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Not to be confused with KirbiMiroir's Mario Party XI.

Mario Party XI (called Mario Party 11 by fans) is the eleventh home console installment of the Mario Party series, is the twenty-second installment overall, and the first installment to be released to the Nintendo Switch. It was developed by Nd Cube and published by Nintendo. Unlike Mario Party 10 and Mario Party 9 (home console installment-wise), Mario Party XI returns to the normal gameplay that appeared in the original Mario Party up to Mario Party 8.




Story Mode

A single-player mode where the player selects a character and follows through the game's storyline, playing against CPUs in a 4-player Battle Royale, though on Bowser Jr.'s Casino Calamity, and on Bowser's Lair of Despair, they will play against some of Bowser's minions in the roster (Spike, Boo, Blooper, Shy Guy, Paratroopa, Hammer Bro., and/or Bandit) in either a Duel Battle, or a Battle Royale. At the end of each board, the player will have to face a the board's boss if they place first on the board, otherwise they will be forced to replay the board or quit. Beating the boss will cause the player to continue forward to the next board, and losing will give the player a chance to replay the boss and try again, or quit.

Party Mode

A multi-player mode where up to 4 players (8 players if you do a Partner Royale), either controlled by humans or CPUs and select a board to play on if it is unlocked. The player can change the CPU difficulty, enabling or disabling hazards/gimmicks, Bubbles and Bonus Stars, change the number of turns (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 turns), etc in the settings menu. There are many ways the player can play in Party Mode:

  • Battle Royale: A free-for-all battle. Four player select their own characters, select a board to duke it out on, and play against others in minigames which involves skill, endurance, dexterity, etc to see who is the superstar.
  • Team Battle: A 2v2 battle. Two players team up against the other two players and duke it out on a board, partaking in 2v2-based minigames.
  • Duel Battle: A 1v1 battle against two players, who duke it out on a board, participating in Duel minigames only.
  • Partner Battle: A mode that returns from Mario Party 7, where up to 8 players that form into 4 teams of 2, can duke it out on a board, playing unique, 8-player minigames. Unlike Mario Party 7, players can play separately from each other.


As stated before, Mario Party XI returns to the old gameplay formula seen from the first Mario Party game up to Mario Party 8; all players move around the selected board, landing on spaces that either assists or hinders player in some form or another. Scattered across the boards are Bubbles, which act similar to the Orbs, Capsules, and Candies from Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7, and Mario Party 8 respectively, which the player can collect, but can only hold up to three of them at once, and can either buy or sell Bubbles at shops. Coins can be collected across the board, by certain events, doing well in minigames, and can be used to gain a Star for twenty coins. After the four player cycle, a minigame is played, depending on what space each player lands on, a Free-for-All, 2v2, or 3v1 Minigame will be played.

Before the last five turns starts, a mini-event occurs, and the player in last place gains a random Bubble as a constellation prize, the coins received/taken away from Blue and Red Spaces are increased by two, and landing on the same space as someone will trigger a Duel Minigame between the two players. During the last turn, all Bubbles cannot be obtained, either by passing Bubble Spaces or buying them at the shop, and after all turns are up, the Bonus Star ceremony will play out (if it is turned on), and then the player with the most Stars and Coins will become the Superstar, and all coins collected by players will be added to the Bank, and all stars collected add up to about fifty coins.

After getting first place in a board in Story Mode, the player will face a boss, otherwise they will receive a Game Over and be forced to replay the board. After beating the boss, the player moves on through the mode to the next board, however if they lose, they will be given the options to replay the boss and try again or quit.

Playable Characters

Mario Party XI has a total of twenty-three characters in its roster, the most out of all other installments. Some characters from past games reappear, though some are excluded, like Magikoopa, and Koopa Kid.

Italic denotes an unlockable character
**Appeared in Mario Party 8's "Extras" section but still is a newcomer
Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi Wario Donkey Kong
MarioMPXIProfile LuigiMPXIProfile PeachMPXIProfile YoshiMPXIProfile WarioMPXIProfile DKMPXIProfile
Toad Daisy Waluigi Toadette Birdo Diddy Kong
ToadMPXIProfile DaisyMPXIProfile WaluigiMPXIProfile ToadetteMPXIProfile BirdoMPXIProfile DiddyKongMPXIProfile
Rosalina Spike Blooper Koopa Paratroopa* Hammer Bro.
RosalinaMPXIProfile SpikeMPXIProfile BlooperMPXIProfile KoopaMPXIProfile ParatroopaMPXIProfile HammerBroMPXIProfile
Shy Guy Boo Bandit* Dry Bones Sprixie Princess* Mii**
ShyGuyMPXIProfile BooMPXIProfile BanditMPXIProfile DryBonesMPXIProfile SprixiePrincessMPXIProfile MiiMPXIProfile
Table credit goes to Ziegs (tbc); slightly altered.


