Mario Party Switchup
Mario Party Switchup is the 12th game in the Mario Party series, following Super Mario Party. Released for the Switch, this installment of the classic party game seeks to introduce whole new ways to play the game, and to use the Joycons to their full extent.

How to Play

The basics of Mario Party are simple to get used to. Choose your character, Party Mode, and board, and take it from there. Of course, each Party Mode has its own unique quirks, but they all follow the same principles.

You'll be making your way around a massive, life-size game board, using a Dice Block to determine how far you travel. The spaces you land on each have a unique effect, such as giving or taking Coins. In most game modes, you can use Coins to buy items, which can be used at the beginning of a turn to help you out. You can also recruit Allies, special partners who can increase your roll, take some hits for you (Balloon Party only), or assist you in Ally Minigames.

All in all, Mario Party is a game about luck. So best of luck out there, you'll need it!


Playable Characters

Switchup Mario
Switchup Luigi
Switchup Peach
Switchup Daisy
Switchup Toad
Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Toad
Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock
1, 3, 3, 3, 5, 6 1, 1, 1, 5, 6, 7 0, 2, 4, 4, 4, 6 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4 0, 1, 4, 4, 6, 6
Switchup Bowser
Switchup Rosalina
Switchup Yoshi
Switchup Wario
Switchup Waluigi
Bowser Rosalina Yoshi Wario Waluigi
Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock
-3C, -3C, 1, 8, 9, 10 +2C, +2C, 2, 3, 4, 8 0, 1, 3, 5, 5, 7 -2C, -2C, 6, 6, 6, 6 -3C, +3C, 0, 0, 9, 10
Switchup Pauline
Switchup Cappy
Switchup Tiara
Switchup Hariet
Switchup Uproot
Pauline Cappy Tiara Hariet Uproot
Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock
2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 +5C, +5C, 2, 2, 3 -5C, -5C, 6, 8, 8 0, 4, 4, 4, 4, 6 2, 5, 5, 5, 5, 8

Ally Characters

Switchup Goomba
Switchup Blooper
Switchup Koopa
Switchup Boo
Switchup Pokio
Goomba Blooper Koopa Boo Pokio
Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock Mp10diceblock
0, 0, 1, 1, 10, 10 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 10 -2C, -2C, 5, 5, 7, 7 0, 0, 1, 6, 8, 8
Switchup Tostarenan
+7C, 0, 0, 1, 2, 10

Supporting Characters

Switchup Toadette
Toadette's your host for most of the Party modes! She'll explain the rules with a smile, and can be found around the Boards selling Stars. Using balloons, she's able to easily make her way around the map. All in all, she's super happy to help!
Switchup Peachette
If a Crown Space is landed on during Classic Party, Toadette will transform into the mysterious Peachette. Peachette will scatter ? Blocks around the Board, allowing players to take risks to earn rewards. Peachette will give out two Stars at a reduced price, but things will go back to normal once her Stars are purchased.
Switchup Captain Toad
Captain Toad is the host for Treasure Party. With a can-do attitude and an eye for treasure, he's prepared for anything. Except ghosts. He's the one who discovered all these Treasure Maps, so you can thank him for the opportunity to go plundering.
Captain Toad
Switchup Glydon
Glydon hosts Balloon Parties. Flying has always been a passion of his, so he's eager to get you landlubbers taking to the skies. He knows all the ins and outs of the rules, and will keep an eye out for weather-related events that occur.
Switchup Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr. hosts Arena Parties, and makes several cameos throughout the game. You'll hardly ever see the little tyke outside of his Koopa Clown Car, flying above the battle board and causing mischief.
Bowser Jr.
Switchup Donkey Kong
The king of the apes loves a good party, and he'll join in at any opportunity! Land on a DK Space and the big brown beast will show up and treat you with a special surprise! Could it be a Star? Coins? Or something completely unexpected?
Donkey Kong
Switchup Nabbit
Uh oh! Better watch out when you land on a dreaded Nabbit space! The fabled bandit will show up and try his best to mess up your game! Just what does he have up his sleeve? Will he steal some Coins? Your Dice Blocks? Or maybe something even more dastardly...?

Classic Party!

SMP Mario with Dice
Classic Party goes back to basics, and it's your recommended starting point. The rules are pretty simple: roll the Dice Block to make your way around the board and collect Stars. Just make sure you've got enough Coins for them!

The winner is determined by whoever has the most Stars. However, there is always a chance of Bonus Stars, which allow anybody to make a comeback - unless, of course, you turn off Bonus Stars.

