Mario Kart Master Pro is a kart racing game for the Master Pro by Master Productions Incorporated. The game features 40 characters, 14 default, and 26 unlockable. Mario Kart Master Pro is Rated E, it's release date is unkown, but rumored to have a late 2012/early 2013 release, and is avaliable with Master Online.



Image Name Description
150px-MarioNSMBWii Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom has joined the race! Mario is a balanced character and is a perfect racer for beginners.
200px-LuigiNSMBWii Luigi Luigi, the brother of Mario joins the race with his brother! Luigi has good handling and speed, and decent accleration.
Folder4000 peachness Princess Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach has joined the race! Peach has decent handling, but has good speed and accleration.
508px-MP8Wario Wario Wario, the rival of Mario comes to join the race! Wario has poor speed, but has decent accleration handling.
250px-YoshiMP8a Yoshi Everybody's favorite little dinosaur, Yoshi is here to race! Yoshi has decent handling and accleration and has good speed.
NSMBWiiUToad Toad Toad, Peach's number one assistant is here! Toad has decent speed and accerlation and good handling.
250px-DKMP8 Donkey Kong The famous ape, Donkey Kong joins the race with Mario and friends! Donkey Kong has poor handling, excellent accerlation, and good speed.
241px-Bowser NSMBW Bowser Bowser, the arch enemy of Mario crashes into the race. Bowser has exremly poor speed, horrible handling, but also has good accleration.
BabyMario Baby Mario Baby Mario, the baby counterpart of Mario comes to join the race! Baby Mario has decent speed handling, and accleration.
BabyLuigi Baby Luigi Baby Luigi, the baby counterpart of Luigi joins the race with Baby Mario! Baby Luigi has good handling and speed and decent accleration.
250px-WaluigiMP8a Waluigi Waluigi, Luigi's rival joins the race with his brother Wario! Waluigi has poor handling, good speed, and decent accleration.
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha Petey Piranha, the giant Pirhana Plant has joined the race! Petey has poor speed, good accleration, and decent speed.
Bowser Jr. NSMBVR Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr., Bowser's favorite son joins his dad in the race! Bowser Jr. has excellent handling and accleration and good speed.
KoopaTroopa Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopa a minion from the Koopa Troop comes to the race! Koopa Troopa has decent handling and has good speed and accleration.


