Mario Kart Mini
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Dry Bowser 57
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) 1 Player - Online - Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) PEGI 3

New Features

Mario Kart Mini is a racing video game that is played at an up-view (sorry for my bad english :p ) like Micro Machines V4. There is a huge aspect of customization. You car create Karts and Tracks. Simple controls and very handly. There is a shop where you can buy some karts parts and DLC. The karts are fully upgradeable. You can upgrade speed, acceleration, handling, etc... The game will usually put DLC. There is the return of the special items! Battle Modes VS, GPs are too. Coins can be collected in races and you can spend them in the shop. You are two to eight in races.

Game Modes

Grand Prix

- 50cc

- 100cc

- 150cc

- Mirror

Time Trial

- Vs one ghost

- Vs 7 ghosts


- With YOUR rules !


- Balloon Battle

- Coin Battle

- Bob-omb Battle


- Kart Creation

- Track Creation


A : Accelerate 

B : Brake

X : Use item

Y : Accelerate

R : Drift

L : Zoom / Zoom out

Pad : Direction

Start : Pause


NOTE : The 8 first characters are light. The others 8 are Medium. The last eight are Heavy.

Baby Mario

Handling Chomp : A chomp will drive Baby Mario in the track, smashing all others players in his road.
Baby Luigi Speed Chomp : Same as Baby Mario
Toad Drift Golden Mushroom : Toad will use infinite boosts for 10 secs.
Koopa Off-Road Triple Green/Red Shell : Koopa will be able to throw3 green shells or 3 red shells.
Toadette Handling Golden Mushroom : Same as Toad
Dry Bones Off-Road Triple Black Shell : Dry Bones will be able to throw 3 black shell. Black shells will go on the next adversary and hit him 2 times.
Shy Guy  Speed Shy Guy Dance : Shy guys will disturbs all others players screen for 15 secs.
Lakitu Acceleration Spiny Drop : Lakitu will be able to throw Spinies on the track.
Mario Balanced Fire Flower : Mario will be able to throw 10 fireballs on the track.
Luigi Balanced Ice Flower : Luigi will be able to throw 10 iceballs on the track.
Peach  Acceleration Heart : Two hearts will appear around the kart. If she encounter someone with an item or an item on the track, she will steal it.
Yoshi Drift Egg : An egg will roll and if it encounter an obstacle, it will explode by dropping a banana, an mushroom, a bob-omb or a star.
Daisy Speed Heart : Same as Peach
Birdo Off-Road Egg : Same as Yoshi
Boo Off-Road

Boo : Boo will steal an item from a random adversary. He will be invisible and won't lose speed in Off-Road.

Rosalina Handling Comet Smash : Comet will be dropped all over the track.
Wario Weight Triple Bob-omb : Wario will be able to throw 3 bob-ombs.
Waluigi Drift Triple Bob-omb : Same as Wario.
Bowser Weight Bowser Shell : A Big Spiny Shell wi be dropped and bump on walls. It will explode at an certain moment.
DK  Acceleration Big Banana : A big banana will be threw on the track.
Dry Bowser Off-Road Bone Shot : A lot of bones will be threw in circular directions.
Honey Queen Off-Road Honey Drop : Honey will fall on the track, make others slower.
King Boo Speed Boo : Same as Boo.
Petey Piranha Drift Teleportation Pipe : Petey will be transported further.


For creating Karts, you will perform like this :

- Body 

- Suspensions

- Wheels

- Spoiler

- Stickers

Every part can be colored in any color.

Starters Parts

Karts Bikes Bowser
Standart Standart Standart -

B Dasher

Ravioli 87

Acceleration - - -
Drifter - - -
Off-Roader - - -
Heavyweight - - -
Spoiler Stickers

No Spoiler



Sorry, all stickers are in those games :

ModNation Racers

LittleBigPlanet Karting

and my others games.

Sorry again for this. I know it's easy...

I'll put them later...

