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Mario Party Superstar
IMG 0891.png
Developer(s) Nd Cube
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Party
Series Mario Party
Predecessor Mario Party: Star Rush
Release Date(s) Winter 2018
Mode(s) Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png A CERO.png
Available Input Joy-Con, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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Mario Party Superstar is an upcoming game for the Mario Party series for the Nintendo Switch and currently the only game released on the Nintendo Switch and the 11th game released on a home console. Unlike Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10, the game returns the classic gameplay format from the older games like Mario Party DS and Mario Party 8 and battle through boards win the game by collecting the most stars and the player will receive an item when passing an item space and the player can buy some items when passing through a shop with either a Koopa Troopa, Shy Guy or Toady. Now the game features a lobby for players to walk around as Miis and contact with players with other Miis. If the player disconnects, the lobby will have no Miis but the player can still use offline features. Now the player can have Toads as allies that can help the player in minigames. The game also returns Bowser Party and 8-player minigames from Mario Party 7.


One night, Mario and his friends are looking up the sky, which is filled with stars. Then suddenly, all the stars disappeared and some Toadscame out and said a supersize monster had took all the stars away. Mario and co. immediately know the culprit: Bowser. So they set off to get the stars back.

When Bowser is defeated in Story Mode, all the stars began to go back to the sky automatically. Mario and co. will celebrate the victory of Bowser and a board will be unlocked.


In Mario Party Superstar, it returns the classic mode of gameplay from the older games. Dice blocks are now from 1-10, and landing on different spaces will have different effects. When a player reaches a Star space, the player will need to pay 20 coins for a star. The cost of a star may vary upon different boards. In the last 5 turns event, the player in the last place will get 3 items and a special event, like:

  • Free Star: Get a star from Bowser.
  • Double Coins: All coins are counted as two. Not including the coins that the players have earned or lost before the last 5 turns event.
  • Triple Coins: All coins are counted as three. Not including the coins that the players have earned or lost befor the last 5 turns event.
  • Bowser Minigame: Bowser will host a Bowser Minigame. The player who is using the last 5 turns event will get double coins as rewards for the minigames.
  • More Stars: The second star will appear on the board.
  • Bowser Space Mania: All red spaces will turn into Bowser spaces.

The Bonus Stars also return. The Bonus Stars will give the winner a star, and these are examples for Bonus Stars:

  • Coin Star: Given to the player who has earned the most coins.
  • Minigame Star: Given to the player who has earned the most coins in minigames.
  • Item Star: Given to the player who has used the most items.
  • Happening Star: Given to the player who has landed on the most happening spaces.
  • Runner Star: Given to the player who has traveled the most spaces using dice blocks.
  • Green Star: Given to the player who has landed on the most green spaces.
  • Lucky Star: Given to the luckiest player. However, is unknown how to count it, but the winner is not randomly chosen.
  • Friendly Star: Given to the player who has used the most allies. If no players use an ally, this Bonus Star will not exist.
  • Duel Star: Given to the player who has won the most duel minigames.
  • Red Star: Given to the player who has landed on the most red spaces.


Story Mode

A mode that follows the game's story. Players will participate a Battle Royale party and must win the board to access to the next board. CPU difficulty will increase as the player's progress gets higher, making the parties harder and harder.

Party Mode

Players will go into a lobby and players can walk around a lobby as their miis and they can see other miis walking around if the player is online. The player can compete with other players or CPUs on an unlocked board. The settings can be edited, such as CPU difficulty, type of minigames, etc. The player can also choose the way of playing this mode.

  • Battle Royale: 4 players compete against a board and the player with the most stars is the winner.
  • Tag Battle: 4 players of 2 teams compete in a board. 2 vs. 2 minigames are always played. The teams do not move together.
  • Duel Battle: 2 players compete in a board. Only Duel minigames can be played. The players with the most stars is the winner.
  • Partner Battle: 8 players compete in a board with 4 teams. Only 8-player minigames can be played. The teams do not move together.