Image Name Description How to Unlock
240px-DaisyMP8Official Princess Daisy Princess Daisy, the princess of Sarasaland has come here for another race! Daisy has good speed and accleration and excellent handling. Win 27 races on 50cc.
PeachyBaby Baby Peach The baby counterpart of Peach, Baby Peach has came to race! Baby Peach as excllent speed and handling and good accleration. Play as Peach on 31 races or win 2 cups on 50cc or 150cc.
BabyDaisy Baby Daisy Baby Daisy, the baby counterpart of Daisy joins the race! Baby Daisy has perfect handling, decent speed, and good accleration. Win 68 races with Daisy or unlock all the hidden cups.
DiddyKongReturns Diddy Kong Diddy Kong, the famous sidekick of Donkey Kong joins him on the track! Diddy Kong has decent handling, excellent speed, and good accleration. Beat Mushroom on 100cc as Donkey Kong.
NokiShell Noki Noki, a species that live on Isle Delfino comes for a race! Noki has decent accleration, good speed, and perfect handling. Complete 1-up Cup on 100cc.
PiantaTree Pianta Pianta, another species that live on Isle Deflino is ready to race! Pianta has poor handling, but has decent speed and accleration. Race on Delfino Plaza 27 times.
KingofBoos King Boo The leader of the boos and the enemy of Luigi, King Boo comes to the track again! King Boo has poor speed, decent accleration, but has good speed. Use the boo item 8 times or race two cups on 50cc, 100cc, or 150cc.
MortonKoopaSr. Morton Koopa Sr. Morton Koopa Sr., the father of Bowser and grandfather of the 7 Kooplings and Bowser Jr. is ready to race! Morton has poor speed and handling, but has decent accleration. Race as Bowser or Bowser Jr. 26 times.
DoctorMarioVR Dr. Mario It's Dr. Mario, the alter-ego of Mario is ready to join the track and have a good race! Dr. Mario has good speed and accleration and excellent handling. Race as Mario 58 times.
ToadetteMP8 Toadette Toadette, the female counterpart of Toad shows up for the big race! Toadette has excellent handling and speed and good accleration. Beat Mushrom Cup on 100cc
Birdo 1 Birdo Birdo, a member from the Birdo clan has shown up for the race! Birdo has decent accleration and speed, but has poor handling, Play the game for 4 hours.
200px-Funky Kong Funky Kong The coolest surfer around, Funky Kong is up for a race on the track! Funky Kong has poor speed, decent handling, but excellent accleration. Race as Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong 21 times.
King K. Rool King K. Rool King K. Rool, the crulest and the ruler of the Kritters shows up on the track to have a race! Race on DK Jungle 14 times.
Kritter Kremling Kremling, a reptile like species and a minion from King K. Rool comes to the track to join the race! Kremling has poor handlng, decent accleration, and good speed. Race as King K. Rool 27 times.
Green Paratroopa! Koopa Paratroopa Koopa Paratroopa, a minion from the Koopa Troop and is almost the same as Koopa Troopa only with wings joins the track! Koopa Paratroopa has decent accleration and speed and good handling. Race on Koopa Troopa Canyon 7 times or race as Koopa Troopa 9 times.
Rosalinasmg2 Rosalina Rosalina, the watcher of the cosmos and mother to the Lumas joins the race with Mario and friends! Rosalina has poor accleration and decent handling and speed. Beat Star Cup on 100cc.
Lubba Lubba Lubba, a friend of Mario and an assistant to Rosalina has joined the track for the first time! Lubba has horrible handling and accleration, but has good speed. Race on Comet Observetory 12 times or beat Luma Cup on 50cc or 150cc.
Wart3D Wart Wart, the evil king of Subcon joins the race for the first time ever! Wart has poor handling, decent accleration, and good speed. Race as any character and any course 15 times on 100cc or 150cc.
BabyWario Baby Wario Baby Wario, the baby counterpart of Wario comes to the big race! Baby Wario has decent accleration and good handling and speed. Race as Wario 18 times or race on Wario's Water World 19 times.
Baby Waluigi Baby Waluigi Baby Waluigi, the baby counterpart of Waluigi comes to the track to join the big race with Baby Wario! Baby Waluigi has decent handling and speed and good accleration. Race as Waluigi 29 times or beat Penguin Cup on 150cc as Waluigi.
Mona3D Mona Mona, worker from WarioWare Inc. and owner of Mona Pizza joins the track for the first time! Beat all Missions.
ToadbertSME Toadbert Toadbert, the smartest Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom has came to the race! Toadbert has decent speed and accleration and perfect handling. Race on Toad Square 30 times.
ShyGuy Shy Guy Shy Guy, the masked minion of Wart comes to the track! Shy Guy has poor accleration, decent handlng, and good speed. Play the game for 2 hours as Wart.
Hammer Bro. Party 8 Hammer Bros. Hammer Bros., another minion from the Koopa Troop comes to the race! Hammer Bros. has poor speed, decent handling, and good accleration. Race as Koopa Troopa or Koopa Paratroopa 37 times.
Mallow Mallow Mallow, the puffy sidekick of Geno comes to the track to jon the race with Mario and friends! Mallow has decent habdling, good speed, and excellent accleration. Race on Nimbus Land 43 times or race as any good Mario character on any course 36 times.
GenoSMWWii Geno Geno, the space warrior and puppet ally of Mario comes to the big race! Geno has excellent speed, accleration, and handling. Unlock all characters.


Nitro Cups

Mushroom Cup

Name Description Laps Normal Staff Ghost Expert Staff Ghost
Luigi Circut A normal loop circut, with no gimmicks whatsoever and once in a while a Luigi blimp whil fly by. 3 Luigi Mario
Koopa Troopa Canyon A long and large canyon with obstecles like falling boulders and there are alot of Koopa Troopas that appear that random place around the track. 3 Koopa Troopa Koopa Paratroopa
Peach's Castle A large castle which is owned by Princess Peach which is gaurded by Chain Chomps and the track starts from the front of Peach's Castle all the way to Peach's Garden. 3 Peach Daisy
Yoshi Desert A long desert filled with Yoshis and a few Pokeys and Chain Chomps the track is just one large loop and has a lake on the right which has to be jumped. 3 Yoshi Birdo