Gliders Propellers
Standart Standart

Unlockable Parts

Karts Bikes Bowser
  • Cage Standart
  • Party Standart
  • Pipe Frame
  • GCN Standart
  • DS Standart
  • WII Standart
  • 3DS Standart
  • Arcade Standart
  • Official Kart
- Bowser Standart
  • Hot Roaddy
  • Classic Car
  • Woody Movil
  • Block LeMans
  • Galaxy R9
  • Mushroom Rocket
  • Tiny Muscle
  • Hybrid Racer
  • Spiny Coupe
  • Bullet Bill Plane
  • Sugar Racer
  • Aero Glider
  • B Dasher Mk 2
  • B Dasher Mk 3
  • Wario Mobile
  • Gherkin
  • DK Jumbo
  • Double Pipe
  • Blue 7
  • Nitr-Egg
  • Upside-D. Gun
  • Speed Kart
  • Mach Bike
  • Nitrocycle
  • Torpedo
  • Star Ride
  • Pokey Cycle
  • Bowser King
  • Hurricane
  • Bowser Bike
  • Dragster
  • Toy Car
  • TV Controller
  • Birthday Girl
  • Mushroom Vintage
  • Luma Lifeboat
  • Dry Spiny Racer
  • Baja Bug
  • Minecart
  • Koopa Shell 2.0
  • D9 Eco
  • Cloud 9
  • Cheep Charger
  • Blue Falcon
  • Mushmellow
  • Dry Bomber
  • Barrel Train
  • Hippy
  • Cact-X
  • Ectoblast 4000
  • Cake'slice
  • Egg 2.0
  • Acceleration Kart
  • Bon Bon
  • Bit Bike
  • Duckie
  • Egg Bike
  • Watersprout
  • Scector U-RS
  • Tornado
  • Soapbox
  • Bob-omb Coupe
  • Xenerala Dirt
  • Caddy
  • Simple Buggy
  • Tiny Racer
  • B Dasher Arcade
  • Egg Prowler
  • UFO Kart
  • '61 Bob-kart
  • Goomba Movil
  • Boo's Rollercoaster Wagon
  • Wild Wing
  • Concerto
  • Flame Flyer
  • Dragonetti
  • Skull Wagon
  • Egg 1
  • Jet 7*
  • Royale
  • Rambi Mobile
  • Royal Carridge
  • Baby Booster
  • Jack O' kart
  • Chompilus
  • Drift Kart
  • Tanooki Cycle
  • Bullet Bike
  • R.O.B. BKE
  • Kamekruiser
  • Jet Bubble
Off Road
  • Boulder Buggy
  • Pipe Buldo
  • Spectra Raptor SVT
  • Golden Mantis
  • Concept-7
  • Beach 4x4
  • Tramway
  • Drill Pump
  • DK Woody
  • Luigi Train
  • Tiny Titan
  • Bumble Bee
  • Nostalgia 
  • Blooper Kart
  • Brute Buggy
  • Caterpillar Whompy
  • Dirt Formula Concept
  • Off-Road Kart
  • Cross Bike
  • Kamekruiser
  • Spark Bike
  • Dolphin Dasher
  • Ultimate
  • Bowser Tank
  • Heavy Pickup
  • Trunk Truck
  • APC Alligator
  • Thwomp Van
  • Metor Truck
  • Phantom
  • Brute
  • Ambulance
  • Fire Truck
  • Construction Truck
  • Growlster
  • Ckorpion
  • Dragon Racer
  • Bus
  • Van
  • Piranha Prowler
  • Patriot
  • Sarge
  • Explorator
  • Heavy Kart
  • Meta Bike
  • Koopley Troopinson
  • NRJ-7
  • Goldwing
  • Tigerbike
  • Tyrant
  • Bowser Train



Glider Propeller

Peach Parasol

Bullet Bill


Air Balloon












Cheep Cheep


Cups, Tracks and Arenas

NOTE : Tracks are shorts ( retros too ) so they have all 5 laps. Retros are reworked so they are just smaller than older ones.

