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Mario Party 11
MP11 BoxArtEurope.png
Developer(s) Nd Cube
Shooting Star Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Party
Series Mario Party
Predecessor Mario Party 10
Release Date(s) Spring 2018
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer, online multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg3Rating.pngA CERO cero.png
Media Included Media Switch.png Nintendo Switch Catridge
Media DL icon.png Digital Download
Available Input Joy-Con Icon.png Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.png Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Mario Party 11 is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch, the eleventh home console installment in the Mario Party series and the first and currently only installment for the Nintendo Switch. The game is being developed by Nd Cube in collaboration with Shooting Star Studios. Unlike previous installments Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10, this game returns to the old gameplay formula seen in all installments until Mario Party 8 and Mario Party DS, and to an extent, Mario Party: Island Tour and Mario Party: Star Rush. As such, all players will be able to move on their own, playing along with the gimmicks of the boards in order to get the most Stars and win. Items in this game can now be used in the form of Balloons, similarly to Orbs and Candies. Toadsworth returns as a host, along with a new character named Starlid. A new mode named Coin Chaos is introduced, in which the goal is to obtain the most Coins by collecting them, stealing them or increasing both ways of coin collection by using the special Gold Flowers. Other special events involving coins can occur during this game mode, referencing New Super Mario Bros. 2, and Star Coins can be obtained for great coin bonuses. Additionally, the game returns the Bowser Party mode and 8-player minigames, and builds upon them.


One night, Mario and friends spend their time looking at the stars and constellations. All of a sudden, however, all the stars in the sky begin to fall towards the Mushroom World, and a star rain begins to shower all of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and friends are fascinated by the sight, and all of them begin to make a wish, thinking they're shooting stars. However, the rain suddenly stops, and Luigi opens his eyes out of curiosity, realizing that there are no stars in the now pitch-black sky. He informs the rest, and they all begin to worry. One last star falls from the sky, though, but this one looks quite different. The star being starts to panic and runs away, looking for the other stars. Mario and friends decide to follow him.

The star entity can't seem to find stars in the area, and begins to cry. Mario and friends comfort him, and he introduces himself as Starlid. He explains that an evil monster and his minions attacked his home, causing all the stars to scatter all around the Mushroom World. Mario gets the idea of throwing a massive Mario Party to retrieve all the stars and help Starlid return to his home. Starlid becomes happy, and they all agree to play Mario Party. Eventually, they find out that several of Bowser's minions have captured stars for themselves, and Mario and co. decide to defeat them and find a way to get to Bowser, now knowing that he is the culprit.

By collecting all the stars, Mario and friends are able to confront Bowser in his floating magma lair. As Bowser is defeated, all the harnessed stars begin to gather, helping Mario and friends go home afterwards. Starlid thanks Mario and co. for their hard work, bids farewell and flies up to the night sky along with all of the stars to shine over the Mushroom World once again.


In Mario Party 11, the old form of gameplay is reintroduced in order to continue following that tradition. It takes the social, strategic gameplay in which everyone travels on their own across the different seven boards in search of Stars, by rolling Dice Blocks with numbers 1 to 10 and moving around spaces that can either help or hinder the players. Like in Mario Party 8, spaces take different shapes depending on the board, and each board has an unique gimmick to it in order to get a Star. Only one board features the classic method of buying scattered Stars by paying 20 Coins. Additionally, the last five turns event returns, and similarly to Mario Party: Island Tour, it gifts the losing player a rare balloon for use, and allows them to choose the minigame. The losing player will also have to choose a special event at random (such as extra example) like in past games.

Due to the Stars' return, the Bonus Stars also make a comeback. If the bonuses are turned on, players can receive bonus stars that can range from winning the most minigames to landing on the most red spaces.

  • Minigame Star: It is given to the player who has won the most coins from minigames.
  • Balloon Star: It is given to the player who used the most balloons. Only counts if the player has used the Balloons, and not just bought or obtained them.
  • Event Star: It is given to the player who has landed on the most happening spaces.
  • Marathon Star: It is given to the player who advanced the most spaces. Using other means to skip spaces such as certain balloons or certain happening spaces does not count. Double and Triple Dice Block Balloons, however, can be used to accomplish this star.
  • Shopping Star: It is given to the player who spent the most coins on balloons. Simply visiting shops doesn't count.
  • Red Star: It is given to the player who has landed on the most red spaces.

Like in Mario Party 10, most minigames in this game feature gimmicky controls such as having to shake or tilt the Joy-Con controller(s), but several minigames still use simpler controls.


