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MPWii U.png
MPWiiU Boxart Europe.png
Boxart of Mario Party Wii U.
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Genre(s) Party


Release Date(s) TBA 2016
Mode(s) Single Player


Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png

Mario Party Wii U, also known as Mario Party 11, is an upcoming game of the Mario Party series for the Nintendo Wii U, and the sequel to Mario Party 10. Like in previous installments, Mario Party Wii U will feature new minigames, new characters and new boards. It is being developed by Shooting Star Studios.

The game also features Balloons, similar to Candies from Mario Party 8 and Orbs from Mario Party 5. Unlike Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10, the classic and traditional gameplay from the other Mario Party installments return. The costume system from Mario Party 2 also returns.


Mario and the whole crew (except for unlockable characters) are celebrating Bowser's latest defeat. While Mario and friends were eating at a picnic, some screams and blasts were heard by them. Wast it Bowser causing troubles again? Yes he was. along with his son Bowser Jr.. Bowser was aiding some airships to attack some kind of monument, The Millenium Star Pillar and spreading its power over the kingdom and stealing most of them. Bowser and Bowser Jr. were alone in front of the pillar when Mario and his friends approached them, being sure that they would defeat them as they were just two, various bad guys that Mario has fought before appeared just in front of him along with the King of the Koopas, this included Goomboss, Petey Piranha, King Boo, General Guy and many more.

Mario and friends were defeated, and Bowser stole and had spread all the Stars over the Mushroom Kingdom within its different areas. When Mario and his friends took a look again, they all vanished. Dissapointed but still not giving up, Mario wanted to go after Bowser and recover all the Stars. A new Toad friend, called Circus T. (the new host in general), had an idea. Mario and friends could solve this by competing in party boards around the areas to recover the Stars and defeat those guys and see who would defeat Bowser and become "The Superstar".


In Mario Party Wii U the classic and original gameplay returns. Players have to go around boards, collect Coins and various other items that can help them or hinder others in their quest to collect Stars. The rules that have to be met in order to get a Star are different in every board (except Goomba Valley and Bowser's Magma Lair).

A new thing are the Balloons. The balloons act just like Orbs and Candies, as well as normal Items. Players can use different Balloons to hinder, or maybe help, foes. Like in Mario Party 7 does with orbs, characters have an own balloon that cannot be obtained by other characters. However, those balloons can only be bought in shops.

Aditionally. the costume system from Mario Party 2 returns in this game, bringing a few ones from said game along with new ones depending on the board they are playing in. Also, the costume system can be turned on or off if the player wishes to play or not with them.

Game Modes

  • Story Mode (1 Player): In Story Mode, the player can choose a character and pass through different courses to save the scattered Stars, defeat the evil Bowser and become the Superstar Hero!
  • Party Mode (1-4 Players): In Party Mode, players choose their characters and set the rules to freely play anytime. To unlock various boards, the player needs to complete Story Mode or buy them at Toadbert's Shop.
  • Minigame Mode (1-4 Players): In Minigame Mode, players can choose their characters and freely play various Minigames already unlocked in Story Mode or Party Mode.
  • Puzzle Mode (1-2 Players): Returning from Mario Party DS, Puzzle Mode contains puzzle based special Minigames seen in past installments, from Puzzle Mario Party to Triangle Twisters. The game includes its own Puzzle minigame, called Superstar Frenzy.
  • Toadbert's Shop: In Toadbert's Shop, the player can buy objects and other things, such as various music and character voice packs, trophies, some characters and also Special (Rare) Minigames.
  • Coin Bank: In the Coin Bank, Coins collected in other modes are stored. The player can check how many coins they have. Coin amount will decrease when shopping at Toadbert's Shop. Reaching a certain amount of Coins can unlock special stuff.
  • Toadsworth's Museum: After buying things at Toadbert's Shop, these things appear here. In Toadsworth's Museum, you can listen to the music of the game, character voices, see trophies and also pictures.
  • Extras: In Extras, the player can see the records of minigames, puzzles and other things. Badges and also see Story cutscenes and Options.


The game will have 21 different playable characters to choose, from which 15 are default and 6 are unlockables. This game also introduces Character Types in the Mario Party series, there are 5 different Character Types that can be used for character's advantages and disadvantages in some minigames. Also, each character has their own color, default partner and emblem. The types are:

  • Balanced: These characters have equal stats in all four types.
  • Technique: These characters are good at jumping in minigames.
  • Speedy: These characters are faster in minigames.
  • Power: These characters are stronger in minigames.
  • Tricky: These characters can do very strange and tricky moves in minigames.

Miis types can vary depending on how large and/or big they are, the player can customize their types by just configuring their size. Only the main 8 characters are playable in Story Mode, these are: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, DK, Daisy and Waluigi. Miis can also be playable in Story Mode.

