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The official North American cover.
North American Cover
Developer(s) Nova.OS
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark.png
Platform(s) WiiULogo.png
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer, Online
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png
Media Included Wii U Disk

Mario Kart Nova is a kart racing game for the Wii U and the eighth installment in the Mario Kart series. It improves upon what Mario Kart 7 introduced and expands it, making the player able to still customize his karts, but also being able to create planes, small submarines and bikes, this last one returning from Mario Kart Wii. One of the most important parts of the game is the Kart Customization, which is expanded and is now much greater than in Mario Kart 7, with the Touch Screen now being used to fully change the user's vehicle.



The selection screen, in the Wii U controller.

In this new installment of the Mario Kart Series, most features of Mario Kart 7 return to the series: the player can, once again, collect coins to spend buying Kart Parts on the brand-new Kart Shop, customize their Karts, Bikes, Submarines and Planes with different parts, gliders, wheels and user-created designs. Motorbikes return to the series, as do Tricks, and it is still possibly to do wheelies with the bikes.

Some of the brand-new additions to the series are the Submarines and Planes, reminiscent of Diddy Kong Racing. These have gameplay features similar to those that appear when underwater or using the glider in Mario Kart 7, but much more developed. Normal karts and bikes can still use gliders and travel underwater, too, but these new vehicles get a special speed boosts when underwater and when soaring the skies, respectively.

The Kart-Customization from Mario Kart 7 is heavily developed on this game: the player can now create designs and artwork for their Karts, customize them with different shapes, customize their wheels and their appearance, and create their own sets of wheels and gliders. There are much more Kart Parts avaliable, too, and some karts from older games reappear as Kart Parts.

Yet another addition is character skins. Each character gets a default skin, three alternate color-based skins, and some characters get a fourth alternate skin.


3DS A Button.png A Button Accelerate
3DS B Button.png B Button Brake / Reverse
3DS X Button.png X Button Use Item
3DS Y Button.png Y Button Accelerate
3DS R Button.PNG R Button Drift
3DS L Button.PNG L Button Drift
3DS D-Pad.png Control Pad (Down) Look backwards
3DS D-Pad.png Control Pad (Up) First Person View
Circlepad.png Circle Pad Steer / Auto Drift


Story Mode

You can see more about the story mode there.

Mario Kart Nova introduces the brand-new Story Mode, in which the player can play as Mario in a journey to both discover who is behind the disappearance of certain Mushroom Kingdom locations and to win the Nova Cup, the ultimate challenge to all the drivers in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Grand Prix

Mario Kart Nova, as usual, maintains the Grand Prix, in which the player has to race against seven computer-controlled opponents to win the cups of three engine classes: 50cc, 100cc and 150cc. In this mode, you can unlock new playable characters, Kart Parts and others cups. After beating the three engine classes, you can play Mirror Mode, a special class similar to 150cc in which all courses are mirrored.

Time Trial

As usual in the Mario Kart series, in the Time Trial mode, the player has to complete all the laps of a certain circuit in the fastest time possible. The player can challenge and exchange Ghosts in the Time Trials and try to beat them. As in Mario Kart 7, the player can challenge from one to seven ghosts at once.

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode, the player can choose between one of the four playable Combat Modes: Balloon Blast, Bob-omb Madness, Coin Runners and Versus Combat.


Mode Description
Balloon Blast Each player has a number of balloons. Each balloon pops when hit by an object. The one who has popped the most balloons wins.
Bob-omb Madness In this mode, all items are Bob-ombs. When a player is hit by a Bob-omb explosion, that player loses a point and the player who threw the Bob-omb wins one. The player who reaches three points first wins the match.
Coin Runners The teams must collect as many coins as possible within a time limit. The team with the most coins at the end of the match wins.
Versus Combat A straightforward race where multiple players can play. Up to four players can compete in a three-lap race. If on single-player, you can adjust the CPU's level.


New Courses

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Grassland Hills Mario Circuit Dimension Mirror Goomba Woods
Blooper Coast Koopa Airlines Beanbean Highway Paper Theater
Toad Town Raceway Freezeflame Road Rosalina's Observatory Bowser's Castle
Gusty Garden Loop Spinning Mountain Kamek's Library Rainbow Road

Retro Courses

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lighting Cup
GBA Ribbon Road WII Toad Factory SNES Koopa Beach 1 3DS Wuhu  Loop
DS Yoshi Falls GCN Sherbet Land DS Tick Tock Clock WII Moonview Highway
3DS Cheep Cheep Beach 3DS Music Park 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar N64 Yoshi Valley
GCN Mushroom City WII Wario's Gold Mine GBA Sunset Wilds WII Rainbow Road

Battle Courses

New Courses Retro Courses
Dimension D
3DS Honeybee Hive
Planetary Ring
WII Chain Chomp Wheel
Frozen Lake
DS Twilight House
Subcon Dream Plaza
N64 Skyscraper
Tanooki Valley
GCN Tilt-a-Kart


Starting Drivers

Unlockable Drivers


Unlockable Drivers

Toadette Win 50cc Mushroom Cup
Birdo Win 50cc Flower Cup
Waluigi Win 50cc Star Cup
Baby Mario & Baby Luigi Win 50cc Special Cup
Dry Bones Win 100cc Mushroom Cup
Kamek Win 100cc Flower Cup
Bowser Jr. Win 100cc Star Cup
E. Gadd Win 100cc Special Cup
Boom Boom & Pun Pun Win 150cc Mushroom Cup
Pianta Win 150cc Flower Cup
Diddy Kong Win 150cc Star Cup
Fawful Win 150cc Special Cup
King Boo Complete all Time Trials.
Dimentio Complete Story Mode / Mirror Mode.
Mii Win all cups on any cc.

Driver Skins

Driver Skins
MarioMugshotKartNova.png MetalMarioNova.png CosmicCloneNova.png ClassicMarioNova.png
Luigi1-CSS2-MSS.png MrLNova.png TanookiLuigiNova.png ClassicLuigiNova.png
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