Story Mode

1 Player

A single player mode that follows the game's storyline. The player is put through the seven main boards of the game, requiring them to win a Battle Royale on each and defeat its boss in a minigame to continue to the next board. CPU difficulty will increase as the player progresses, and the game can be saved at any time.

Party Mode

1 - 4 Players / 8 Players (Partner Battle only)

The main mode of the game. Here, players can compete against other players or CPUs on a party board. Customized settings can be chosen, such as disabling or enabling bonuses, the number of turns, CPU difficulty, etc. There are four ways of playing Party Mode:

  • Battle Royale: The free-for-all party mode. 4 players choose their characters and compete to see who is the superstar.
  • Tag Battle: The teams party mode. Here, 2 players team up against another 2 to see who is the superstar team. Teams still play separately, though. Most minigames played are 2 vs 2 minigames.
  • Duel Battle: The duel party mode. This mode is for only 2 players, but it still plays similarly to Battle Royale. Only duel minigames can be played.
  • Partner Battle: Returning from Mario Party 7, this mode is similar to tag battle, but teams play united and it allows up to 8 players to join the fun in the form of 4 teams of 2. Unlike in Mario Party 7, players can play with separated controllers. Only 8-player minigames can be played in this party mode.

Coin Chaos

1 - 4 Players / 8 Players (Partner Coin Chaos only)

A new game mode where the main goal is to collect the most coins possible. Means used regularly can be used to accomplish this, such as landing on blue spaces and winning minigames. However, new elements are added to increase coin collection, such as the new balloon item Gold Flower (allowing players to throw golden fireballs to steal coins), and special action events that reward the players with coins. Additionally, things that would normally give stars in each board will now give Star Coins for greater coin bonuses. Like in Party Mode, this mode can be played as Coin Chaos Royale, Tag Coin Chaos, Duel Coin Chaos or Partner Coin Chaos.

Bowser Party

1 - 5 Players

Returning from Mario Party 10, this mode allows uo to 5 players to play, with one playing as Bowser and the other 4 as Mario and friends. It is similar to Mario Party 10's Bowser Party, but there are some differences because of the traditional gameplay's return. Coins are replaced by Hearts. Mario and friends start in the board the same way as in other modes, but they're required to avoid Bowser at all costs. The goal of Bowser is to deplete all the other players' hearts, whilst the goal of the other players is to make it to the last turn with at least one heart between them. The Bowser player will have a permanent movement buff, being able to always roll a Dice Block with up to 20 spaces. If Bowser catches up to one of the other players, he forces all of them to play a randomly selected "Bowser Battle" minigame, where hearts are lost if the players are hit by his attacks. If all of the hearts from all four players should be completely depleted, Bowser wins.

A new element added to the game mode is that the Bowser player can now summon help from various baddies available for this, such as Petey Piranha, King Boo, Goomboss and others, who will help him by blocking the other players' paths or attacking them. Mario and friends are also able to summon help to escape from Bowser, attack him or prevent him from reaching them, by summoning characters such as Sprixie Princess, Lubba or even Starlid himself.

Minigame Mode

1 - 4 Players / 8 Players (8-player minigames only)

A mode where the player can play eight games that use the minigames available in a variety of challenges that don't take place on game boards. Can be played with other players or CPUs.

There are five games available for 4-player play:

  • Free Play Show: Taking place in a theater-like area, players can freely choose the minigames that have been unlocked in other modes for play.
  • Beanstalk Battle: There are four beanstalks in this competition, one for each player to climb. Whenever a player wins a randomly chosen minigame, they are allowed to climb one beanstalk leaf. The aim of this challenge is to see who can be the first to win 3, 5 or 7 minigames, depending on the options chosen, and reach the top of the beanstalk.
  • Block Builders: In this minigame mode, 4 players compete to see who makes it to the Warp Pipe first to escape the lava cavern. To do this, players have to win minigames to obtain blocks and build their own bridge in a shape that let's them reach the Pipe before someone else does. Sometimes, a 2-in-1 block bonus will appear, and whoever wins the minigame gets the rare, combined blocks for an advantage.
  • Roulette Rally: A big roulette starts spinning, and a player hops onto it. As they do so, the roulette begins to stop moving, revealing the spots in which the player landed and what they will have to do. After clearing it or failing, it will be the next player's turn. The roulette has four themes for four minigame types: free-for-all, 1 vs. 3, duel and battle. If the player clears the minigame, they get 3 points, if they don't, they lose 3 instead. Whoever has the most points at the end of the competition (can be up to 10 rounds), wins.
  • Marathon Mania: Players will play 10 consecutive minigames in a marathon, adding one win to their list. Whoever has a list with the most wins in the end, wins the competition. Marathon Mania is initially unavailable, it can be unlocked by spending 2500 coins at Toadsworth's Shop for it.

