Mario Party Park is a game in Mario Party Series. In this game there more unlockable characters than other Mario Party games


Bowser did it again! He stole the Stars and escape. But he didn't steal the stars, Fawful steals that. Mario, Bowser and Co. have to rescue the stars!


There are five kinds of characters: Balanced characters: they are good in every category in Minigames Technical characters: they are good in jumping in Minigames Mighty characters: they are strong in Minigames Speedy characters: they are speed in Minigames Tricky characters: they can do strange moves in Minigames

Stickers, Balls and Cards

In this Mario Party game there are three kinds of items: Stickers are many items. You can have all stickers you want Balls are uncommon items. You can have only a ball but they are very powerful Cards are rare items. You can have only five cards.



There are 18 Balls, one for every character. If you want to see the Balls you may watch in Character section



There are some Billboards from old Mario Games.