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Mario Kingdom Wars is a War game for the Wii that pits good armies against evil ones. There are 5 good Kingdoms and 5 bad ones. The game uses the Wiimote and nunchuk.


One day, Mario is watching TV when a commercial comes up and Bowser is on screen. He says that He has joined forces with 4 other nations and will destroy the Mushroom Kingdom if they don't hand over the kingdom, throne and Princess Peach. Mario is very concerned with the situation and goes to find other nations to help repel Bowser and the bad nations.

Good Armies

Mushroom Kingdom:

Military: Toads

Weapons: ? blocks, Bombs

Commanders: Mario, Peach

Transportation: Clouds

Sarasa Land:

Military: Snifits

Weapons: Flowers

Commanders: Luigi, Daisy

Transportation: Sky Pop

Yoshi Tribe:

Military: Yoshi Warriors

Weapons: Spears, Catapults

Commanders: Chief Yoshi, Thunderfoot

Transportation: Bamboo Recon

Nimbus Land:

Military: Cloud People

Weapons: Hand Crafted Cannons, Thunder Staffs

Commanders: Prince Mallow, King Nimbus

Transportation: Cloud Bus

Star World:

Military: Blue, Red and Yellow Yoshis

Weapons: Mouths, Star Rifles

Commanders: Geno

Transportation: Star Rocket

Bad Armies

Koopa Troop:

Military: Koopas

Weapons: Bill Blasters, Fire Plants

Commanders: Bowser, Bowser jr.

Transportation: Airship

Shroob Empire:

Military: Shroobs

Weapons: Lasers, Beam Cannons, Alien Tech

Commanders: Commander Shroob, Princess Shroob

Transportation: UFO's

Secret Society of X-nauts:

Military: X-nauts

Weapons: Robots

Commanders: Lord Crump, Grodus

Transportation: X-Ship

Smithy Gang:

Military: Shysters, Aeros, Drill Bits

Weapons: Knives, Hammers, Swords, etc.

Commanders: Smithy

Transportation: Blade

Count Bleck Army:

Military: Squigs, Cursyas, Skellobits

Weapons: Silver Shells

Commanders: Count Bleck, Nastasia

Transportation: Shadow Jet

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