Mario Kart Momentum
Developer(s) WarmNFuzzy Productions & Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Spring 2017
Single Player, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Series Mario Kart
Predecessor Mario Kart 8
Media Included Disc
Digital Download

Mario Kart Momentum, commonly shortened as MKM, is the upcoming ninth installment of the well-known Mario Kart series, the 14th in the series overall, and the second game of that series to be on the Wii U (preceded by Mario Kart 8), in collaboration with WarmNFuzzy Productions.

Unlike past installments, like 7 and 8, the game focuses less on introducing new gimmicks or altering previous modes, and more on restoring past attributes to the older games. "We want this game to be simple Mario Kart, without introducing a new gimmick that sounds better on paper than in-game." Despite this, the gliders, custom parts, and underwater driving from 7 returned, though the anti-gravity gimmick from the previous title was cut.

On the other hand, several new game modes were introduced or brought back; aside from Grand Prix, Time Trials, VS, and Online returning, Battle Mode was brought back to the way it was in past games, with 5 different games to play. Mission Mode from DS returned, as did custom emblems, and a new Story Mode was introduced.


Game Modes

Grand Prix

Time Trials

VS Race

Team VS Race

Battle Mode

Mission Mode

Story Mode




In Mario Kart Momentum, a total of 41 characters are playable. There are 20 default characters, and 21 that must be unlocked. 11 of these characters are newcomers to the Mario Kart series as playable characters. The characters are also spread into five different weight classes (which affect their stats); Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser, and Heavy.

MKM BabyMarioMKM BabyLuigiMKM Baby PeachMKM ToadMKM ToadetteMKM ShyGuyMKM DryBonesMKM SprixiePrincess
MKM PeachMKM DaisyMKM DiddyMKM KoopaMKM BJMKM NabbitMKM LakituMKM Blooper
MKM MarioMKM LuigiMKM YoshiMKM BirdoMKM KamekMKM SpikeMKM HammerBroMKM Paratroopa
MKM WarioMKM WaluigiMKM RosalinaMKM BoomBoomMKM KingBooMKM WigglerMKM DryBowserMKM Lubba
MKM BowserMKM DKMKM PeteyPiranhaMKM KingBobombMKM KRoolMKM PlessieMKM MetalMarioMKM PGP

Character Stats Weight Special Item

Alternate Costumes


Mario Kart Momentum brings a total of 40 tracks to the game, with five Nitro Cups (including the new Bell Cup) and five Retro Cups (including the new Boomerang Cup).


As usual, items can be obtained in races by driving into an Item Box, which then randomizes an item that can be used to help the user or harm other drivers.

Kart Parts





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