Default Characters

Image Name Type Default Partner Emblem
MPWii U Mario icon.png Mario Balanced Luigi ICONMARIO.png
MPWii U Luigi icon.png Luigi Balanced Mario ICONLUIGI.png
MPWii U Peach icon.png Peach Technique Daisy PrincessPeachEmblem.png
MPWii U Daisy icon.png Daisy Technique Peach DaisyEmblem.png
MPWii U Yoshi icon.png Yoshi Speedy Birdo ICONYOSHI.png
MPWii U Birdo icon.png Birdo Balanced Yoshi Birdobow.png
MPWii U Toad icon.png Toad Speedy Toadette Toademblem.PNG
MPWii U Toadette icon.png Toadette Speedy Toad Toadetteemblem.PNG
MPWii U Wario icon.png Wario Power Waluigi ICONWARIO.png
MPWii U Waluigi icon.png Waluigi Technique Wario ICONWALUIGI.png
MPWii U Boo icon.png Boo Tricky Dry Bones Booemblem.png
MPWii U DryBones icon.png Dry Bones Tricky Boo Dryemblem.PNG
MPWii U DK icon.png Donkey Kong Power Diddy Kong DKEmblem.png
MPWii U Diddy icon.png Diddy Kong Technique Donkey Kong ICONDIDDY.png
MPWii U Mii icon.png Mii Varies Any MPWiiUMiiEmblem.png

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Type Default Partner Emblem
MPWii Koopa icon.png Koopa Troopa Speedy Shy Guy ICONKOOPA.png
MPWii U ShyGuy icon.png Shy Guy Tricky Koopa Troopa ICONSHYGUY.png
MPWii U BabyMario Icon.png Baby Mario Balanced Baby Luigi MPWiiUBabyMarioEmblem.png
MPWii U BabyLuigi icon.png Baby Luigi Tricky Baby Mario MPWiiUBabyLuigiEmblem.png
MPWii U Rosalina icon.png Rosalina Technique Lubba MPWiiURosalinaEmblem.png
MPWii U Lubba icon.png Lubba Power Rosalina MPWiiULubbaEmblem.png

Other Characters


Image Name Description
MPWii U Wiggler icon.png Wiggler

Wiggler is the Mini Boss in Goomba Hills. To beat him, players need to jump on the given body segments to hurt him. Each stomp gives the players 1 point, but when stomping on the body segment while it is red, it gives 3 points instead. After Wiggler's health meter reachs the middle, he gets mad and is faster, making it harder to stomp him. Note: When he gets angry, his body turns red, so the special segment will be yellow instead of red.