Mushroom Mania

A completely new mode. Players will need to collect the most Mushrooms in 15 turns. Players roll the dice block to see how many spaces can the player go forward. Every time a player passes a space with a Mushroom, the player will collect a Mushroom. Rarely, there will be a Golden Mushroom on the board, and the Golden Mushroom worth 5 Mushrooms. When a Mushroom is collected, the Mushroom will disappear and will respawn after 2 rounds. Golden Mushrooms cannot appear at the board at the start, and they can only be spawned out of the board. This mode can be played in Battle Mushroom Mania, Tag Mushroom Mania, Duel Mushroom Mania or Partner Mushroom Mania.

Bowser Party

Returns from Mario Party 10. Bowser Party can be played on all the boards from Mario Party Superstar. Unlike other modes in Mario Party Superstar, it uses the car gameplay format. Now, different cars have different stats. Up to 5 players can play this mode, 1 as Bowser and the other 4 players play as Mario and co. Mario's team goes first, and each player can roll a 1-10 dice block once. Then it is Bowser's turn. Bowser can roll 4 dice blocks up to the number of 40 and chases Mario's team. If Bowser can chase Mario's team, then a Bowser Minigame will be played. If Bowser can't chase Mario's team, then it will be Mario's team's turn. All players in Mario's team have hearts, and the goal for them is to have 1 player survive until 20 turns passed with at least one heart remaining. Bowser's goal is to defeat everyone in Mario's team by reducing all their hearts through Bowser minigames. Players with no hearts left will stay at the start, and every time is the players with no hearts left's turn, the dead player can get a special dice block for the living players to use.

Minigame Mode

These are modes played in minigames that don't take place on game boards.

Free Play

In here, the player can play minigames freely with other players with the minigames that is already unlocked in other modes of the game. Free-For-All, 2 vs. 2, Duel minigames and 8-player minigames can be played. When the player plays this mode, there will be another lobby with some Warp Pipes. Each Warp Pipe leads to a different minigame mode. Sometimes when some minigame modes are not yet unlocked, a Piranha Plant will live in the pipe, and when unlocked, it will be defeated. An unnamed 8-player minigame mode is yet to be revealed during Autumn 2017.

Superstar Rescue

Description: Using your powers, you can rescue the superstar! This is the first mode in the series to feature a story from a minigame mode.


NOTE: This is the continuation for the normal story, when all the stars are stolen by Bowser.

When Bowser is taking the stars to his castle, he accidentally left a star on the top of 4 flagpoles and he didn't notice. The next day, when some Toads are taking a walk, he came across the 4 flagpole area and noticed a superstar on top of the flagpoles. They tools everyone else to come quick, and so everyone came. Mario and co. decided to save the superstar, so they climbed up the flagpoles. But there are some obstacles on the way and they must defeat them.


4 players start out at the bottom of the flagpole. The player can choose to win 3 minigames, win 5 minigames, win 7 minigames or win 9 minigames. There will be some obstacles. The player must win the minigame to get rid of the obstacle and continue climbing. When a player reaches the top, the player at the top is the winner for this mode for saving the superstar. Only Free-For-All minigames can be played.

Points Battle

Players are put on top of a point counter. Then a minigame will start. Players will need to play the minigame and try to get first. Winning a minigame will let the player get some points. If the player gets 1st, the player will get 10 points; if the player gets 2nd, the player will get 5 points; if the player gets 3rd, the player will get 3 points; and if the player gets 4th, the player will get 1 point. Only Free-For-All minigames can be played. When a player reaches 50 points, the mode will end.

Racing Rally

A new racing mode. Players start in 4 cars. Then a minigame will be played. After the minigame, a Toad will come out give the player some power (the amount depends on the player's effort on the minigame). Then, the player can control the car and be the fastest to reach the finish line. On the path, there will be some Piranha Plants and Goombas. There are also some boost pads too, allowing the car to have a small boost. More power means the car can be activated a longer time. Only Free-For-All minigames can be played.

