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Mario Moto GP
Developer(s) SamStation Inc
Publisher(s) Nintendo

SamStation Inc

Platform(s) SamStation Mini

Nintendo 3DS

Release Date(s)
march 2015
Genre(s) Racing
Mario Moto GP is a racing game produced by Nintendo and Sam Station Inc.™ for the Nintendo 3DS and SamStation Mini.




  • Championship
  • Grand Prix
  • Time Trial
  • VS
  • Relay Race
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Settings
  • Records


In this game, all the circuits are from retro games.

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Coin Cup Star Cup Special Cup
GCN Luigi Circuit DS Waluigi Pinball 3DS Music Park DS Airship Fortess Wii Grumble Volcano
GP Mario Beach Wii Coconut Mall Wii Daisy Circuit GBA Riverside Park WiiU Electrodrome
Wii Mushroom Gorge WiiU Mario Kart Stadium WiiU Toad Harbor 3DS Bowser Neo CIty SNES Bowser Castle 3
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach GCN Yoshi Circuit GP Wall Castle GCN Wario Colosseum 3DS Rainbow Road

Shell Cup

Banana Cup

Leaf Cup

Thunderbolt Cup

Shine Sprite Cup

N64 Luigi Circuit DS Cheep Cheep Beach DS Mushroom Ridge GBA Ribbon Road Wii Moonview Highway
GP Yoshi Park 2

N64 Kalimari Desert

GBA Luigi Circuit SNES Mario Circuit 4 N64 Yoshi Valley
GBA Sky Garden GP Diamond City CGN Mushroom City Wii DK Summit 3DS Bowser Castle
SNES Bowser Castle 2 CGN Waluigi Stadium WiiU Sunshine Airport DS Wario Stadium GCN Rainbow Road


Character's bonus stats

  • All-around: medium speed, medium weight, medium off-road, medium handling, medium accelleartion
  • Good Speed: high speed, low weight, high off-road, low handling, medium accelleration,
  • Good handling: medium speed, medium weight, low off-road, high handling, high accelleration
  • Weighty Bikers: low speed, high weight, high off-road, medium handling, low accelleration




In-game bio



After winning all the trophies of all the classes in the grand prix, any character can use the motor bikes of the other classes.


Photo Name Stats Recolors Road type
318px-LuigiKartWii MotoCross
  • Speed: 53%
  • Weight: 43%
  • Miniturbo: 55%
  • Handling: 58%
  • Accelleration: 52%
  • Off-road: 69%
  • Mario: Red
  • Luigi: Green
  • Yoshi: light green
  • Birdo: magenta
  • Baby Mario: red
  • Baby Luigi: green
ZipZip-Yoshi Zip Zap
  • Speed: 49%
  • Weight: 45%
  • Miniturbo: 53%
  • Handling: 67%
  • Accelleration: 57%
  • Off-road: 64%
  • Mario: Red and black wheels
  • Luigi: Green and blue wheels
  • Yoshi: light green and brown wheels
  • Birdo: magenta and dark magenta wheels
  • Baby Mario: red and black wheels
  • Baby Luigi: green and blue wheels
Sugarscoot-Mario Star Scooter
  • Mario: Red, white and blue
  • Luigi: Green white and blue
  • Yoshi: white and light
  • Birdo: magenta and white
  • Baby Mario: red and white
  • Baby Luigi: red and white
Paved speedway
Yoshi Bike Off-road
DolphinDasher-Mario Dolphin Dasher Paved speedway