MPWii U Goomboss icon.png Goomboss Goomboss is the Boss in Goomba Hills. He will release 4 cages, each one containing a Goomba. Sometimes, 1 cage contains a Gold Goomba. To beat him, players need to enter the cages by passing through a maze of pipes, after entering in the cages, each player will kick a Goomba at him, normal ones worth 1 point, while the golden ones worth 3 points. After Goomboss's health meter reachs the middle, he gets angry and makes Goombas appear in the pipes to hurt players. Note: If two players enter in the same cage, they cannot kick Goombas at Goomboss in that turn.
MPWii U DinoPiranha icon.png Dino Piranha Dino Piranha is the Mini Boss in Floral Garden. To beat him, players need to find which tail is the Dino Piranha's one, there are 4 tails. The player that catch the correct tail, is able to kick it at Dino Piranha to hurt him, gaining 1 point. After Dino Piranha's health meter reachs the middle, he gets angry and after each turn, he chases the players for a few seconds.
MPWii U PeteyPiranha icon.png Petey Piranha Petey Piranha is the Boss in Floral Garden. Petey releases various puddles of Goop and each character has a FLUDD, Petey will pop out of the puddles for a few seconds, and when the FLUDDs appear, players need to get them and spray water at Petey to hurt him, the blue FLUDD hurts much more, giving the player more points. After Petey's health reachs the middle, he also spit Goop at players and make Piranha Plants appear.
MPWii U CheepChomp icon.png Cheep Chomp Cheep Chomp is the Mini Boss in Undersea Land. Cheep Chomp's battle is actually very similar to Cheep-Cheep's battle in Mario Party 9, players need to get the Koopa Shells and throw them at Cheep Chomp while avoiding his attacks, he can charge at the player to eat him/her or dive at the players from the air.
MPWii U GooperBlooper icon.png Gooper Blooper Gooper Blooper is the Boss in Undersea Land. To beat him, players need to press determinated switches to throw rocks at Gooper Blooper, if the player press the unlucky switch, Gooper Blooper will throw Goopballs at him/her. After the health meter reachs the middle, Gooper Blooper releases less switches and two unlucky switches instead of one, making it harder.
MPWii U WhompKing icon.png Whomp King Whomp King is the Mini Boss in Bob-Omb Battle Station. Players must escape from him for a certain time, then, he will try to crush the players, they need to avoid him. If a player is crushed, he/she doesn't have chance to Ground Pound on him to gain points in that turn. There are obstacles such as Thwomps, Bob-Ombs and Podoboos. After his health meter is in the middle, he will become faster and will throw Whimps.
MPWii U BigBobOmb icon.png Big Bob-Omb Big Bob-Omb is the Boss in Bob-Omb Battle Station. To beat him, players need to get the Bob-Ombs in the conveyor belts while avoiding his bombs. However, there are Bob-Omb Buddies that can't be thrown, if the player defends the Bob-Omb Buddy and release it, he/she will gain extra points. After the health bar reachs the middle, Big Bob-Omb will throw bigger bombs, making bigger explosions.
MPWii U GiantPyroGuy icon.png Giant Pyro Guy Giant Pyro Guy is the Mini Boss in Shy Guy's Toy Box. To beat him, players need to collect enough water to throw it at Pyro Guy to get points. The water will fall from the sky as drops, but also there will be lavabubbles falling from the sky. After his health bar reachs the middle, Pyro Guy will spit fireballs at players.
MPWii U GeneralGuy icon.png General Guy General Guy is the Boss in Shy Guy's Toy Box. He will drive his toy-like vehicle to crush players. To beat him, players need to bounce on Springboards and try to stomp General Guy's head to get points. if jumping on his head various times in a chain, the points will quickly increase. After his health bar reachs the middle, he will also summon Sniflies and will be faster.
MPWii U Spike icon.png Spike Spike is the Mini Boss in Wild Treetop. Players need to climb the trees while avoiding Spikes' spike balls. Players have to get an hammer and punch Spike various times to hurt him and also gain points. There are two normal hammers, one gold hammer, and a stick. Normal hammers give 3 points per hit, gold ones give 6 pints, and the stick gives only 1 per hit. After punching him, he'll throw everyone off of the tree and players need to climb again. He'll throw bigger spike balls and will be faster after his health bar reachs the middle.
MPWii U AngryWiggler icon.png Angry Wiggler Angry Wiggler is the Boss in Wild Treetop. He will climb on a big tree and players will have to jump on cloud platforms to follow him. He sometimes will show his face trying to hurt players and this is the chance of jumping on him to take points. When the health bar reaches the middle, Angry Wiggler will blow some cloud platforms with the angry smokes that come out of his nose. He'll move faster too. Note: If players fall from the cloud platforms they'll have to wait 5 seconds to return on screen.
MPWii U Bouldergeist icon.png Bouldergeist Bouldergeist is the Mini Boss in Phantom Tower. Bouldergeist's battle is similar to that of Super Mario Galaxy. He will release various Bomb Boos and players will have to grab their tongues and throw them at Bouldergeist to gain 3 points. Sometimes a Gold Bomb Boo will be released and will give 6 points when used against him. After the health bar reaches the middle, Bouldergeist will turn into his second form and will move around, making it harder to hit him.
MPWii U KingBoo icon.png King Boo

King Boo is the Boss in Phantom Tower. King Boo's battle method is kinda strange. The players are trapped in a room with three paintings of a dark pathway at the sides and one in the front wall. King Boo will suddenly show in one of the paintings floating from it and will pop out from it. Players are equipped with a Poltergust and the one that traps him gains 3 points. He'll reappear and will do the same proccess in different paintings. After the health bar reaches the middle, King Boo will create two clones of himself and the they will show in the three paintings, with only the real one exiting from it. Embers will also float around to hurt players. Note: Embers can be sucked by the Poltergust as well.

MPWii U Fwoosh icon.png Fwoosh Fwoosh is the Mini Boss in Lakitu's Cloudy Valley. Players are on a cloudy platform at the right side of the screen while the big Fwoosh is at the left side. Players have to run at the left while he's spitting wind trying to blow them away of the platform. After he stops spitting wind, he'll spit cloudy projectiles that players have to kick at him to counter attack and gain points. After the health bar reaches the middle Fwoosh's wind will be stronger and he'll move from side to side. Note: If players fall they'll take 8 seconds to respawn. Also, jumping while he's spitting wind will make players fall, so it's better to just run.
MPWii U GigaLakitu icon.png Giga Lakitu Giga Lakitu is the Boss in Lakitu's Cloudy Valley. Players are on a rotating platform and Giga Lakitu will be floating around and throwing Spinies at players. Sometimes he'll also dive in hopes of hurting them, which is the chance for players to jump on him and gain a point. If the player is lucky enough to ground pound on him, they'll get 3 points instead. When the health bar reaches the middle, Giga Lakitu will get mad and will throw more Spinies desperately and will shoot lightning bolts from his cloud. Note: The platform has electric barriers, if the players touches them they'll lose 1 point.
MPWii U KingKaliente icon.png King Kaliente
MPWii U PeeweePiranha icon.png Peewee Piranha
MPWii U BowserJr icon.png Bowser Jr
MPWii U Bowser icon.png Bowser



The game has a total of 15 new boards, 10 are Normal Boards and 5 Battle Boards.The * denotes the board is unlockable.

