Mario Party 10 is, obviously, the tenth home console Mario Party game.

Mario Party 10
Developer(s) Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Genre(s) Party
Series Mario, Mario Party
Predecessor Mario Party 9, Mario Party: Island Tour
Successor Mario Party ?/Mario Party 11
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) E
Media Included Wii U optical disc


Bowser steals the Mini Stars again and sends some of his minions to spy on Mario and the other playable characters. When Mario & co find out it was none other than Bowser, they attempt to retrieve the Mini Stars. Bowser then uses Mini Ztars to knock out the heroes and he turns Princess Peach's Castle into a board, the first board for that matter. The host of the game will be Lubba.

Game modes

Solo Mode

The main mode of the game. It involves the player going on all eight boards collecting Mini Stars while competing with two CPUs, or three if one counts Bowser's minion on that board. Completing it awards the player with 5000 party points. Obviously, if the player wins they get to go onto the next board. If another CPU wins however, that winning CPU and the player get to go onward, and if Bowser's minion wins, they lose.

Party Mode

The player goes around a board with three CPUs collecting Mini Stars, like Solo Mode except they don't go to the next board afterward and then to the next one. Party points are determined on how many Mini Stars the player has at the end.

Minigame Mode

  • Free Play: The player gets to play as many minigames s/he chooses as long as s/he wants. Each minigame rewards 1 party point.
  • Time Attack: The player must beat 10 randomly chosen minigames as fast as s/he can.
  • Step It Up: The player must win minigames to climb the stairs. Whoever reaches the top first wins.
  • Boss Run: The player must defeat a series of bosses to win.


Buy collectables with party points and also listen to music and voices in the game.





* indicates a newcomer
* indicates one of Bowser's minions
* indicates both
Unlocking criteria
Unlocking criteria
Character Unlocking criteria
Rosalina Win one board on Party Mode
Baby Mario Beat Kamek with Yoshi and Mario in any mode
Baby Luigi Beat Kamek with Yoshi and Luigi in any mode
Baby Peach Beat Kamek with Yoshi and Peach in any mode
Koopa Troopa Complete Solo Mode
Shy Guy Complete Solo Mode
Boo Complete Solo Mode
Paratroopa Complete Solo Mode
Dry Bones Complete Solo Mode
Monty Mole Complete Solo Mode
Hammer Bro. Complete Solo Mode
Magikoopa Complete Solo Mode
Toadsworth Beat two boards in Party Mode with Toad and Toadette
E. Gadd Defeat King Boo with Luigi and Boo in any mode
Bowser Jr. Beat the Koopalings with all of Bowser's minions in any mode
Koopa Kid Beat every boss with at least one of Bowser's minions
Nabbit Play every extra minigame, it doesn't matter if the player finishes it, they just need to play it.
MC Ballyhoo Purchase every collectable



  • Peach's Castle
  • DK's Jungle Ruins
  • King Boo's Haunted Castle
  • Piranha Greenhouse
  • Toad Toy Store
  • Cheebloopic Ocean
  • Magic Carpet Freeway
  • Bowser's Fire-Filled Fort
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