Mario have many Game Overs. Waluigi enters the room and flips the channel. Wario who wants to play the game starts to fight Waluigi when they see Peach, Toadsworth, and Rosalina talking on the live on the screen. They stop fighting and watch. Peach is calling all tennis players back to Peach Dome for Peach Dome Tournament 2. Rosalina says that she will take all the invited tennis players in her space ship to Star Galaxy Court for the finals. Wario and Waluigi start out the door when Toadsworth mentions that they are not invited. Wario smashed the TV with him tennis racket. After Mario & Luigi win and make it into the finals they are the last to board Rosalina's Space Ship. When the door closes, Wario & Waluigi come and see that they are to late. So Wario bunches Waluigi into a ball and hits him with him tennis racket. Waluigi turns normal and hangs on and Wario jumps on as well. The rocket going into full speed. Still the two hang on. When the rocket lands, Wario and Waluigi hide and get ready to ambush Mario and Luigi. Just then Bowser comes in him UFO and a black hole forms. Wario and Waluigi get sucked in. just then a meteor comes and Mario hits it. The meteor hits Bowser's UFO and it crashes revealing that the black hole was caused by Bowser. It disappears and Wario and Waluigi fall down into the broken court. The Bucketheads take Wario and Waluigi away and the last match starts with Mario and Luigi playing Bowser and Bowser Jr. When Toadsworth announces that Bowser and Bowser Jr. have won, Mario says, "eh, Mama Mia".


There are four groups of characters, All Around, Technique, Speedy, Tricky, Defense, and Power. You can chose Singles or Doubles. EEA Inc. confirmed there will be 36 playable characters. All the characters from Mario Power Tennis (half) return and will be default characters. The rest will be unlockable.

Default Characters

Character Skill Type Offensive Power Shot Defensive Power Shot
Mario All Around Iron Hammer Spin Jump Return
Luigi All Around Squeaky Mallet Poltergust Return
Peach Technique Super Peach Spin Sweet Kiss Return
Daisy Technique Wonder Flower Flowerbed Return
Yoshi Speedy Rainbow Flutter Rolling Egg Return
Wario Power Thunder Cast Shot Ultra-Hand Return
Waluigi Defense Whirluigi Swimming Return
Donkey Kong Power Barrel Cannon Blast Boomerang Banana Return
Diddy Kong Speedy Acrobatic Banana Barrel Jet
Bowser Power Fire Breath Spinning Shell Return
Bowser Jr. Tricky Magic Paint Rolling Brush Return
Koopa Troopa Speedy Water Bomb Water Shell Dash
Paratroopa Technique Energy Ball Sky Dive
Boo Tricky Boo Blast Boo Brigade Return
Petey Piranha Power Sludge Racket Piranha Swingback
Wiggler Defense Anger Management Flutter Return
Shy Guy Technique Lightning Spear Spear Dace Return
Fly Guy Tricky Tornado Twist Tornado Return

Unlockable Characters

Character Skill Type Offensive Power Shot Defensive Power Shot
Birdo Speedy Ball Cannon Inhale Return
Dry Bowser Power Bone Thwack Boomerang Bone Return
Baby Mario Speedy Baby Bottle Spray Goo Goo Buggy Return
Baby Luigi Speedy Cry Baby Blast Chain Chomp Return
Baby Peach All Around Cutie Blast Baby Carriage Return
Baby Daisy Tricky Rattle Bat Karter Return
Toad Technique Mush Attack Mushroom Return
Toadette All Around Mushroom Spin Golden Mushroom Speed Up
Rosalina Technique Star Spin Star Rod Return
Luma Defense Luma Launcher Rabbit Return
Dixie Kong Technique Banana Slam Banana Bunch Slide
Funky Kong Power Surfer Shooter Surfboard Shield
Dry Bones Technique Bone Shatter Dry Bone Toss
King Boo Power Tongue Lick Bowser Suit Return
Hammer Bro. Power Hammer Whack Hammer Toss Return
Lakitu Tricky Spiny Slam Fishing Return
Spiny Defense Spin Attack Spike Roll Return
Blooper Tricky Ink Squirt Cheep-Cheep Return

Non-Playable Characters


EEA Inc. has revealed that the eight courts from Mario Power Tennis will reappear in Mario Power Tennis 2 and will be default. Eight brand new courts will be unlockable.

Default Courts

  • Peach Dome
  • Luigi's Mansion Court
  • Wario Factory Court
  • Delfino Plaza Court
  • Gooper Blooper Court
  • DK Jungle Court
  • Bowser's Castle Court
  • Mario Classic Court

Unlockable Courts

  • Daisy Cruiser Court
  • Yoshi Desert Court
  • Waluigi Pinball Court
  • Jr. Playroom Court
  • Baby Park Court
  • Lakitu Clouds Court
  • Freezie Rink Court
  • Star Galaxy Court


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