Normal Boards

Name Bosses Description Players are dressed as... Host
Goomba Hills

Mini Boss: Wiggler

Boss: Goomboss

Goomba Hills is the easiest board in tha game and also the first one. It is known for the pretty woods and flowers surrounding the board, and known for having Goombas as habitants and also common enemies in the course. The Mini Boss is Wiggler, and Goomboss is the Final Boss.

How to get Stars? - Players just need to reach the Star Space and buy them with 20 Coins. If the player have no coins, nothing will happen.

Their usual attire (no costume)

Tanoomba NSMBS.png

Floral Garden

Mini Boss: Dino Piranha

Boss: Petey Piranha

Floral Garden is the second easiest board and also the second board in the game. The board is surrounded by giant flowers and various plants and lakes. There are also many Crazee Dayzees. The Mini Boss is Dino Piranha, and Petey Piranha is the Final Boss.

How to get Stars? - Players must reach the top of the giant yellow flower, and then pay 10, 20, 30 or 40 coins (increasing every time someone gets a Star). After 40 coins, the amount will return to 10. Sometimes, the amount can be alternated by landing on ? Spaces.


Amazy Dayzee

Undersea Land

Mini Boss: Cheep Chomp

Boss: Gooper Blooper

Undersea Land is the third board in the game. The board takes place, as the name implies, in the undersea. Bloopers and Cheep-Cheeps can be seen swimming arround. The board is surrounded by corals, caves and seaweeds. The Mini Boss is Cheep Chomp, and Gooper Blooper is the Final Boss.

How to get Stars? - Players need to reach Gooper Blooper to get a Star from him for 20 Coins. However, after paying him, he will hide the Star, a Red Coin, a Blue Coin, and a Ztar in chests, Gooper Blooper will then do a juggling act and the players need to figure out in which chest the Star is.



Bob-Omb Battle Station

Mini Boss: Whomp King

Boss: Big Bob-Omb

Bob-Omb Battle Station is the fourth board and is a factory owned by Big Bob-Omb. The board is more maze-like with conveyor belts, switches and Warp Pipes. There are Bob-Omb Buddies around in the shops, and also normal Bob-Ombs and Whomps. The Mini Boss is Whomp King, and Big Bob-Omb is the Final Boss.

How to get Stars? - Players simply need to reach Big Bob-Omb who will give players Stars by paying him 10 coins. However, in each turn, Big Bob-Omb swap his possition with Bowser. If the player reachs the place where Big Bob-Omb is supposed to be but Bowser is there, he/she'll lost a Star instead. Big Bob-Omb and Bowser can also swap if players land on ? Spaces.


Bob-omb Buddy walking.png
Bob-Omb Buddy

Shy Guy's Toy Box

Mini Boss: Giant Pyro Guy

Boss: General Guy

Shy Guy's Toy Box is the fifth board and also a giant toy box owned by the Shy Guys, as the name implies. The board is very colorful, with toys and trains everywhere, it is also surrounded by various color Shy Guys. The Mini Boss is Giant Pyro Guy, and General Guy is the Final Boss.

How to get Stars? - Players just need to reach the flying toy boxes. Players have to pay 20 Coins to open these toy boxes. These can contain Coins, a Star, or a Bullet Bill.

Toy Soldiers


Wild Treetop

Mini Boss: Spike

Boss: Angry Wiggler

Wild Treetop is the sixth board in the game and also the second biggest one. The board is located on a giant tree with other big trees surrounding. The course somewhat resembles Honeyhive Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. Bees can be seen around and in Shops. The Mini Boss is Spike, and Angry Wiggler is the Final Boss.

How to get Stars? - Players have to buy as many trees as possible, for each one containing a number of Stars. The red trees contain one Star, the green trees located at both corners of the board contain two, and the giant yellow tree located in the center and also at the top of the board contains three. Players have to deposit coins to own a tree and its Stars, but opponents could buy them off by depositing more coins than the previous owner.


Queen Bee

Phantom Tower*

Mini Boss: Bouldergeist

Boss: King Boo

Phantom Tower is the seventh board and the first unlockable one in the game. It is a giant haunted castle with various towers, and the larger one at the center. It is not the biggest board, but the largest one. Pink Boos, Bomb Boos and Peppas can be seen, as well as other ghost characters. The Mini Boss is Bouldergeist, and King Boo is the Final Boss.