There are two games available for 8-player play:

  • Chomp Champions: 4 Chain Chomps are released and 4 teams of 2 players will ride on each to travel on a road full of obstacles. Running into an obstacle leads the teams to play an 8-player minigame. The winning team or teams' Chain Chomps will increase in size, allowing them to destroy the obstacle and continue. The team that reaches the finish line first wins.
  • Coin Catchers: This mode is very similar to Pearl Hunt from Mario Party 7. Each team of 2 is placed on top of small towers while ? Blocks are placed around them. After beating an 8-player minigame, the team that won will be able to select a ? Block. If the block contains a coin with one of the team's members' symbol, the team collects it. However, if the coin has another character's symbol from another team, the coin returns to its block. If the player finds a Mushroom in a block, the team gets to choose more blocks in that turn. If they find a Tweester, it will shuffle the order of the blocks. The first team to collect 4 character coins (2 of both of them) wins. Coin Catchers is initially unavailable, it can be unlocked by spending 3000 coins at Toadsworth's Shop for it.

And finally, one game is for only 1 player, being Boss Rush, which consists in defeating all Story Mode bosses in the fastest time possible. It is initially unavailable, being unlocked after Story Mode is completed for the first time.

Toadsworth's Shop

Here players can take a look at records and buy different souvenirs such as collectible figurines, badges, music and sound effects with coins earned after completing Story Mode, playing normal parties or playing minigames. Various characters and boards can also be bought in this shop.

Party Museum

Souvenirs bought in Toadsworth's Shop will be added here to be viewed at the player's discretion. Here, players are also allowed to listen to the bought music and sound effects. Additionally, players can watch Story Mode cutscenes when viewed at least once in it.

Extras Mode

1 - 4 Players

In this mode players can play various games with either Mario characters or Miis that they've created on the Nintendo Switch. Some of the games found in Extras Mode must be bought at Toadsworth's Shop however.

World Party

1 - 4 Players (Normal or Coin Chaos World Party) / 5 Players (Bowser World Party only) / 8 players (8-player World Party)

A new, online mode that requiresNintendo Network connection to be played. Players can choose to play with friends from their friend list or play with people from around the world or in their region. To search for other players, the mode of play has to be chosen first, it can be Party Mode, Coin Chaos, Bowser Party or Minigame Mode. Miis can be used in this mode as well. If players disconnect, their characters will be played by an AI of Normal difficulty for the rest of the game or until they reconnect. World Party Groups can also be created by players for other people to join in and play.

Playable Characters

Mario Party 11 will have a total of 26 playable characters, making it the installment with the biggest roster in the series. It returns all of the characters that appeared up until Mario Party 8 except for Koopa Kid and Blooper, along with the newcomers from Mario Party 9 (except for Magikoopa), Mario Party 10 and Mario Party: Star Rush. Miis can only be used in Extras Mode and World Party.

Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi Wario Donkey Kong
MarioIconMP11.png LuigiIconMP11.png PeachIconMP11.png YoshiIconMP11.png WarioIconMP11.png DKIconMP11.png
Daisy Waluigi Toad Boo Toadette Birdo
DaisyIconMP11.png WaluigiIconMP11.png ToadIconMP11.png BooIconMP11.png ToadetteIconMP11.png BirdoIconMP11.png
Dry Bones Hammer Bro. Koopa Shy Guy Rosalina Spike
DryBonesIconMP11.png HammerBroIconMP11.png KoopaIconMP11.png ShyGuyIconMP11.png RosalinaIconMP11.png SpikeIconMP11.png
Diddy Kong Luma* Paratroopa* Flutter* Pianta* Noki*
DiddyIconMP11.png LumaIconMP11.png ParatroopaIconMP11.png FlutterIconMP11.png PiantaIconMP11.png NokiIconMP11.png
Bowser** Mii***
BowserIconMP11.png MiiIconMP11.png
  • Characters in Italic are unlockable.
  • * Newcomer
  • ** Bowser can only be played in Bowser Party mode.
  • *** Miis can only be played in Extras Mode and World Party

Hammer Bro., Spike, Paratroopa, Flutter, Pianta and Noki are the unlockable characters in this game. In order to unlock the first four, the player has to defeat them in Story Mode. To unlock Pianta and Noki, the player has to spend 4,000 coins at Toadsworth's Shop, 2,000 for Pianta and 2,000 for Noki.

