Mario Party Eclipse
American Boxart
Developer(s) Nightcore Games


Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Eclipse
Genre(s) Party
Series Mario Party
Predecessor Mario Party: Island Tour
Release Date(s) June 2016

Mario Party Eclipse is a game in the Mario Party series and the sequel to Mario Party: Island Tour. It is to be released sometime in June 2016 for the Nintendo Eclipse. It has a total of 28 Playable characters and an extra 16 DLC Characters as well as the 2 Special Characters.

Story Line

"Once upon a time, a beautiful Queen from a far away kingdom, held a party in high court to celebrate the Solar Eclipse. The Queen rejoced and sang as the Moon covered the Sun, however, just at that moment, when the Moon covered the Sun, the Queen was transformed into a mystical Star Spirit and stayed that way until the Moon covered the Sun, again..."

More coming soon~


The Game has some unlockable modes, the modes don't really effect game play by much and are usually just for preference when playing, the modes are listed below.

  • Group Mode - Allows the players to travel in a group, like in Mario Party 9 and 10.
  • Retro Mode - Converts the whole game into retro sprites and 8-Bit music, the only effect on game play is the angle of the screen while playing mini games, making them slightly harder with the controls.
  • Baby Mode - Changes all the characters into their baby forms, playing in group mode, the car is changed into a large baby carriage.
  • Adventure Mode - The characters naturally change clothes to fit with their surroundings, much like in Mario Party 2.
  • Genderbend Mode - Changes the sex and gender of each character, there are no changes to any game play.
  • Super Mode - Each character is put in a Super Suit, the Suit is decided at the start of the round and is chosen from either the Cat Suit, Tanooki Suit, Penguin Suit and Propeller Suit.


Starter Characters

Picture Name Emblem Description Partner
MarioMPE Mario N/A Yahoo! Mario is back and is ready to party! He's always good for a laugh and ready to play games with his friends! Luigi
LuigiMPE Luigi N/A Mario's big-little brother is here and ready to rumble! He can't wait to roll the dice! Mario
PeachMPE Peach N/A The fair Princess of Mushroom Kingdom has arrived! Peach is going to wreck the road! Daisy
DaisyMPE Daisy N/A Hailing all the way from Sarrasaland, Princess Daisy returns for another one of Mario's parties! Peach
ToadMPE Toad N/A Toad loves minigames! He also loves playing them with his closest friends! Toadette
ToadetteMPE Toadette N/A Her pretty pink pigtails are no match for you! Toadette is here and ready to mingle! Toad
YoshiMPE Yoshi N/A Yoshi's long tongue proves helpful at times, but  how can a tonque help you at parties!? Birdo
BirdoMPE Birdo


Birdo's lovely bow and diamond wring are some of her higher qualities, there isn't  much else past that though. Yoshi
DKMPE Donkey Kong N/A King of the Jungle and ready to go! Donkey Kong loves rolling the dice! Candy Kong
CandyMPE Candy Kong N/A Donkey Kong's fiancée has joined the party and is looking forward to hanging out with Mario and friends! Donkey Kong
DiddyMPE Diddy Kong N/A Donkey Kong's nephew Diddy tagged along to the party! He loves to get competitive! Dixie Kong
DixieMPE Dixie Kong N/A Diddy's Girlfriend, Dixie Kong, is joining  the party too! Diddy Kong