How to get Stars? - Players simply need to find the Stars that are hidden in different towers, some Stars cost more than others (ranging from 5 to 30 Coins).


Dark Boo NSMBDIY.png
Dark Boo

Lakitu's Cloudy Valley*

Mini Boss: Fwoosh

Boss: Giga Lakitu

Lakitu's Cloudy Valley is the eighth board and also the second unlockable one in the game. This beautiful board is located on the clouds. Having a giant cloud with a big Lakitu statue at the middle with other 5 normal clouds at each side. Lakitus, Paragoombas, Paratroopas and other flying characters can be seen here. The Mini Boss is Fwoosh, and Giga Lakitu is the Final Boss.

How to get Stars? - Players have to reach Cloud Houses and pay Coins to roll a big Spike and crush others to steal a Star from them in the way. A red Spiny costs 10 Coins and only rolls one Dice Block, while the only golden Spike in the board costs 20 Coins and rolls two Dice Blocks. Each player starts with 5 Stars and can get more by stealing others' Stars.


LakiRed.png BlueLakituMPWiiU.png
Lakitu (red shell) and Lakitu (blue shell)

Bowser's Magma Lair*

Mini Boss: Bowser Jr

Boss: Bowser

Bowser's Magma Lair is the ninth board and the third unlockable one. It is the last board in Story Mode and where Bowser's fought. This board's the biggest one, it is located in a fiery cave on top of a lava sea. Koopa Kids are in the shops and are the ones that place the Ztars. The Mini Boss is Bowser Jr., and Bowser is the Final Boss.

How to get Stars? - Actually, players just have to do the same as in Goomba Hills. They need to reach the Star and pay 20 Coins to get it. However, the only difference is that there are also Ztars, that will take Stars from the players and they can recover them by using the Shine Sprite Balloon at Ztar. Other than that, is the same as Goomba Hills.

Their usual attire (no costume)

Koopa Kid.png
Koopa Kid

Comet Observatory*

Mini Boss: King Kaliente

Boss: Peewee Piranha

The Comet Observatory is the last board and the last unlockable one. However, it's not unlocked by clearing Story Mode, but by getting 800 Coins in the Coin Bank. It is surrounded by various Lumas, planets and Star Bits. The Mini Boss is King Kaliente, and Peewee Piranha is the Final Boss

How to get Stars? - Players have to reach Green Lumas, who will give the player Stars for Coins (the more Coins the player has, the more Stars he/she can get). However, some Koopa Kids are disguised as Green Lumas, if the player happens to pay them, they will throw a Bob-omb instead, returning them to the start of the board.


SMG Polari.jpg

Duel Battle Boards

Name Bosses Description
Yoshi Park King Guy Yoshi Park is the first and most and easiest Battle Board in the game. It is located inside a park owned by Yoshi with various attractions. The player needs to collect at least 20 Mini Stars and then reach King Guy before the opponent does.
Pokey's Dry Desert Mummipokey Pokey's Dry Desert is the second Battle Board in the game and is more linear. The player must be careful while hitting the Dice Block, because he/she has to land exactly in the last space of the board, before the opponent does.
Starship Mario Mecha Bowser Starship Mario is the third Battle Board and the smallest one. Players move around Starship Mario and some paths of stars. Players need to collect at least 30 Mini Stars and reach Mecha Bowser before the opponent does.
Cake Castle* Chocoomba Cake Castle is the fourth Battle Board and also the first unlockable one. It can be unlocked by buying it at Toadbert's Shop. It is located in a giant cake and the player has to reach the top and land on the last space before the opponent does.
Boom Boom Airship* Boom Boom Boom Boom Airship is the fifth Battle Course and also the second and last unlockable one. It's located on a giant airship with various rooms. The player needs to search and find Boom Boom before the opponent does.


Spaces with a * denotes that the player cannot land on it.