Tag Battle and Partner Battle Default Partners

  • Mario and Luigi
  • Peach and Daisy
  • Yoshi and Birdo
  • Wario and Waluigi
  • Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
  • Toad and Toadette
  • Boo and Dry Bones
  • Hammer Bro. and Spike
  • Koopa and Paratroopa
  • Shy Guy and Flutter
  • Rosalina and Luma
  • Pianta and Noki

NOTE: Before Paratroopa and Flutter are unlocked, Koopa and Shy Guy are considered default partners. For Hammer Bro. & Spike and Pianta & Noki, if one of them is unlocked before their respective default partner, their default partner will be random.


The game contains nine new boards, all with their respective themes and gimmicks. In Story Mode, finishing a board leads the player to a Boss Battle minigame. A new addition is the Retro Boards, which can be unlocked by spending certain amounts of coins at Toadsworth's Shop for them.

New Boards

The first six boards are unlocked by default, while the seventh one has to be unlocked by completing Story Mode once. The last two boards have to be bought at Toadsworth's Shop, and don't appear in Story Mode, meaning that they don't feature a Boss Battle.

Name Description Story Mode Boss
Piranha Plant Hills Piranha Plant Hills is the first board and thus the most simple one, with almost no gimmicks. It is a Dutch-themed board that takes place on floral hills. The goal in this board is to move across the board to find Stars, which always cost 20 coins each. Every time a player gets a Star, the next one warps to a different location. PeteyIconMP11.png
Petey Piranha
Plessie's Sea Shore Plessie's Sea Shore is the second board in the game. As the name implies, it takes place on a seashore. Players move through the linear board in order to reach Plessie, who will give the players a Star for free as a reward. Plessie then allows the players to ride on his back to return to the start of the board. CheepChompIconMP11.png
Cheep Chomp
Shy Guy's Boulevard Bazaar Shy Guy's Boulevard Bazaar is the third board. It takes place in a nighttime, American-themed city. The goal of the board is to catch the Bandits that lurk around the board. Catching one leads them to either give coins or a star. Some Bandits, however, will have nothing with them. BanditBandIconMP11.png
Bandit Band
Honeyhive Highlands Honeyhive Highlands is the fourth board in the game. It takes place on a big mountain with various trees and honeyhives. Here, players will have to move through the board and reach the top in order to buy a Star from Honey Queen. Each time someone buys a Star from her, the price of each additional Star will go up 10 coins (to a maximum of 40 coins). BugaboomIconMP11.png
King Boo's Scary Steeple King Boo's Scary Steeple is the fifth board in the game. It takes place in a big, eerie castle. Players travel through the board searching for Gold Boo paintings. When players find one, they will have to pay 20 coins to release the Gold Boos and get Stars from them. However, some Gold Boo paintings end up being traps, with Bomb Boos popping out instead and exploding on the player, sending them back to the board's start. KingBooIconMP11.png
King Boo
Tumbleweed Town Tumbleweed Town is the sixth board. It takes place in a western-themed town and the goal is very similar to Windmillville and Koopa's Tycoon Town from Mario Party 7 and Mario Party 8, respectively. Players will have to invest coins in Star Houses to increase the houses' star offer by one (maximun is three). HisstocratIconMP11.png
Bowser's Molten Mania

Bowser's Molten Mania is the seventh and final main board of the game in Story Mode. It takes place on a floating island of lava. The goal of this board is to win Koopaling challenges and get stars from them. Players can do a Koopaling challenge just by passing by them, and not landing on a specific space. However, a Ztar Space can be found in the board, which unlike the Star Space, subtracts a star from whoever passes by. Like the Star Space, it warps to a different location when taking away a star from someone.

Bowser's Molten Mania is initially unavailable, being unlocked after clearing Story Mode for the first time.

Rosalina's Comet Observatory

Rosalina's Comet Observatory is the eighth board in the game. As the name implies, it takes place in the Comet Observatory. While the place is generally the same as how it looked in Super Mario Galaxy, there are still a few slight changes on it as a party board. The goal of the board is to visit the domes and pay coins to get stars (up to 5 for each dome if the player has enough money, 1 usually costs 10 coins, but it slightly increases for the rest), by doing so, the players take ownership over those domes. However, other players can take over the dome by spending a higher amount of coins on it than the previous one, taking their stars as well.

