200px-Diceblock MP9

200px-Diceblock MP9

None yet
Developer(s) 548px-Diceblock MP9
Publisher(s) CometGamingSeal
Platform(s) Nintendo comet
Release Date(s)
1-4 Players
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013E Cero a 426px-PEGI 4.svg USK0
Genre(s) Party
Series Mario Party
Predecessor Mario Party : Island Tour
Successor Unknow
Media Included Future Nintendo Disc
Digital Download

Mario Party Comet is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Comet. It's the fourteenth (eighteenth in Japan) game in the Mario Party series and the first installment for the Nintendo Comet. It's the first game developed by Omegadream, and not by Hudson or ND Cube. The release date of the game is unknow for the moment.

StarSM3DW Story

After the centenary comets festival of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and his friends organized a treasure hunt in the kingdom to find all the fallen stars. But Bowser and the koopalings decided to find all the stars before our heroes.

StarSM3DW Gameplay

StarSM3DW Modes

The game contains five modes :

  • Story Mode
  • Free Mode
  • Mini-Game Mode
  • Shop
  • Extras

StarSM3DW Story Mode

In the Story Mode, The player must choose a character and three opponents (CPUs or other players), to visit all the boards and get a maximum of stars.The object of each board is to get a certain number of stars and go to the arrival in a certain number of laps

Depending of the board, the number of stars to collect and the number of laps is different, as well as the story of each board.

StarSM3DW Free Mode

In the Free Mode, The player is free to play the board he want (if unlocked in the story mode) and choice the number of stars and laps to win

StarSM3DW Mini-Game Mode

In this mode, the player is free to play all the unlocked mini games .

StarSM3DW Shop

In the Shop,  the player can buy items and customize his blocks for the story and party modes.

StarSM3DW Extras

The Extras are buyable in the Shop, for 500 coins

  • Boss Rush : The player is allowed to fight all the bosses in a row, or just fight a single boss.
  • Credits : The credits of the game
  • Juke Box : A compilation of all the game's music.
  • Super Mario Bros Classic : Just the original Super Mario Bros. game.

StarSM3DW Characters

StarSM3DW Starting Charatcers

Picture Name
200px-Mario Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Mario
260px-Luigi MP9 Luigi
130px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land Toad
64px-Peach - Mario Party 10
Princess Peach
150px-Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Yoshi
Birdo (Mario Party 9)
220px-Wario MPIT Wario
150px-Waluigi PizzaRulez Waluigi
Daisyinsupermariosupermario3dsupermarioworld Princess Daisy
Blooperkartfl Blooper
Hammer bro by yoshigo99-d4duynn Hammer Brother

StarSM3DW Unlockable Characters 

Picture Name
75px-MP9 Select Shy (1) Shy Guy
100px-KoopaTroopa MP9 Koopa
Magikoopa Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy Magikoopa/Kamek
LakituNSMBU Lakitu
Rosalina Model SSB4 Rosalina
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth
Redparakoopa Paratroopa
Boo Boo

StarSM3DW Boards

There are 5 boards in the game, each one has its one rules and must be completed in a different way.

Board Description Difficulty Map

Toad Valley is the first board of the Game, in this board the number of stars needed is 3 and the maximum number of laps is 15.

The Board is divided into 3 parts, the first one in a simple road with only three red spaces, the second one is a town and the third one is constitued of multiple paths. in the story, when one of the player comes in the town, the inhabitants will try to give him stars but nabbit takes it and go hide in the valley, to finish the board, the player(s) must find at least three stars , hidden in the valley and come back to the town within 15 laps.

StarSM3DWStarrStarrStarrStarrStarr Tileset0$
DM Bloopers bay is the second board of the game, to win, the player needs to find 5 stars within 20 laps, to find the stars, the player(s) must buy treasure chests to pirates and hope to find a star inside. The price of the treasure chests can vary between 5 and 30 coins. StarSM3DWStarSM3DWStarrStarrStarrStarr N/A

Peach's castle is the third board of the game, to win, the player(s) must find 5 stars within 20 laps.The board is constitued of 3 floors, the hallway, the first floor and the second floor, these floors are very similar to their Super Mario 64's counterparts

To get stars, the player(s) must go into rooms of the different floors, jump into the painting inside of it , and win a special minigame..When all the paintings of a floor are visited, the door leading to the next floor is unlocked and the player(s) can access it. When the player(s) has(have) at least 5 stars, the player has to get outside of the castle to win.

StarSM3DWStarSM3DWStarSM3DWStarrStarrStarr N/A
WGF In Wario's gold foundry, the player(s) must get 8 stars within 30 laps, the rules of the board are simple, the player(s) must buy stars all arround the board, some of them are golden stars which are not real stars but can be exchanged with an certain amount of coins (inferior to the golden star's price) , and others are power stars.   StarSM3DWStarSM3DWStarSM3DWStarSM3DWStarrStarr N/A
Bf1 Bowser's Float is the last board of the game, to win, the player(s) must find all koopalings in their respective airship and beat them at a minigame to win stars (one star per koopaling), when all the koopalings are defeated, the player(s) with the highest number of stars has to go to Bowser's airship and fight him. StarSM3DWStarSM3DWStarSM3DWStarSM3DWStarSM3DWStarSM3DW N/A

StarSM3DW Items

The game contains several items, all of them (except the star) can be collected by winning a minigame or by buying it in the game's shop before starting a board.

Name Picture Description


Stars are the most important items of the game as they are necessary to complete each board. The way to get one of them depends of the board (see in the table above).
Coin Coin

Coins are collectible by playing a minigame, the amount of coins the player(s) receive after each minigame depends of the minigames difficulty and the player(s)'(s) ranking.

Coins can be used to buy certain items or stars in some boards like Bloopers bay in which, to get a star, the player must buy a treasure chest. 

Dice Block 200px-Diceblock MP9 The Dice Block determines the number of spaces on which the player is allowed to advance. This number is a number between 1 and 10 which is randomly generated when the player who's playing hit it.
0-5 Loaded Dice Block No picture yet The 0-5 loaded Dice Block let the player choose the number of spaces he'll be able to walk through. This number is necessarily between 0 and 5.
0-10 Loaded Dice Block No picture yet The 0-10 loaded Dice Block let the player choose the number of spaces he'll be able to walk through. This number is necessarily between 0 and 10.
Negative Dice Blcok No picture yet The Negative Dice Block works like a regular Dice Block, but instead of moving forward, the player who use it, moves backward.
Coin Dice Block No picture yet The Coin Dice Block is a Dice Block which allows the player to choose the number of spaces he'll be able to walk through between 1 and 99 as long as he pays for it (10 coins for one more space , the player must pay 10 coins to walk through one space and 990 coins to walk through 99 spaces, the maximum number of coins being 999). 

StarSM3DW Spaces

There are several types of spaces on which the player is able to walk through. All these types of spaces trigger a specific event.

Name Picture Description
Green Space Greens If a character lands on a green space, nothing special happens.
Blue Space


If a character lands on a Blue Space, (s)he'll receive 3 coins.
Red Space Reds If a character lands on a Red Space, (s)he'll loose 3 coins.
Star Space Starsp Although their use depends of the board, these spaces are always related to the presence of a star.
VS. Space VS. If a character lands on a VS. Space, (s)he'll have to fight a character of his choice in a mini game. The winner of the minigame in question will win more coins than in a regular minigame but the loser will loose coins instead of winning no coins.

StarSM3DW Staff

  • Simpson55 : Creator of the game, creator of most pictures (except the ones which belongs to Nintendo of course) 


There's still a lot of things to do to make this game better so if you'd like to help, please ask me