Super Duel Battle

An unlockable Duel minigame mode. 2 players will start on a stage with a large screen. Then a minigame will played. After the minigame is finished, then the winner of the minigame will earn a point, and the points are displayed on the large screen. Once a player reaches 6 points, the player with 6 points is the winner. Only Duel minigames can be played. It can be unlocked in Toadsworth's Market for 500 coins.

Teaming Challenge

A 4-player minigame mode unlockable divided into 2 teams and takes place on some huge blocks. Then a minigame will start. The minigame is usually a 2 vs. 2 minigame, but sometimes a Duel minigame will be played. When a team wins a minigame, then the team can jump onto the next block. When a Duel minigame is played, then in each team, one player will be chosen to play the Duel minigame with the player in another team. On Duel minigames, the winning player's team can move forward a block. The first team to reach the finish line is the winner. 2 vs. 2 and Duel minigames can be played. It is unlocked in Toadsworth's shop for 1000 coins.

Amiibo Party

This mode requires an amiibo figure or card to play. When the player uses an amiibo figure or card on the Nintendo Switch, an amiibo board will be unlocked, depends on the used amiibo. If the player uses an Mario amiibo, then the player will unlock the Mario amiibo board. Amiibo boards uses the classic gameplay, but it is simpler, and there is a special event on each amiibo board. When an amiibo is used, the board will be saved into the game permanently.

Toadsworth's Market

In here, player can buy boards, items, game modes, cars for Bowser Party, minigames, and the player can hire Toads as allies that can help the player in minigames. The number of coins is also shown here.

Superstar Museum

A place that everything can be viewed. Music, progress, story, and the player's profile can be shown here. Even the unlocked modes, created minigames, unlocked minigames, achievements, unlocked items, and the unlocked amiibo boards can be shown here. This mode can show everything in your profile!

Minigame Creator

A place where players can create minigames of their own. The player can choose the minigame type, and the minigame creating will start. Coding is required, and with some tools that can help the player to create the minigame. Once it is finished, the player can keep it in the Superstar Museum and the minigame can be played at anytime. This mode can be unlocked in Toadsworth's Market for 10000 coins.

Online Party

An online partying mode, the first in the series. Players can play Party mode, Mushroom Mania, Bowser Party and minigame modes online. Players can wait in a room and wait for the other players to join. Once a room has 2 players, the game can start.

Playable Characters

All the 19 playable characters in Mario Party Superstar.

Character How to unlock Emblem
Default MarioEmblemMK8.png
NSMBWii Luigi.png
Default LuigiEmblemMK8.png
MKXL Peach.png
Princess Peach
Default PeachEmblemMK8.png
Princess Daisy
Default DaisyEmblemMK8.png
Default YoshiEmblemMK8.png
Default ToadEmblemMK8.png
Default ToadetteEmblemMK8.png
Default WarioEmblemMK8.png
Default WaluigiEmblemMK8.png
Default BirdoEmblemMKS.png
Default RosalinaEmblemMK8.png
Koopa Troopa
Default KoopaEmblemMK8.png
Shy Guy
Default ShyGuyEmblemMK8.png
Dry Bones.png
Dry Bones
Default DryBonesEmblemMKS.png
Default LumaEmblemMKS.png
Default Booemblem.png
Koopa Paratroopa*
Spend 2500 coins at Toadsworth's Market ParatroopaIconMPS.png
Spend 2500 coins at Toadsworth's Market SpikeEmblemMKS.png
Default BowserEmblem.png
  • Newcomer
    • Bowser Party only


These characters are not playable in the game, but they have a role in the game.

Character Role
The host of the boards.
Blue Toad
Being an ally for one minigame that can help the player to win the minigame.

Others: TBA

Default Partners for Tag and Partner Battle

The default partners for Tag and Partner Battle. The player must always use this combination until Story Mode is completed and all the characters are unlocked.