New boards

Board Description Boss
Piranha Plant Park Piranha Plant Park is the first board in the game, and thus, it has little to no gimmicks at all. This makes the board easy to navigate without any trouble whatsoever. The board is a generic, grassy plain-like board, and the goal is pretty much simple, find the star space, land on it, and pay 20 coins for a Star. TBA!
Buzzar's Rugged Road Buzzar's Rugged Road is the second board in the game. It takes place in an area similar to Mt. Rugged from the original Paper Mario; a rugged, rocky mountain where, at the top, a Star is given for free by Toadsworth, though afterwards, Buzzard appears and takes his place, and will take 20 coins, or a star from the player who reaches the top first, but only if Buzzard thinks you are not on Bowser's side, otherwise he will take you back to the beginning of the board. The cycle repeats afterwards, though landing on a Happening Space will cause the cycle to change automatically. TBA!
Toy Box Town Toy Box Town is the third board in the game. It takes place in a toy box, where there are three wind-up boxes scattered across the board that makes something pop out; a Star, some Coins, or a punching glove that knocks player to the start of the board. After obtaining a Star or a Ztar, the wind-up boxes reset, with a new Star hidden in one of them. Mini, wind-up toy version of the playable cast can also be seen as well. TBA!
Chime's Melody March Chime's Melody March is the fourth board in the game. It is a music-themed board that takes place in a musical-themed carnival, hosted by a character called Chime. You can visit him in his tent, and visiting him will cause the player to play in a small minigame, playing an instrument they select, and if they perform well, they will be given a Star. Otherwise, Chime will mock them for their terribleness and kick them out of his tent, daring them to come back and try again. TBA!
King Boo's Twisted Library King Boo's Twisted Palace is the fifth board in the game. It is a horror-themed board taking place in an eerie castle, home to King Boo. Scattered across the board are paintings with a ghost on them. One of the ghosts will trade a Star for 20 coins, while others steal 20 coins from you, or a Star if you have one, giving it to another player who they come across. The paintings change after one player meets the ghost that gives out a Star. TBA!
Bowser Jr.'s Casino Calamity Bowser Jr.'s Casino Calamity is the sixth board in the game. It is a board that looks similar to Jr. Street from Mario Hoops 3-on-3, and is named after Bowser Jr., who acts like the guide of the board, although not in the way you would typically assume. The main feat of the board is a slot machine located at the top middle of the board. By collecting Slot Coins by winning minigames, the player can use the slot machine, and can get a few coins by matching up three coins, gain a free star by matching up three Stars, gain a random Bubble by matching up three Bubbles, lose coins by matching up three Bowser Jr. symbols, and a Ztar by matching up three Ztars. TBA!
Bowser's Lair of Despair TBA! TBA!