Rosalina's Comet Observatory is initially unavailable, being unlocked by buying it at Toadsworth's Shop for 4000 coins.

Candy Carameland

Candy Carameland is the ninth and last new board in the game. It is a sky and candy themed board, taking place on clouds with various giant sweets around. Players are given 5 stars, and the goal of this board is to obtain and use Bubblegun Balloons to attack opponents and steal their stars.

Candy Carameland is initially unavailable, being unlocked by buying it at Toadsworth's Shop for 4500 coins.


Retro Boards

All Retro Boards have to be bought at Toadsworth's Shop, each one differing in prize. There are nine retro boards in total, each one originating from a previous Mario Party, starting with Mario Party for the Nintendo 64 until Mario Party DS. Boards from Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10 do not appear, possibly due to them being created for the car gameplay format. There is also no board from Mario Party: Island Tour or Mario Party: Star Rush.

Name Description Originally From
Pirate Land

Pirate Land is a board that originates from Mario Party 2. It is an archipielago with pirate themes. The goal of the board is different, adding Gooper Blooper and putting players to guess in which treasure chest is the star after he performs jugglery, similarly to the Blooper from Grand Canal in Mario Party 7.

Pirate Land is unlockable. It must be bought in Toadsworth's Shop for 2500 coins.

Mario Party 2
Chilly Waters

Chilly Waters is a board originating from Mario Party 3. It takes place on a winter-themed land. The goal is similar to the traditional one, but the star always remains in the middle, where the cracked ice is. If two players happen to step on the ice at the same time, it will break completely and causing them to fall and freeze. A Lakitu would then grab them and send them to the southeast end of the board, a disadvantage.

Chilly Waters is unlockable. It must be bought in Toadsworth's Shop for 2600 coins.

Mario Party 3
Goomba's Greedy Gala

Goomba's Greedy Gala is a board that originates from Mario Party 4. It is a casino-themed board, in which the new goal is to get stars from the jackpot machine. Landing on Happening Spaces can alter the number of stars the jackpot machine has to offer.

Goomba's Greedy Gala is unlockable. It must be bought in Toadsworth's Shop for 2700 coins.

MP4 Logo.png
Mario Party 4
Toy Dream

Toy Dream is a board originating from Mario Party 5. It takes place on a platform amongst the clouds, built out of toys.The new goal of the board is to reach a present box, pay 20 coins to open it and get a star. However, some present boxes feature coins instead, and there's also an unfortunate possibility that a Bob-omb might pop out instead, exploding and taking away most of their coins.

Toy Dream is unlockable. It must be bought in Toadsworth's Shop for 2800 coins.

Mario Party 5
E. Gadd's Garage

E. Gadd's Garage is a board that originates from Mario Party 6. The day and night shift system returns exclusively for this board. The new goal is to collect Star Gaddgets and put them in the Shuffle-o-tron, which will then turn them into stars for the players. Star Gaddgets are considered items, and as a such take over one balloon slot each. This means that the player can only carry 3 of them, sacrificing balloon use temporarily. Counting as items, Star Gaddgets can also be stolen or swapped with other players just like balloons.

E. Gadd's Garage is unlockable. It must be bought in Toadsworth's Shop for 2900 coins.

Mario Party 6
Pagoda Peak

Pagoda Peak is a board originating from Mario Party 7. It takes place on a china-themed peak with several pagodas. It also has some japanese influences. The goal remains similar to the original one, but now players can buy as many stars as possible when reaching the Master Koopa at the top, in a similar way to how stars are collected in DK's Stone Statue in Mario Party DS.

Pagoda Peak is unlockable. It must be bought in Toadsworth's Shop for 3000 coins.

Mario Party 7
Koopa's Tycoon Town

Koopa's Tycoon Town is a board that originates from Mario Party 8. It takes place in a busy city. The goal remains the same as the original, and therefore similar to Tumbleweed Town and Rosalina's Comet Observatory. Players invest coins on hotels to own them, increasing the hotel's stage from 1-Star to 2-Star and from 2-Star to 3-Star, depending on the number of coins invested. Investments can be blocked and an hotel can be fully owned if 100 coins have been spent on it.

Koopa's Tycoon Town is unlockable. It must be bought in Toadsworth's Shop for 3500 coins.

