Mario Party: Crown Clash is an upcoming game in the Mario Party series. It is scheduled for release on July 19, 2018 for Japan and Europe and August 3 for North America, Australia and New Zealand. The game is special for having similar gameplay to Mario Party: Star Rush for the Nintendo 3DS and having players collect Crowns. Stars and Coins return as well and players have to collect them from boss fights. It is possible for up to eight players to join the party, similar to Mario Party 7 for the Nintendo GameCube. This is the first game to be released on the Nintendo MH.

Play Modes

  • Toad Scramble (1-4 Players) Each player starts as one of four colored Toads and moves across a nonlinear game board simultaneously, recruiting ally characters, playing minigames, and fighting bosses. This is available in either Solo Mode or Multiplayer Mode.
  • Coinathlon - Players must collect as many coins as they can in 60-second minigames to progress. Items available
  • Balloon Bash - Players must collect coins on a mini board with 20 turns and minigames after each round.
  • Rhythm Recital - Players can play classic Mario tunes using the touchscreen. Each character has their own instrument.
  • Rocket Rascals - Returning from Mario Party DS. The players must win minigames to acquire and place bridge pieces on the square 5x5 grid. The first to make a path from their corner of the grid to the rocket with the bridge parts is the winner.
  • Superstar Battle- (1 Player) A single player mode that follows the storyline of the game. It puts the player through the eight party boards of the game and the eight Toad Scramble boards of the game.
  • Minigames - Where players can play Free-For-All, Boss, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Team, and Coinathlon minigames.
  • Multiplayer - Download and local play options available.


Party Boards

Name Image Description Bosses
Shroom Fair
250px-MP10 Board 1
The first board of the game, this board will give players, instructions on how to get to the Stars and Crowns.

Miniboss- Mega Goomba

Big Boss- Petey Piranha

Big Boo's Mansion
250px-MP10 Board 4
Welcome to the mansion of the Boos. On this party board, players must get to the balcony of the mansion and pay Big Boo, 150 coins.

Miniboss- Dry Bones

Big Boss-King Boo

Dry Dry Dunes
600555 1292786023012 full
The desert is hot. And its going to melt the Crowns and Stars. Collect them before they melt into peices.

Miniboss- Spiny

Big Boss- Pokey

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