Amiibo boards


Retro boards

Board Description Game Origin
Mario's Rainbow Castle Mario's Rainbow Castle is a sky-themed board that originates from Mario Party, with the main objective remaining unchanged from its game origin. Players must reach the center of the board, ride a Fwoosh to the top of the tower, where they are greeted by Toadsworth, and will be granted a Star. After this, Lakitu will take the player to the start of the board, and Toadsworth's place changes with Bowser, who will give the player a Ztar that takes thirty coins or a Star from them if they have at least one of the latter. The process repeats itself. MarioParty1Logo
Western Land Western Land is a western-themed board that originates from Mario Party 2. It has notably decreased in spaces from its game origin, only have 96 spaces instead of 114 (since Bank Spaces are not included in the game, they have been removed, and all Item Spaces are now Bubble Spaces), the Steamer has been replaced with the K64 from Paper Mario, and the main objective has been changed. At the turn number that is an even (ex. turn 2), a gang of Little Mousers will appear, with Ms. Mowz from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door leading them, robbing the bank that appears on the right-hand top of the board. Players must reach there before they escape, and return the money back to the bank. Afterwards, the bank owner will give the good-deed-doer a Star as a token of gratitude. MarioParty2Logo
Creepy Cavern Creepy Cavern is a cavern-themed board that originates from Mario Party 3. All Toad Spaces are now Bubble Spaces, all Bank Spaces are now removed and the Whomps playing a board game are now seen actually playing it. The board also has a Thwomp, who trades with the player a Star for three Bubbles. MarioParty3Logo
Shy Guy's Jungle Jam Shy Guy's Jungle Jam is a jungle and forest-themed board that originates from Mario Party 4. Many different colored Shy Guys appear in this board, all Mushroom Spaces are now Bubble Spaces and the number of said spaces have been cut in half, all Warp Spaces are now Lucky Spaces and the number of said spaces cut in half, and Klepto has his Super Mario Odyssey design, though he has a different role here. Here, he has a star kept in his feet and waking him up, he will give the player the Star for 20 coins. MP4 Logo
Undersea Dream Undersea Dream is an underwater-themed board that originates from Mario Party 5. The board is slightly larger in terms of spaces (having 71 spaces rather than 67; the capsule machine from its game origin is now replaced with a Bubble Space) and is more aesthetically enhanced than in its game origin. Gooper Blooper now appears in the sunken ship and has three treasure chests the player can choose after he performs jugglery, with one containing a Star and the others either containing coins or nothing. Afterwards, Gooper Blooper sends the player to the start of the board. The manta that appears in one of the Happening Spaces is replaced with a purple Jumbo Ray named Ray. MarioParty5Logo
Castaway Bay Castaway Bay is a tropical-themed board that originates from Mario Party 6. The DK Space is now a Bowser Space no matter what, the day and night cycle is still included, and the main objective is still the same, though DK's Boat and Donkey Kong himself are replaced by Toadsworth, riding on his Toad Cruise; players must reach the Star Space where either Toadsworth or Bowser are at, and give them a Star or Ztar (removes a Star or 20 coins if they do not have one of the former) respectively. MarioParty6Logo
Neon Heights Neon Heights is an American-themed board that originates from Mario Party 7, taking place on a complex skyscraper loosely based on Las Vegas, Nevada. All Mic Spaces are removed, all Orb Spaces are now changed to Bubble Spaces, and the objective remains the same for this board's iteration, though Koopa Kid is replaced with Bowser Jr., and there is four chests instead of three, and that chest has a Piranha Plant that snatches 20 coins or a Star from the player. MarioParty7Logo
Shy Guy's Perplex Express Shy Guy's Perplex Express is a board that originates from Mario Party 8, taking place on a moving train. The use of the word "spastic" has now been changed to the word "erratic" in all copies of the game outside of the U.K, there are more Lucky Spaces, and all DK Spaces are now Bowser Spaces. The objective of the board remains unchanged, though a different colored Shy Guy is now conducting the train due to the Red Shy Guy being a playable character in the game. MarioParty8Logo
Boo's Horror Castle Boo's Horror Castle is a horror-themed board that originates from Mario Party 9, taking place in a castle, though the outside-the-castle parts of the board from the game origin has been removed, so all players are in the castle the entire time. The "Scaredy Rat Race" Captain Event has been removed, though the Scaredy Rat still appears, taking five coins from the player that lands on the Happening Space near a mouse-hole. Boos are also present, appearing from portraits when a player passes it, moving three spaces after the last player's turn, and if they get close enough, they will lick the player and takes five coins from them. A main objective is now included, and is just to reach one of three Star Spaces that will give the player a Star, while the other two are fakes, made by Peepas. The player can also visit Professor E. Gadd on the board, who will give the player a ride on his Super Poltergust 3001 from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Star for five coins, blasting through to the start of the board, and also taking coins from player and sucking in any Boos spawned on the board when they reach them. MarioParty9Logo
Kamek's Library Kamek's Library is a board that originates from Mario Party DS, taking place in a library that belongs to Kamek. All Friend Spaces are turned into either Lucky or Unlucky Spaces, Hex Spaces are now Bubble Spaces, and the objective is the same, find a jar that contains the Star, which causes the jars to change and reset. There is also another spell Kamek casts out from his crystal ball added to the board, which is the switch-space part of Kamek's Spell Number 8, called Kamek's Spell Number 888. MarioPartyDSLogo


