Mario Party X

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Developer(s) Nintendo

GreenStar Studios

Nd Cube


Publisher(s) GreenStar Studios


Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Party
Series Mario Party
Release Date(s) October, 13 2018
Mode(s) Single Player


Online Mode

Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E3RatingCERO A

Mario Party X (or abreviated as MPX) is a extended retro version especially from the Mario Party series from the first to the eight installement and partially the nineth and the tenth installement of the series, including DS and Island Tour. This game is developed by GreenStar StudiosNintendo and collaborated by Konami and Nd Cube and comes up later in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch. It takes part of all the Mario Party games merged in one, in other words, it's a extremely expanded version. Similar to Mario Party: The Top 100, a variaty those minigames return including the new ones adding such as two boards of each game. The game mechanics are based by all the version of Mario Party, such as the classic gamestyle (1-8), all-in-one (9-10) and race (8 and Island Tour). One of the biggest highlights in this game is that now includes online availability to compete against people around the globe with ranked matches. However, it requires a strong internet server conection.



Game changes

This game recieves an amount of balancing changes from the previous Mario Party series.



Party Mode

  • Classic: This game mode is based from the Mario Party series from the beginning to 8.
  • Race: This game mode is based from the Mario Party series from 8 to Island Tour.
  • All-In-One: This game mode is based from the Mario Party series from 9 and 10. You can play rather only with 4 players or including Bowser in the Party.

Minigame Mode

  • Free Play: Play a collection minigames in a breeze.
  • Minigame Stadium: This game mode is based from Mario Party 2.
  • Minigame Wars: This game mode is based from Mario Party 5.
  • Bowser's Challenge: This solo game mode features Bowser as a playable character.

Adventure Mode

Online Mode



In this menu mode, you can collect characters from the Mario franchise and gather some information about them.


Playable Characters

All the characters of the previous Mario Party series return to be confirmed. There are in total 30 playable characters including Bowser for Bowser Minigames. There are some newcomers like Baby MarioBaby LuigiCappyPaulineLubbaNabbit and Paragoomba.*

MarioIcon MPX LuigiIcon MPX PeachIcon MPX DaisyIcon MPX
Mario Luigi Princess Peach Princess Daisy
Starter Starter Starter Starter
YoshiIcon MPX BirdoIcon MPX WarioIcon MPX WaluigiIcon MPX
Yoshi Birdo Wario Waluigi
Starter Starter Starter Starter
DonkeyKongIcon MPX DiddyKong MPX ToadIcon MPX ToadetteIcon MPX
Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Toad Toadette
Starter Starter Starter Starter
RosalinaIcon MPX LubbaIcon MPX BabyMarioIcon MPX BabyLuigiIcon MPX
Rosalina Lubba* Baby Mario* Baby Luigi*
Starter Unlockable Unlockable Unlockable
PaulineIcon MPX CappyIcon MPX BooIcon MPX DryBonesIcon MPX
Pauline* Cappy* Boo Dry Bones
Unlockable Unlockable Starter Starter
BlooperIcon MPX HammerBroIcon MPX KoopaTroopaIcon MPX ParagoombaIcon MP8
Blooper Hammer Bro. Koopa Troopa Paragoomba*
Unlockable Unlockable Starter Starter
ShyGuyIcon MPX KamekIcon MPX SpikeIcon MPX BowserJrIcon MPX
Shy Guy Kamek Spike Bowser Jr.
Unlockable Unlockable Unlockable Unlockable
NabbitIcon MPX
BowserIcon MPX
MiiIcon MPX
Nabbit* Boom Boom* Bowser* Mii*
Unlockable Unlockable Unlockable Starter (not playable in Adventure Mode)

Unlocking criteria

You can unlock characters below with two methods.

Normal unlocking methods Unlocking in Adventure Mode
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Pauline Pay 500 Party Points in the Museum N/A
Cappy Pay 500 Party Points in the Museum N/A
Hammer Bro.
Shy Guy
Bowser Jr.
Nabbit Pay 500 Party Points in the Museum N/A
Boom Boom

Alternate costumes




These boards are confirmed to be in this game thanks to the Mario Party Legacy poll. Some of them are chosen. Those boards are also revamped and reproduced in high quality for a better gaming experience but the game mechanics stay the same as the old ones.

