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Mario Party 3DS is the sequel to Mario Party 9 and the first Mario Party on the 3DS. It is created by Moonlight Studios and will be released some time during 2012. It will contain some new characters and boards, plus some retro ones as well.

Mario Party 3DS
Mario Party 3DS Box.png
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo.png
Publisher(s) Nin.png
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Party


Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Europe.png 2012

25px-Flag of USA.png 2012
25px-Flag of Japan.png 2012
25px-Flag of Australia.png 2012

Mode(s) Single Player

Online Play

Age Rating(s) 3Rating.png


Similar to Mario Party 9, players travel around the course on vehicles collecting mini-stars or power stars and dodging the mini-ztars or red stars. Players can either play in one vehicle altogether or play in seperate vehicles against each other.



The complete roster (excluding Mii)

Image Name Colour How to Unlock
MarioHand.png Mario Red Starter
131px-NSMBWii Luigi.png Luigi Green Starter
MKXL Peach.png Peach Light Pink Starter
240px-DaisyMP8Official.png Daisy Yellow Starter
Toad NSMBDIY.png Toad Blue Starter
ToadetteMP8.png Toadette Deep Pink Starter
Yoshi SMGUQ.png Yoshi Light Green Starter
Birdo!!.png Birdo Magenta Starter
830px-WarioMPDS.png Wario Violet Starter
250px-WaluigiMP8a.png Waluigi Black Starter
210px-Donkey Kong.png Donkey Kong Brown Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
250px-DiddyDKCR.png Diddy Kong Chocolate Brown Complete the Secret Game on Dixie's Treetop Playground
137px-BowserJr .png Bowser Jr Orange Complete the Secret Game on Bowser's Gravity Machine
Babymariositting.png Baby Mario Light Red Unlock in Story Mode
BabyLuigibeinghimself.PNG Baby Luigi Bright Green Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
MetalMarioMK7Solo.png Metal Mario Silver Complete the Secret Game on Mario Circuit
100px-Funky Kong Brawl.png Funky Kong Gold Complete the Secret Game on Daredevil Forest
KoopaTroopaMP9.png Koopa Troopa Deep Yellow Unlock in Story Mode
Dry Bones.png Dry Bones Gray Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
KamekNSMBW.png Kamek White Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
ShyGuy.PNG Shy Guy Royal Blue Buy for 1500 Tickets in the Museum
129px-Whittle NSM64W.png Whittle Light Brown Unlock in Story Mode
MaleMii.png Mii Cyan

Play on all boards (Not in Story Mode)



Name Description Info Vehicles
Daredevil Forest A forest filled with ferocious monsters. Players must stamp on tree stumps, rustle leaf piles and figure out the puzzles of the forest to earn mini-stars. Host: Wiggler
Shopkeepers: Goomba's
Mini-Boss: Giga Piranha Plant
Boss: Goomboss
Vehicle - Single: Wiggle Car
Vehicle - Team: Wiggle Bus
Coconut Mall A mall filled with Pianta's trading mini-stars for coins. Host: MC Ballyhoo
Shopkeepers: Mii Shopkeepers
Mini-Boss: Monty Mole
Boss: Topmaniac
Vehicle - Single: Coconut Car
Vehicle - Team: Mall Coupe
Palm Tree Shore A calm and relaxing beach on Isle Delfino filled with mini-star filled palm trees. Host: Pianta
Shopkeepers: Noki's
Mini-Boss: Shadow Mario
Boss: Petey Piranha
Vehicle - Single: Leaf Raft
Vehicle - Team: Leaf Roller
Treehouse Playground Dixie Kong's fun filled playground. Players travel around a board filled with adventure on every space. Players must find hidden mini-stars on the adventure. Host: Dixie Kong
Shopkeepers: Tiki Goon's
Mini-Boss: Kritter
Boss: King K. Rool
Vehicle - Single: Barrel Jet
Vehicle - Team: Barrel Train
Mushroom Mountain A mountain covered in mushrooms. Players must climb the mountain collecting mini-stars. Host: Toadsworth
Shopkeepers: Toad's
Mini-Boss: Undergrunt Gunner
Boss: King Bob-omb
Vehicle - Single: Shroom Drill
Vehicle - Team: Shroom Miner
Robot Fairground A huge robotic-themed fairground owned by R.O.B. Players must endure rides to earn power stars. Host: R.O.B.
Shopkeepers: Gearmo's
Mini-Boss: Robot Eyerok
Boss: Megahammer
Vehicle - Single: Robo Dodgem
Vehicle - Team: Mega Dodgem
Lava Fortress A two floor fortress full of lava and fire. Players must hunt around the fortress for Boom Boom clones, who will give them a power star. Host: Boom Boom
Shopkeepers: Podoboo's
Mini-Boss: Pom Pom
Boss: Dry Bowser
Vehicle - Single: Koopa Clown
Vehicle - Team: Spiked Demon

