Mario Party 10
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single Player
Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) E for Everyone
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Mario Party 10 is an upcoming Mario Party game for the Wii U. It is the sequel to Mario Party 9, and will feature new gameplay styles, as well as ones from Mario Party 1-8 and Mario Party 9. It will feature new minigames, new characters, and new boards!


Mario and his friends have been Battling to become the Superstar for a long time. But this time, they've been catapulted by Bowser deep into Soda Jungle. Bowser is taking over Mushroom Kingdom! The Mushroom Kingdom has been covered by a huge shield. Mario and his friends must get the Superstars to get enough power to get back into the Mushroom Kingdom alive.


This game can be played by 1-5 players. With the Wii U Gamepad, gameplay is the same with the Wii Remotes except for on Gamepad vs. Rival minigames. The Modes of this game, and their in-game descriptions include:

Party Mode (1-5 players): Play a party board with friends!

Minigame Mode (1-5 players): Play minigames with friends!

Online Mode (1-2 players, connects with up to 5 players online): Play minigames online with people worldwide, regional, or with friends!

Story Mode (1 player): Go through the story mode and defeat Bowser!

Builder Mode (1 player): Construct your own Mario Party 10 boards!

Shop (1 player): Buy minigames, action figures, characters, and more! Also view collected items here! The currency is in Coins earned from playing the game.

Party Mode

This mode is for 1-5 players. You can play the different game boards! Up to 5 players can play and the Gamepad player plays the same way as the other players, except for in the Gamepad vs. Rival games.

Minigame Mode

This mode is also for 1-5 players. Play all the different minigames in Mario Party 10! The categories of minigmes include:

Vs. Minigames (5 player)

Team vs. Team Minigames

Gamepad vs. Rivals

Team Minigames

Boss Minigames

Online Mode

This mode is for 1-2 players. They connect to the internet so you can play Minigames with others. Everybody votes for the minigame they want to play (similar to Mario Kart Wii's online play course selection).

Story Mode

Go around from map to map, to gain Super Stars so you can break Bowser's sheild over the Mushroom Kingdom! Once you do that, battle Bowser himself to save the Mushroom Kingdom!

Builder Mode

Create your own game boards! Once you've created a game board, save it to the game board folder. Now, you can play on it in Party Mode!


Buy stuff and view stuff here! You can also buy some unlockable characters! After purchasing figures, you can view them in the collection case. Also if you buy a minigame it will be unlocked in both Party and Minigame Modes.

Playable Characters

In Mario Party 10, there are a total of 19 playable characters. There are 12 starting playable characters, and 7 unlockable. This character has a color palette*

This character is unlockable**

This character is unlockable and has a color palette***

Mario Luigi





Toad* Toadette* Wario
MP7 Toadette Wario (mario kirby)
Waluigi Koopa Troopa* Dry Bones
Rosalina** Whittle** Nabbit**
Prinsesa rosalina de mario galaxy2 129px-Whittle NSM64W
Shy Guy*** Kamek*** Hammer Bro.***
Shyguy-237x275 HammerBroNSMBU

Color Palettes

Yoshi: Normal, Blue, Red, Yellow
Birdo: Normal, Orange, Light Blue, Yellow
Toad: Normal, Blue, Yellow, Light Green
Toadette: Normal, Orange
Koopa Troopa: Normal, Red
Shy Guy: Normal, Dark Blue, Green, Yellow
Kamek: Normal, Red, Green
Hammer Bro.: Normal, Red (Fire Bro.), Dark Blue (Boomerang Bro.), Light Blue (Ice Bro.)

How to Unlock

Game Boards

This board is unlockable*

Board Name Picture Board Info
Soda Jungle Host: Koopa the Quick
Freeze-Flame Mountain Host: 
Sand Tornado Desert

Host: Pokey

Rainbow Road Host: Lubba
Underwater Lagoon Host: Deep Cheep

Mushroom Kingdom*

Host: Drake
Treetop Forest* Host: Whittle


Mario Party 10 has different gameplay rules for each Game Board. The rules are above in the Board Info column. However, a few things remain in common between all of the boards. The spaces and the wands.


Space Picture Space Info Rarity
Blue Space Gives player 3 coins Common
Red Space Takes 3 coins away from the player Common
Event Space An event happens on the board that usually effects players. Uncommon
Dash Space Allows the player to roll the dice again. Uncommon
Lucky Space Gives the player a chance to get either a star or coins by spinning a wheel. Rare
Unlucky Space Gives the player a chance to lose a star, or lose coins by spinning a wheel. Rare
Minigame Space Starts a Vs. minigame. Whoever wins gets 10 coins. Semi-Common
Battle Space Starts a battle minigame. An Orange Nabbit takes from 5-30 of each player's coins, and 1st 2nd and 3rd place get some coins back. Semi-Common
Gamepad vs. Rival Space The player who landed on this space will switch remotes with the Gamepad player (unless they are the Gamepad player) and will play a Gamepad vs. Rivals minigame. Semi-Common

Story Mode

Mario and his friends were getting prepared for another Mario Party in the Mushroom Kingdom! But, once again, Bowser has come to make trouble. He uses a vaccuum to suck them up, and puts them in a catapult. They've been catapulted deep into Soda Jungle! Bowser is taking over Mushroom Kingdom! The Mushroom Kingdom has been covered by a huge shield. Mario and his friends start a Mario Party in Soda Jungle and start getting stars to break through Bowser's shield. Once at the Mushroom Kingdom, they find out that, it isn't Bowser taking over... it's Drake! After defeating drake, Mario and his friends gain the Ultimate Superstar and restore Mushroom Kingdom back to normal.


  • This is the first Mario Party game in the Mario Party series where Bowser does not appear, but is referenced.


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