Image: Name: Description: Difficulty: Game's Debut:
PirateLand map Pirate Land Pirate Land is the first board of Mario Party 2. The players are dressed in a pirate garb, and they are assigned the title "Captain." If a player lands on one of the Blue Spaces that is on a dock, Sushi the shark will appear. Sushi will then take the player to another dock on the board. The Happening Spaces cause a cannon to shoot a cannonball at the player, sending them back to the starting space. There are a few short-cuts on this board, all guarded by Thwomps. For players to pass a Thwomp, they must pay a fee of one Coin. The fee will then increase by one Coin. Easy Mario Party 2 Logo
WesternLand map Western Land Easy Mario Party 2 Logo
DeepBlooberSea MP3 Deep Bloober Sea Easy Mario Party 3 Logo
300px-TMM Toad's Midway Madness Easy Mario Party 4 Logo
300px-KSS Koopa's Seaside Soiree Easy Mario Party 4 Logo
262px-GGday E. Gadd's Garage Easy Mario Party 6 Logo
250px-Pagoda Peak - Mario Party 7 Pagoda Peak Easy Mario Party 7 Logo
Yoshi's Tropical Island (No Spaces) Yoshi's Tropical Island Normal Mario Party Logo2
300px-Peach'sBirthdayCake Peach's Birthday Cake Normal Mario Party Logo2
300px-Pirate Dream Party Pirate Dream Normal Mario Party 5 Logo
300px-Neon Heights - Mario Party 7 Neon Heights Normal Mario Party 7 Logo
MP8 Perplex Express map Shy Guy's Perplex Express Normal Mario Party 8 Logo
300px-KBHH King Boo's Haunted Hideaway Normal Mario Party 8 Logo
215px-MPDSDKBoard DK's Stone Statue Normal Mario Party DS Logo
Waluigi Island Waluigi Island Hard Mario Party 3 Logo
300px-Sweet Dream Sweet Dream Hard Mario Party 5 Logo
FaireSquareday Faire Square Hard Mario Party 6 Logo
180px-MPDSPinballBoard Bowser's Pinball Machine Hard Mario Party DS Logo

Extra Stages

Those stages are exclusive for this game and are unlockable. Those come from Super Mario Odessey. Pay 500 Party Points for each to unlock them. 

Image: Name: Description: Game:
NewDonkCity New Donk City Logo MPXSuperMarioOdyssey
281px-SMO Art - Cap Kingdom  Cap Kingdom Logo MPXSuperMarioOdyssey


Image: Name: Description: Type:
Blue space Ultimate Fun Blue Space Gives to the player 3 coins. Common
Red Space UF Red Space Takes the player 3 coins. Semi-common
Green space Green Space Does nothing. Semi-common
Event Space UF Happening Space Something will happen during an event. Depends of the board you play.
Chance Space UF Event Space Allows the player spin an Event Roulette. Semi-rare
Battle Space 2.0 Battle Space Sledge Bro. will appear and takes an amount of coins from all the players. After that, a Free-for-All minigame will be chosen randomly. Semi-rare
Star-space-mp10 Star Space First, the player must give 20 coins before the host and then he gives you a Super Star. 1 for each board.
Ztar Space MPWiiU Ztar Space After landing to a Koopaling Space and choosing the 'Replace the Star Space to a Ztar Space', a Koopaling will replace the Star Space to a Ztar Space. It will disapear if a player surpasses this space. It will take you a Star. 1 for each board. It replaces the Star and disapears when landed. It also disappears only when an another star
Lucky Space MP Lucky Space A player will get leaded to an area where he can recieve extra coins. Rare
Unlucky Space MP Unlucky Space A player will get leaded to an area where his coins can be taken. The amount depends. Rare
CharacterSpaceMario MPX Character Space First, the player must select a Red Card or Yellow Card to set up a trap to any space. If his opponent lands on it, his trap will activate. A player will recieve a Red Card or a Yellow Card first before he sets a trap.
MP9 Forward Space Dash Space It allows the player roll the dice again moving forward. Semi-rare
Back Space Back Space It allows the player roll the dice again moving backwards. Rare
DuelSpace MPX Duel Space A duel minigame will be chosen randomly. Rare
BankSpace MPX Bank Space A Goomba of each board will force you to save 5 coins to his bank if a player passes this space. When a player lands on it, he will get the total amount of saved money. 2 for each board.
ItemSpace MPX Item Space An orb will drop and gives to the player. Semi-rare
Bowser Jr. Space Koopaling Space A Koopaling will appear and will summon a roulette if what fiendish will happen to the board. Works like a Bowser Space in previous Mario Party games. Rare
Chance Space A Chance Dice will appear above you nearside with a roulette with the players opponents and the quantity of coins, stars or items. Rare


