Mario Kart Wii U
Its only a fan Wii U box art not the real.
Developer(s) Yoshi3000 (tbc)
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii u
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2012
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2013
1 to 4 Players
Age Rating(s)

"Mario Kart Wii U" is a Fanon Games. There with Upcoming Mario Kart, see Mario Kart Wii U


Newest game for Wii U, New items and characters still some from the original Mario Kart Wii.


16 in the race there are 18 characters and new Characters like Boo.




There are 27 characters to unlock and when you unlock all of them, you can change from 16 to 20 Racers! Wahdoo

Unlocking Criteria

Dry Bones : 100cc win star cup

Baby Luigi : 150cc win special cup

Kamek : 50ccm win all Rainbow Cups

Hammer Bro. : 100ccm win all New Courses

Baby Daisy : 100ccm win all Retro Courses

Rosalina : 100ccm win all Rainbow Cups

Shy Guy : 150ccm win all New Courses

Paratroopa : 150ccm win all Retro Courses

Shroob : 150ccm win all Rainbow Cups

Baby Wario : 200ccm win all New Courses

Diddy Kong : 200ccm win all Retro Courses

Baby Rosalina : 200ccm win all Rainbow Courses

Dixie Kong : Mirror win all New Courses

Birdo : Mirror win all Retro Courses

Geno : Mirror win all Rainbow Cups

Funky Kong : have one Star Rank in all 50ccm Courses

Dry Bowser : have one Star Rank in all 100ccm Courses

Kritter : have one Star Rank in all 150ccm Courses

Wiggler : have one Star Rank in all 200ccm Courses

R.O.B : have one Star Rank in all Mirror Courses

King K. Rool : all expert staff ghosts in the New Courses

Baby Waluigi : all expert staff ghosts in the Retro Courses

Wart : all expert staff ghosts in the Rainbow Cups

Copter Koopa : win against Copter Koopa in all Battle Courses

Spiny Koopa : win all Missions

Mr. L : win against 10 expert ghosts

Sledge Bro. : win in all Cups and all Classes against Sledge Bro.

Mii A : win the balloon battle and coin runners

Mii B : play all Time Trials in Rainbow Courses

Mii C : play all Time Trials in New Courses

Mii D : play all Time Trials in Retro Courses



(♦) New Items

Blue Shell : freeze the Racers

Triple Blue Shells : freeze the Racers

Black Shell : hit Racers long time

Triple Black Shell : hit Racers long time

Double Bob-omb : the same effect as Bob-omb

Torpedo Ted : replace Bullet Bill in Underwater courses

1-Up Mushroom : you become one extra point

Mini Mushroom : you are very small and faster

Cheep-Cheep : you can throw it on Racers

Ice Flower : you can trow ice balls and freeze Racers

Golden Shell : is very strong

1. Pipe or Place 1 Pipe : it wraps you to place one

Anti Gravitation Mushroom : it can neutralize the Gravitation for a moment

Luma : you can use two items

Shooting Star : is the rarest Item its 10 times faster then Bullet bill

New Courses

Mushroom Cup:

  • Toadette Circuit
  • Wario City
  • Walugi Colosseum
  • Koopa Highway

Flower Cup:

  • Wario Park
  • Mario & Luigi Circuit
  • Peach Hills
  • Bowser Jr.'s Airship

Star Cup:

  • Daisy Circuit
  • Railroad Desert
  • DK Village
  • Peekaboo Forest

Special Cup:

  • Yoshi Egg Gardens
  • Glacier Hills
  • Bowser Castle
  • Rainbow Road

Retro Courses

Retro Courses1

* Its not The real name of the Course

Video: Mario Kart Wii U E3 2011-2012 Trailer

Rainbow Cups

Rainbow Cups


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