  • Mario & Luigi
  • Peach & Daisy
  • Yoshi & Birdo
  • Toad & Toadette
  • Wario & Waluigi
  • Koopa Troopa & Koopa Paratroopa
  • Rosalina & Luma
  • Boo & Dry Bones
  • Shy Guy & Spike

NOTE: When Koopa Paratroopa and Spike are both not yet unlocked, then Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy are the default partners. When one of them is unlocked, like when Koopa Paratroopa is unlocked but Spike is not yet unlocked, then Shy Guy's default partner will be completely random.


Nitro Boards

All the original boards made in Mario Party Superstar.

Board Description Boss
Mushroom Plains The first and the most basic board in the game, with no gimmicks. It takes place in a plain in the Mushroom Kingdom, with hills and oceans surrounding it. The goal of this board is to advance through the board and get to the Star Space. On the Star Space, the player can pay 20 coins for a star. After that, the star moves into a different spot in the board. After 10 turns passed, the player with the most stars is the winner. GOOMBOSS.png
Mario Circuit The second board in the game. It takes place in Mario Circuit near Peach's Castle. The goal of this board is also to collect the most stars, but there are some special rules. A Star Space located somewhere in the board won't change its position, no matter what. Players can still pay 20 coins for a star. Now the player's another goal is to finish 3 laps on the board using the least time. 1st place on the 3-lap goal will be rewarded 3 stars, 2nd place will get 2 stars, 3rd place will get 1 star, while last place won't receive anything. Once all players finish 3 laps, the game will end, and the player with the most stars is the winner. If at least 1 player can't finish 3 laps in 25 rounds, the 3-lap goal star rewards will be decided by the number of spaces remaining until finishing 3 laps. If the remaining players are on the same space, then a minigame will be played and see who's the winner. PeteySSBI.png
Petey Piranha
Snow Panic The third board in the game. It takes place in a snowy mountain during a blizzard. It is very snowy, and you can only look 2 spaces around you in all directions, so it could be really hard know if you are about to land on a Bowser Space. The map only shows up to 2 spaces around, like what you can see. If you scroll the map, you can't see anything outside your visible area. The goal of the board is to reach the penguin and he will give you a star for free, because he is lost and you found him. After that, the penguin gets away and moves to a different location on the board. After 20 rounds, the player with the most stars is the winner. Mr. Blizzard.png
Mr. Blizzard
Mushroom City The fourth board in the game. The goal of this board is very similar to Windmillville from Mario Party 7 and Koopa's Tycoon Town from Mario Party 8. Players need to invest the Mushroom Huts in the board using their coins. If more coins are invested, then the Mushroom Hut will level up. (Max. Level is 5) After 20 rounds, the player with the most stars is the winner. King Bob-Omb.png
King Bob-omb
Blooper Bay The fifth board in the game. It takes place in a bay filled with Bloopers swimming. There is a dolphin at the end of the board. The dolphin will give the player a Star for 10 coins, and the dolphin will offer the player to go back to the start of the board riding on the dolphin's back for 5 coins. If the player refuses to go back, then the player will stay at the end of the board until they accept the offer. There is also an island where players can access by landing on the lucky space and a dolphin will offer you to ride to the island. On the island, there are some blue spaces, a DK space, and a Star Space. After the player has gotten the star, a dolphin will offer you to ride back to the lucky space. After 30 rounds, the player with the most stars is the winner. Sometimes, during minigames, the screen will b blooped by a Blooper. This happens when a player has landed on a Blooper Space. Gooper blooper.png
Gooper Blooper
King Boo's Spooky Castle The sixth board in the game. It takes place in a big, spooky castle during nighttime. The goal of this board is to get the most stars as possible while avoiding getting Ztars. There are 5 dead ends in the board. Each of them either leads you to a Star, or very unluckily, a Ztar. Every time a Star is collected, a Ztar will replace the spot. When a player gets a Ztar, a Star will replace its spot. However, you can't know which dead end is a Star or a Ztar. You can only know when you reach the Star or Ztar space. After 20 rounds, the player with the most stars is the winner. King Boo.png
King Boo
Volcanic Ruins The seventh board in the game. The goal of this board is to win special minigames and get stars. A Toad will stand somewhere in the board, and will offer the player a Star the player pays 20 coins to the Toad. A Ztar space also locates somewhere in the board, and will make the player lose a Star when they pass it. After somewhen gets affected by the Ztar Space, the Ztar Space will go to another spot in the board. There is also a really dangerous Unlucky Space somewhere inside the volcano, and that space will make the volcano explode, making all the players lose half of their stars and coins. After 30 rounds, the player with the most stars is the winner. Chain chomp.jpg
Chain Chomp
Bowser's Futuristic Castle The eighth and the final board in Story Mode. The goal of this board is to avoid being attacked by Bowser's attacking machines and try to save the trapped Toads. All the Toads are captured in the 9 cages, one in each cage. Then the player needs to find specific keys scattered around the castle that can unlock specific cages. When a Toad is freed, the Toad will give the player a star for thanks. There are a lot of Bowser Spaces and Unlucky Spaces on the board, each will have a different event, but all are bad events. After all Toads are freed, the game will end, and the player with the most stars will face against Bowser. Once Bowser is defeated, then Story Mode will end with a whole bunch of credits that cannot be skipped. Bowser.PNG
Sweet Land The ninth board in the game, and the first board not to appear in Story Mode. It takes place on top of some donuts. Players will need to travel around the donuts and get the star in the hole of one of the six donuts. Players can travel through the donuts by paying 5 coins, then a Rainbow Bridge will form and will disappear since the payed player passes the Rainbow Bridge. After 35 rounds, the player with the most stars is the winner. None
Cloudtop City The tenth board in the game, and so far the final nitro boarding unlockable board in Mario Party Superstar. Players start at different places on the board, and unlike the other boards, all the players start on the same spot. There is a Star Redeem Shop, and it will cost 10 coins at there for a star on the first time. Every time a player redeems a star, the price will increase 10 coins every time, until the price is 50 coins. If someone redeems a 50-coin star, then the counter will be set back to 10 coins for a star. Once 50 turns passed, then the game will end. It can be unlocked at Toadsworth's Market for 5000 coins. None