General Items

Image: Name: Classic Description:
ItemBoxMK8 Item Box It normally floats on certain boards. Once the player touches it, it will pop an card, a dice, 10 extra coins or even a Super Star for rare occasions.
462px-Blue Card Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Card Cards are items that players make use them to take advantage from the other players or for themselfs. They are avaiable at Item Shops and in Item Boxes. There are three kinds of cards: red, yellow and green. It's similar to orbs from Mario Party 6.
200px-Mp10diceblock Dice Block Player must advance from space to space, so they have Dice Blocks to move. There's a list below any different types of dices. It's a normal Dice Block. It goes from 1 to 6.
CoinSM3DW Coin A collectable item to purchase items or a Star if you pay 20 coins.
StarMK8-0 Super Star A collectible item. It's worth 20 coins once you buy it from the host on a Star Space. Who gets the most stars wins the party.


Those cards are only avaiable for Classic and Race Mode, not All-in-One Mode.

Green Cards

Green Cards are otherwise defensive or offensive. It gives the player who activates it some advantage to the party. It doesn't involve to other opponents, only you.

Image: Name: Classic Description: Price:
SuperMushroomCard MPX Mushroom Card You will get a Double Dice Block once the player has activated. 5 coins
GoldenMushroomCard MPX Golden Mushroom Card You will get a Triple Dice Block once the player has activated. 15 coins
SlowDiceCard MPX Slow Dice Block Card You will get a Slow Dice Block once the player has activated. 10 coins
PoisonMushroomCard MPX Poison Mushroom Card You will get a 1-3 Dice Block once the opponent has activated. N/A
10DiceCard MPX 10 Dice Block Card You will get a 10 Dice Block once the player has activated. 15 coins
Triple10DiceCard MPX Triple 10 Dice Card You will get three 10 Dice Blocks once the player has activated. 20 coins
RainbowStarCard MPX Rainbow Star Card The Rainbow Star from Super Mario Galaxy. It will make the player invincible for one turn against board gimmicks and opponents traps. 10 coins
CannonCard MPX Cannon Card The Cannon appears once the player has activated. It will send him to a space which he choose. 20 coins
GoldenCannonCard MPX Golden Cannon Card The Golden Cannon appears once the player has activated. It will send him straight to the Star Space. 30 coins
CoinBlockCard MPX Coin Block Card The player will carry an Coin Block on his head. Each space he moves equals the amount of coins he will get. 5 coins
BulletBillCard MPX Bullet Bill Card Once the player activates it, he will become a Bullet Bill. It will attack opponents when surpassed by taking 20 coins. 20 coins
ReverseCard MPX Reverse Block Card You will get a reverse block when activated. You will able to go backwards.
FireFlowerCard MPX Fire Flower Card Once the player activates it, he will carry a Fire Flower. He shoots a fireball once he encounters an opponent, that he will lose 5 coins. 10 coins
HammerCard MPX Hammer Card Once the player activates it, he will carry a hammer. He will swing repeaditly (like in Donkey Kong series or Super Smash Bros.) by smashing the opponents when the owner will surpass them. They will lose the half of their coins. 30 coins
FooCard MPX Foo Card Foo will blow a wind to the Super Star, which it will be send to an another place. 20 coins
BankCard MPX Bank Card Rare. Only giveable at Item Spaces. It will allow to have all the deposited money from the Bank Space to you directly. Appears only on Item Spaces
ChanceDiceCard MPX Chance Card Rare. Only giveable at Item Spaces. You will get the Chance Block. Appears only on Item Spaces

Red Cards

Red Cards are offensive cards that prevent the opponent to have some kind of advantage during the party. Unlike the Yellow Cards, Red Card's summoning will act straight away instead of being in spaces.

