Mario Party: Wonder World
Developer(s) Nd Cube
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) New Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Party
Series Mario Party
Predecessor Mario Party 10
Release Date(s) March 7th, 2016
Mode(s) Single Player


Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E 3Rating CERO A

Mario Party: Wonder World is a 2016 party game that will be released on the New Nintendo 3DS, and is the 12th overall installment of the Mario Party series. The game's release date is March 7, 2016 in the United States and Japan, but its European release date is March 9, 2016 - celebrating the 17 year anniversary of the release of the original Mario Party in Europe. Like all previous games in the series, there are new boards, new minigames, and a new story for the first time since Mario Party 9. The game also returns to the more familiar Mario Party gameplay seen in the first 8 games of the series.


The general gameplay of Mario Party: Wonder World (for Mario Party and Team Mario's part of Bowser Party) is similar to that of Mario Party 8. A feature similar to Orbs and Candy from previous games is introduced called Party Poppers, which each have a varying effect and can turn the tables on the party.


Mario and friends are excited for their trip to the mystical Party Haven, where they will each meet their respective Celebration Spirits, which represent the main part of a character's enjoyment of the Mario Parties. However, upon arrival the team discovers that Bowser has transformed the Celebration Spirits into Party Crashers, which represent the least favorite parts of a party. He sends them off to corrupt their respective boards and leaves only one behind - Dancic, a Koopa Troopa spirit who enjoys dancing to the beat of the music. Dancic tells the team that the Celebration Spirits are destroying Party Haven bit by bit, and they are the only ones who can clear the corrupt minds of the Party Crashers. The heroes agree to help and so begins another Mario Party!


Mario Party: Wonder World features all of the characters from Mario Party 10, save for Spike (who is now an assistant in Bowser Party). Other returning characters include Boo, Bowser Jr, Mii, Birdo, and Koopa Troopa. New playable characters include Diddy Kong, Luma, Boom Boom, and Nabbit.

Starting Characters

Character Description

170px-Mario - Mario Party 10 Mario

Mario is the well-known hero of the Mushroom Kingdom who jumps into action the moment he sees it. This red-clad hero has been attending every Mario Party since their beginning and won't stop now!

100px-Luigi Artwork - MPIT Luigi

Cowardly as he may seem, Luigi is actually a force to be reckoned with. His height gives him an advantage over other players, and he's not afraid to step into the spotlight.

180px-Peach - Mario Party 10Peach

The carefree princess of the Mushroom Kingdom never ceases to amaze. Peach's skills are diverse, allowing her to make her own moves without having to be rescued by her plumber in shining armor.

170px-Toad - Mario Party 10 Toad

Toad is a loyal and humble servant of Princess Peach, and a speedy one at that. His small size allows him to get out of a jam in mere seconds without harm.

200px-Daisy MP10 Daisy

Daisy is Peach's best friend and hails from the faraway kingdom of Sarsaraland. At heart, Daisy is a tomboy, but isn't afraid to team up with Peach to take down some monstrous minigames.

Toadette - Mario Party 10 Toadette

A cheerful face to see around Toad Town, Toadette is a carefree and lovable little Toad. Her know-how of the locations around her home give her a home court advantage when fighting foes.

150px-Yoshi - Mario Party 10 Yoshi

Yoshi is a childhood hero of Mario, having helped him and Luigi escape the clutches of Baby Bowser. He returns to Mario Party with a cute little smile on his face and a cheerful "Yoshi!" to accompany it.

BirdoAnarchy Birdo

Hailing from the mysterious Subcon, Birdo is the female counterpart of Yoshi. Some still debate on whether Birdo is male or female, but it's definitely a female for certain.

Donkeykongssb5 Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the huge ape who swings through the trees of DK Island in order to find bananas. He has made a comeback to some of the more recent Mario Parties, giving him the slight disadvantage of being unfamiliar with the game.

Diddykongssb5 Diddy Kong (newcomer)

Diddy Kong is usually seen as Donkey Kong's sidekick, similar to how Luigi is almost always in Mario's shadow. This little ape steps into the spotlight whenever he can, and Donkey Kong usually isn't too far behind.