Unlockable Characters

Picture Name Emblem Description Partner
WarioMPE Wario N/A Wario's here and he's probably going to cheat. Cheating is wrong kids! Waluigi
WaluigiMPE Waluigi N/A It's Waluigi time. Wario
RosalinaMPE Rosalina N/A The Space Maiden has arrived and has brought along an old friend. Rosalina's Lumas are taking care of the ship while she's gone. Octavia
OctaviaMPE Octavia N/A The Sea Queen returns! Octavia was dragged along to this party by Rosalina and is completely loving it! Rosalina
AmenaMPE Amena N/A Princess of Auroralas, Amena is here to stay. Leaving her worries behind, she is ready to party! I think...? Phoebe
PhoebeMPE Phoebe N/A Woah! Watch out! Phoebe is here and she's got quite a temper! Don't be fooled by her appearance, she's a real fierce player! Amena
PaulineMPE Pauline N/A Who's this? Pauline!? That's right, Mario's Ex-Girlfriend has joined the party and isn't afraid to stand her ground! Captain Syrup
SyrupMPE Captain Syrup N/A Wario's arch nemesis and long time rival, Captain Syrup is here and ready to rumble! Get ready, Wario! Pauline
WarupichiMPE Warupichi N/A Ah, Wario and Waluigi's long-lost sister Warupichi-Plumb makes an appearance and wants to take this party down! Warudeiji
WarudeijiMPE Warudeiji N/A Cousin of the fair Princess Daisy, Warudeiji, sorry, "Rose", is here and wants to get in the party fun! Warupichi
MetalMarioMPE Metal Mario N/A Oh-oh! Mario's metallic clone has appeared and is going to cause some trouble! Watch out! Pink Gold Peach
PGPMPE Pink Gold Peach N/A Pink Gold Peach, Peach's metallic clone, shows up for a party with Mario and friends! Metal Mario
KingBooMPE King Boo N/A The King of the Boos is here and ready to rumble! King Boo and Luigi don't have such good chemestry anymore. Petey Piranha
PeteyMPE Petey Piranha N/A Petey Piranha loves to party! Petey can't wait to spend time with his friends again! King Boo
BowserMPE Bowser N/A Bowser shows up to fight his own minions! His son doesn´t believe that he is going to agree with his enemies! Bowser Jr.
BowserJrMPE Bowser Jr. N/A Bowser Jr. does not want to party with his enemies! Maybe he has a a plan to take the party down...... Who knows? Bowser

DLC Characters

Picture Name Emblem DLC Partner
GenoMPE Geno N/A QR Code (With Malo) Mallow
MallowMPE Mallow N/A QR Code (With Geno) Geno


N/A QR Code (With Twila) Twila
TwilaMPE Twila


QR Code (With Brighton) Brighton
BooMPE Boo N/A Nostalglia Pack Dry Bones
DryBonesMPE Dry Bones N/A Nostalglia Pack Boo
PiantaMPE Pianta N/A Nostalgia Pack Noki
NokiMPE Noki N/A Nostalgia Pack Pianta
KoopaMPE Koopa Troopa N/A Koopa Pack Goomba
GoombaMPE Goomba N/A Koopa Pack Koopa Troopa
BoomBoomMPE Boom-Boom N/A Koopa Pack Pom-Pom
PomPomMPE Pom-Pom N/A Koopa Pack Boom-Boom
LinkMPE Link N/A 100 Play Coins (With Zelda) Zelda
ZeldaMPE Zelda N/A 100 Play Coins (With Link) Link
PacManMPE Pac-Man N/A 100 Play Coins (With Ms. Pac-Man) Ms. Pac-Man
MsPacManMPE Ms. Pac-Man N/A 100 Play Coins (With Pac-Man) Pac-Man

Special Characters

Picture Name Emblem Description Partner
N/A Galexa


N/A Mii
N/A Mii


N/A Galexa

Non-Playable Characters

Picture Name Purpose Description Found At
GalexaMPE Galexa

Hostess of the Party. 

(Before the Eclipse)

N/A All
ToadsworthMPE Toadsworth

Host of Princess Peach's Castle.

(Before the Eclipse)

Host of the Party

(After the Eclipse)

N/A Princess Peach's Castle
ToadeliaMPE Toadelia

Co-Hostess of Princess Peach's Castle.

(Before the Eclipse)

Hostess of Princess Peach's Castle.