Image Space Description Rarity
Blue Space.png Blue Space Gives the player 3 Coins when landing on it. On the last five turn event, the coins players receive get multiplied by three if the losing player stops the roulette wheel on this event. Common
Red Space PMWiiU.png Red Space The player loses 3 Coins when landing on it. On the last five turn event, the coins player lose get multiplied by three if the losing player stops the roulette wheel on this event. Semi-Common
Happening Space.png Green Space An event happens when landing on it. The event varies on board and location and it may help or hinder the players. Semi-Common
Bowser Space.png Bowser Space A Bowser event occurs when landing on it. The most common event is playing a Bowser minigame, but other events that can hinder players may happen as well. Rare
Tumble Space PMWiiU.png Tumble Space A Tumble event occurs when landing on it. The most common event is playing a Tumble minigame, but other events that can help players may happen too. This Space replaces the DK Space from past games. Rare
120px-MP9 Bowser Jr Space.png Bowser Jr. Space Spaces that are placed by Bowser Jr. himself on the board. When landing on it, Bowser Jr. appears and causes an event that can help or hinder the player(s). Uncommon
Duel Space PMWiiU.png Duel Space A Duel Minigame starts when landing on it. The player can choose an opponent to duel with, and can bet Coins, Stars, etc. The one that wins the duel, wins the bet. Uncommon
Friend Space PMWiiU.png Friend Space When landing on it, the player can choose another player. Both the player and the chosen player gain 5 Coins. Uncommon
Lucky Space.png Lucky Space The player goes to the lucky area when landing on it. In that area, the spaces are all blue spaces and all spaces have three coins for taking. In the end of the lucky area, a free Star will be waiting. Rare
Unlucky Space.png Unlucky Space Unlike its lucky counterpart, this space penalizes the player who lands on it. When going to the unlucky area, all spaces will be red spaces and all spaces have three Black Coins (new Coin types that reduce Coins) for taking. In the end, a Ztar will be waiting. This is the rarest space along with the Miracle Space. Rare
SpaceStar.png Star Space* Star can be bought for 20 Coins; only 1 per game board. (Goomba Hills and Bowser's Magma Lair, respectively) Only one on a board
Ztar Space MPWiiU.png Ztar Space* Ztar will appear when passing through it and will take away a Star from the unfortunate player; only 1 per game board. (Bowser's Magma Lair, respectively) Only one on a board
Balloon Space MPWiiU.png Balloon Space* Gives the player a Balloon when passing through it. Uncommon
Mario Space PMWiiU.png Character Space Depends on the Balloon placed on it. Owner gets 5 or 15 coins when landed on Semi-Common
120px-MP9 Random Space.png Miracle Space Let's the player play the "Chance Time" event, where results may vary from giving coins to another player to swapping stars. Rare


Players can obtain a Balloon from a Balloon Shop or a Balloon space on the board. Some are not found on all boards, however. There is a Bonus Star for getting the most Balloons.

Player Balloons

Player Balloons are red colored balloons and are used on the player.

Image Name Description
MPWiiUMushroomBalloon.png Mushroom Balloon The Mushroom Balloon adds another dice block for the player to use, allowing more movement.
MPWiiUGoldenShroomBalloon.png Golden 'Shroom Balloon The Golden 'Shroom Balloon adds two more dice blocks for the player to use, allowing greater movement.
MPWiiUSlowShroomBalloon.png Slow 'Shroom Balloon The Slow 'Shroom Balloon slows the dice roll, making it easier to get the desired number on the dice block.
MPWiiUMetalShroomBalloon.png Metal 'Shroom Balloon When the player uses the Metal Mushroom Balloon, they turn metal. The player ignores any roadblocks they pass or land on.
MPWiiUBiddybudBalloon.png Biddybud Balloon The player summons Para-Biddybud and takes the player to the Star Space. The player still has to pay 20 coins to buy a Star.
Poison (Cursed) 'Shroom Balloon They are dangerous
Bowser Suit Balloon Sea turtle shell
Frog Balloon Frogs

Tricky Balloons

Tricky Balloons are green colored balloons that are used before the player moves.

Image Name Description
MPWiiUParatroopaBalloon.png Paratroopa Balloon The player summons a Paratroopa and switches places with another player via the dart wheel and move after they made it to their destination.
MPWiiULightningBalloon.png Lightning Balloon The player releases a Thunder Cloud that will shoot a lightning at a selected player via the dart wheel. The lightning will take 10 Coins from the opponent and give it to the player.
MPWiiUBombBooBalloon.png Bomb Boo Balloon The player summons a Bomb Boo and blows up a random opponent chosen by the dart wheel, making him/her lose part of his/her Coins.
MPWiiUSuperPipeBalloon.png Super Pipe Balloon The player chooses two random opponents via dart wheel and make them swap spaces each other.

Rush Balloons

Rush Balloons are yellow colored balloons that are used while the player moves.

Image Name Description
MPWiiUMiniShroomBalloon.png Mini 'Shroom Balloon The Mini Mushroom Balloon makes the player tiny, allowing him/her to jump above 1 space while traveling through spaces, this allows the player to move twice the normal.
MPWiiUBitsizeBalloon.png Bitsize Balloon If the player uses it, they will transform into an 8-bit version of the character. Upon moving, the player will collect three coins by jumping on Coin Block every time they take a space.
MPWiiUGoldenFlowerBalloon.png Gold Flower Balloon

The Gold Flower turns the player gold, while being gold the player is able to throw gold fireballs at the opponents they pass by, stealing a small part of their Coins and earning an extra amount of Coins that depends on the missing Coins the user of the Ballooon has.