Image: Name: Description: Price:
PiranhaPlantCard MPX Piranha Plant Card Piranha Plant, or rather Venus Fire Trap, will spit fire to the opponent by taking 5 coins of it.
ThwompCard MPX Thwomp Card Thwomp will appear itself and goes to the opponent, smashes down to them and takes 10 coins.
PeepaCard MPX Peepa Card Peepa will summon towards you and asks you what do you want that he will steal it to you, rather coins, items or stars.
AmpCard MPX Zap Card Amp will electrify the one who surpasses it and makes him unable to move further.
LightningCard MPX Lightning Card When using the Lightning Bolt, it will electrify all the opponent all in once, making them unable to move further.
FakeItemBoxCard MPX Fake Item Box Card A Item Box disguise that who will pass it, loses a item or coins. It depends how many coins you will lose.  15 coins
SpinyShellCard MPX Spiny Shell Card It will hinder the opponent who has the most Stars or coins without Stars. After a big explosion, a half of his coins will be lost. 30 coins
WarpBoxCard MPX Warp Box Block Switches the player who used it and the opponent from places. 15 coins

Yellow Cards

Yellow Cards are offensive cards, rather traps, to prevent the opponent from moving forward or having a good advantage in the party. Unlike Red Cards, Yellow Cards rather replaces normal board spaces to Character Spaces and will summon when landed or surpassed.

Image: Name: Description: Price:
SpinyCard MPX Spiny Card Any opponent who surpasses the Spiny, will lose 5 coins after being pricked. 5 coins
PodobooCard MPX Podoboo Card Any opponent who surpasses the Podoboo, will lose 10 coins after being burned. 10 coins
WhompCard MPX Whomp Card Any opponent who surpasses the Whomp, he will smash them before he loses 20 coins. 20 coins
WarpPipeCard MPX Warp Pipe Card Any opponent who lands on the Warp Pipe will be relocated on the space of the one who summoned this card. 10 coins
BobombCard MPX Bob-omb Card Any opponent who surpasses the Bob-omb, will be carried by Bob-omb for a few seconds and goes some spaces behind by losing one coin each. You can move afternath. 15 coins
ThunderCloudCard MPX Thunder Cloud Card The Lightning Cloud will stick to an opponent after he surpasses it. The opponent has only 10 spaces to move. After the ten spaces, he will be electrified and will be unable to move. 15 coins
LakituCard MPX Lakitu Card Any opponent who lands on it, will be sent to the start point (or on a checkpoint in Race Mode) 10 coins
MrBlizzardCard MPX Mr. Blizzard Card Any opponent who lands on it, will be frozen. That means the opponent cannot move one turn. 15 coins

Cyan Cards

Cyan Cards are defensive cards that will act automatically depending on various situations.

Image: Name: Description: Price:
LightBoxCard MPX Light Box Card It will scare the Peepa's that prevent them to steal your items. 10 coins
AntiZtarCard MPX Anti-Ztar Card This card prevents you to land on a Ztar space only for once. 30 coins

Other Cards

These cards are cards that doesn't appear any on the categories above but act like normal cards.

Image: Name: Description: Price:
SledgeBroCard MPX Sledge Bro. Card Sledge Bro. will appear and let you choose an opponent to play a Duel Minigame. 15 coins
RandomCard MPX Random Card A pike random card with question marks on it will appear so that the player can choose which card it wants. Appears only on Item Spaces


Image: Name: Classic Description: Race Description:
DoubleDiceBlock MPX Double Dice Block Once a Mushroom Card is activated, the player will get two Dice Blocks. He will pass a double total of spaces. It goes from 1-6. When the player gets the same number of both dices, he gets 10 coins extra.

Only for Race Mode, not in All-in-One.

TripleDiceBlock MPX Triple Dice Block Once a Golden Mushroom is activated, the player get three Dice Blocks. He will pass a triple total of spaces. It goes from 1-6. When the player gets the same number of those dices, he will get 50 coins extra.

Only for Race Mode, not All-in-One.

SlowDiceBlock MP9 Slow Dice Block Once a Slow Card is activated (only for Classic and Race), the player get a Slow Dice Block. It works like a normal Dice Block but it's more effective to chose which space do you want to land.
Mp9123die 1-3 Dice Block Once a Poison Mushroom Card is activated, every player, except the one who activated will be cursed by having a 1-3 Dice Block. You can only advance 1 up to 3 spaces. The player receives a 1-3 Dice Block from the Item Space. You can only pass 1 up to 3 spaces.
4-5-6DiceBlock MP9 4-6 Dice Block The player receives a 4-6 Dice Block from the Item Space. You can only pass 4 up to 6 spaces.
Tendiceblock 10 Dice Block
Chancecube Chance Dice Block It normally appears when the player lands on a Chance Space.


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