*Cannot stop/land on this space
**Cannot place a Bubble here.
***Cannot stop/land (depends) on this space or place a Bubble here.
Space Effect Rarity
Green Space
Green Space
Nothing happens when the player lands here. Common
Blue Space
Blue Space
The player that lands here will receive 3 coins, 5 coins if one of the last-five-turn bonuses is increasing the amount of coins received from Blue Spaces by two. Common
Red Space PMWiiU
Red Space
The player that lands here will lose 3 coins, 5 coins if one of the last-five-turn bonuses is increasing the amount of coins lost from Red Spaces by two. Uncommon
Happening Space
Happening Space
The player that lands here will activate a special event on a board depending on what location they land on this space. Uncommon
Lucky Space
Lucky Space**
The player that lands here will be sent into an area filled with coins and Blue Spaces for one dice roll. Rare
Unlucky Space
Unlucky Space**
The opposite of the Lucky Space; the player that lands here will be sent into an area filled with Black Coins and Red Spaces for one dice roll. Rare
Bowser Space
Bowser Space**
Bowser appears and hinders the player that lands on this stage in numerous ways; take coins or Stars from them, make all players partake in a Bowser Minigame or a Reverse Minigame, give all players the same amount of coins that the player that landed on the space has, and even can leave the player alone if they land on a certain option on the roulette... Rare
120px-MP9 Bowser Jr Space
Bowser Jr. Space**
Bowser Jr. appears and forces the player that landed on the space to partake in a Bowser Jr. Minigame. If he wins, the player loses some of their coins, and if they win, they will earn five coins. Uncommon/Common (Bowser Jr.'s Casino Calamity)
Mario Space PMWiiU
Character Space***
If the owner/owner team lands on it, they will earn ten coins. If other players land on it, the effect depends on what Bubble is placed on there. Roadblock Character Spaces last for three turns, and only be activated when the another player passes it. Varies
120px-MP9 Random Space
Miracle Space**
The player who lands on this space will trigger a "Chance Time" event, and gains a random benefit from the roulette and the other players may be hindered from the roulette as well. It ranges from gaining some coins, Stars or Bubbles from others, swapping coins, Stars or Bubbles with others, etc. Rare
NabbitSpace MP11
Nabbit Space
The player who lands on this space will be visited by Nabbit, who will take coins or a Star from someone else for five or thirty-five coins respectively. Rare
Star Space***
The player who reaches this space can receive a star by paying 20 coins, though this is not always the case on some boards. Rare
Bubble Space***
The player who reaches this space will receive a free, random Bubble. Semi-common
Chime Space***
The player who reaches this space will get to visit Chime's tent. Uncommon (only appears in Chime's Melody March)
Slot Coin Space***
The player who reaches this space will be given a Slot Coin to use the slot machine. Uncommon (only appears in Bowser Jr.'s Casino Calamity)


Bubbles can be obtained by passing Bubble Spaces and buying some from the Bubble Shop. There are many different types of Bubbles:

  • Player bubbles are used on the player before they do the dice roll. Gives the player 3-10 coins when using these sometimes.
  • Tricky bubbles are used before the player moves.
  • Rush bubbles are used when the player is moving.
  • Trap bubbles are thrown on a space, and triggers when another player lands on said space. Gives the player 3-10 coins when using these sometimes.
  • Roadblock bubbles are thrown on a space, and triggers when the player passes through said space. Gives the player 3-10 coins when using these sometimes.
Bubble Description Type
Mushroom Bubble
Gives the player two dice blocks, allowing more movement. Player
Gold 'Shroom Bubble
Gives the player three dice blocks, allowing greater movement. Player
Slowgo 'Shroom Bubble
Slows down the dice roll, making it easier to get the desired number on the dice block. Player
Metal 'Shroom Bubble
Turns the user into their metal form. They can freely bypass roadblocks they pass/land on. Player
Cursed 'Shroom Bubble
The dice roll is cut in half (1-10 to 1-5). It may help them avoid landing on the spaces they do not want to land on, or avoid passing roadblocks other players place. Player
Warp Pipe Bubble
The user switches places with another player selected on a spinning dart wheel. Player


Main article: Mario Party XI/Minigames



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