Mario Party 10 is an upcoming Mario Party game for the Wii U, and the sequel to Mario Party 9. As in previous installments, Mario Party 10 will feature new minigames, new boards, and new characters.


Toadsworth has planned a relaxing vacation in Goomba Springs, but Bowser is enraged as once again, he wasn't invited, so he creates a device that turns the vacation spot into eternal nighttime. He has also captured and imprisoned 7 of Mario's friends in numerous different places. Toadsworth decides to turn it into a competition, and will reward the character who can restore light to the boards the fastest a "Special Surprise".

Game Modes

There are many modes in Mario Party 10. They are all located in Mushroom Village, which makes its first appearence since the original Mario Party. (although it is now located on an island close to most of the Party boards, and has a complete redesign, but most characters in the village still appear)

Party Mode

Join your friends in a party with up to 5 players!

Minigame Mode

Choose from a variety of minigames and play till' you drop!

Battle Mode


Mushroom Shop


Mushroom Bank


Option House


Minigame Island


Super Duel Mode


Playable Characters


The beta character selection.

Characters are seperated into 5 classes, each with 4 characters. These classes give you some advantages and disadvantages in certain minigames. The color represents the color of the characters Character Spaces and "Your Turn" messages. A character marked with a * is new.

In Story Mode, only Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and DK are playable. Toad is the host, and the other characters don't appear.


The default characters are most of the older Mario Party characters. They were sorted that way as a nod to the earlier Mario Parties.

Mario Luigi Princess Peach Wario
MP10Mario MP10Luigi MP10Peach MP10Wario
Class Balanced Class Balanced Class Technique Class Power
Donkey Kong Yoshi Princess Daisy Waluigi
MP10DK MP10Yoshi MP10Daisy MP10Waluigi
Class Power Class Speedy Class Technique Class Technique
Toad Boo Toadette Birdo
MP10Toad MP10Boo MP10Toadette MP10Birdo
Class Speedy Class Tricky Class Speedy Class Balanced
Koopa Troopa Shy Guy
MP10Koopa MP10ShyGuy
Class Speedy Class Tricky


Koopa Kid Dry Bones Kamek Monty Mole (New)
MP10KK MP10DryBones
Class Power Class Tricky Class Balanced Class Power
How to Unlock Beat him in Solo Mode How to Unlock Buy from Mushroom Shop for 500 points How to Unlock Beat him in Solo Mode How to Unlock Buy from Mushroom Shop for 500 points
Wiggler (New) Rosalina (New)
Class Tricky Class Technique
How to Unlock Buy from Mushroom Shop for 500 points How to Unlock Buy from Mushroom Shop for 1000 points



Most bosses appear as NPCs on boards in Party Mode and Battle Mode. They are marked with a asterisk.



Party Mode

A total of 10 new boards appear in Mario Party 10, which is more than any other Mario Party game, surpassing the original Mario Party which originally held the record for the most at 8. A lot of the boards implement features from the earliest two Mario Parties, such as intersting endings with Bowser and the characters on the board. A board marked with a * is unlockable, and can be unlocked in Solo Mode. (except for Galaxy Finale, which has to be bought in the Mushroom Shop)

Retro Boards

Mario Party 10 has a new feature, which is Retro Boards. These boards are from past installments in the Mario Party series. There are 14 total.

Most of the boards are from the early Mario Party games. This was added for nostalgia. They are all unlockable, except for Yoshi's Tropical Island, and can be bought in the Mushroom Shop.

Battle Mode


Items appear on boards, and some special ones can be bought in the Mushroom Shop. These are marked with a *.

  • Mushroom - Adds another dice to roll.
  • Golden Mushroom - Every space you land on, you earn a coin
  • Bowser Suit - Transforms you into Bowser, taking all the coins from anyone that passes!
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