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The "Party hard" expansion for Mario Party Superstars is a set of DLC packs released from December 2021 to October 2022. It features new boards, minigames and a few other additions.

Purchase options

The packs can be bought individually for varying prices, or you can buy the "Party hard" expansion pass which 'adds you to the guest list'. You then you get the individual packages as soon as they release. This expansion pass costs __ $, which will save you __ $ compared to buying all packs individually. The "Party hard"-expansion is also part of the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack, where by owning it, you get the "Party hard"-expansion at no additional costs

Pack one

This pack was released on Dec. 3 2021. It costs ____$

The board in MP3

Spiny Desert: The pack added the board 'Spiny desert' from Mario Party 3, which means that now Mario Party 1, 2 and 3 each have two boards represented in the game.

All the changes can be found here


Reverse Mushroom: On both 'Woody Woods' and 'Spiny Desert', this new item returning from Mario Party 3 can be obtained. It can be bought from the shops and obtained on Item and Lucky Spaces. When using it, you roll a 1-10 dice and move the rolled number of spaces backwards.

Costumes: A feature from Mario Party 2 returns. In the game, the characters would wear outfits fitting the board. The costumes can be bought as a 'Costume set' at Toad's Shop for 200 coins. They can be disabled at the options house. The following are descriptions of the outfits for each board that's available at the release of this DLC pack:

  • In Yoshi's Tropical Island, the characters wear outfits associated with summer vacation and beach wear, like Hawaiian Shirts, basecaps, straw sun hats and swimwear.
  • In Space Land , the characters wear Space Suits. The original six characters wear suits that look exactly like the outfits from Mario Party 2, and the new characters' (Waluigi, Daisy, Rosalina, Birdo) outfits are directly inspired by them
  • The characters wear typical Chef outfits on Peach's Birthday Cake
  • In Woody's Woods, the characters wear outfits similar to the Explorer Outfit and Peach's Wooden Kingdom outfit from Super Mario Odyssey and the outfits from the board Mystery Land from Mario Party 2
  • In Horror Land, the characters wear outfits resembeling Dracula, witches and wizards. The outfits resembling the latter two are almost identical to the Horror Land outfits from Mario Party 2
  • In Spiny Desert, the characters wear desert safari outfits.

Tag Team Match: The update added a way of playing Party Mode that was available in Mario Party 4-8: the Tag Team Match, here the four players are devided into two teams of two, which share Coins, Stars and Items. 1-v-3 minigames aren't available, and only two players from oposing teams can Duel. Team Members cannot be affected by each other's item effects.

Custom Minigame sets: The last addition is the ability to make Custom Minigame sets for Party Mode. You can pick up to ten of each category (Free-for-all, 1-v-3, 2-v-2 and Duel)

Pack two

The board in MP4

This pack was released on March 11, 2022

Goomba's Greedy Gala: This pack added the first GameCube boards, and from mario Party 4, Goomba's Greedy Gala was added. All the changes can be found here

The board in MP5

Pirate Dream: Also added was Pirate dream from Mario Party 5. All the changes can be found here (there'll be a link here someday)

Cheep Cheep Leap in Mario Party Superstars

Minigames: Pack 2 is the first DLC pack to add minigames. This pack added 20 of them from Mario Party 4-10, bringing the total to 120. Nintendo announced that more will be added in the future to "give fans the possibility to revisit even more minigames they know and love from past games of the beloved series all in one game"

Below is a full list of minigames in this pack

{Tanklear Arsenal is the microphone minigame Verbal Assault, but it was changed up to work without a microphone, so the old name doesn't make sense}

Mario Party 4 Mario Party 5 Mario Party 6 Mario Party 7 Mario Party 8 Mario Party 9 Mario Party 10
The Great Deflate Candlelight Fright Button Masher Lift Leapers Baloonatic Granite Getaway Memory Lane Tanklear Arsenal Bubble Brawl Spider Stomp Herbicidal Maniac Think Tank Camp Ukiki Mosh-Pit Playroom Cardiators Boo-ting Gallery Peak Precision Ruins Rumble Foo Me Once Cheep Cheep Leap
2v2 1v3 Free for All Free for All 1v3 Free for All Free for All 1v3 Free for All 2v2 2v2 1v3 Duel Free for All Duel 2v2 Free for All Free for All Free for All Free for All

Pack three

This pack was released on June 17, 2022

Snowflake Lake: TBA

Pigoda Peak: TBA

Minigames: This pack added another 20 minigames from Mario Party 4-10, bringing the game's total to 140.

List will be finished
Mario Party 4 Mario Party 5 Mario Party 6 Mario Party 7 Mario Party 8 Mario Party 9 Mario Party 10

Pack four

This pack was released on October 14, 2022

Koopa's Tycoon Town: TBA

minigames: This pack added ten minigames from Mario Party DS. These minigames had to be adapted to the Switch's missing touchscreen and microphone support and its' single screen.

List is to be added