Classic Boards

Castle Crash
There's a massive celebration outside the castle! There's live music, food, and tons of stalls! As you might imagine, this board is chock full of item shops - but don't spend too much, or you won't have enough Coins for the Star! Feel free to take the Starshroom to another area of the board, but try to stay away from the forest infested with Goombas.
Castle Carnival

Classic Minigames

Free-for-All Minigames
Switchup Free for All
Ext3 123
Shoot basketballs into a hoop, and try to get the most points by the end of the time limit! Using the Joycon's motion sensitivity and gyroscope, you'll have to use motion controls to get the perfect shot.
Hot Shots
Switchup Free for All
Ext3 127
Ride your Jaxi to the end of the course! Jump over obstacles and try to keep your momentum so you can reach the finish line first.
Crazy Jaxi
Switchup Free for All
Ext3 123
This minigame requires the use of only one Joycon. Pass the Joycon around in a circle, and press any button to confirm you've received it. This game involves your characters taking turns licking an extremely tall ice cream cone. If you lose balance and cause the cone to topple, you lose.
Sherbet Scoop Topple
Switchup Free for All
Ext3 123
Much like its predecessor, Shake It Up, this minigame gives you a can of soda. by shaking the Joycon, you'll shake the can in order to foam it up. The winner is the player with the highest fountain of foam!
All Shook Up
2V2 Minigames
Switchup 2V2
Ext3 123
It's time to bake a cake! Follow the instructions on the screen and use the Joycon's motion controls to knead dough, apply icing, and put on sprinkles. Finish your cake before the other team!
Rival Minigames
Switchup 1V3
Ext3 123
One player stands on stage, surrounded by Tostarenans and Mariachi Guys. They hold a pair of maracas, and can shake them as they wish. Then, it's up to the trio to imitate the actions with their own sets of maracas.
Maraca Mimic
Ally Minigames
Switchup Ally
Ext3 123
Take on the role of a maestro in the world's biggest symphony! Your allies will be the orchestra, and your job is to conduct them. Move the Joycon in tandem with the directions onscreen to compose the symphony. Whoever does the best job is declared the victor.
Foul Conduct

Classic Items

This item adds +3 spaces to your roll. Helpful if you're using a high-risk high-reward Dice Block, or if you just wanna get moving quickly.
Dash Mushroom

Online Party

Connect to the Marioverse to play Classic Party with friends and strangers alike online! Similar to Splatoon, the game has a quick match system that groups players of similar skill with each other, allowing them to vote on the Board. However, feel free to make your own Room or join somebody else's!

Treasure Party!

Ssb gx capt.-toad
Collect as many Coins as you can on your journey to defeat the big bad Boss guarding the treasure! Whoever has the most cash once the Boss is defeated is crowned the ultimate Superstar. The player who delivers the final hit on the Boss gets to take the spoils, meaning that anybody can win! On the other hand, you'll have to be strategic about how you use your items, since they all count toward your treasure total!

Treasure Maps

Perils Peak
Peril's Peak is a large mountain, filled with alternate paths, caves, and crags. Wingo waits at the top, guarding a horde of treasure. Along the way, you'll also encounter Boss Brolder, who'll drop some decent bounty. You'll have to choose your paths carefully, though, as there's a chance one might collapse, sending you way back down!
Peril's Peak

Treasure Minigames

Free-for-All Minigames
Switchup Free for All
Ext3 127
You're locked in a cage, with nothing but a locked door and an endless supply of keys. Hover over the keys with the control stick, and use HD Rumble to figure out which key is the correct one.
Key to Victory
2V2 Minigames
Switchup 2V2
Boss Minigames
Switchup Boss Brolder
Ext3 123
Boss Brolder rests on a ledge across a large chasm, launching boulders, ? Blocks, Brick Blocks, and Bob-Ombs at you. Swing the Joycon like a baseball bat to hit the objects he's throwing at you, but make sure you avoid Coins, Bob-Ombs, Hearts, and the likes.
Boss Brolder's Block Batter
Switchup Wingo
Ext3 127
You stand facing Wingo, on a pile of treasure. Your goal is to gather up as much treasure as you can, and deposit it into your corresponding goblet-like catapult. When you've got enough dough in there, launch it at Wingo.
Wingo's Crystal Catapults

Relic Items

A Golden Mushroom will allow you to add +5 onto your Dice Block roll. If kept until the end of the game, it will be worth 30 Coins.
Golden Mushroom

Online Treasure Party

Connect to the Marioverse to play Treasure Party with friends and strangers alike online! Similar to Splatoon, the game has a quick match system that groups players of similar skill with each other, allowing them to vote on the Board. However, feel free to make your own Room or join somebody else's! In addition, check out the leaderboards to see if you stack up with other treasure hunters!