Flower Cup

Name Description Laps Normal Staff Ghost Expert Staff Ghost
Toad Square The capital of the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad Square is filled with many Toads and houses and Piranha Plants spit fire so watch out. 4 Toad Toadbert
Comet Observertory A mediyum course which is filled with Lumas and once in a while the Observertory will take racers to different galaxies such as Good Egg, Gusty Garden, and Grandmaster Galaxy. 3 Rosalina Lubba
Pianta Village A medium peaceful village filled with Piantas which takes racers across the village and boucy mushrooms. 4 Pianta Noki
DK Jungle A large jungle in DK Island where there's alot of trees, animals, and a large mountan. 3 Donkey Kong Diddy Kong

Star Cup

Name Description Laps Normal Staff Ghost Expert Staff Ghost
Mario Circut A medium course that goes around in a Mario shape which has obstecles from Mario's adventures such as pits, warp pipes, lava pits, and enemies like Goombas and Sledge Bros. 3 Mario Luigi
Diamond City A large hi-tech city where Wario and Mona live. The city starts from WarioWare Inc. then goes around in a loop then ends near Mona Pizza. The course has obstecles such as cars. 3 Wario Mona
Sarasaland A large desert kingdom ruled by Princess Daisy which is filled with pyramids, pokeys, mini sandstorms, and an angry sun. Then halfway thourgh the course racers will tavel thourgh Daisy's Castle. 3 Daisy Peach
Petey Piranha's Playhouse A medium greenhouse like course that is a playhouse filled with swings, slides, and Piranha Plants. 3 Petey Piranha King Boo

Rainbow Cup

Name Description Laps Normal Staff Ghost Expert Staff Ghost
King Boo's Basment A large crazy course filled with dangerous traps like trap doors and falling objects. This course takes place in the basment under Luigi's Mansion and sometimes Boos can steal racer's items. 4 King Boo Petey Piranha
Wario Casino A medium casino course where it's Wario theme and lots of slot machines and Toads are there. 4 Wario Waluigi
Delfino Plaza A large plaza on the middle of Isle Delfino where lost of Pianta live at. 3 Pianta Noki
Rainbow Road A long rainbow course that's in space. Obstecles will be in the course like jumping over pits and becarerful don't fall off the road. 3 Rosalina Peach

Unlockable Cups

Mega Mushroom Cup

Name Description Laps Normal Ghost Staff Expert Ghost Staff
Waluigi Raceway A medium long raceway that has obstecle like jumping pitfalls and dodging falling objects. Once in a while a robot Waluigi will come and blasts it's lazers at racers so be careful. 3 Waluigi Wario
Bowser Jr.'s Amusment Park A medium size course with an amusment park theme the course is dark and gloomy and has malfunctioning rides and robots. 4 Bowser Jr. Bowser
Noki Bay A bay located in Isle Delfino where most Noki's live. In the race racers will go inside the haunted hotel. 3 Noki Pianta
Geno's Maze A large maze that has enemies and starts from the start of the maze all the way to the end of the maze. The only way to escape the maze is to follow the patterns. 3 Geno Mallow

Penguin Suit Cup

Name Description Laps Normal Staff Ghost Expert Staff Ghost
Toadette's Tunnel A long tunnel course that starts from a freeway and ends at the tunnel. The freeway and tunnel have open manholes, cones, cars, and trucks. 3 Toadette Toad
Mona's Mall A medium sized course that is a mall and obstecles are in this course like cones, people, and stands. 3 Mona Wario
Subcon A large kingdom ruled by Wart and becareful for Shy Guys and Birdos. 3 Wart Shy Guy
Kremling Korporations A large sized factory course with Kremlings and crazy toys and inventions. 3 Kremling King K. Rool

1-up Cup

Name Description Laps Normal Staff Ghost Expert Staff Ghost
Koopa Zoo A medium sized course that's a zoo with many different creatures. 3 Morton Koopa Sr. Bowser
Funky Flights An airport course where alot of planes take flight. Then halfway across the racers will race in a large airplane and parachute to the ground. 3 Funky Kong Donkey Kong
Baby Fair A small course that's in a fair with baby characters and rides. 5 Baby Mario Baby Luigi
Pill Palace A large sized palace that resembles a pill and viruses are invading it. 3 Dr. Mario Mario