(After the Eclipse)

N/A Princess Peach's Castle
LudwigMPE Ludwig Host of Cloud Top Cruise. N/A Cloud Top Cruise
LemmyMPE Lemmy Host of Toy Box. N/A Toy Box
RoyMPE Roy Host of Corona Mountain. N/A Corona Mountain
IggyMPE Iggy Host of Winding Woods. N/A Winding Woods
WendyMPE Wendy Hostess of Sapphire Islands. N/A Sapphire Islands
MortonJrMPE Morton Jr. Host of Sarrasaland Bay. N/A Sarrasaland Bay
LarryMPE Larry Host of Bowser's Castle. N/A Bowser's Castle
LumaMPE Luma's Hosts/Hostesses of Rosalina's Comet Observatory. N/A Rosalina's Comet Observatory
TinyMPE Tiny Kong Hostess of DK Jungle. N/A DK Jungle


Picture Name Mini-Game Description Board
GoobossMPE Goomboss Goomboom The mighty Goomba King Goomboss is here and wants to trash the party! Princess Peach's Castle
TatangaMPE Tatanga Space Race Still in love with Daisy, Tatanga wants to cause some chaos in order to win her heart. Sarassaland Bay
WigglerMPE Wiggler Wiggle Wars Oh-oh! Wiggler's gone mad! He keeps running over everything! Winding Woods
WhompMPE Whomp King Crush the Castle Whomp! The Whomp King has returned and is as mad as before! Bowser's Castle
BobOmbMPE Big Bob-omb Out with a Bang The Bomb King has arrived and is ready to blow this party apart! Corona Mountain
FreezieQueenMPE Freezie Queen A Flight to Remember The frozen Queen appears and wants to get in on the action! Sky Top Cruise
GooperBlooperMPE Gooper Blooper Hold the Foam Gooper Blooper strikes back! Gooper Blooper is upset that she wasn't invited to the party! Sapphire Islands
KRoolMPE King K. Rool Banana King Evil King K. Rool wants to steal all of Donkey Kongs Banana's so he'll starve! DK Jungle
Cosmic1MPE Cosmic Clone Clone Catchers Oh dear! The Cosmic Clones take on the forms of the player in order to attack! Rosalina's Comet Observatory
N/A Toy Monster Build-a-Bomb Chunky Kong's old toy has evolved into a Monster! Toy Monster wants to destroy everything it can! Toy Box


Picture Name Host Description Bosses
PrincessPeachsCastleArtMPE Princess Peach's Castle


(Before the Eclipse)


(After the Eclipse)

A grand castle owned by the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Her castle has been cleaned and prep'd for this occasion.


N/A Sarassaland Bay Morton Jr. Overlooking the Sarassaland Sea, proudly owned by Princess Daisy. Sarassaland Bay is home to the famous Daisy Cruiser.


N/A Winding Woods Iggy A winding trail running through a deep green wood. Winding Woods is often a spot for parties.


N/A Bowser's Castle Larry Owned by the mighty Koopa King. Bowser Castle rests atop a Lava Lake, that just spells out trouble!

Whomp King

N/A Corona Mountain Roy The highest Mountain on Ilse Delfino, Bowser once took Peach here with his son after her kidnapped her.

Big Bob-omb

N/A Sky Top Cruise Ludwig A thick sea of clouds over the Sapphire Sea is home to the legendary Cruise liner. Sky Top Cruise is on of the most expensive things in the world.

Freezie Queen

N/A Sapphire Islands Wendy A selection of Islands in the Sapphire Sea, ruled by Princess Octavia. The Sapphire Islands are home to some of the biggest Pearls on the planet.

Gooper Blooper

N/A DK Jungle Tiny Kong A dence Jungle, rich with Bananas and dotted with ancient Temples. DK Jungle is home to most of the Kong Family.

King K. Rool

N/A Rosalina's Comet Observatory Luma's A glorious space station that drifts around the Galaxy. It's fit with it's own Library, Garden and Dining Room.

Cosmic Clone

N/A Toy Box Lemmy Huge Toys are found in this underground Box. Follow the train tracks and don't get hit!

Toy Monster



  • This marks the first playable appearance of both Candy Kong and Pauline.
  • This is  the first time the Koopalings are in a Mario Party game.
  • This has the most amount of playable characters in any Mario Party game, with a total of 46.
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