Retro Boards



All the original boards made in Mario Party Superstar.

Space Effect Rarity
Green Space.png
Green Space
Nothing happens when the player lands here. Common
Blue Space.png
Blue Space
Gives the player 3 coins. Common
Red Space PMWiiU.png
Red Space
Takes away 3 coins from the player. Uncommon
Happening Space.png
Happening Space
A good event will happen, depending on the board and the location of the board. Uncommon
Lucky Space.png
Lucky Space
The player will be sent into a Toad House and get some items. Rare
Unlucky Space.png
Unlucky Space
A horrible event will happen on the player, or sometimes it will effect everyone on the board. Very Rare
Bowser Space.png
Bowser Space
A Bowser event will occur, ranging from stealing coins from the player to a Bowser minigame. They only appear when another player has previously landed on a DK Space. Very Rare
DK Space.png
DK Space
A DK event will occur, ranging from a free ride to playing a DK minigame. When a player lands on the DK Space, then the DK Space will turn into a Bowser Space. Very Rare
120px-MP9 Competition Space.png
Battle Space
A Hammer Bro will appear, and will make every player lose 5 coins. Then a Battle Minigame will be played. 1st place on the minigame gets 10 coins; 2nd gets 7 coins; 3rd gets 3 coins; and 4th doesn't get anything. Rare
Duel Space PMWiiU.png
Duel Space
The player landed on here will be forced to play a Duel Minigame with another player. Rare
Bowser Jr. Space.png
Bowser Jr. Space
The player will be forced to play a Bowser Jr. Minigame. Rare
Blooper Space.png
Blooper Space
All player's screen will get blooped by a blooper on the next minigame. Very Rare
Star Space MPS.png
Star Space*
When the player passes here, the player can pay 20 coins for a star. Very Rare