MPWiiUBarrelBalloon.png Barrel 'Roll Balloon If the player uses it, they get inside a barrel and roll with it. They can crush opponents in the way to make them lose part of their Coins.
MPWiiUThiefBagBalloon.png Thief Bag Balloon After using it, the player moves with a bag. With it, the player can steal any balloon an opponent has by just moving past an opponent. If the opponent happens to have no balloon, nothing will happen.
MPWiiUBulletBillBalloon.png Bullet Bill Balloon The player rides on a Bullet Bill, and can steal 20 Coins of any opponent they pass.
Cashzap Balloon The player electrocutes, and can steal 17 Coins of any opponent they pass.
Spring Balloon Bounces
Ball Balloon Roll
Tornado Balloon Blow

Thrown Balloons

Thrown Balloons are thrown on a space. Happenings are executed only if the player lands on it. The thrown balloons' color is orange. These balloons have an effect on a player who lands on the space. If the owner lands on the space, they will receive five coins.

Image Name Description
MPWiiUParagoombaBalloon.png Paragoomba Balloon Any foe who lands on it hits a Dice Block that determines how many coins they give to the player.

Mr. Blizzard Balloon

When an opposing player lands on this space, Mr. Blizzard will appear and crush the player. They will lose all of their balloons. Nothing happens if the player has no balloons.
MPWiiUKamekBalloon.png Kamek Balloon Opponents that lands on a space containing the balloon summons Kamek, who uses his magic to give control three of the Character Spaces they placed on the board to the owner of the space opponents landed on.
MPWiiUHammerBroBalloon.png Hammer Bro. Balloon Any opponent that lands on a space containing the balloon also loses ten coins to the Hammer Bro. The coins are given to the player that placed the Balloon.
MPWiiUVoidBalloon.png Void Balloon Opponents that lands on a space containing the balloon summons a Black Hole that will suck the opponent's balloons, and give it to the owner of the space.
MPWiiUToadyBalloon.png Toady Balloon Any foe who lands on it select two random foes via the dart wheel to make Toady swap their coins and balloons with each other.
MPWiiUPiranhaPlantBalloon.png Piranha Plant Balloon When an opposing player lands on this space, a Piranha Plant gobbles up the player. The player will then lose half of their coins. The owner will receive those coins.
MPWiiUPinkBooBalloon.png Pink Boo Balloon If an opposing player lands on a space containing the balloon, a Pink Boo will appear. It will then relieve the victim of several Coins or a Star and give it to whoever planted the trap.

Roadblock Balloons

Roadblock Balloons are purple balloons that are thrown. They are triggered when an opposing player passes it.

Image Name Description
MPWiiUZapBalloon.png Zap Balloon When an opposing player passes this space, the player will lose three coins for every step they take. If the player has no coins, nothing happens.
MPWiiUThwompBalloon.png Thwomp Balloon When an opposing player passes this space, a Thwomp will appear and crush the player, stopping them on that space they just passed.
MPWiiUWhompBalloon.png Whomp Balloon When an opposing player passes this space, a Whomp will appear and crush the player, stopping them in the space and also making them lose half of their coins.
MPWiiUSpinyBalloon.png Spiny Balloon Opponents who passes it loses ten coins to Spiny Shells.
MPWiiUTweesterBalloon.png Tweester Balloon When an opposing player passes this space, a Tweester will appear and takes the player somewhere else on the board.
MPWiiUPodobooBalloon.png Podoboo Balloon

When an opposing player passes this space, Podoboos will appear and burns up the player who passes it. The player then loses ten coins.

MPWiiUPipeBalloon.png Warp Pipe Balloon Opponents who passes this space enters a Warp Pipe, and are sent back to the space they were at when their turn started.
MPWiiUBobOmbBalloon.png Bob-omb Balloon When an opposing player passes this space, a Bob-omb will appear and explode on them. The remaining spaces they would have left will get cut in half.

Character Balloons

Character Balloons are blue balloons that only can be used by a specific character.

Image Name Exclusively Used By Description
MPWiiUFireballBalloon.png Fireball Balloon