Name Description Info Vehicles How to Unlock
Star Bit Bazaar A huge carnival held by Rosalina. Travel round the endless stalls collecting 5 Star Chips to make a Power Star. Host: Rosalina
Shopkeepers: Luma's
Mini-Boss: Bugaboom
Boss: Gobblegut
Vehicle - Single: Luma Craft
Vehicle - Team: Luma Lander
Buy for 500 Tickets at the Museum or Unlock in Story Mode
Luigi's Mansion A spooky mansion owned by Luigi. Travel around this Boo infested mansion collecting Mini Stars. Host: Professor E. Gadd
Shopkeepers: Boo's
Mini-Boss: Boolossus
Boss: King Boo
Vehicle - Single: Poulterboost
Vehicle - Team: Poulterblast
Buy for 500 Tickets at the Museum or Unlock in Story Mode
Koopaling Krypt A warped realm developed by the Koopalings. This devious realm is made up of many terrains and will fool those who attempt to get to the end. Host: Lemmy Koopa
Shopkeepers: Mecha-Koopa's
Mini-Boss: Morton Koopa Jr
Boss: Ludwig von Koopa
Vehicle - Single: Koopa Trooper
Vehicle - Team: Digga-leg Car
Buy for 500 Tickets at the Museum or Unlock in Story Mode
Mario Circuit A simple board designed around the Mario Circuit from Mario Kart Wii. Collect Mini-Stars from karts driving through the board. Host: Lakitu
Shopkeepers: Shy Guy's
Mini-Boss: Mega Mario
Boss: Cosmic Mario
Vehicle - Single: Standard Kart
Vehicle - Team: Large Kart
Buy for 500 Tickets at the Museum or Unlock in Story Mode
Penguin Highway A frozen wasteland aboard a long highway. Travel along this icey pathway collecting Mini-Stars. Host: Coach
Shopkeepers: Penguin's
Mini-Boss: Chief Chilly
Boss: Sorbetti
Vehicle - Single: Snow Jet
Vehicle - Team: Penguin Slider
Unlock in Story Mode
Good Egg Galaxy A board that crosses the entire Good Egg Galaxy. Hop from planet to planet finding hidden Mini-Stars. Host: Polari
Shopkeepers: Luma's
Mini-Boss: Dino Piranha
Boss: Peewee Piranha
Vehicle - Single: Egg Hunter
Vehicle - Team: Piranha Shell
Unlock in Story Mode
Supermassive Station A small board with massive proportions. Cross this mega board twice collecting Mini-Stars from Grand Luma's. Host: Grand Goomba
Shopkeepers: Grand Luma's
Mini-Boss: Grand Wiggler
Boss: Grand Podoboo
Vehicle - Single: Supermini Motorbike
Vehicle - Team: Superminimobile
Unlock in Story Mode
Bowser's Gravity Machine A board inside one of Bowser's Planets. Travel through the maze of stone collecting Mini-Stars, but Bowser can change the gravity force at any time! Host: Bowser
Shopkeepers: Magikoopa's
Mini-Boss: Bowser Jr
Boss: Bowser
Vehicle - Single: Bowser Rocket
Vehicle - Team: Bowser Spacecraft
Unlock in Story Mode
Toad Road A board returning from Mario Party 9. There have been no changes to the board. Host: Yellow Toad
Shopkeepers: Blue Toad's
Vehicle - Single: Mushroom Roller
Vehicle - Team: Mushroom Car
Buy for 1000 Tickets at the Museum
Magma Mine A board returning from Mario Party 9. There have been no changes to the board. Host: Yellow Toad
Shopkeepers: Blue Toad's
Vehicle - Single: Tram Liner
Vehicle - Team: Mine Cart
Buy for 1000 Tickets at the Museum