Nitro Cups

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Luigi Circuit Mario Raceway Goomba River 8-bit World
Toad Park Silver Lake Foggy Mountaintop Peach Turnpike
Wario Stadium Alpine Downhills Toy Galaxy Baby Hut
Toad Funland Koopa City Sand Ruins Bowser Castle
Dry Bones Desert DK Jungle High Clouds Rainbow Road

Retro Cup

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Thunder Cup
DS Figure 8 Circuit GP2 Yoshi Park 2 Wii Dry Dry Ruins N64 Yoshi Valley
Wii Moo Moo Meadows DS Shroom Ridge 3DS Alpine Pass 3DS Piranha Plant Sewers
3DS Daisy Hills GCN Sherbet Land DS Tick Tock Clock DS Bowser Castle
GCN Dry Dry Desert N64 Wario Stadium GCN Mushroom City GCN Wario Colosseum
N64 Toad Turnpike Wii Toad Factory GP 2 Castle Wall Wii Grumble Volcano


Pow Cup Spiny Shell Cup Egg Cup Item Box Cup
Battle Course 1 Battle Course 2 Battle Course 3 Battle Course 4
Peach Castle City Trial Mushroom Mountain Cheep Cove
DS Ghost Mansion GCN Tilt-A-Kart 3DS Honey House N64 Double Deck


In races, you collect coins that you can spend here. But the DLC's are payable with real money. You can buy Nintendo Cards or charge with a credit card.

Karts Parts

Not Real Money

Bodies Suspensions Wheels

Wild Wing ( 200 )

Taxi ( 150 )

Biscuit Racer ( 150 )

Star Plane ( 200 )

4-Wheel Cradle ( 50 )

Flower Movil ( 250 )

Snowman Slider ( 300 )

Barrel Train ( 250 )

B Dasher Mk 3 ( 500 )

Cheese Kart ( 400 )

Fire Truck ( 650 )

Tramway ( 450 )

Thwomp Van ( 300 )

Ectoblast 5000 ( 250 )

R.O.B. RCR ( 300 )

Minecart ( 200 )

Soap Box ( 250 )

Kakoo 55 ( 100 )

Sporta Exotica ( 650 )

4-Turn ( 250 )

Biscuit ( 50 )

Heart ( 50 )

Spiny ( 50 )

With Real Money

Standart Pack 


Bodies Wheels
Pipe Frame Retro Wheels
Standart DS DS Wheels 1
Standart Wii DS Wheels 2
Standart 7 Wii Wheels
Standart 3DS Standart 3DS
GP Kart GP Standart


Not Real Money

Crystal Cup Diamond Cup
M.K.I.R* Bowser City
Piranha Airport Lava Volcano
Whomp Fortress Pipe Labyrinth
Weenie Parking Interworld 88
Sand Slide° Rock Slide°
  • Mushroom Kingdom International Raceway

° Point to point Race

With Real Money

SEGA Cup Nintendo Cup
Whale Lagoon Link Circuit
Sun Carnival Beenstalk Park
Radical Train Unova Highway
Monkeyball Raceway Wario Ware Studios
Casino Loop Big Blue

Track Bonus Parts

Not Real Money

With Real Money


With Real Money

Paratroopa Acceleration Triple Green/Red Shell : Same as Koopa.
Baby Yoshi Drift Egg / Same as Yoshi.
DK Junior Weight Big Banana : Same as DK
Luma Handling Comet Smash : Same as Rosalina
Anti Mario Speed Paint Shoot : Colors will appear on screen of all charracters.
Magikoopa Drift Magic : Majikoopa will be able to use 5 regular items. They will turn around the kat like MK7.
Bowser Jr. Balanced Bowser Shell : Same as Bowser
Diddy Kong Balanced Big Banana : Same as DK
King Bob-omb Weight Triple Bob-ombs : Same as Wario.
Wiggler Off-Road Rage : Wiggler will run fast and nervously, smashing all others players.
Shroob Queen Speed Shroob Appeal : Shrobs will disturb others players on the track.
Dino Piranha Handling La Toupie : Dino Piranha will tun very fast, throwing her victims on the decor.


1181536-mp7 021

BETA Screenshot

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