Wariossb5 Wario

Wario will always be Mario's greedy rival. His lust for coins and Stars convinced him to join the crew in Party Haven, and now he seeks to get every Star and coin he can find to become the wealthiest person alive!

WaluigiMP8b Waluigi

Working as Wario's partner in crime, Waluigi is the more well-rounded of the Wario Bros. and is more athletic. He joined in on his brother's plan to raid Party Haven of its loot and then become extremely wealthy.

NabbitSenpai Nabbit (newcomer)

Nabbit is a mysterious thief who roams the Mushroom Kingdom in search of treasure. Party Haven is completely new to him, and he's only in it to team up with another mystery player.

MaxMii Mii

Who is this person? Where are they from? That's all for you to decide!

Unlockable Characters

Character Description Unlock Criteria

Rosalinalumassb5 Rosalina

Complete Cosmic Getaway in Story Mode.

Luma-Yellow-icon Luma (newcomer)

Buy from Goomba Goods for 500 Mario Party Points.

Bowser Jr.- Super Mario World Fusion

Bowser Jr.

Complete Nightmarish Illusion in Story Mode.

576px-SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Boom Boom (newcomer)

Complete Monty Mole Mines in Story Mode.

Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Boo

Complete Withered Mansion in Story Mode.

Koopa Troopa Artwork - New Super Mario Bros. 2

Koopa Troopa

Complete Geno's Forest in Story Mode.

Bowser Party only

Character Description Purpose

Character-bowser Bowser

Bowser is the great king of the Koopas, but several of his minions and his own son have betrayed him. He seeks revenge by ruining Party Haven and corrupting the Celebration Spirits. Player's character.

Spike - Mario Party 10 Spike

Spike participated in the previous Mario Party to gather intel about it for Bowser, but since the game has changed, it's been deemed useless. Can Spike seek redemption for his actions? Gives Bowser extra dice blocks on some turns.


There are a total of 10 boards in Mario Party: Wonder World, including 8 default and 2 unlockable boards which can be unlocked through meeting certain criteria.

Default Boards


Description Hosts, Shopkeepers, and Bosses
Geno's Forest A mysterious forest located in the middle of the Mushroom Kingdom is home to many creatures unseen as of yet. The host of this board, Geno, has made his home here and is not about to let it get taken over by Wigglers.

Host: Geno

Shopkeepers: Koopa Troopas

Mid-Boss: Hammer Bro.

Boss: Wiggler

Sprixian Casino

Host: Sprixie Princess

Shopkeepers: Chargin' Chucks

Mid-Boss: Boss Brolder

Boss: King Hisstocrat

Withered Mansion

Host: Professor E. Gadd

Shopkeepers: Greenies

Mid-Boss: Poltergeist

Boss: King Boo

Delfino Coastline This tropical beach is filled with partying Piantas who love throwing barbecues and luaus along with the amazing waves that come up and down, sweeping away anyone who's near them.

Host: Il Piantissimo

Shopkeepers: Piantas

Mid-Boss: Cataquack

Boss: Gooper Blooper

Meringue Cloudtops

Host: Parakarry

Shopkeepers: Paratroopas

Mid-Boss: Sumo Bro.

Boss: Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Bro.

Frozen Icecap

Host: Ice Bro

Shopkeepers: Shy Guys

Mid-Boss: Mr. Blizzard

Boss: Sorbetti

Monty Mole Mines

Host: Monty Mole

Shopkeepers: Toads

Mid-Boss: Whomp King

Boss: Major Burrows

Cosmic Getaway

Host: Lubba

Shopkeepers: Whittles

Mid-Boss: Digga-Leg

Boss: Bouldergeist

Unlockable Boards

Name Description Host, Shopkeepers, and Bosses Unlock Criteria
Nightmarish Illusion

Host: Spike

Shopkeepers: Dry Bones

Mid-Boss: Kamek

Boss: Nightmare Controller Bowser

Party Central

Host: MC Ballyhoo

Shopkeepers: Bullies

Mid-Boss: None

Boss: None

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