Mario Party 8
Toadette's Music Room

Toadette's Music Room is a board originating from Mario Party DS. It takes place inside of Toadette's room, full of giant musical instruments. The goal is the same as the original, players must find musical notes and pay a varying amount of coins. The number of coins increases as the player buys more notes. 5 coins for the first time, then 10 coins, then 15 coins and so on until it costs 30 coins. It resets to 5 after the fifth note has been bought.

Toadette's Music Room is unlockable. It must be bought in Toadsworth's Shop for 4000 coins.

Mario Party DS
Mario's Rainbow Castle

Mario's Rainbow Castle is the last retro board and the most expensive board in the game. It originates from Mario Party and the goal remains the same. Players who make it to the center ride Fwoosh up to the tower, where either Yellow Toad or Bowser wait. Yellow Toad doles out the stars for 20 coins as usual, but if players reach Bowser, he awards them with a Ztar, taking a star away from them. After getting either star, the tower switches, replacing Yellow Toad with Bowser and vice versa, and Lakitu takes the player back to start.

Mario's Rainbow Castle is unlockable. It must be bought in Toadsworth's Shop for 5000 coins.

Mario Party


Space Effect Rarity
Green Space.png
Green Space
Nothing happens when the player lands here. Common
Blue Space.png
Blue Space
The player landing here receives 3 coins. In the last five turns, one of the events can increase the number of coins obtained in blue spaces to 5. Common
Red Space PMWiiU.png
Red Space
The player landing here loses 3 coins. In the last five turns, one of the events can increase the number of coins lost in red spaces to 5. Uncommon
Happening Space.png
Happening Space
As the player lands here, a special event will occur depending on the board and on the space's location in the board. Uncommon
Lucky Space.png
Lucky Space
The player landing here is sent to the lucky area of the board, in which all spaces are blue, each space has three coins for taking, and a free Star awaits the player at the end. Rare
Unlucky Space.png
Unlucky Space
It is the exact opposite to the Lucky Space. The player landing here is sent to the unlucky area of the board, in which all spaces are red, each space has three Black Coins (which substract one coin from the player each), and a Ztar awaits the player at the end. Very Rare
Bowser Space.png
Bowser Space
If the player lands here, they will summon Bowser to hinder them. Bowser events may range from taking the victim's coins or a star, or playing a Bowser minigame. Bowser spaces only appear if another player previously landed on a Starlid space. Rare
120px-MP9 Bowser Jr Space.png
Bowser Jr. Space
If the player lands here, they take part in a Bowser Jr. minigame. Uncommon
NabbitSpace MP11.png
Nabbit Space
If the player lands here, Nabbit will challenge them to a balloon minigame. Uncommon
Duel Space PMWiiU.png
Duel Space
The player landing here will be able to choose another player for a duel minigame. The loser gives coins to the winner. Uncommon
120px-MP9 Competition Space.png
Battle Space
A battle minigame will commence in which all players must participate. Coins are distributed differently from regular minigames. Rare
StarlidSpace MP11.png
Starlid Space
Opposite to the Bowser Space. A Starlid event will occur, which can range from getting coins or a free star to a Starlid minigame. All 4 player Starlid minigames always reward every player. However, whenever a player lands on it, it will turn into a Bowser Space. Rare
Mario Space PMWiiU.png
Character Space
Depends on the Balloon placed on it. Owner gets 5 or 15 coins when landed on Varies
120px-MP9 Random Space.png
Miracle Space
If the player lands here, a Chance Time event will occur, in which another player is chosen and a roulette will decide what happens (ranging from one giving all or half of their coins to the other, coin or balloon swap or giving a star). Very Rare
Star Space*
Players passing here will be able to buy a Star using 20 coins. Exclusive to Piranha Plant Hills. Rare
Ztar Space MPWiiU.png
Ztar Space*
Players passing here will be attacked by a Ztar, taking one star away from the victim. Exclusive to Bowser's Molten Mania. Very Rare
Balloon Space MPWiiU.png
Balloon Space*
Players passing here will obtain a free, random balloon. Semi-common
  • * Players cannot land on these spaces.


Players can obtain a Balloon from a Balloon Shop or a Balloon space on the board. Some are not found on all boards, however. There is a Bonus Star for using the most Balloons.

Red colored balloons that are used on the player.