Balloon Party!

SMO Art - Luigi
In Balloon Party, you're at the mercy of the winds. With nothing but a few balloons holding you in the skies, you'll need to burst the balloons hidden by the Cloudmaster. They can be anywhere on the map, behind any object. Once your turn ends, you'll have the opportunity to select items you're close to and try to figure out where those balloons are. But watch out, because it's Game Over if the Cloudmaster manages to pop all your balloons.

Alternatively, take on the role of the Cloudmaster! You'll have a massive Lakitu Cloud to ride in, and double the rolls. Protect your hiding spots at all costs, but try not to make it too obvious. If you pass another player, or land on the same spot as them, you'll zap them with lightning, popping one of their balloons! However, they could always call up an Ally to lend them a balloon...

Balloon Worlds

Beanstalk Skyway
High up in the clouds, tons of plants have managed to grow in this mystical garden! Plants can spring you to new places on the map, or can act as a threat. By climbing the central beanstalk, you can access another layer of the map. This part's much smaller, but allows you to easily hop down to most parts of the map.
Beanstalk Skyway

Balloon Minigames

Cloudmaster vs Poppers Minigames
Switchup 1V3
Ext3 127
On the side of a large tower, the trio must platform their way up to the top. The Cloudmaster pilots a Koopa Clown Car, however, and must shoot down his opponents. Being shot will stun you, meaning you've less time to get to the top!
Clown Car Climb
Switchup 1V3
Ext3 127
One lone player is on top of a hill, piloting a Bullet Bill cannon. The other three players must use the control stick to make their way up the hill, while avoiding the Bullet Bills shot by the solo player.
King of the Bill

Item Balloons


Online Balloon Party

Connect to the Marioverse to play Balloon Party with friends and strangers alike online! Similar to Splatoon, the game has a quick match system that groups players of similar skill with each other, allowing them to vote on the Board. However, feel free to make your own Room or join somebody else's! You can also check out the most popular hiding spots on maps, and adjust your playstyle accordingly.

House Party!

In House Party, your goal is to buy and upgrade as much property as possible before the end of the game! Each property owned is worth 1 Star, but properties can be upgraded to be worth 3 Stars or even 5 Stars! You can buy a property away from another player by landing on it - and you'll pay less than what they had to pay to upgrade it to that point! This mode is all about being ten steps ahead of your enemies, and managing your Coins properly.

House Estates

Koopas Tycoon Town
Koopa's Tycoon Town is the home of House Parties, returning from Mario Party 8. This city has 3 main streets, and a band of Bandits run amok in the city. If you're lucky, you'll be able to catch a taxi to the rich part of town, where you'll earn Coins galore!
Koopa's Tycoon Town

House Minigames

Free-For-All Minigames
Switchup Free for All
Ext3 127
Try to figure out the code to a safe. As you twist the dial, pay close attention to the subtle rumble of your Joycon when you're on the correct number. Make sure to input the number, though, or else you'll have to waste precious time doing another full circle.
Crack At It
Switchup Free for All
Ext3 127
This minigame is a rather simple one; it's just a slot machine! Press any button to stop the slot machine and see what prizes await you. The first player to get to 500 Coins wins! Unfortunately, you don't get to take that money out of the minigame...
Tostarena Slots
2V2 Minigames
Switchup Free for All
Rival Minigames
Switchup Free for All

Online House Party

Connect to the Marioverse to play House Party with friends and strangers alike online! Similar to Splatoon, the game has a quick match system that groups players of similar skill with each other, allowing them to vote on the Board. However, feel free to make your own Room or join somebody else's!

Race Party!

MP10 Car Group Art
Two pairs drive karts, and race to the finish. Sounds familiar, right? That's sort of where the similarities stop. In order to keep your kart going, you'll need Mini Stars. You'll participate in a variety of minigames throughout the race, and each minigame will earn you Mini Stars to fuel your kart. The more Mini Stars you have, the faster you'll go and the longer your momentum will last!

Race Tracks

Playtime Highway
Are you tiny? Or is this toybox just massive? Either way, you'll find yourself racing in a kid's play area, littered with building blocks, castles, and teddies. There's a toy car raceway available as a side path. It's a really good shortcut, if you're able to navigate it properly.
Playtime Highway

Race Minigames

Team Duel Minigames
Switchup 2V2

River Party!

SMP CharacterBoatArt
River Survival returns under a new name! Four characters board a small lifeboat, each character holding a single oar. Move the Joycons in a rowing motion to steer the boat, and avoid crashing. Collect clocks to increase the time limit, and burst Minigame Bubbles to rack up points that will go toward your time.

