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Mario Party Jade is the latest installment in the Mario Party series. It is for the Wii U and is to be released in 2016. It contains the same basic format as the previous titles. It contains the return of candies, as well as character specific candies.


Mario and friends were having a picnic in front of Peach's Castle, when a portal opened up. Suddenly all of the babies came out. Then Bowser, and Baby Bowser came down in the clown car, and stole the crown jewels of the Mushroom Kingdom, and kidnapped the babies. Peach was devistated at the loss of her precious jewels. The Crew decided to venture off through the mushroom kingdom to find Bowser and defeat him, taking back the crown jewels and the babies. On the way they met some toads, and other friends who need help with Bowser's minions.


There are 25 playable characters in the game, 15 from the start, 10 must be unlocked.


Character Name Description Class Emblem
Mario Smash5
Mario The Power Plumber is back and ready to party! Balanced
150px-Mario emblem.svg
Luigi The little brother is no under dog now! Balanced
150px-Luigi emblem.svg
Princess Peach (Fortune Street)
Peach The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is back to bring back her crown jewels! Skilled
1024px-Peach emblem.svg
Daisy - Copy
Daisy The Princess of Sarasalnad is also here! Skilled
Princess daisy kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qebpa
Toad by banjo2015-d8mtjqm
Toad The little mushroom man knows how to party! Skilled
290452-toadette mario party
Toadette Toadette is shy at heart, but a crazy partier! Skilled
Toadette kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qf2f5
Yoshi MP10
Yoshi The Fun Dinosaur is here to have fun! Balanced
Yoshi kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qe65k
Birdo The Pink Menace is a hard-core partier! Balanced
Birdo kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qey8w
Wario This Greedy guy is here for the money! Powerful
1024px-Wario emblem.svg
Waluigi Luigi's rival is here to beat him once and for all! Powerful
1024px-Waluigi emblem.svg
Donkey Kong Smash5
Donkey Kong The King of the Jungle is here to party! Powerful
Donkey kong kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qeae7
Diddy Konga
Diddy Kong DK's nephew is joining him in the party! Powerful
Diddy kong kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qezsr
Dixie KongSSBVFull
Dixie Kong Diddy's Girl is here too! Balanced
Dixie kong kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qiwrr
Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy
Rosalina The space guardian is here to get the party started! Poweful
Rosalina kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qfnpk
Nabbit, New Super Mario Bros. U
Nabbit This mischievous rabbit wants the gold, and no more! Skilled
Nabbit Jade


Character Name Description Class Unlock Emblem
Bowser Jr. Bowser's son is back and ready to rock! Skilled Beat the game
Bowser jr kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qeyy7
Kamek This crazy magikoopa is casting his spell! Skilled Beat the game with three characters
Kamek kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qiuqz
Larry M. Koopa
Larry Larry is here to have fun! Balanced 500 Party Points
Larry jade
Roy Koopa
Roy Roy is stomping in on the party! Poweful 600 Party Points
Roy logo by equidnarojo-d7pz9ax
Wendy NSMBWii-0
Wendy Wendy is making an entrance! Balanced 700 Party Points
Wendy logo by equidnarojo-d7pzslq
Iggy P. Koopa
Iggy Iggy is having a blast! Balanced 800 Party Points
Iggy logo by equidnarojo-d7pzaej
555px-Morton Koopa Jr 3D
Morton Morton is marching in rhythm! Powerful 900 Party Points
Morton logo by equidnarojo-d7pzu8d
500px-Lemmy Koopa
Lemmy Lemmy is bouncing for joy! Skilled 900 Party Points
Lemmy logo by equidnarojo-d7pz782
Ludwig von B. Koopa
Ludwig Ludwig is keeping the music steady! Balanced 1000 Party Points
Ludwig logo by equidnarojo-d7pz61l
440px-Spike - Mario Party 10
Spike Spike is rolling out the power! Powerful 1200 Party Points
Spike Jade
Honey Queen MK7
Honey Queen Honey Queen is ordering for a party! Powerful Complete Lubba's Grand Galaxy
Honey queen kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qfpeh

Tribute Characters

The Tribute characters are tributes to certain people. They are shown in the game as normal unlockable characters, with no actual indication to the tribute.