Image Description
Mushroom Balloon
Adds another dice block for the player to use, allowing more movement.
Gold 'Shroom Balloon
Adds two more dice blocks for the player to use, allowing greater movement.
Slow 'Shroom Balloon
Slows the dice roll, making it easier to get the desired number on the dice block.
Metal 'Shroom Balloon
Turns the user metallic. The player ignores any roadblocks they pass or land on.
Cursed 'Shroom Balloon
Decreases the dice block roll from 1-10 to 1-5. Given by Bowser Jr.
Biddybud Balloon
A Para-Biddybud is summoned, which will take the player to the Star Space. The player still has to pay 20 coins to buy a star. Only found in Piranha Plant Hills.
Warp Pipe Balloon
The user switches places with another player, chosen randomly by the dart wheel.
Cannon Balloon
Launches the user somewhere random, usually upward. Once used the player continues their turn like normal. Only found in Honeyhive Highlands and Pagoda Peak.
Peepa Balloon
Only found in King Boo's Scary Steeple, Peepa is summoned, which will steal a Gold Boo painting for the player. However, like the players, Peepa doesn't know if it contains an actual Gold Boo or a Bomb Boo. It picks completely randomly.
Lakitu Balloon
Lakitu does exactly the same as Peepa, but he is only found in Toy Dream, stealing the present boxes.

Green colored balloons that are used before the player moves.

Image Description
Magnet Balloon
The user hits a dice block, and the chosen number is the amount of coins the player will obtain after stealing opponents' coins.
Blue Shell Balloon
A spiky, flying shell is summoned, and it will fly directly to the player that is currently winning, making them lose some of their coins and balloons.
Lightning Balloon
The user summons a thunder cloud above of a randomly chosen opponent by the dart wheel, and it will strike a lightning upon them, leaving them unable to move for one turn.
Swooper Balloon
The user summons a Swooper to attack a chosen player by the dart wheel and steal their coins. The victim can battle and make Swooper go away by mashing buttons. Stolen coins are given to the user.
Banana Balloon
3 Bananas can be placed on any green, blue or character space in the vicinity area. When players run over them, they slip and stop moving.
Launch Star Balloon
A Launch Star appears and the user will be able to hit a dice block and randomly choose how many spaces they will skip. After doing so, they're launched and this allows them to ignore roadblocks, character spaces or obstacles in the skipped way. Only found in Rosalina's Comet Observatory.
Poltergust Balloon
Only found in E. Gadd's Garage, the user is equipped with a poltergust, and they will be able to steal a Star Gaddget from an opponent chosen by the dart wheel. It only steals Star Gaddgets.

Yellow colored balloons that are used as the player moves.

Balloon Description
Fire Flower Balloon
The user is surrounded by 3 fireballs, and any opponent that comes in their way would have fireballs thrown at them, stealing 10 coins from them. The effect of this balloon lasts until the third fireball is thrown.
Mega 'Shroom Balloon
Increases the user's size and movement, allowing them to skip every 2 spaces and ignoring roadblocks.
Bitsize Balloon
If the player uses it, they will transform into an 8-bit version of the character. Upon moving, the player will collect three coins by jumping on Coin Block every time they move a space.
Barrel Balloon
If the player uses it, they get inside a barrel and roll with it. Whoever it crushes in the way gets stuck on the barrel, landing on the same space as the user of the balloon but vanishing their balloons.
Heart Balloon
The user is surrounded by 3 hearts. If the player passes by or lands on thrown or roadblock balloons, those will return to their balloons and will be equiped by the player, no matter if the user has 3 balloons already, these will be replaced.
Thief Bag Balloon
After using it, the player moves with a bag. With it, the player can steal any balloon an opponent has by just moving past an opponent. If the opponent happens to have no balloon, nothing will happen.
Bullet Bill Balloon
The player rides on a Bullet Bill and steals 20 coins from any opponent they pass by.
Bubblegun Balloon
The user is equipped with an explosive bubblegum shooter for 2 turns. As the player moves, they can shoot an opponent they pass by and steal a star from them. It is only found in Candy Carameland.
Shield Balloon
A chocolate shield that works as a means of defense from the Bubblegun Balloon. Lasts 1 turn, and it ignores shoots from the bubbleguns, preventing them from stealing a star. It is also only found in Candy Carameland.
Gold Flower Balloon
Turns the player golden, allowing them to throw gold fireballs at opponents they pass by and stealing a small portion of heir coins while also earning an extra amount of coins that depends on the missing coins the victim has. Usable only in Coin Chaos mode.

Orange colored balloons that are thrown on a space. It is triggered if a player lands on it and have an effect on them. If the owner lands on the space, they will receive 5 coins or 15 coins (if x3 coins is chosen in the last five turns' event).