When you get to the end of a section - or the end of the river - remember to high five for a mega boost!

River Routes

Blooper Route
This route has many rocks for you to bump into, with navigation of the river made even more difficult by pesky Bloopers spitting ink at you, obscuring your vision.
Blooper Route
Porcupuffer Route
In this part of the river, you'll encounter a few Cheep Cheeps hopping in and out of the water, as well as a handful of Porcupuffers. They'll attempt to chase you down, so you better paddle like your life depends on it!
Pocupuffer Route

River Minigames

Teamwork Minigames
Switchup Team
Ext3 127
Each player controls a set of Joycon-shaped bars, which can be tilted by tilting your Joycon. Your goal is to make sure the falling fruits land in the right baskets, and flick Bob-Ombs away!
Treetop Tumble

Arena Party!

Arena Party is a battle of the wits, and minigame skills! Two teams of three must face off against each other, in a mode inspired by Fire Emblem and Mario Party: Star Rush. Each team has 3 Dice Blocks to use in a turn, and can use these rolls to move their characters. Maybe you want to move all 3, or perhaps one character three times? You'll need to move carefully, and use your Character Dice Blocks to your advantage.

Once you're in adjacent squares to an enemy, you'll participate in a 1V1 Duel minigame. The winner of this minigame will have the opportunity to inflict damage on their target. The better you do in the minigame, the more damage you'll deal!

Arena Stadiums

Magma Floats
Taking place in the lava moat outside one of Bowser's many castles, Magma Floats is actually a relatively simple stadium. However, things get interesting when the lava geysers come into play. Stand on one of these platforms when the geyser warning is active, and you'll be boosted onto an upper layer of grates, allowing you to ambush enemies!
Magma Floats

Arena Minigames

Duel Minigames
Switchup Duel
Ext3 123
A jug of water is being poured into a massive glass by a Toad. You'll have to press the shoulder buttons when you think the tub is halfways full. Of course, you can't see the tub. You'll have to figure it out using HD Rumble.
Half Empty

Arcade Party!

SuperMarioRun Headphones
In Arcade Party, you get to freely play any minigames you've unlocked! Minigames are divided up into their respective categories for your ease of access, though you can easily set your minigame play to Shuffle for a more varied experience!

Also accessible from this screen are Sound Test - where you can listen to any of the tracks or voice clips you've encountered - and Marioverse. Marioverse allows you to make posts, postcards using assets from the game, or play minigames online!

Arcade Consoles

Switchup Free for All
Play all your favourite Free-for-All minigames with up to 4 players!
Switchup 2V2
Play all your favourite 2V2 minigames with up to 4 players!
Switchup 1V3
Play all your favourite Rival minigames with up to 4 players!
Switchup Ally
Play all your favourite Ally minigames with up to 2 players!
Switchup Duel
Play all your favourite Duel minigames with up to 2 players!
Switchup Wingo
Face off against an onslaught of Boss minigames!
Boss Rush
Switchup Mario
Play 5 minigames in a row with 3 other players online, and see who reigns victorious!

Exclusive Minigames

Switchup Free for All

Wrecking Crew Site!

Super Mario Maker - Toads Artwork 01
The Wrecking Crew want you! In this very special mode, you get to construct your very own Board for Classic Party or Treasure Party! As you play the game more and more, and purchase items from the Crazy Cap store, you'll have even more items to work with.

Share your custom Boards with the world via Marioverse, and earn Medals. Alternatively, download Boards from other players across the world, or play with strangers on user-created Boards!

Spaces & Objects

MP10 SpaceCoin
+3 Coins
Blue Space

Crazy Cap Shop!

Regional Coin Sand
The Crazy Cap store is always open for business! With Crazy Cap Pop-Up Shops across the various Boards of the game, they're raking in some serious profit. Luckily, they also have a main store nearby, which sells essential goods, such as costumes, characters, and souvenirs.

Crazy Cap mainly deals in yellow Coins, though some items will require the rarer purple Coins. The clerk is randomly switched out each time you enter the shop, so you could be served by a Toad, a Tostarenan, a New Donker, or even a Goomba!

Purchasable Characters & Costumes

Switchup Tiara
Switchup Uproot
SMO Art - Regional Coin (Sand) x20
Coin 2D x100
Switchup Mario Tux
Switchup Peach Metro
Wedding Mario
SMO Art - Regional Coin (Sand) x10
Metro Peach
Coin 2D x50


Switchup Mario
"Mario's saved the kingdom more times than anybody can count! He definitely deserves this break to play some party games."
Mario Trophy
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