When used, the user of the balloon will be surrounded by fireballs and any opponent that comes in its way would have fireballs throw at them, stealing 10 coins from them. The effect of this balloon lasts for three turns.
MPWiiUPoltergustBalloon.png Poltergust Balloon Luigi When used, the user of the balloon will be equiped with a Poltergust 3000 and any opponent that comes in its way would be sucked by the Poltergust, sucking all of their balloons, If Luigi has 3 Balloons, he can replace them with the foe's ones.
MPWiiUHeartBalloon.png Heart Balloon Peach When used, the player will be surrounded by 3 hearts, If the player passes or land on trown or roadblock balloons, those will return to their balloons and will be equiped by the player, no matter if the user has 3 balloons, these will be replaced.
MPWiiUFlowerBalloon.png Flower Balloon Daisy When used, the player receives four coins for each space they pass on their roll of the Dice Block, and bypasses any roadblock traps for that turn.
MPWiiUEggBalloon.png Egg Balloon Yoshi The Egg Balloon is an balloon that can only be used by Yoshi. Its effect is that when the player takes their turn, he/she removes any Character Spaces that they cross. When their turn is done, the spaces are turned into balloons that Yoshi can use. The Egg Balloon is also practical in the elimination of Bowser Jr. Spaces.
MPWiiUBowBalloon.png Bow Balloon Birdo The Bow Balloon is a balloon that can only be used by Birdo. When used, Birdo will shoot a bow at anyone that comes in her way, making players confused. The effect of this balloon lasts for two turns.
MPWiiUMegaShroomBalloon.png Mega 'Shroom Balloon Toad When used, the player grows up to a giant size and can crush anyone on its way making them lose 15 Coins, he/she ignores any roadblock spaces and can move twice the normal due to the massive size, after that, the player will return to its normal size and will receive the coins from the players crushed.
MPWiiUUltraShroomBalloon.png Ultra 'Shroom Balloon Toadette The Ultra 'Shroom Balloon is a balloon that can only be used by Toadette. It adds three more dice blocks for the player to use, allowing excellent movement.
MPWiiUMagnetBalloon.png Magnet Balloon Wario When used, the player will get a magnet, allowed to hit a Dice Block and steal the amount of coins shown in the Dice Block from players.
MPWiiUBombBlasterBalloon.png Bomb Blaster Balloon Waluigi The Bomb Blaster Balloon is a balloon that can only be used by Waluigi. Waluigi can hit a Dice Block, and the number that appears in the block (can be from 1 to 5) is the number of Bob-ombs Waluigi will shoot, those will be staying in Spaces waiting until someone passes on it, when it happens, it explodes and make foes to lose some coins and balloons.
MPWiiUInvisibleBalloon.png Invisible Balloon Boo It doubles the number rolled on the Dice Block and turns the character invisible, allowing it to bypass all roadblock traps on the board. The balloon's effect lasts for two turns.
MPWiiUVacuumBalloon.png Vaccum Balloon Dry Bones When used, a vacuum machine will appear and sucks coins (amount determined by the roulette wheel) from the other opponents.
MPWiiUBananaBalloon.png Banana Balloon DK After using it, the player will throw a determinated amount of Bananas (amount determined by the roulette wheel) on the wished spaces (only Blue Spaces, Red Spaces and Character Spaces). When opponents passes on them, they slip and stop moving.
MPWiiUPeanutPopgunBalloon.png Popgun Balloon Diddy After being used, Diddy will get two Peanut Popguns for two turns. When passing through an opponent he will blast a peanut at them, leaving them burnt. The opponents affected will have their space movement cut in half.
Blue Shell Balloon Koopa Koopa will throw a flying Blue Shell that will fly directly at the opponent that is in 1st place and will cause a blue explosion, making that opponent lose half of his/her coins and giving them to Koopa. If Koopa is the one in 1st place then the Shell will go after the 2nd one and if there are more that are placed 2nd, 3rd or 4th then it will choose one of them randomly.
Spear Balloon Shy Guy Shy Guy will turn into a Spear Guy and will do the spear dance, invoking lightnings upon all opponents and making them get electrified whenever they stop moving after hitting a Dice Block and thus making them lose some Coins and getting a percentage of these Coins depending on Shy Guy's missing Coins, for one turn.
Rattle Balloon Baby Mario After using it, Baby Mario will shake his rattlesnake, making him energetic and happy. Baby Mario will then increase his speed while moving for two turns, and will ignore roadblocks or character spaces and instead turning them into his roadblock and character spaces.
Chain-Chomp Balloon Baby Luigi Baby Luigi will ride on a Chain-Chomp. While riding it, the Chain-Chomp will eat roadblocks and will steal Coins from opponents they pass by. After that, the roadblocks Chain-Chomps ate will be spread in random parts of the board as Baby Luigi's roadblocks.
Launch Star Balloon Rosalina A Launch Star will appear just in front of Rosalina. She'll be able to hit two Dice Blocks, and the number that appears is the number of spaces she'll fly after being launched, ignoring any roadblocks, character spaces or any obstacle in the way. In the way she'll also find a chain of Coins.
Star Bit Balloon Lubba

Upon using it, Lubba will be protected by a shield of Star Bits for 3 turns. If any opponent passes him, they'll get hit by a Star Bit and will stop moving, and will get 10 Coins stolen by Lubba. Lubba will only have three Star Bits around him though.

Special Balloon Mii The Special Balloon is a balloon that can only be used by Miis. These makes the Mii invinsible, they can double the number rolled on the Dice Block, can get 3 coins for each space they pass and can stole 10 coins from players they pass.



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