Balloon Description
Paragoomba Balloon
Any foe who lands on it hits a dice block that determines how many coins they give to the player.
Mr. Blizzard Balloon
When an opposing player lands on this space, Mr. Blizzard will appear and crush the player. They will lose all of their balloons. Nothing happens if the player has no balloons.
Piranha Plant Balloon
When an opposing player lands on this space, a Piranha Plant gobbles up the player. The player will then lose half of their coins. The owner will receive those coins.
Kamek Balloon
Kamek is summoned, turning 3 character spaces by the victim into the space owner's character spaces.
Void Balloon
Opponents that land on a space containing the balloon summon a black hole that will suck the opponent's balloons, giving them to the owner of the space.
Toady Balloon
A Toady is summoned, and it will randomly take one of the opponent's balloons and give it to the owner of the space. Nothing happens if the opponent has no balloons.
Red Boo Balloon
Whoever lands on the space summons a Red Boo, who will proceed to relieve the victim of several coins or a star and give it to the owner of the space.
Hop-Chop Balloon
When an opponent lands on this space, a Hop-Chop appears under them and pushes them upwards high into the sky, sending them back to the start of the board.
Nabbit Balloon
Only found in Shy Guy's Boulevard Bazaar, Rosalina's Comet Observatory and Koopa's Tycoon Town. Opponents that land on a space containing the balloon make Nabbit appear at one of the investment places with some of their coins saved in there. Nabbit will steal their coins from that location and give them to the owner of the space.

Purple colored balloons that are thrown on a space as well, but are triggered when opponents simply pass it.

Image Description
Zap Balloon
When an opposing player passes this space, the player will lose three coins for every step they take. If the player has no coins, nothing happens.
Thwomp Balloon
When an opposing player passes this space, a Thwomp will appear and crush the player, stopping them on that space they just passed.
Walleye Balloon
When an opposing player passes this space, a Walleye pushes them back half of the spaces they have passed so far.
Spiny Balloon
Opponents who pass it lose 10 coins to a Spiny Shell.
Tweester Balloon
When an opposing player passes this space, a Tweester will appear and take the player somewhere else on the board.
Podoboo Balloon
When an opposing player passes this space, Podoboos will appear and burn up the player who passes it. The player then loses ten coins. The owner will receive those coins.
Weird Pipe Balloon
Opponents who pass this space enter a Warp Pipe, and are sent back to the space they were at when their turn started.
Whomp Balloon
When an opposing player passes this space, a Whomp will appear and crush them. The remaining spaces they would have left will get cut in half.
Bob-omb Balloon
When an opposing player passes this space, a Bob-omb will appear and explode on them, sending them down to a lower part of the board. Only found in Honeyhive Highlands and Pagoda Peak.


Main article: Mario Party 11/Minigames

  • Lava Bail (free-for-all): Players appear inside of a volcanic cavern, and they must make it to the exit by jumping the different rock platforms sticking out of the lava. Stepping on a platform, however, causes it to slowly sink into the lava, and players have to be quick and and jump onto the next platform before it sinks completely. In the last portion of the minigame Podoboos will start hoping on the platforms, making it more difficult. Touching the lava or a Podoboo will cause players to lose.
  • Ice To Meet You (free-for-all): Players are on an slippery, icy arena while Mr. Blizzards pop out around it on the snow. Players are given three heart points each and they must skate around the icy area to avoid snowballs thrown by the Mr. Blizzards. If a player is hit by three snowballs, they're out. During the last ten seconds, bigger Mr. Blizzards will throw big snowballs that will roll across the ice arena, causing the player it touches to lose immediately regardless of their heart points counter. When the time runs out, whoever made it to the end with at least one heart point wins.
  • Pinhead Panic (free-for-all): Each player is given a bowling ball, and they must defeat the Pinheads by throwing the ball at them. It is essentially a bowling minigame, but players must attempt to defeat more Pinheads than their opponents. Defeating a great number of Pinheads at once can grant players a Bob-omb to throw at a chosen opponent, exploding on them and interrupting them for a few seconds, for their disadvantage. Whoever defeated the most Pinheads when the time runs out wins the minigame.
  • Tug-o-Tower! (2 vs 2): Two players battle against another two players in a tug-of-war game. Both pairs of players face each other on top of two high teetering towers, with each character holding the rope and pulling it. Whichever pair of players that is pulled off the tower is eliminated, with the other two still standing being the winners.



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  • This is the first game in the Mario Party series to feature online multiplayer.