  1. Mushroom Climb - Travel up the hill, bouncing off all the mushrooms
  2. Thumb's Up - Pump up the thumb balloon and see whos floats the highest
  3. Lava Crevace - Dodge the lava in an small crevice
  4. The Gold Mine - Travel through a gold mine and collect gold coins
  5. Cooking Cake - Follow the on screen instructions to make a cake. The fastest one wins
  6. Wooden Labyrinth - Find the pathway through the wooden labyrinth
  7. Rubiks Tube - Make a tower of Rubiks cubes and make sure none of the same colour sides are adjacent
  8. Power Star Hunt - Roam around Toad Village digging holes in the ground to find power stars
  9. Bullet Bill Barrage - Dodge oncoming Bullet Bills on a long platform
  10. Melodic Madness - Repeat multiple tunes played to open the doors and exit the building
  11. Honey Slaves - Take a bucket full of honey to Queen Bee without dropping it, enemies with throw hazards to knock the honey out of your hands
  12. Peach Blossoms - Run around Peach's Castle collecting pink flowers, watch out for Spiky Plants
  13. 'Shroom Gorge - Travel along 'Shroom Gorge dodging all the obstacles along the way
  14. Shell Search - Dive deep to find the Gold Shell
  15. Skilled Skating - Skate along the icey path, jumping over gaps and dodging obstacles
  16. Sliding Puzzle - Complete the sliding puzzle of your character's face
  17. Bananarama - Collect the banana's and banana bunches as they fall
  18. Bob-omb Bananza - Pass the Bob-omb around before it blows up, the quicker it is moved, the quicker it will blow up
  19. The Bad Box - Open a toy box to find Mini Maro's, but there is one bad box with a Mini DK.
  20. Run, Run, Ram - Charge up the Battering Ram's power and see who can smash through the most wooden gates.
  21. Shroom Doom - Choose a Shroom to stand on, but every round a Shroom will disappear.

3 Vs 1

  1. Switchboard Sway - One player must travel on a Switchboard, whilst dodging attacks from the other three
  2. Shy Switch - Each team has to get the most Shy Guy's to their side by switching the directions of the conveyor belts
  3. Tramline Crisis - 3 of the players are on pushcarts and have to choose which path to travel along. The 1 player chooses which path is going to be the wrong one and blocks it off. The other 3 have to get to the end without hitting any dead ends
  4. Coin Collectors - The two teams battle each other to get coins, the single person gets 3 coins for every 1 collected
  5. Geyser Jumper - Jump across from Geyser to Geyser without being caught by the 1 player. But, dodge the fiery geysers.

2 Vs 2

  1. Rainbow Road Slide - Two teams must make there way down the Rainbow Road in an orb whilst dodging all the enemies. The first team there wins
  2. The Enemies Code - The two teams must find a way to unlock the door to get out of the room
  3. Can Knock-off - The two teams have 2 minuted to knock off all the cans on the racks using Green Shells
  4. Cheep Cheep Canal - Row down the canal catching as many Cheep Cheep's as you can.


  1. The Final Snowball - Two players have to engage in a snowball fight, the first player to hit the other player wins
  2. Robo Battle - Each player gets a robot and they have to fight each other. The first player to fall down the hole loses
  3. Pick of Cards - Each player picks a card at random. The first player to pick an picture or ace card loses


  1. Giga Battle - Throw Bob-ombs into Giga Piranha Plant's mouth to remove his leaves off his head
  2. Mole Hunt - Using a mallet, hit the correct Monty Mole on the head
  3. Shadow Shapes - Draw a shadow of the shape shown to reveal Shadow Mario, then use your star spin to hit him


  1. Goomboss Battle - Ground Pound a floating stone to hit Goomboss on the head
  2. Top Dodge - Dodge Topmaniac's attack and jump on his head
  3. Petey Panic - Select an amount of spaces to move, and move along them. Petey will then turn around and select 1 space on each row, if you are on this space you will be flung back to the start. Move all 10 spaces to recieve 3 points for hitting Petey. You can only roll a 1, 2 or 3


  1. Boo Face - Players have 30 seconds to complete the puzzle of Boo's Face
  2. Memory Mash - Players must remember the order of the numbers and repeat it
  3. What's New - Players have a grid of enemies which they see for 30 seconds, then it goes and comes back and 10 new items have been added. Get them all right to win


  1. Spectre Inspector (2 Vs 2) - Players must find 3 enemies hidden in a dark room
  2. Trace Cadets (4 Player) - Players must trace shapes to fill a grid
  3. Rotation Station (Duel) - Player must get to the top of the tower first, using rotation
  4. Growing Up (4 Player) - Grow your plant by pressing the correct button

References in Other Games

Mario Party Series - The main idea of the game returns. Retro boards and mini-games return and the idea of 4 travelling on a vehicle and collecting mini-stars return from Mario Party 9.
Super Mario Sunshine - The idea of Palm Tree Shore comes from this game
Super Mario Galaxy - The Board Good Egg Galaxy is based off of a location from this game.
Mario Kart Wii - Coconut Mall returns as a playable board
Super Mario Galaxy 2- Whiitles return as playable characters and the board Supermassive Station is based off of a location in the is game
Super Mario 3D Land - Boom Boom's look comes from this game

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