Character Name Description Tribute to Class Unlock Emblem
Motley Boss Blob Motley is ready to boss the competition! SonicWiki Skilled Beat the game with all starting characters Unavailable
Baby luma by banjo2015-d8mq04a
Luma Luma reaches for the stars! Lumoshi Balanced Beat the game with all unlockable characters except Motley Boss Blob Unavailable


Pack Character 1 Name Class Emblem Character 2 Name Class Emblem
Subcon Pack
Shy Guys
Shy Guy Skilled
Shy guy kart flag by rafaelmartins-d4qflvh
Snifit YG99
Snifit Powerful
Battle Pack
Boo Skilled
Booemblem jade
Dry Bones,
Dry Bones Balanced
Dryemblem jade


There are 8 stages in the story mode of the game, with 1 bonus stage after completing the game with every character. Each stage has a host, mid-boss, boss, and someone to save. The goal during the stages, is to collect the stars, without landing on any bad spaces. At the end of the stage the player with the highest amount of stars gets to fight the boss. When playing story mode, or free mode with one player, if the player does not get the highest amount of stars, the player with the highest amount of stars will lose against the boss, and the stage will restart.

Stage Name Host Mid-boss Boss Hostage
Ballyhoo's Crazy Carnival
215px-MCBallyhoo and Big Top artwork


Hammer Bro., Super Mario 3D Land

Hammer Bro.

Big-bully JAde
Big Bully
215px-BMarioSluggers jade

Baby Mario

Daisy hills
Toadsworth's High Hill
150px-Toadsworth artwork -- Super Mario Sunshine


BoomerangBro Artwork (Super Mario 3D Land)

Boomerang Bro.

MPWii U Goomboss jade



Baby Luigi

3ds supermario 14 scrn14 e3 display
Toadbert's Frozen Field


200px-Ice Bro-NSMBU

Ice Bro

Massive mario collab chief chilly by dragonkazooie89-d8bbyu0

Chief Chilly

200px-Babypeachsimple jade

Baby Peach

DK Jungle
Cranky Kong's Jagged Jungle
Cranky Kong, DK Jungle Climber

Cranky Kong

Fire Bro.'s Artwork jade

Fire Bro


Kalimba Tiki

BDKSluggers jade

Baby Donkey Kong

480px-3-4 Level
Captain Toad's Mountain Mine
Interval contentsc

Captain Toad

SledgebrosNSMBW jade

Sledge Bro




Baby Daisy

NINTENDO64--Super Mario Star Road Deluxe Aug28 18 34 17
Bombette's Bomb Barracks
Bombette MASP jade


Boom Boom, Super Mario 3D Land

Boom Boom

Big Bob-omb SM3DW jade

Big Bob-omb

Img-thing jade

Baby Wario

The Mansion (Luigi's Mansion)
E. Gadd's Monster Mansion
E Gadd Solo LM2 jade

Dr. E Gadd

Index jade

Pom Pom

King Boo jade

King Boo

Lime Green Baby Yoshi jade

Baby Yoshi

Bowser's Comet Control None
200px-Babybowser jade

Baby Bowser

Bowser - New Super Mario Bros 2 jade


Crown Jewels
Cosmic Blooper
Lubba's Grand Galaxy
Lubba jade




Cosmic clone 3d by starkid64-d4r7xhi

Cosmic Clone

Baby Rosalina by hikolol35 jade

Baby Rosalina


Stage Name Host Mid-boss Boss Hostage
King's Dangerous Dream
BS SMUSA Red Birdo s Dream
King Subcon
Mouser jade


200px-Wart Artwork - Super Mario Bros 2


Baby Birdo by Doh jade

Baby Birdo

Starlow's Dim Dojo
ShurikenBro jade

Shuriken Bro

200px-Kamella SMG


Baby Waluigi-jade

Baby Waluigi

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