Retro Courses

Banana Cup

Original On Name Description Laps Normal Staff Ghost Expert Staff Ghost
DS Luigi's Mansion A large creepy hanted mansion with alot of ghosts and Boos. The course starts at the front of the mansion all the way to the back of the mansion. 3 Luigi Mario
SNES Bowser's Castle 1 A large castle course with alot of traps like lava pits and Thwomps from the original Super Mario Kart. 3 Bowser Bowser Jr.
GBA Riverside Park An adventerous course from Mario Kart: Turbo Circut. 3 Baby Peach Wart
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach A medium sized course which is a beach filled with Koopa Troopas. 3 Koopa Troopa Paratroopa

Shell Cup

Original On Name Description Laps Normal Staff Ghost Expert Staff Ghost
DS Waluigi Pinball A large zany crazy giant pinball machine course with many rollimg pinballs and pits. 3 Waluigi Wario
N64 Luigi Raceway A medium sized raceway with no obstecles or traps. 3 Luigi Mario
Wii Coconut Mall A large sized course that is a mall that's located on Isle Delfino and the mall is filled with Piantas. 3 Pianta Noki
NGC Daisy Cruiser A medium sized course that's a cruise. 3 Daisy Peach

Lightning Cup

Original On Name Description Laps Normal Staff Ghost Expert Staff Ghost
Wii Toad's Factory A wild factory course with traps like convyer belts and many machines that can stop or stomp racers. 3 Toadbert Toad
NGC Dino Dino Jungle Just like DK Montain, but larger and has roaming dinosurs, a volcano, and water geysers. 3 King K. Rool Diddy Kong
SNES Ghost Valley A long creepy boardwalk with falling floors and many boos. 3 King Boo Birdo
GBA Sky Garden A large long garden filled with plants that lays on the sky. 3 Peach Mario

List of Items

Image Name Description Range
MarioKartIcItem Item Box The Item Box will give any racer any item. 12-1st
SuperMushroom Mushroom Gives racers an extra boost. 12-2nd
MarioKartIcFakeItem Fake Item Box Fake Item Box will be tossed on the track and when racers touch it they will spin around. 12-1st
BananaPeel Banana If a racer runs into this item he/she will pin around. 12-1st
GreenShell Green Shell These kind of shells will be thrown and bounce onto differet directions and will or will not hit racers. 12-1st
TripleBananaPeels Triple Banana This item will make trails of bananas when thrown. 12-1st
TripleGreenShells Triple Green Shell Green Shells will make racers throw Green Shells three times. 12-1st
TripleMushroomsMKC Triple Mushroom When used racers wil get three times the boost than a regular Mushroom. 12-2nd
RedShell Red Shell When thrown the Red Shell it go directly behind or infront of the racer. 12-2nd
TripleRedShells Triple Red Shell Triple Red Shells make racers throw the Red Shells only by three. 12-2nd
Spiny Blue Shell Blue Spiny Shell When activated this item will crash directly onto the leading racer in the race. 12-3rd
600px-Blooper Blooper A Blooper will sqiurt ink at other racers so they can have a gard times seeing the screen. 12-3rd
GoldenMushie Golden Mushroom When used the Golden Mushroom will give racers ten times the boost than a regular Mushroom. 12-5th
Bobomb Bomb-omb When thrown at a racer the bomb-omb will explode sefing the racer flying in the sky. 12-4th
Triple Bob-omb Triple Bomb-omb This item will make racers throw Bomb-ombs three times than a regular Bomb-omb 12-5th
Star Starman When touched the Starman will make the racer invinsible. 12-5th
640px-ChainChompMP8 Chain Chomp WHen used the Chain Chomp will go directly at any close racer, eat them, and spit them out making them spin around. 12-6th
POWBlock POW Block The POW Block will wipe out all racers that are nearby in one hit on the ground. 12-6th
Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom When the Mega Mushroom is used racers will grow huge and stomps any racer in his/her's path. 12-8th
BulletBillWii Bullet Bill The Bullet Bill will make racers go really fast, crash thourgh every racer in his/her's path, and land the racer between 4-5th place. 12-8th


Artwork of Mario Kart Master Pro

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