Good Speed

Photo Name Stats Recolors Type of road
Magikruiser-BabyMario Kamek Cruiser
  • Speed: 66%
  • Weight: 38%
  • Miniturbo: 59%
  • Handling: 75%
  • Accelleration: 63%
  • Off-road: 80%
  • Toad: cyan
  • Daisy: orange
  • Diddy Kong: dark magenta
  • Baby Daisy: orange
  • Bowser Jr.: light green
  • Tiny Kong: light blue
Bubble bike Bubble Jet
  • Speed: 77%
  • Weight: 38%
  • Miniturbo: 87%
  • Handling: 78%
  • Accelleration: 59%
  • Off-road: 57%
  • Toad: yellow, white and blue
  • Daisy: orange, white and yellow
  • Diddy Kong: dark magenta, white and brown
  • Baby Daisy: orange, white and yellow
  • Boser Jr.: yellow, light green and white
  • Tiny Kong: pink, white and light blue
Paved speedway
Sneakster-Daisy Sneaker
  • Speed: 87%
  • Weight: 45%
  • Miniturbo: 61%
  • Handling: 34%
  • Accelleration: 30%
  • Off-road: 28%
  • Toad: cyan
  • Daisy: orange
  • Diddy Kong: brown and yellow
  • Baby Daisy: orange
  • Bowser Jr.: yellow and light green
  • Tiny Kong: light blue
Paved speedway

Good handling

Photo Name Stats Recolors Road type
516px-Mario Kart Wii - Peach motorbike Match Bike
  • Speed: 82%
  • Weight: 47%
  • Miniturbo: 56%
  • Handling: 57%
  • Accelleration: 36%
  • Off-road: 35%
  • Peach: pink
  • Waluigi: violet
  • Koopa: light green
  • Rosalina: turquoise
  • Baby Peach: pink
  • Pauline: red
Paved speedway
ShootingStar-Rosalina Shooting Star
  • Speed: 57%
  • Weight: 69%
  • Miniturbo: 40%
  • Handling: 81%
  • Accelleration: 44%
  • Off-road: 46%
  • Peach: pink and white star
  • Waluigi: violet and yellow star
  • Koopa: light green and yellow star
  • Rosalina: turquoise and yellow star
  • Baby Peach: pink and white star
  • Pauline: red and blue star
Paved speedway
Jet Rider Paved speedway
MK8 Rosalina (alt) ATV
  • Speed: 49%
  • Weight: 76%
  • Miniturbo: 52%
  • Handling: 62%
  • Accelleration: 40%
  • Off-road: 78%
  • Peach: pink
  • Waluigi: violet
  • Koopa: light green and yellow
  • Rosalina: turquoise
  • Baby Peach: pink
  • Pauline: red

Weighty bikers

Photo Name Stats Recolors Type of road
WarioBike Wario Bike
  • Speed: 43%
  • Weight: 78%
  • Miniturbo: 29%
  • Handling: 78%
  • Accelleration: 50%
  • Off-road: 61%
  • Wario: yellow
  • DK: brown
  • Bowser: dark green
  • Funky Kong: light blue
  • Candy Kong: pink
  • Petey Piranha: light red
Phantom-DonkeyKong Phantom
  • Wario: yellow and purple
  • DK: brown and green
  • Bowser: dark green and orange
  • Funky Kong: light magenta and white
  • Candy Kong: pink and white
  • Petey Piranha: light red and light green
210px-FlameRunner-Bowser Bowser Bike
  • Wario: yellow and purple
  • DK: brown and dark green
  • Bowser: yellow, red and dark green
  • Funky Kong: blue and red
  • Candy Kong: pink and light blue
  • Petey Piranha: light red and light green
Paved speedway
Burning Bowl Off-road
Spear-FunkyKong Spear
  • Wario: yellow and purple
  • DK: brown and green
  • Bowser: orange, red and dark green
  • Funky Kong: light red and white
  • Candy Kong: pink and white
  • Petey Piranha: light red and light green
Paved speedway

Beta Elements

Beta Tracks

  • GBA Lakeside Park were intended to be in the game.
  • WiiU Mario Circuit has been moved from Special Cup to Flower Cup.
  • The Coin and Shine Spirte cups weren't intended to be in the the game.
  • SNES Bowser Castle 2 and 3 weren't intended to be in the the game.

Beta Character

  • Mona were intended to be in the game, but she has been replaced with Bowser Jr.


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